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* Consider that our great Business and 'Concern in this World, which we are to?

* look upon as a State of Trials is to re'cover out of this corrupt State, and to 'attain that Resemblance to God, after 'which Man was created, and without 'which it is impossible to obtain Happiness

* in the Kingdom of Heaven. What an 'important Concern then have you to

* mind, who have been so far from doing

* any Thjng in it, that you have made it 'more dissicult by doing the quite con

* trary.

* Consider that it is absolutely neceflary

* to bring our Wills to a full and entire

* Resignation and Conformity to the Will 'and Laws of our Creator.

* Read over seriously the Office of Pub

* lick Baptism, which will instruct you on

* what Terms and Conditions you were ad'mitted into Christ's Church, and to the 'Hopes of Mercy and eternal Life, and 'consider hSw you have -performed those

* Conditions. Read likewise the Exhor'tation in the Office of Commination, or

* denouncing of God's Anger and Judg

* ments against Sinners, in the Book of 1 Common Prayer. .

1 Shun Idleness, and all unprofitable Vi

* fits. Look diligently into the State of

5 'your

* your Soul. Humble yourself before God.

* Avoid profane and loose Company, and

* be sure never to exceed the sober and tern

* perate Use of Wine an&snong Liquors.

* Consider the Kindness and Love of « God in giving his Son, our Saviour Jesus

* Christ, to die for our Sins, and in offer« ing Pardon and Salvation to all true pe

* nitent Sinners; that is, to all who for

* fake their Sins, and turn to God, and do

* works meet fof Repentance j and how » deservedly they will be condemned who

* refuse this gracious Offer.

'Consider that one necessary Part of

* true Repentance consists in undoing, as 'much as in you lies, the Evil and Mis*. chief 'you have done. Therefore admo

* mfh all those, as far as you can, with

* whom you have been Concerned, to for

* fake their evil Courses.

'Make a full and ample Discovery of all

* wicked Confederacies for Robbery, or

* other Mischief that you know of, in order

* to the breaking of them, and bringing

* obstinate and irreclaimable Sinners to 'Punishment, and preventing the Spoiling

* and Robbery of the Innocent. Do not

* call this diflionourable\ neither ought you .* to account it a betraying your Compa

* nions, or a Breach of TrWt, or of your

'Faith. 'Faith. For all such Confederacies beins

* evil in their own Nature^ their Secrets 1 cannot lawfully be kept. To conceal them 4 therefore, is both dijhonejl and dishonour'able; and to discover them, an Act of fuf'tice to human Society, and of Charity to

* the Innocent, who by ixxchJDiscovery maj

* be preserved from being injured by the

* Wicked engaged in theie Confederacies,

* which may hereby be broken. Nay, it

* may be the greateji Charity that can be

* shewn to the Guilty'themselves, who may 'be led to Repentance, and prevailed witk 'to follow an honest; Course of Life.

* Another necessary Part of true Repent

* ance is Restitution, and Satisfaction, -as 1 far as you are able, to the Persons yoH

* have robbed; praying heartily to,.God, ta .* make up what is wanting, by his Grace

* and Blessing to thenu ') i.,, ;.-i!t i.J..

* More particular Diveclians to' Persons

* under these unhappy Circumstances they .' may receive from those who are so cha

* ritable as to visit them, and frorri good

* Books which may be pat into their

* Hand> i particularly Mr. Kettlewe/l's. Of'sice for Prisoners, also the Directions fov

* Examination, the Prayers, &c. in the

* Second Part of this Book .may be of Use Mo them in private/. Heje,foliows.;.:

i • A Prayer

A Prayer that may be used with condemned Prisoners by those who visit them.

f~\ Most holy and righteous God, we adore ^^ the Wisdom and Justice of thy Providence, in bringing these Persons now under Sentence of Death, to suffer such Punishments as their Sins have deserved. Blessed be thy Name, that thou didst not cut them off in the Midst of their Sins, but hast afforded them Time to consider their Condition, and to repent and humble themselves before thee. , • . '. •

If thou, Lord, shpuld'st mark our Transgressions, and deal with us as in Justice thou mightest, who could stand before thee? But there is Mercy with thee, that thou may est be feared. ,. / .,

Their Sins have found them out, and brought them to Shame and Misery. They are more than they can number, and greater than they can express. Dispose their Hearts to a full and free Confession of their Transgressions, and to make such Satisfaction to their Country, and the Persons they have injured, as they are able.

All our Hope is in thy Mercy, and in the gracious Promises thou hast made to Mankind in thy Son Jesus Christy who was

':" .»'", pleased

pleased to suffer Death upon the Cross, to make Satisfaction for all true penitent and returning Sinners. Thou hast assured us, that the Unrighteous Jhall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, and that except we repent we stall all Jierijh; but thou hast promised too, that if the Wicked forsake his Way, if he grieve and mourn for his Sins, if he hate and forsake them, thou wilt have Mercy upon him. Oh! sill their Souls with Horror and Confusion for their Transgressions. Open their Eyes, that they may see their Guilt, and be sensible of their Danger. And grant, that being turned from their Sins, their Souls maybe washed and cleansed in that Fountain, which thou hast opened for Sin and Uncleanness.

O touch their Hearts with a lively Sense of thy Love, and of thy Goodness; and dispose their Minds, by the powerful Assistances of thy Grace, to close with the. Offer of Salvation upon those just and reasonable Conditions made to them.

Give them a lively and effectual Faith in thy Son Jesus Christ. And though the Remembrance of their Sins may sill their Souls with Dread and Horror, yet do thou, O Lord, convince them, that their Sins are 'not greater than thy Mercy can pardon, nor greater than the Blood of thy Son can make


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