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... Benefit to themfelves, by preventing their

Progress in Sin, and adminiftering Motives to their effectual Repentance; that so the Death of the Body may be the Life of the Soul, and their Sufferings in this world the Means of their Happiness in the other. And may it be a Benefit to the World also, by terrifying other Sinners out of the Service of the Devil, and putting them on im

mediate and effectual Àmendment. FC To thy boundless Compassion, O rich

Fountain of Grace and Goodness, we comDas mit them; have Mercy upon them, have

Mercy upon them! Let them suffer all in

this World, and accept of their Death as a nyt is just Punishment for their Sins; and through bly the precious Blood and prevailing Merits of 147the blefsed Jesus, who died for the chief of ere, Sinners, let them be delivered from Sufferng elings in the other World. demia In his Name, the Refuge of the Guilty, .. and Comfort of the Distressed, we cry for unior Mercy, Mercy! To whom with thee, o the Father, and the Holy Spirit of Grace and EuresSanctification, be ascribed, as is most due, enture all Glory, Honour, Adoration, and Praise, May both now and for ever. Amen.

Our Father, &c. .. mefet Several Prayers in the Liturgy of the nch. Church may be properly used with con


• demned Prisoners; sometimes with very

little, but often without any Alteration. • For Instance, in the Collect for Christmas

Day, these Words (as at this Time) may • be omitted.

• After some fuitable Discourse with the • Prisoners, sometimes the foregoing Prayer, . and sometimes fome such Collection as is ? here recommended, may be used.

• The Confession in the daily Service, or that in the Communion Office. . .: Thert may follow the Colle&t for the • 24th Sunday after Triniiy, and the two • first Collects in the Commination-Office. .: • Then the Prayers immediately after the

Creed, among which is the Lord's Prayer. :. Then the Colleet for the Week, the 2d

and 3d Colle Ets in the Morning or Evening Service, the Prayer for all Conditions of • Men, and the General Thanksgiving. :. Or before the two last may be used the

Collects for the ist and 4th Sundays in Advent, the Collecta for Ash-Wednesday, for

the Circuincision of Christ, for Christmas: Day, for the 6th, 7th, and 14th Sunday! after Trinity, &c. ;

:: FINI S."

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