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able to bear, but through thy Almighty Power may be enabled to persevere in my Christian Warfare, and successfully to ençounter those Enemies of my Soul, the World, the Flesh, and the Devil.s vins i -s. O let me never faint, or tire in my Duty, nor for the Sake of any Thing this World can offer me, be unmindful of the great and important Concern of my Salvation. Give me such a Zeal for thy Service, that the doing thy Will may be my greatest Joy and Satisfaction ; and imprint on my Mind fuch a lively Sense of thy Love, as may inflame myHeart with the most devoạt and ardent Affecțions; that being every Day more and more weaned from this World, I may look upon all its Honours, Pleasures and Profits, with that Coldness and Indifference, which becomes the Servant of the blessed Jesus.

Root out of my Heart, O God, by the powerful Efficacy of thy Grace, all Pride, and Envy, and Covetousness; all Bitterness, Anger, and Malice, and whatever else is contrary to the Laws and Precepts of the Gospel; and fow, in my Mind the Seeds of true Religion and Goodness, that I may bring forth the Fruits of the Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Long-suffering, Gentleness,



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Stork Goodness, Faithfulness, Meektiefs, Tem, Deri perance, and be fruitful in every good Word

ce and Work, and that yny whole Life may Emd be one continued Act of an humble and Devzi dutiful Obedience to thy divine Commandreino ments. ng trai O Lord, strengthen my Faith, fortify s of the my Mind, and give me an honest and up mr Sale right Heart, that nothing may be ever able - Service to shake my Integrity, but that notwithv predt standing all the Allurements and Tempta, ammo tions of this World, I may continue sted

fast and unmoveable, always abounding in e devon the Work of the Lord ; that being faithful - every

unto Death, I may at last obtain that Crown of Righteousness, which Thou hast promised to them, who by patient Continuance in Well-doing, seek for Glory, and Honour, and Immortality, through the Merits and

for the Sake of thy blessed Son Jesus Christ nd bei our Lord. Amen, ...,' .

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.. A Prayer for Monday Evening. : OTHOU Great and Glorious God, who

takest Pleasure in those that come unto Thee with Faith; look down I beseech Thee, with Pity andCompassion upon

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me, who fall low on my knees before thee, confessing that my Life has been in divers Instances very provoking to thy Divine Majesty.

What shall I say unto thee, O thou Preserver of Men ! O let the infinite Merits of my dear Redeemer make Satisfaction for me ; and for his Sake, I most earnestly beseech Thee, to be merciful unto me in the Pardon and Forgiveness of all my Sins. Lay not to my Charge, O Lord, the Sins which I have this Day been guilty of; but let those, and all other the Follies of my Life past, be for ever blotted out of thy Rés membrance ; and receive me, I beseech Thee, into thy Favour, which I value above all the Happiness of this World. · Give me a lively Sense of the Folly and Danger of Sin, that I may truly and fincerely abhor that which is Evil, cleave to that which is Good, and with an univearied Diligence follow after the Things which make for my everlasting Peace.

But, O Lord, because I am a weak and frail Creature, and am encompassed about with many Temptations, Odo Thou vouchsafe to Itrengthen and allift me with thy Grace, that through thy moft mighty Power, I may be enabled to withstand all


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E the Allurements of the World, the Flesh,

and the Devil ; [particularly--here name the Sins you are moft prone to.} · Let thy',

Holy Spirit direct and rule my Heart, that the I may think and do always such Things as Eto be rightful, and please Thee both in Will 2016 and Deed. om Thou never faileft to help and govern tee them, who fly unto Thee for Succour; O 2) mt! keep me, I beseech Thee, under the Con

duct of thy good Providence, and make me to have a perpetual Fear and Love of thy

holy Name, that I may never dare to do any for Thing that will offend Thee, but be at all

Times ready to obey thy blessed Will, and chearfully to accomplish those Things which Thou wouldest have me to do.

Let no Difficulties or Dangers in my

Christian Warfare, affrighten me from my clear

Duty; but give me such a Courage and Res solution as will support me under all Difcouragements, carry me through all Trials, and enable me to triumph over the great Enemy of my Salvation; that having by thy Divine Allítance fought the good Fight and finished my Course, I may at last receive that Crown of Glory, which Thou

halt 'proinised to thy faithful Soldiers and - Servants, through the Merits, and for the




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Sake of the great Captain of our Salvation, Jesus Christ the Righteous. 'int 'i, · Extend thy. Mercies, O Lord, to the whole Race of Mankind, and in a more particular Manner be gracious to this Church and Nation ; bless all Degrees of Men among us, from the highest to the lowest, and more especially thy Servant, our Sovereign Lord the King. And grant that every one; from the highest to the lowest, may faithfully endeavour to promote thy Glory, and the public Good.. ,

Look with Pity and Compassion upon all in Affliction' ; ftrengthen and support them under their Troubles, and give them in thy good Time, Ease and Deliverance.

Bless all my Friends and Relations (moreparticularly ]vouchsafe to suit thy Graces, and Blessings to our several Necessities. of Body and Soul... 14:41:17,', - And now, O Father of Mercies ! in an humble Sense of thy great Goodness, I adore and praise thy glorious Majesty for all thy manifold Blessings and Mercies.; particularly for those of the Day paft : I bless Thee, O Lord, for whatever Good I have done, and whatever Evil I have escaped ; for preserving me in Health and Safety; for providing so plentifully for me ; but above


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