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and Adoration, to thy great and glorious Majesty.

Blessed be thy Name, O God, for fenda ing thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ into the World to die for the Redemption of Mankind, and for all the Benefits and Advantages which I have received thereby.

Blessed be thy holy Name that I was born of Christian Parents, and early dedicated to thee by Baptism, and for all the Means and Opportunities which thou hast given me of becoming wise unto Salvation; for the Assistances of thy good Spirit, and for inclining me so early to love and fear thee.

I thank thee, O Lord, for all the temporal Blessings I have received; for that Measure of Health which I have enjoyed ; for the many Friends and Relations thou haft given me; and for that competent Maintenance and Provision thou hast made for me. Particularly, O Lord, I bless thy holy Name, that thou hast protected me the Night past from the Powers, of Darkness, and every evil Accident, and hast now raised me up in Health and Safety to praise thy Goodness.

O Lord, raise me up also, I pray thee, to Newness of Life, and grant me such a Sense of thy Goodness as may excite in my Heart

a fincere Love to thee, and a holy Care to please and obey thee in all Things.

Pardon, I most humbly beseech thee, all my past Ingratitude, and undutiful Behaviour towards thee, and let me never forget the many and great Obligations thou hast laid upon me to become thy faithful and obedient Servant.

I confess, O Lord, that I am not able of myself to please thee; but since thou hast promised to give thy Holy Spirit to them that ask it, with an humble Reliance on thy most gracious Promises, I beseech thee to vouchsafe me his divine Assistance, to enable me to do my Duty towards thee, and towards all Men.

Endue me, O most gracious God, with a Spirit of true and fervent Devotion to thee my Creator and Redeemer; with an honest, 'upright and charitable Heart towards all my Neighbours; and with a contented, meek and humble Mind, in every Condi. tion and State of Life, in which thou shalt be pleased to place me.

O Lord, convince me more and more of the Vanity and Emptiness of all earthly Enjoyments, that my Heart being lifted up above the Pleasures of this Life, it may surely there be fixed, where true Joys are to


be found. Grant that I may seek thy King. dom and the Righteousness thereof in the first Place, and prefer thy Favour, and the Testimony of a good Conscience, before the greatest Happiness this World can pro. mise me. Let neither Hopes por Fears, neie ther Pleasure nor Profit, be ever able to draw me from my Duty ; but being sted. fast and immovenble, I may alwaysabound in the Work of the Lord, knowing that my Labour shall not be in vain in the Lord.

And now, O Lord, I humbly pray thee to take me, and all that are near and dear unto me, this Day, under the Care and Pro tection of thy good Providence. We are safe so long as we are in thy Hands; O let us never cast away our Confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee. Be with us in all Dangers and Temptations; keep us from all Things that may hurt us; preserve us more especially from the Sin that does moft easily betray and ensnare us. Give us such a Measure of Health, and other temporal Blessings, as thou seest best and most fitting for us; and grant us the Assistance of thy good Spirit, that in our several Stations and Employments, we may keep a Conscience void of Offence both to'ards thee, and towards all Men, through


Jesus Christ our Lord; in whose holy Words, I commend both my own and the Wants and Necessities of all Mankind.

Our Fatber, &c. A Prayer for Thursday Noon or any inter

mediate Time of the Day.

O Lord, the great Creatorand Governor

of all Things, I fall down before thee in an humble Adoration of thy incomprehensible Majesty, acknowledging that I depend entirely upon thee ; prailing and magnifying thy most glorious Power, Wisdom, and Goodness, which are every where conspicuous: and rendering unto thee my most hearty Thanks, for all the Favours and Be. nefits which thou hast so freely and unde. servedly conferred upon me. Thou art bountiful to the whole World: All thy Works praise thee, O Lord, and we, the Children of Men, ought more particularly to bless thee and speak good of 'thy Name'; for we have received lingular Marks and Tokens of thy Favour; being made after thy own Image, and endued with reason. able and immortal Spirits, that we may reflect on thee the Author of our Being, and become like unto thee in Wisdom, Holi

ness, ness, Goodness, and Truth ; but above all, I desire to remember that great Demonstration of thy Love, in giving thy dear Son to ! live among us, to die for us, and thereby to give us (upon the conditions of Faith and lincere Obedience) an assured Hope of im. mortal Life.

O Lord, I love thee, and renew the Ob. lation which I have often made of my Soul and Body to thee; I wait upon thee still for what thou seest Good for both; I hope in thy everlasting Mercy, humbly befeeching thee to pardon all my Forgetfulness of thee, and Ingratitude to thee; and I most earnestly implore the Grace of thy Holy Spirit to preserve in my Mind a powerful Sense of thee, an ardent Love to thee, and a holy Care to please and obey thee in all Things.

Give me the same Nind and Spiritwhich was in Christ Jesus our Lord; the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, and the Fear of thee; the Spirit of Meekness, Hu, mility,Purity,and Charity; and grant that I may do thy Will with the like Chearfulness, Zeal, Constancy, Patience, and Perseverance, that he did. .

Blessed be thy Name, O Lord, for all 'e Helps and Assistances of thy good Spi.

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