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Crit, which thou hast already blessed me

withal: O vouchsafe still to continue to me thy gracious Favour and Protection ; and -as thou haft preserved me hitherto this Day, i so bless me the remaining Part of it; Keep me in Peace and Innocence, in Love to thee, and Charity to my Neighbour ; and since in all my Ways I acknowledge thee, do thou direct my Paths, and teach me to manage all my Affairs with Prudence and Discretion.' Thou art my Hope and my Confidence, my Satisfaction and my Peace, my

Glory and my Joy; O be thou pleased to iconduct me by thy good Spirit, through all

the Business and Enjoyments, thi the Temptations and Troubles of this Life; and never leave nor forsake me, but bring me at last to that blessed Place, where our Lord Jesus Christ liveth and reigneth with thee, in the Unity of the fame Spirit, world without End. Amen.

A Prayer for Thursday Evening.
Eternal and infinitely Glorious God!,

the great Creator, gracious Preserver, . and wise Governor of the World; I thy unworthy Servant fall down before thee at

this Time, to present my Prayers and Supplications before thy Throne of Grace. . I admire and adore the incomprehenfible Perfections of thy Nature, and gratefully acknowledge thy marvellous and undeserved Goodness towards me and all thy Creatures. I have nothing, O Lord, but what I received from thee; thou freely gaveft me my Being, and madeft me in a Capacity to know, and ferve, and enjoy thee for ever ; and out of the same infinite Bounty and Goodness thou hast continued to me the Being which thou at first gavest me, and hast delivered me from a Multitude of Evils, which might have justly be. fallen me, and bestowed Mercies and Fayours both upon iny Soul and Body, more than I can number. O that I could say I had made Returns unto thee in any Meafure suitable to the Benefits which I have received from thee : But alas! I must with Shame acknowledge, that I have been guilty of great Ingratitude towards thee, the Fountain of all Good; I have been an unprofitable and unworthy Servant, and have neither loved thee, served thee, nor obeyed thee, as I ought to have done.

O Lord, it is owing to thine infinite Mercy and Goodness, that I have now an


Opportunity of humbling myself before thee; O let thy Goodness and Forbearance, O Lord, lead me to a true and unfeigned Repentance of all my Sins; and for the Sake of thy beloved Son, (in whom alone thou art well pleased) spare me, o good Lord, spare me, and be not angry with me for ever; wash away all my Sins in that Fountain, which thou hast opened for Sin and Uncleanness, that nothing may interpose between thy Mercy and my poor Soul. Lay not to my Charge, o merciful God, the Sins which I have this Day committed ; and not only pardon them, but give me Grace from henceforward entirely to leave and forsake them, and to amend my Life according to thy holy Word. ..

Make me always mindful that thou art every where present, and privy to my most secret Thoughts; that I may never dare to do any Thing but what is pleasing in thy Sight. Possess me, O Lord, with a lively Sense of the Frailty of my Life, the Cera · tainty of a Judgment to come, the unspeak

able Glories of Heaven, and the most dreadful Torments of Hell, that I may in good earnest set about the great Work of my Salvation, and never be fo foolish, as to prefer the Pleasures of Sin, which are but . ..i . G

• for

for a Seafon, before that everlasting Fulness! of Joy which is in thy Presence for evermore; but that duly considering the vast Dilproportion there is betwixt this Life, and my eternal State, I may live as becomes the Gospel of Christ, working out my Sal. vation with the greatest Care and Circumspection; that when the great and terrible Day of the Lord shall come, I may be ad. mitted to the Inheritance of the Saints in Light, thro' the Merits, and for the Sake of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ the Righteous.

O Lord! I pray not for myself alone, but for the whole Race of Mankind, and in a more especial Manner for this Church and Nation to which I belong. Let the Virtue and Efficacy of Christ's Death and Passion be extended far and wide, and grant that true Religion and Virtue may every where flourish and abound.

Bless all Orders and Degrees of Men amongst us, especially thy Servant our Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, our gracious Queen Charlotte, his Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Family ; Endue them with all those Graces and Virtues which inay enable them to ! discharge their several Trusts in fuch a


2.Manner as may promote thy Honour and e Glory, and the Peace and Prosperity both

of Church and State. to Hear the Prayers of the Sick and Needy serand of all that labour under any Trouble

or Affliction; and of thy fatherly Goodness comfort and relieve them according anto their Necessities.

I commend to thy particular Favour and Protection, my— and all my Relations

and Friends ; let thy Fear be ever before on their Eyes ; let thy Blessing always rest

upon them; and grant them all Things

necessary for Life and Godliness. and Accept, O Lord, I humbly befeech thee,

the Evening Sacrifice of my unfeigned | Praises, which I now offer up to thy Di

vine Majesty, for thy great and manifold Mercies vouchsafed unto me; and more particularly for the Mercies of the Day paft;

for preserving me in Health and Safety ; for of providing so plentifully for me, and con

tinuing to me the Enjoyment of so many Comforts. And I most humbly beseech thee to continue thy Mercy and Goodness towards me and all belonging to me. Defend us this Night from all Dangers both of Soul and Body; grant us quiet and refreshing Sleep; and if thou art pleased to

G2 .


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