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(. Evening, - - 93

< Morning, - - 98

Friday <Ai«i, - - 102

C Evening, - - 10-*

f Morning, - - 109

Saturday <-Mw», - - 113

( Evening, - - 115

Prayers for Young Persons and Servants.

A Prayer fir a Child, to be used Morning and

Evening, - - - » 120

A Morning Prayer for a young Person, - - \22

An Evening Prayer for a young Person, - - 12*

A Morning Prayer for a Servant, - - 1^6

An Evening Prayer fir a Servant, - - 139

A Prayer to be used by a Servant ut any Time of the

Day, or that may be added to any other Devotions, 131

Ejaculations on several Occasion*.

Acts of Adoration and Praise, - - 133

Ails of Contrition, with Petitions fir Pardon and

Grace, that we may reform and amend our Lives, 135

0seasonal Ejaculations fir our Advancement and

Improvement in a Christian Life, - - 13T

Ejaculations in Time of Temptation and Affliction, - 139

General InterceJJions fir all Mankind-, - - 140

A Grace before Meat, - - - - 141

A Grace after Meat, - - - _ - 142

An Alphabetical Table of the Weekly Collects in the

Book of Common Prayer, reduced under proper

Heads, - • - - - ibid.


An Office for the Sick.


A Prayer at the Beginning of any Sickness, which

may be also used during its Continuance, - 239

A Jhort Prayer to be used by a Sick Person every

Time he takes Physic, - 242

A Prayer for Repentance in Sickness, - - ibid.

A Prayer for Trujl in God in Sickness, - - S45
Prayers for sick or dying Persons for trufling God

•with their Wives and Children, - - 24 S

A Prayer under the Continuance of Sickness, - 24S

A Prayer for a Person under any grievous Pains, - 250

A Prayer to be used by a sick Perjm, when he finds

any Abatement of his Dijlemper, - - 25 1

Prayers to be used by one, or more, in a Family, in

the Prtsence of a sick Person, any os which may

also be used by a Person in private, in behalf if

sick Friends; and may be added to the Morning

and Evening Prayers in a Family, - - 853

Ejaculations for sick and dying Persons, - -259

A Prayer for a sick Child, -, - 262

A Thanksgiving afer Recovery, - - 263

A Prayer for a Man that has losi his Wife, or for

any other Person that has lojl a Relation or Friend, 26G

A Prayer for a Woman that has losi her Husband, -268

An Office for Women with Child.

A Prayer to be frequently used by a Woman with Child, 272

A Prayer when the Time of Travail draweth near, - 27S

Ejaculations to be used by a Woman during the Time

of her Labour, .... 27£

A Prayer to be used by a Husband, or other Friend

in private, for a Woman in Labeur; and which,

by changing I for We, may be used by the Friends

of the Woman in her Presence, - - 277

A Thanksgiving to be said in the Presence of a Wo-
man after her Delivery, which may be used fir

seme Time afterward, - - -27*

A Thanksgiving


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