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Printed for T.Cox at the Lamb under ^ie RojaLExchange. 1730;





AS the following sheets contain reflections which are the produce of many years enquiry: so, I hope, my reader will not be surprized, or make it a matter of complaint, is he ihould find me in one part to differ from myself in another; but would rather think it strange, if I should not, seeing it is what men of free enquiry are always liable to; because those evidences, which are the ground of their persuasions, are, by such enquiry, liable to be differently perceived by them. A proper and well-grounded assent to the truth os any proposition, is sounded on a perception os the evidence, upon which the truth os that proposition is supposed to depend: and, therefore, as our perception of such evidence is, in many cases, liable to alter and change; that is, what we perceive to be conclusive to day may appear otherwise to morrow; so our opinions are liable to alter and change likewise. And as I have, in the course of my enquiries, had a strict regard to truth, and this has led me sometimes to differ from myself, by a change os my opinions: so I am ready to retract and give up any opinion I have embraced or maintained, when such farther evidence shall appear, as renders it just and proper so to do.


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