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the apple of thine eye, and hide us under the unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord. shadow of thy wing. Be thou our strength in May we view holiness as the beauty and the weakness, and our victory in conflict. We dignity of the soul, and long after greater dare not say, we never will deny Thee, but degrees of conformity to the will and the O grant that we never may! Establish our image of God. May our hope purify us; and hearts with grace, and deliver our feet from our religious comforts stimulate as well as falling; and may we be sincere and without relieve. May we never slumber, and like offence until the day of Christ.

the pilgrim lose our roll; never sleep, and These are great blessings for us to ask | like Saul be robbed of our spear and our but we are undone for ever without them, cruse. May we watch and pray lest we enand Thou hast encouraged us to hope. We ter into temptation. When we grow indoplead thy command and thy promise-Ask lent and careless, awaken us by lively appreand it shall be given you, seek and ye shall hensions of thy presence, and of the eternal find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.' world, on the borders of which we perpetuNo suppliant, however unworthy or guilty, ally move; may we feel the infinite importwas ever rejected or insulted at thy footstool. ance of improving the few transient periods And we come in the name of Him who made intervening between us and death ; may we intercession for the transgressors. Him Thou daily and hourly answer some of the grand hearest always—and to Him, with the Fa- purposes of life and religion. May every ther, and the Holy Spirit, be praises for ever place and every company be the better for us. and ever. Amen.

May we diffuse knowledge and happiness by
our conversation, example, and influence;
and, like our Lord and Saviour, go about

doing good.

Whatever advantages we possess, may we

never forget that this is not our rest. May O God, Thou art great, and greatly to be we arise and depart hence, not by quitting feared. And Thou art also merciful and our stations, or undervaluing the duties atgracious ; long-suffering and abundant in tached to them, but by rising above the world goodness and in truth. May we so feel our as our portion, setting our affections on things sinfulness as to be humbled in the dust before above, and having our conversation in heaven, thee, and filled with self-condemnation and Expecting a succession of encounters in passself-despair ; but let us not shrink back from ing through an enemy's land, may we take thy presence, and be afraid to place our faith to us the whole armour of God; and looking and hope in the God of love. Help us to re- for thorns and briers in our marchings through member, that if we have no claim on the a wilderness, may our feet be shod with the footing of desert, we can plead thy promise preparation of the gospel of peace. and invitation; and that if the blessings we Fit us for every changing scene: and in want are infinitely great, they are dispensed all the events that would alarm or perplex us, as gifts whose freeness delights in the un- may our minds be stayed upon God, and our worthiness of the receiver.

thoughts be established. May we remember We therefore would neither deny nor pal- that trials from thy hand are blessings in disliate our guilt. We know there is evil guise, and that when they come to be unenough in one sin to plunge us into perdition; veiled, and we can view them in their designs but our offences are more in number than the and effects, they will draw forth our gratisand; and they have been attended with tude and praise. Till we can walk by sight, every aggravation, derivable from light and enable us to walk by faith ; and may nothing love, means and mercies. Thou hast called, weaken our persuasion, that all thy ways are and we have refused; Thou hast stretched mercy and truth to thy people, and that all out thy hand, and we have not regarded. things work together for good to them that How often hast Thou wooed and awed, love Thee. blessed and chastised us and yet we refused | We would not forget those that are in to return! O Lord, pardon our iniquity, for affliction-Do not Thou, O God, forget them. it is great. Let the free gift be of many Whatever be their losses or distresses, help offences unto justification of life; and where them to say, Yet the Lord thinketh upon me. sin has abounded may grace much more May they know, that thy thoughts towards abound.

them are thoughts of peace and not of evil, to And as we cannot serve or enjoy Thee, bring them to an expected end; though it unless our nature be changed as well as our may be by a painful passage. Comfort those state, O save us by the washing of regene- who are on beds of languishing. Enter the ration, and by the renewing of the Holy house of mourning. Be the father of the faGhost. Deliver us from the dominion as well therless, and the husband of the widow, and as the curse of sin; and from the love of it as the friend and helper of the poor and needy well as the dominion. May we reckon our--and have mercy upon all men. selves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive! Our Father, &c.

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SATURDAY EVENING. 1 May we always be principally concerned O GOD--Thou art glorious in holiness, for soul-prosperity, and be willing to submit fearful in praises, continually doing wonders. to any means however trying, that thy wis And it is not one of the least of thy wonder- dom shall judge necessary to promote and ful works that we are yet on this side an secure it. May we so pass through things awful eternity, and not reaping the due re- temporal as not to miss those that are eternal ward of our deeds. We look on each other at last, or to lose sight of them for a moment this evening with astonishment, and exclaim, now. Too long have our feet and our hands It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not been in the mire; O disengage us, purify us, consumed. Our whole life has been a scene elevate us: our souls cleave unto the dust, of provocation against thy divine majesty: quicken Thou us according to thy word. and if we, with all our ignorance and self. May none of thy mercies be lost upon us; love, can see so much depravity in ourselves, but may they prove the means of exciting what must have presented itself to thy view our gratitude, warming our devotion, and en-O Thou, who knowest all things, in whose couraging our confidence. May none of our sight the very heavens are not clean, and trials be unimproved; but may they all em who seest more pollution even in our duties bitter sin, wean us from the world, and enthan we ever found in our sins! There is dear to us the scriptures, the throne of grace, no health in us. We have no works or wor- and the sympathy of that Almighty friend thiness to excite thy regard; and if ever we who is touched with the feeling of our inare saved, it must be according to thy own | firmities. purpose and grace, given us in Christ Jesus Let none of our religious opportunities be before the world began.

unsanctified; may we be thankful for the We come to Thee in the dear name of frequency of their recurrence; may we gladly Him who loved us and gave himself for us:/ avail ourselves of them, and instead of restwho magnified the law and made it honour ing in the mere outward performance, may able; who put away sin by the sacrifice of we be concerned to worship Thee in spirit himself, and now ever liveth to make inter- and in truth, and to obtain from thy word all cession for us. This foundation Thou thy- the benefits it is intended and adapted to self hast laid in Zion, and thy word assures afford. us, that whosoever believeth on Him shall For this purpose, we implore thy blessing not be confounded. We hope our dependence on the solemnities of the Sabbath which is so upon Him is not a vain reliance, because we soon to open upon us. May we in the mornlove his service as well as his sacrifice, and ing awake with Thee ; and begin, go through long to wear his image as well as to be jus- and end the day, in thy faith, fear and love. tified by his blood. We hope we are willing May we have satisfactory evidence in our to deny ourselves, and take up our cross own minds, that we do not wait upon Thee and follow Him in the regeneration and in vain; and may our profiting appear unto whithersoever he goeth.

all men. O make us partakers of that salvation And thus by all the discipline of thy which is designed to deliver us from our family, and the ordinances of thy house, may sins, and to bring us into the glorious liberty we grow in grace, and in our meetness for of the children of God! Put thy laws into the inheritance of the saints in light, And our minds, and write them in our hearts. when the Saturday evening of life itself Render our obedience to thy will holily shall arrive, and we are called to retreat natural and delightful to us. Rectify all our from every mortal care, may we close the principles, and give us clear, and consistent, period of toil and trouble by falling asleep in and influential views of divine truth. May Jesus—and open our eyes on the rest that we never undervalue or neglect any part of remains for the people of God and enter thy revealed will; but regard the practice the temple above to go no more out. And the gospel enjoins, as well as the doctrine it may the grace of, &c. Amen. exhibits; prize its commands as well as its promises, and cultivate such a disposition as will render every religious duty a spiritual

SECOND WEEK. privilege.

Sanctify us in every relation, office, transaction, and condition in life. Keep us if we prosper, from being exalted above measure,

SUNDAY MORNING, and if exercised with adversity, suffer us not 0 THOU King eternal, immortal, invisible, to be swallowed up of over-much sorrow. dwelling in the light which no man can ap May divine grace preserve the balance of the proach unto, and whom no man hath seen or mind in all our varying circumstances, and can see. Thou art incomprehensible, and teach us, in whatsoever state we are, not the highest Archangel cannot find Thee only to be content, but to glorify God, and be out unto perfection. Yet Thou hast been an edifying example to those around us. pleased to reveal thyself; and by means of


thy words we behold Thee in every charac- mised to draw near to those who draw near ter and relation that can suit our necessities, to Thee. We rejoice in another of the days or encourage our hope. Thy throne is in the of the Son of man. May we call off our heavens, and thy kingdom ruleth over all; and minds from the cares of the world, and attend all nations before Thee are as nothing; yet upon the Lord without distraction. Quicken Thou condescendest to regard the things and elevate our souls, that rising above the that are done in the earth, and despisest not formality of devotion, we may come even to the prayer even of the destitute. Thou art thy seat, and enjoy a little of the blessedness exalted above all blessing and praise: our of those that have entered the temple above, goodness extendeth not to Thee—but unless and are singing the song of Moses and the thine be extended to us, we are undone for Lamb. We are going to assemble in the ever. Without Thee we can do nothing; house of prayer-pour upon us the spirit we are nothing. In Thee we live and move of grace and of supplication, and rank us in and have our being. The way of man is not the number of those who hunger and thirst in himself; it is not in man that walketh to after righteousness. We are going to the direct his steps. We are universally in-house of praise awaken in us every gratedigent and dependent: but as Thou art able, ful and cheerful emotion, and may we speak so Thou art willing to take the charge of to ourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritus; and here we are the living to praise ual songs, singing and making melody in our

Thee, and to acknowledge that goodness and hearts unto the Lord. We are repairing to mercy have followed us all the days of our the house of instruction-enable us to re

ceive the kingdom of God as a little child. We bless Thee that Thou hast regarded Teach us of thy ways. Lead us into all our souls as well as our bodies, and no less truth. And let us be neither barren nor provided for our future interests than our unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord and present. When there was no eye to pity us,

here was no eye to pity us, Saviour Jesus Christ. Thou didst remember us in our low estate; For this purpose, let thy presence go with and when there was no arm to rescue, Thou us; and let thy word come to us, not in word wast pleased to lay help on one that is only, but in power, and in the Holy Ghost, mighty. Thou hast sent thy own Son into and in much assurance. Bless all the churches the world, not to condemn the world, but of the faithful; and the ministers of the everthat the world through Him might be saved. lasting gospel, of every name, and of every To Him may we turn our believing regards, nation. Clothe thy priests with salvation, and and find in Him the wisdom, righteousness, let thy saints shout aloud for joy. Rememsanctification, and redemption, which as pe- ber our country in all its lawful interests, dorishing sinners we need. In all our ap mestic and foreign. Bless the king as suproaches to Thee, may we have boldness and preme, all subordinate rulers, and all ranks access with confidence by the faith of Him. and degrees of men among us. Make us May we know that He has borne our grief glad according to the days wherein Thou and carried our sorrow; and be able to re- hast afflicted us, and the years wherein we joice in him as our sacrifice, our sympathizing have seen evil. Let thy work appear unto friend, our almighty helper, and our lovely thy servants, and thy glory unto their chilexample. May we drink into his spirit. May dren, and let the beauty of the Lord our God we transcribe the excellencies of his cha- be upon us. Establish Thou the work of our racter into our own. May we place our hands upon us; yea the work of our hands feet in the very prints of his steps, and fol- establish Thou it. low him in the regeneration, till we shall be Our Father, &c, perfectly like him, and see him as he is.

We desire to acknowledge Thee in the dispensations of thy providence; and to own thy agency in all the events that befall us

SUNDAY EVENING. whether pleasing or painful. Thou hast a right to govern us; and thou knowest what WHEN we consider the heavens, the work will best advance our welfare. May we of thy fingers, the moon and the stars which commit our way unto the Lord, and be able | Thou hast ordained; Lord, what is man that to say at thy foot-stool in unfeigned submis- Thou art mindful of him, or the son of man sion, Here I am, let Him do what seemeth that Thou visitest him? In thy sight the heaHim good. If darkness veil thy dealings with vens are not clean; and thou chargest thine us, may we trust and not be afraid; believing angels with folly-With what truth therefore that what we know not now we shall know may we, and with what humiliation ought hereafter, and that the developement of thy we to exclaim, Behold we are vile! conduct will issue in perfect satisfaction and And yet we believe-help Thou our unbepraise.

lief-that Thou waitest to be gracious unto We bless Thee for the institutions of re- us, and art exalted to have mercy upon us. ligion, in the use of which Thou hast pro-| And Christ also has once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring | passed these dark and mournful regions; and us unto God. Through his obedience unto then our sun shall no more go down, nor our death, even the death of the cross, it is honour- moon withdraw herself; for God shall be our able in Thee to save all that come unto everlasting light, and the days of our moutThee by Him; and thou art faithful and just, ing shall be ended. as well as gracious and merciful, in forgive! And till we arrive at heaven our hape, ing us our sins, and in cleansing us from all may we gratefully avail ourselves of all the unrighteousness.

advantages afforded us in our journey. We We bless thy holy name, for a foundation bless Thee for wilderness privileges; for the on which the guilty, the depraved, and the manna ; the streams of the smitten rock; the helpless can build a hope that maketh not fiery cloudy pillar; the tabernacle, and the ashamed; for a refuge from the curse of' a ark. We bless Thee for the sabbath, the broken law; for a fountain opened for sin and sanctuary, and the ministry of the word. We uncleanness; and for a fulness from which bless Thee for the opportunities we have this we can receive, and grace for grace. We day enjoyed in waiting upon thee. Many want to appropriate and realize all the repre- who love thy salvation, have passed the se sentations given of the Saviour in thy word, cred hours in solitude. Many have had to and to find him to be in our own experience, means of grace to invite their attendance. what thy people have found him to be in all And many who have been assembled together ages of the world. May our persons and our have not heard the gospel of the grace of God services be accepted in the Beloved. May in truth. O let not our privileges increase we be justified freely by thy grace, through our guilt, and aggravate our condemnation, the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. May so that it shall be more tolerable for Sodom we be saved by the washing of regeneration, and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than and the renewing of the Holy Ghost. We for us. Let not the truths we have been are weary and heavy laden-give us rest. hearing visit us only as weekly guests; but We are depraved in all our powers—work in may they be residents in our hearts. May us to will and to do of thy good pleasure. the word of Christ dwell in us richly in ali We are ignorant-fill us with the knowledge wisdom. And though the exercises in which of thy will, in all wisdom and spiritual un- we have been engaged are transient, mar the derstanding, that we may approve things that effects produced by them be deep and dursare excellent, and be sincere and without ble; may the sabbath pervade the week, and offence till the day of Christ.

the spirit of devotion actuate us in the abMany eyes are upon us-lead us in a plain sence of its forms; whether we eat, or drink, path because of our enemies. Many watch or whatever we do, may we do all to the for our halting—but may we put to silence glory of God. the ignorance of foolish men, and constrain Bless, O bless, the rising generation, the them, by our good works which they behold, sources of future families and communities to glorify God in the day of visitation. When the clods of the valley shall be sweet

Some did run well, but are hindered; they about us, may they be found a seed to serve began in the Spirit, but are now walking in thee. Many of them have had the advantage the flesh: we tremble for them and we of religious education; they have seen pioas tremble for ourselves: we pray for them, examples; they early kneeled at the domes and we pray for ourselves. Recover and re-tic altar; from infancy they knew the holy store them, and keep us by thy power through scriptures, and have often been alarmed, offaith unto salvation. May we never draw ten melted under the word preached; and back; never turn aside to the right hand or frequently have they been ready to subscribe to the left; never stand still; never look with their own hand, and surname themselves back; never seem to come short through un- by the name of Israel. O let not theæ probelief, but be always abounding in the work mising appearances and beginnings be deof the Lord—and so much the more as we stroyed. O let not the wild beast out of the see the day approaching.

wood carry off the lambs of the flock, but may Though we are ignorant of the future, and the Shepherd of Israel gather them with his know not what a day may bring forth, keep arm and carry them in his bosom! us from being of a doubtful mind. May we Regard all thy professing churches. Bless be careful for nothing. May we go on our them with soundness of doctrine, purity and way rejoicing, persuaded that all thy dispen- liberality of discipline, and sanetity and amia. sations are designed and adapted to prove bleness of character in their members; and that Thou carest for us.

| the Lord add to his people, how many soever We can even now see much of thy wisdom, they be, an hundred fold. Yea let a little righteousness, and kindness, in events that one become a thousand, and a small one a once perplexed and alarmed us; and what strong nation; and all the families of the we know not now we shall know hereafter. earth be blessed in Ilimwho is all our salSoon the mystery of providence will be com- vation and all our desire—to whom be glory pleted and explained. Soon shall we have and dominion for ever and ever, Amen.

MONDAY MORNING. | Again thy visitation hath preserved our O THOU King of kings and Lord of lords, spirits. Through the dark and silent watches who only hast immortality, we would adore of the night thou hast suffered no evil to beThee, and take shame to ourselves ; and fall us, nor any plague to come nigh our though allowed to approach thy divine ma- dwelling. And we are not only the living to jesty, we would never forget the sentiments praise Thee this morning, but the distinof humiliation and contrition which become guished and the indulged. Many who have such creatures as we are. Father, we have seen the light of the day as well as ourselves, sinned against heaven and in thy sight, and are encompassed with want, and pain, and are not worthy to be called thy children: we wretchedness, but we have all things richly are not worthy of the least of all thy mercies. I to enjoy. Yea we have merited thy displeasure; and Thou takest pleasure in the prosperity of thy righteousness would be completely ac

thy servants : may we always take pleasure quitted in our destruction.

in the advancement of thy glory. Thou art O for hearts of flesh! Lord produce in us never weary in doing us good; may we never that sensibility of soul which will lead us to grow weary in well doing. Thy mercies are feel our vileness, to deplore our guilt, and to new every morning; every morning by thy cast ourselves at thy feet, abhorring ourselves, mercies, may we present our bodies a living and repenting in dust and ashes. And impart sacrifice, holy and acceptable, which is our to us that faith which will enable us to hope reasonable service. in thy word, and derive strong consolation

And to the God of our salvation, the Father, from the invitations and promises of the gos_ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, be ascribed the pel. We are come to implore the greatest kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever blessings the God of love can give ; but our and ever. Amen. application is not presumption : we are cometo call thee, Abba Father! to enter thy house,

MONDAY EVENING. to sit down at thy table, to lean on thy arm, to walk with God; but we are not come un- ! O Thou, in whose presence angels bow, bidden or uncalled : Thou hast called us by and arch-angels veil their faces, enable us to thy grace; and it is thy commandment that serve Thee with reverence and godly fear. we should believe on the name of thy Son O Thou, who art a spirit, and requirest truth Jesus Christ. Lord, we assent, we submit, in the inward parts, help us to worship Thee we depend, we apply. Since He came into in spirit and in truth. O righteous Father, the world to save sinners, we take Him as we would not come to Thee harbouring the our Saviour; and glory in Him as made of love of any sin in our bosoms; for Thou hast Thee to us wisdom and righteousness, sanc- assured us, that if we regard iniquity in our tification and redemption.

hearts Thou wilt not hear us. We must adAnd 0, let our minds be fixed and filled dress Thee as sinners; but we acknowledge with admiring thoughts of his person and of our transgression, and our sin is ever before fices; let our hearts be inflamed with a sense us; we desire to have nothing more to do of his boundless compassion and love. By the with idols; we hate every false way; and new and living way, which he has not only long to be Israelites indeed in whom is no revealed but consecrated for us, may we come guile. to Thee, and enjoy all the advantages of a Nor would we, O God, appear in thy prestate of reconciliation and friendship with sence indulging a worldly temper, and seekGod. May the most open and familiar inter- ing after an abundance of those things that course be maintained between Thee and our afford no satisfaction in the possession, and souls. To Thee may we commit our way perish in the using. After all these things and our works, and in every thing, by prayer do the Gentiles seek, and our heavenly Father and supplication make known our requests knoweth what things we have need of before unto God. Be Thou always near, to guide we ask him, and will administer them as our us and to defend, to relieve us in trouble, and wants and welfare may require. We are to help us in duty. And may we walk hum- hastening towards an hour which will show bly with our God; wondering at the conde- us the vanity of all earthly pursuits and posscension that deigns to regard our mean af sessions. When a few more suns have rolled fairs, the patience that bears with our man- over us, it will be a matter of indifference ners, and the kindness that employs so many whether we have been rich or poor; successmeans to advance our everlasting welfare. ful or disappointed in our enterprises ; ad

We grieve to think that a world so full of mired of our fellow-creatures or despised ! thy bounty should be so empty of thy praise. But it will be of eternal moment to us, that o that men would praise the Lord for his we have mourned for sin; that we have hungoodness, and for his wonderful works to the gered and thirsted after righteousness; that children of men. Bless the Lord, all his we have loved the Lord Jesus Christ in sinworks; in all places of his dominion, bless cerity, and gloried in his cross. the Lord, O my soul.

| May these objects therefore, however de

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