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+39 anxieties of thy people, lest by any of their | Him. As our example, may we follow Him: -2: temper or carriage in the evil day, they and whatsoever we do, in word or deed, may Er should injure the religion they profess: let we do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.

thy grace be sufficient for them: let faith May integrity and uprightness preserve us. Ji and patience have their perfect work: let May we be Israelites indeed in whom is no them glorify Thee in the fires.

guile; and herein exercise ourselves, to have FT Bless the king, and have respect unto the always a conscience void of offence towards

government under which we live in all its God and towards man. May the same mind stand departments. May this Christian country be govern us, and the same spirit actuate us, in

a country of Christians. Pour out of thy prosperity and adversity, alone and in public, • Spirit upon our great men; and let not those in thy house and in our own. May we fulfil

who are able to serve the state by their ta- our course with diligence and perseverance, lents injure it by their vices.

and at last finish it with joy. When we have May all those who are placed above others passed the wilderness, and our eyes behold in condition, go before them in the profession the swellings of Jordan, deliver us from every of truth and the practice of holiness, and be fear; and give us a dry-shod passage over examples to all inferior ranks in society. an abundant entrance into the everlasting And may the grace of, &c. Amen. kingdom of our Lord and Saviour.

But, O Lord, we would not reach that feli

city alone. May we awaken the attention of FRIDAY MORNING.

others, and induce them to join us in the O THOU eternal God! with Thee is the path of life; ever remembering that if we fountain of life. Thou art the Father of men

t the Father of men convert a sinner from the error of his way, and angels. Thou art the Governor of the we shall save a soul from death, and shall universe, and the Judge of all. Thou dost hide a multitude of sins. May we therefore from thy throne behold all the dwellers upon seek every opportunity of usefulness. May earth; and there is not a word on our tongue, we walk in wisdom towards them that are or a thought in our heart, but lo! O Lord, without. May we hold forth the word of life, Thou knowest it altogether. And Thou art and adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in not a God that hast pleasure in wickedness, all things--To whom be glory and majesty, neither can evil dwell with Thee.

dominion and power, both now and for ever, How then can we presume to enter thy | Amen. presence, who have rendered ourselves guilty before Thee, and have provoked thy righteous displeasure? O wretched creatures that we

FRIDAY EVENING. are! We have wearied thy patience, we have O God, Thou art greatly to be feared in abused thy goodness, we have trampled on the assembly of the saints, and to be had in thy authority, and we have said unto God, reverence of all them that are about Thee. Depart from us! we desire not the knowledge Thou art King of kings, and Lord of lords: of thy ways. We lie at thy mercy. If Thou Thou art the blessed and only potentate: pity us not we are undone. But Thou art Thou only hast immortality—thy greatness long-suffering, not willing that any should is unsearchable: but thy name is Love. Thy perish. Hast Thou not sworn by thyself, that compassions never fail; thy mercies are over Thou hast no pleasure in the death of him all thy works; and Thou hast displayed the that dieth? Hast Thou not delivered up thine exceeding riches of thy grace, in thy kindness own Son for us all! And wilt Thou not towards us by Jesus Christ. with Him also freely give us all things? | We are not only allowed, but even enjoined

Through Him as the way, the truth, and to seek thy face; and assured, that they who the life, may we return to Thee; and find seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. Thee waiting to be gracious, and exalted to We acknowledge that we have forfeited all have mercy upon us. Awaken our con- claim to thy regard, and are not only unworsciences. Enlighten us in the knowledge of thy but guilty. We are convinced that if sin and of ourselves. May we feel our persoever we are saved, it must be according to nal depravity, misery, and helplessness; and thy mercy, for there is nothing in us from from self-despair, may we be led to value the which our recovery can arise, or on which discoveries of the gospel, and to fee for refuge our hope can fix. But thou hast commended to lay hold upon the hope set before us. May thy love towards us, in that while we were we rejoice in the suitableness, the all-suf- yet sinners Christ died for us-died for the ficiency, and the perfect willingness of the ungodly. And thou hast sent the gospel to Saviour; and find in Him for ourselves in- announce the intelligence, and to certify, that dividually, wisdom and righteousness, and whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, sanctification and redernption. As our pro- but have everlasting life. phet may we receive his instructions. As our 0 Thou God of all grace, as Thou hast High Priest, may we rely on his sacrifice and given us a Saviour, produce in us that faith intercession. As our Prince, may we obey / by which we shall be enabled to receive Him, and make Him all our desire, all our hope, in us, unto Him be glory in the church, by and all our glory. May we enter Him as our Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world with refuge; build on Him as our foundation; walk out end. Amen. in Him as our way; follow Him as our guide; and conform to Him as our example. May we never be ashamed of Jesus or of

SATURDAY MORNING. his words, but go forth to Him without the O God, Thou art glorious in holiness, fear. camp bearing his reproach. May we never ful in praises, doing wonders. And it is not draw upon ourselves reflections by unholy or one of the least of thy wonderful doings to imprudent conduct, nor count it a glory, when wards the children of men, that we are a buffeted for a fault, to take it patiently; but this side an awful eternity, and not reapaz if we suffer for truth and righteousness' sake, the due reward of our deeds. Our whole ide may we rejoice that we are partakers of has been a series of provocations against by Christ's sufferings, knowing that when his divine majesty. Our offences have not ce glory shall be revealed, we also shall rejoice been countless but aggravated. Conscience with exceeding joy.

has rebuked us; friends have admonished May we never make the multitude our us; the examples of the wise and good lare model; never wait for the company and coun- reproached and encouraged us. Thou best tenance of others, when conviction derived often called us to reflection and repentance from thy word excites us to advance. Like by the smart of the rod, and invited and Caleb, may we have another spirit, and follow allured us by a profusion of kindnesses. the Lord fully; and with Joshua, say to all Our iniquities are increased over our head, around us. Choose you whom you will serve and our trespass is gone up into the rery but as for me and my house, we will serve | heaven. And Thou hast seen all our sins, the Lord.

and Thou hast abhorred all; and Thou couldst Preserve us from the present evil world. have easily and justly punished us; yet Toua May its smiles never allure, nor its frowns spared us, and instead of finding our che terrify us from the path of duty. May its this morning, in the place where even God has vices never defile, nor its errors delude us. forgotten to be gracious, and lifting upour eyes May we not live looking at the things which in hopeless torment, we can lift up our eres are seen and temporal, but as heirs of immor- unto the hills from whence cometh our belp tality, may we feel that we are strangers and In ourselves we are poor and wretched and pilgrims on earth, and declare plainly that we miserable, but Thou whom we bare offended, seek a country. And may our title to it even Thou hast provided every supply for daily become more clear, and our meetness our souls; and with the announcement we for it more perfect, and our foretastes of it have the invitation, Come, for all things are more abundant.

now ready. O Lord, we thankfully obey thy May our house be the tabernacle of the call; we accept of thy goodness; we acquiesce righteous; and let it be ever filled with the in all the appointments of the Gospel. We bevoice of rejoicing and of salvation. May those lieve the record Thou hast given of thy dear who are stationed at the head of the family Son-that there is salvation in none other, but know their duty towards those who are placed that in Him there is plenteous redemption; under their care; and may they know their and apply to Him for all the benefits resulting duty to us: and in our several relations may from every office he sustains in the church. we walk by the rule of thy word, that mercy We give up our minds implicitly to his inand peace may be upon us; and that observers struction; in the sacrifice he once offered, we may exclaim, Behold, how good and how trust and glory; we revere; we love his authopleasant a thing it is for brethren to dwell rity, and pray that his grace may reign in in together in unity!

through righteousness unto eternal lite. We Bless the religious denomination to which would not--we will not-love a world that we belong, and let every christian church crucified Him. We will not cherish or endure flourish. Wherever we see the grace of God the sin that put Him to grief, or sufier Him may we be glad, and willingly leave to the to be wounded in the house of his friends. At author of all good the choice of his own instru- the same cross which relieves our consciences ments. Bless the king as supreme, and the from a burden too heavy for us to bear, we government under which we live. Regard all would learn lessons of self-denial, forgiveness, the righteous interests of the country, domes- and submission; we would feel motives to tic and foreign. Sanctify and perpetuate and obedience, and find resources for all the exiextend our religious advantages. Let thy gencies of the divine life. word have free course and be glorified. Let For we rejoice to think that by his being thy way be known on earth, and thy saving made a curse for us, the blessing of Abraham health among all nations.

comes upon the Gentiles, and that we can reAnd now unto Him that is able to do ex-.ceive the promise of the Spirit by faith. For ceeding abundantly above all that we ask or his sake, give thy Holy Spirit to them that think, according to the power that worketh I now ask Thee as a spirit of grace and of sup

plication, of truth and of holiness, of peace who crowneth us with lovingkindness and and of consolation, and may we not only pos-tender mercies; who satisfieth our mouth sess—but be filled with the Spirit.

with good things, so that our youth is renewMay we never consider ourselves as de- ed like the eagle's. tached individuals. May we look not every We raise this evening a fresh Ebenezer, man on his own things only, but also on the and inscribe it to the God of our salvation. things of others. Never may we ask with Hitherto hath the Lord helped us. We have Cain, when reproved for unkindness, or urged passed not only through another day, but to beneficence, Am I my brother's keeper? through another week. The sun has not But may we love our neighbour as ourselves. smitten us by day nor the moon by night. May we do good even to the unthankful and We have been preserved in our going out the unworthy; may we teach transgressors and coming in. But thine has been the vithy ways, and be the means of converting sin- gilance that turned aside the evils which ners unto Thee: and may none of our efforts threatened is. Thine have been the supbe rendered fruitless by inconsistency of cha- plies that have nourished us. Thine the racter and reproachfulness of conduct. May comforts that have indulged us. Thine the we be what we profess; and do as well as relations and friends that have delighted us. teach. May all our connexions see as well | Thine have been the means of grace which as hear our religion, and be constrained to have edified us; and thine the book which acknowledge that we are the seed which the amidst all our enjoyments has told us that Lord hath blessed.

this is not our rest; and that in all our sucWe bless Thee that again we have laid us cesses, one thing is yet needful. down in peace and slept, because Thou, Lord, Nothing can equal the number of thy meronly makest us dwell in safety. Into thy cies, but our imperfections and sins. These, hands we commit our bodies and spirits, for O God, we would not conceal nor palliate, our going out and coming in this day. We but confess them with a broken heart and a are more exposed by day than by night; contrite spirit. more surrounded with evil, and more liable In what a condition would our closet-re. to the seductions of sin. May we ever regard views leave us this evening, were it not for sin as our greatest foe, and holiness as our the assurance, that there is forgiveness with noblest attainment. And whether we are in Thee, that thou mayest be feared, and with solitude or society, lead us not into tempta Thee plenteous redemption. Yet while we tion, but deliver us from evil; for thine is the hope for pardon through the blood of the kingdom, and the power and the glory, for cross, we pray to be clothed with humility, to ever and ever. Amen.

be quickened in thy way, and to be more devoted to the things that belong to our ever

| lasting peace. SATURDAY EVENING.

How soon has the week rolled away! Its O God, Thou hast made and Thou up days have fled like a dream, a vapour, a shaholdest all things by the word of thy power.dow-So will all our days flee; so will they Darkness is thy pavilion, Thou walkest all appear when the end arrives. O help us upon the wings of the wind. All nations be- to keep that end in remembrance, and endeafore Thee are as nothing. One generation vour to view things now as they will appear passeth away and another cometh; and we from the borders of the grave. May we know are hastening back to the dust whence we how frail we are, that we may be cured of the were taken. The heavens we behold will folly of delay and indecision; and so number vanish away like the cloud that covers them, our days that we may apply our hearts unto and the earth we tread will dissolve like a wisdom!. morning dream; but Thou, incapable of May we call the approaching sabbath a dechange, independent of the vicissitudes of light, the holy of the Lord honourable; and time, and the perishing of worlds, art from may we honour Thee in not doing our own everlasting to everlasting, God over all bless ways, nor finding our own pleasures, nor ed for evermore.

speaking our own words. May the private Infinitely great and glorious as Thou art, moments of the day be sacred, and the sowe are thy offspring and thy care. Thy hands cial, innocent and edifying. And may we have made us and fashioned us. Thou hast keep our foot when we go to the house of watched over us with more than parental, God, and offer not the sacrifice of fools. Let more than maternal tenderness. Thou hast us not go as thy people go, and sit as thy holden our soul in life, and not suffered our people sit, and hear thy words, but do them feet to be moved. Thy divine power has not. given us all things, not only necessary for life Preserve us from trilling with the things but godliness. Bless the Lord, ( our soul, of the soul and eternity, or trusting in those and forget not all his benefits, who forgiveth privileges which unimproved will only augall our iniquities, who healeth all our diseases, ment our guilt and our misery. who redeemeth our lives from destruction, Thy people the Jews were distinguished

by thy favours above all the families of the We bless Thee for the scriptures of truth earth; but wrath came upon them to the which make known thy designs concerning uttermost. The churches of Asia provoked us, and assure us that they are thoughts of Thee to remove the candlestick out of its peace and not of evil. We rejoice in thy place, and they were left in darkness. We word as one that findeth great spoil. We have awful examples still nearer. How many love to peruse its doctrines, promises, and who once heard and professed the gospel, invitations; to contemplate the great mystery have been turned by the abuse of it into apos- of godliness, God manifest in the flesh; and tates and infidels, blasphemers and persecu- to dwell on the history and experience of tors-tenfold more the children of hell than those who have obtained mercy. For all who before: while numbers who yet maintain the have ever been saved, have been saved by forın of godliness, are too hardened to feel thy grace, and have been thy workmanship. the power of it.

| And Thou art the same yesterday, to-day, and While therefore we go to thy house in the for ever: thy hand is not shortened that it multitude of thy mercies, may we in thy fear camot save, nor thine ear heavy that it canworship towards thy holy temple; for Thou not hear. art greatly to be feared in the assembly of Bow down thy ear, and hearken to the voice the saints. O let us not perish under means of our supplication: employ thy hand for our designed to save us0 let not the savour of deliverance and relief. We are already the life unto life prove to us only the savour of creatures of thy power, 0) make us the subdeath unto death.

jects of thy grace. We are already the charge Make the place of thy feet glorious. Bring of thy providence, O bless us with all spiritus to thy holy mountain, and if we are not ual blessings-blessings for our souls and for made joyful in thy house of prayer—for we eternity. Though by nature afar off, may would not dictate to thy goodness-convince we be made nigh by the blood of Christ: no us, alarm us, humble us, banish the spirit of longer strangers and foreigners, but fellowthe world from our hearts, and fill us with citizens with the saints and of the household all the fulness of God.

of God. Bless us we pray Thee with a preSo we thy people, and the sheep of thy pas sent salvation—that being justified by faith, ture will give Thee thanks for ever, we will we may have peace with God; that the love show forth thy praise throughout all genera- and power of sin may be subdued in our tions. Amen.

| hearts; that we may be dead to the world, | alive to the glory of God, and concerned to

serve our generation according to thy will. THIRD WEEK.

May we never be blots or mere blanks in life. May we never cause the way of truth

to be evil spoken of: may our liberty never SUNDAY MORNING.

prove an occasion to the flesh, but by love

may we serve one another. May every one O God, we desire with all reverence and of us please his neighbour for his good to edihumility to approach Thee, as a Being infi- fication. May we attend not only to what nitely great and glorious. Thou art the per- is essential in our religious character, but fection of all excellency, the fountain of all what is ornamental. May we pursue whatlife, and the source of all blessedness. Howsoever things are lovely and of good report, immense is the family of creatures produced and render our profession of the gospel not by thy word and depending on thy care. Mil- only impressive, but amiable and inviting. lions are visible; and myriads of myriads May we hold forth the word of life with our in the air, the earth, and the sea, are invisi- tempers as well as our tongues, with our ble: and all these have their wants and their lives as well as our lips, and thus be continuappetites, and are capable of receiving relief ally saying to those we meet-We are jourand pleasure. And the eyes of all wait upon neying towards a place of which the Lord Thee, and Thou givest them their meat in said, I will give it you, come with us and it due season ; Thou openest thine hand and will do you good, for the Lord hath spoken

est the desire of every living thing good concerning Israel. But they never forfeited the care of their Send out thy light and thy truth ; let them Creator, nor swerved from the end of their lead us, let them guide us to thy holy hill being: while we have revolted from Thee; and to thy tabernacles. Bless this day the we have joined in alliance with thy foes; dispensation of thy gospel by means of preachand deserve as children of disobedience, that ing. While Paul plants and Apollos waters the wrath of God should come upon us. And it is all that they can do-give Thou the yet such is the excellency of thy lovingkind increase. May thy ministers be wise to win ness, O Lord, that the children of men, un- souls; and help those much which have beworthy and guilty as they are, are allowed to lieved through grace. come and put their trust under the shadow of Especially bless thy dear servant on whose thy wings.

I labours we are this day to attend. Let him

come forth from his sacred retirement in the vate meditation and devotion the public ordifulness of the blessing of the gospel of peace;nances of religion, and can sit under our own and may he enter the sanctuary as Aaron en- vine and fig-tree, none daring to make us tered the tabernacle of the congregation when afraid. We bless Thee that we have not only the holy oil was poured upon his head, and the scriptures, but the ministry of the gosthe fragrance filled the place and O let him pel; and have this day not only read, but not prove the savour of death unto death to heard the words of eternal life. We hope any that shall hear him. Open our ear to we have seen thy power and thy glory in the discipline; may we hear for ourselves, hear sanctuary, and have found the house of God for our souls; so hear as that our souls may to be the gate of heaven. live. And may great grace rest upon all the But, o God, the effects we experience assemblies of thy people.

while waiting upon Thee though delightful, Despise not the prisoners of thy providence. are as often transitory, and prove like the Follow those who are unable to follow Thee; morning cloud and early dew. Before the and while forbidden to hear the preaching of lapse of a single day we are compelled to the word, may they hear the voice of the rod, complain, My soul cleaveth unto the dust; and have reason to say- It is good for us and to pray, Quicken Thou me according to that we have been afflicted. Make them thy word. Render therefore the impressions thankful, that to will is present with them; made upon us deep and durable; keep these and that in their hearts are the ways of those things for ever in the imagination of the who repair to Zion. Prove thyself a very hearts of thy people; and let thy word dwell present help in trouble; and render the bed in us richly in all wisdom. of languishing, the chamber of sickness, the May the instructions we receive attend us house of mourning-none other than the in every part of our ordinary life, and reguhouse of God, and the gate of heaven. | late and excite us in the discharge of all our

And by all the discipline of thy providence relative duties, so that whether we are husand the ordinances of religion, may we be bands or wives, parents or children, masters increasingly prepared for the remaining du- or servants, we may adorn the doctrine of ties of life, the solemnities of a dying hour, God our Saviour in all things. May we be and the services and joys that are beyond the satisfied with no knowledge, no belief, no grave.

professions, no feelings in religion—while We implore it through the intercession of our hearts are void of thy love, and we are - Him who has encouraged us to address Thee strangers to that grace which bringeth salvaas-Our Father, &c.

tion, and teacheth us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live soberly, righteously,

and godly in the present world. SUNDAY EVENING.

. We take shame to ourselves, not only for

our open violations of thy law, but for our seIt is a good thing to give thanks unto the cret faults, our omissions of duty, our unLord, and to sing praises unto thy Name, o profitable attendances on the means of grace, Most High; to show forth thy lovingkind- our carnality in worshipping Thee, and all ness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every the sins of our holy things. Our iniquities night.

are increased over our head, and our trespass We have this evening to acknowledge the is gone up into the very heavens and there blessings, not only of another day, but of an- He is gone also, who is our advocate with other sabbath. We bless Thee that the sab. the Father and the propitiation for our sins, bath was made for man, and that Thou hast Behold his hands and his feet; and hear, O hallowed such a portion of our time, for pur- hear the voice of the blood of sprinkling that poses the most important, but which, alas! speaketh better things than that of Abel. we are prone to neglect. Thus thou art af- Pity those who have this day been deprivfording us opportunities to retire, and com- ed of the public means of grace by sickness pare the objects which court our attention; or infirmity. Let them know that Thou art to learn, among all the cares of life, that one not confined to temples made with hands; be thing is needful; and to hear the inquiry- with them in trouble; and give them their What is a man profited, if he should gain vineyards from thence, and the valley of the whole world and lose his own soul? Thus Achor for a door of hope. we have moments of abstraction and leisure And remember the millions who were in which we can more fully investigate our | never favoured with the advantages we encharacter, examine our condition, and ask for joy, and would be grateful for the crumbs what purpose we entered this mortal stage, that fall from our table. But they never and what will become of us when the scene smiled when a sabbath appeared: they never closes.

| heard of the name of Jesus: they feel guilt, We thank Thee that the lines are fallen but know nothing of the blood that cleanseth to us in pleasant places, and that we have a from all sin : they feel depravity, but know goodly heritage; so that we can add to pri- I nothing of the renewing of the Holy Ghost;

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