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care and direction of an ever-present God. thy name. They are happy now, and are inLet those that know Thee not be made wise viting and encouraging us to taste and see unto salvation : let not those who are endear- that the Lord is good. May a vital union be ed by so many ties, be separated from us for immediately established between Him and us ever-How can we endure to see the des. —He the head, and we the members; He the truction of our kindred !

vine, and we the branches; He the shepherd, Keep us in all places and circumstances. and we the sheep of his pasture; Ile the Hide us this night in the secret of thy pavi- chief corner-stone, and we also as lively stones lion, and in the morning encompass us with built up a spiritual house, an habitation of songs of deliverance.

God through the spirit. And now, blessed be the Lord God of Is- Let us not walk as other gentiles, in the rael, who only doeth wondrous things; and vanity of our minds, and having our underblessed be his glorious name for ever, and let standings darkened; but may we estimate the whole earth be filled with his glory. things according to the testimony of thy Amen and Amen.

word, and feel a persuasion that to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, is a concern

in comparison with which every other interWEDNESDAY MORNING.

est is a shadow and a dream. O Thou that hearest prayer, and inhabitest And O Lord save us from presumption. the praises of Israel! with Moses and Aaron Keep us from suspending our attention to the among thy priests, and Samuel among them things of eternity on a more convenient seathat call upon thy name, we would this morn- son, or any future period which may never ing exalt the Lord our God, and worship at his arrive; but reflecting upon the shortness and footstool, for He is holy.

uncertainties of life, and knowing how frail We thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven we are, may we seek the Lord while He may and earth, for all thy inexpressible and incon- be found, and call upon Him while He is ceivable goodness to the children of men, of near. May we immediately begin to live the which our own history and experience afford life of the righteous, that we may die the death such numberless proofs

. In thy works of of the righteous, and that our last end may creation we read thy name the Lord God Al- be like his. mighty ; in the dispensations of thy provi- And 0 save us from the delusion of those dence we acknowledge Thee as the only wise who go far, but not far enough in religion; God; but in the gospel of thy grace we be- who are convinced but not converted; who hold Thee as the God of love, and so loving have another heart, but not a new one; and the world as to give thine only begotten Son, who with all their light and zeal and confithat whosoever believeth on Him should not dence, have not the spirit of Christ, and thereperish but have everlasting life. In Him fore are none of his. May we judge of our Thou hast provided for our deliverance from Christianity not only by our dependence upon all the effects of sin; for the justification of Christ, but our love to Christ, and by our conour persons, the sanctification of our natures, formity to Christ. May we know that He and our perseverance in the path of life, till dwelleth in us and we in Him, because He we receive the end of our faith—the salvation hath given us of his Spirit. of our souls.

Let our religion not only be real but proWe bless Thee, that exposed as we are to gressive; let us not only hold on our way, but the terrors of thy law which we have so often wax stronger and stronger. May we live transgressed, here we have a refuge from the and may we walk in the Spirit. May we storm; and learn that there is no condemna- profit by every correction, and be injured by tion to them that are in Christ Jesus. We no indulgence. bless Thee, that while we are compelled to Accept of our personal and combined acexclaim, Unclean, unclean! here is an open knowledgments, that Thou hast been our fountain, the efficacy of which—for it has salvation in the night watches; and that often been tried—cleanseth from all sin. We we are not only the living to praise Thee bless Thee, that while in us dwelleth no good this morning, but have all things richly to thing, and all creatures are cells of emptiness, enjoy. there is a fulness accessible to all, and inca- Biess the word which we have been readpable of reduction, from which we can re-ing. Let not the cares of this life, or the deceive and grace for grace.

ceitfulness of sin render it unfruitful. May O Lord, we ask not for worldly riches or thy word abide in us and operate. May it honours, but pray that we may be blessed attend us in all the businesses of the day, that with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places we may not sin against Thee; and that whein Christ. We envy not those whom the ther we eat or drink, or whatever we do, we multitude admire; they will soon be cut down may do all to the glory of God as the grass, and wither as the green herb; To whom be glory in the church, by Christ but look Thou upon us, and be merciful to Jesus, throughout all ages, world without us, as Thou usest to do unto those that fear end. Amen.


WEDNESDAY EVENING. ing in the work of the Lord. And let us O Thou that inhabitest eternity, and with not be slothful, but followers of them who whom a thousand years are as one day. If through faith and patience inherit the pro

mises. we were angels we should veil our faces as we approach Thee, and exclaim, Holy, holy,

O how great is the goodness which in thy holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole earth is promises and in thy kingdom Thou hast laid full of his glory. With what emotions then up for them that fear Thee!-Number us should we enter thy presence, who are but with them; and enable us to say, Thou hast sinful dust and ashes! Give us grace where given me the heritage of them that fear thy by we may serve Thee acceptably, with re

This assurance, O God, we want to verence and godly fear.

animate us in duty; to support us under our May we always combine thy majesty with trials; and to raise us above the fear of death thy mercy, that we may not trifle before and the dread of eternity. For we know that Thee, or incur the reproach of the hypocrite we are not to live here always, nor to live and the formalist, who draw nigh unto Thee here long. Dangers surround us; within with their mouth, and honour Thee with us are sown the seeds of disease; our breath their lips, while their heart is far from Thee. is in our nostrils; and there is but a step And may we always connect thy goodness another day gone! and how solemnly does it

between us and the grave. How soon is with thy greatness, that we may draw near in full assurance of faith. May our con

remind us, That all our days are as a shasciences at this moment believe that Thou dow! Great God, so teach us to number art good, and ready to forgive, and plenteous wisdom. Amidst all the uncertainties of time,

our days, that we may apply our hearts unto in mercy to all that call upon Thee.

And do Thou have mercy upon us, O God, may we know in ourselves that in heaven according to thy lovingkindness, according to

we have a better and an enduring substance; the multitude of thy tender mercies. Thou and when the earthly house of this tabernaart under no obligation to save us! we lie as cle is dissolving, may we see prepared to guilty at thy sovereign disposal. Thou bast receive us a building of God, a house not a right to exercise thy mercy in thine own made with hands eternal in the heavens. way; and Thou hast sent thine own Son into

We feel our weakness and our wants. We the world, not to condemn the world, but depend on all the elements for our subsistthat the world through Him might be saved. ence, and there is no creature but can be Thou hast made him to be sin for us who our help or our hurt. We need day by day knew no sin, that we might be made the our supplies of food. We labour for a few righteousness of God in Him. We bow, 0 hours, and we feel ourselves exhausted, and God, to thine appointment; and gratefully require weary nature's sweet restorer balmy comply with thy command, for this is thy sleep; We would not say to Him that made commandinent, that we believe on the name us, Why hast thou made me thus ? but bless of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. We would Thee for a season of repose and refreshment; flee to no other refuge; we would wash in no for the promise we have that when we lie other fountain; we would build on no other down, Thou wilt make us to dwell in safety; foundation; we would receive from no other and for a state where we shall feel no languor fulness.

and need no rest; where there shall be no May the life that we henceforth shall live night, and they need no candle, neither light in the flesh, be by the faith of Him who loved of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them us and gave himself for us. In his name may Receive and bless us in the name and for

light, and they shall reign for ever and ever. we rejoice all the day, and in his righteousness the sake of our adorable Redeemer. Amen. may we be exalted.

May we feel a growing conformity to the image of thy Son, and like Him, learn obedience to the things we suffer. May the law of

THURSDAY MORNING. the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus make us free O Thou, who wast, and art, and art to from the law of sin and death.

come, the Almighty. Thou art the creator In all our dealings with our fellow-crea- of all the ends of the earth. Thou art our tures, may we do justly; in all cases requir- maker, and not only the framer of our bodies, ing relief and compassion, may we show that but the former of our souls. For there is a we love mercy; and with regard to all the spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Aldispensations of thy providence and grace, mighty giveth him understanding. May we may we walk humbly with our God. remember that Thou madest us upright, but

May we be strong and of good courage to that we have sought out many inventious. to follow our convictions, regardless of the Let us not forget what we are, what we deopinions of others, and obey God rather than serve, and what we want in our present man. Having obtained the knowledge of state. thy will from thy word, may we go forth Nor let us be ignorant of the provisions of and be steadfast, unmoveable, always abound. I thy mercy and grace; nor of Him in whom it hath pleased Thee that all fulness should | spirit, serving the Lord. And O preserve dwell. In all our outward troubles, and in the young from the snares and temptations of all our spiritual distress, He is the hope and youth. May they be sober-minded. If sinners the consolation of Israel. May we receive entice them, let them not consent. With the record, that Thou hast given to us eter- the infidel and the vicious, and the despiser nal life, and that this life is in thy Son. To of the sabbath, may they not go, lest they Him may we always look for relief, and to learn of their ways, and get a snare to their Him only; persuaded that there is none other souls. Let them say, I am a companion of all name given under heaven among men, them that fear Thee, and choose that good whereby we must be saved. We know from part which shall not be taken away from thy word, that he came by water and by them. blood; as these were not served in their ef- Bless us as a nation, in our sovereign, fusion from the cross, may they never be senators, and magistrates; in all the depenseparated in our creed and our experience. dencies and interests of the country; in all May we be equally convinced of the guilt its civil and sacred institutions. Let glory and the pollution of sin; may we alike feel dwell in our land, and upon all the glory our need of the Prince and the Saviour, and may there be a defence. implore of Him repentance as well as for- We rejoice that Thou wilt have all men giveness. May we love holiness and be pure to be saved and come to the knowledge of in heart. O that our feet were directed to the truth; and that Jesus Christ gave himkeep thy statutes! O that we had the same self a ransom for all to be testified in due mind in us which was also in Christ Jesus, time. and were enabled to tread in his steps, who Call in the Jews with the fulness of the has gone before us in every path of duty and Gentiles. Say to the north, give up, and to trial !

the south, Keep not back; bring my sons As long as we are in the world, keep us from far, and my daughters from the ends of from the evil; and may we be always alive the earth. Bless all those who by their exand awake to discharge every obligation re- ertions and sacrifices are proving the sinsulting from our condition in life and the cerity of their prayers for the spread of the particular events of thy providence.

Redemer's cause; and let many run to and We would not be at our own disposal, but fro, and knowledge be increased, till all shall rejoice to think we are under the care of know Thee, from the least even to the greatone who is too wise to err, and too kind to in- est. jure. However ignorant of the future, we Our Father, &c. Amen. will trust and not be afraid; and begin even in this vale of tears, the song we hope for ever to sing-Marvellous are thy works,

THURSDAY EVENING, Lord God Almighty, just and true are all thy Give ear to our words, O Lord; consider ways, O Thou King of saints.

our meditation; and enable us to approach 'Thou hast been pleased again to renew Thee with becoming conceptions of thy naour time and our strength and our comforts, ture, relations, and designs. help us to renew our purposes and resolu- Thou inhabitest eternity ; but our age is as tions to obey and serve Thee. In all our nothing before Thee. Thou dwellest in the ways may we this day acknowledge Thee, heaven of heavens, and this cannot contain and do Thou direct our paths. Let thy pre- Thee; but we dwell in houses of clay, whose sence go with us, and thy free spirit uphold us. foundation is in the dust. Thy power is al

May we scandalize none by our temper or mighty ; but we are crushed before the moth. conduct, but recommend and endear the reli- | Thy understanding is infinite, but we know gion we profess to all around us. May we nothing as we ought to know. Thou art of decline no opportunity of usefulness that our purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not circumstances may present. May we not look upon iniquity; but we are vile-What withhold good from him to whom it is due, shall we answer 'Thee? We cannot answer when it is in the power of our hand to do it. Thee for one of a thousand of our iniquities; May we dread the sentence, Whoso stoppeth and had we listened to the language of our his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall guilty consciences alone, we could not have cry himself and not be heard. May we entered thy sacred presence. therefore be merciful, ready to communicate, But Thou hast called us to thy footstool ; feeling the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast shown us a new and living way who when rich for our sakes became poor, into the holiest by the blood of Jesus; and we that we through his poverty might be rich. have boldness and access with confidence by

Let those who are advanced in years be the faith of Him. We therefore draw nigh anxious to bring forth fruit in old age. Let in full assurance of faith, believing that we those who are in the midst of life abide with are as welcome as we are unworthy, and that God in their calling; and while they are not the blessings we are come to implore are as slothful in business, may they be fervent in free as they are great and numberless. O re


ceive us graciously. Be merciful to our un

FRIDAY MORNING. righteousness. Abopt us into the household of faith; and say to our souls, I am thy salva- We would lift up our hearts, with our tion.

hands, unto God in the heavens. Bebold be We have often feared that we have no fore Thee a company of highly-indulged but part nor lot in the matter; and that our heart sinful beings. If we say we have no sin, we is not right in the sight of God. We have deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. often questioned whether we know any thing None of our fellow-creatures know hal so of the new creature; whether we have ever much of our depravity as we ourselves know exercised repentance towards God, and faith and our knowledge is ignorance compared towards our Lord Jesus Christ. And what with thy wisdom. if after all our advantages, we should perish; Thou readest the heart. Thou viewest and after all our profession, have a name only actions in their principles and motives. Thou that we live while we are dead ! O Lord, de- seest more defilement in our duties than we cide our doubts, and bear witness with our ever saw in any of our sins. In thy sight the spirits that we are the children of God. heavens are not clean; and Thou chargest

We would not deceive ourselves in a busi- thine angels with tolly. And if we hate ourness of everlasting moment; but if we are in selves, and are ready to fee from ourselves a state of grace, enable us to know it, for our because of our abominations, how wonderful own comfort and the glory of thy great is it that Thou dost not abhor us, and swear

in thy wrath that we shall not enter into thy And, O Lord, we pray that we may grow rest. in grace. If we have the reality of religion, But, be astonished, O heavens, and wonder, how far are our works from being found per- O earth! instead of such a deserved exclufect before God! Strengthen in us the things sion, Thou hast even devised means that thy that remain that be ready to die; and help banished be not expelled from Thee_means us to reach after the higher attainments and the most astonishing and glorious, and which privileges of the divine life. May we be fol- the angels desire to look into. For Thou hast lowers of God as dear children, and feel it so loved the world, as to give thine only bethe joy of our lives to be holy as Thou art gotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him holy, and merciful as Thou art merciful. May should not perish but have everlasting life. thine eye be more to us than the inspection In Him mercy and truth meet together, rightof all our fellow-creatures; and thy approba- eousness and peace kiss each other; and thy tion be dearer than the applause of a thou- honour is not only secured, but prominently sand worlds.

displayed, even in our escape from thine own May no grace of the Spirit be wanting or threatenings. In Him the enslaved can find weak in us; may no duty of our calling be redemption, the guilty pardon, the unholy neglected, or carelessly performed. May our renovation. In Him are everlasting strength faith be a strong faith, our hope a lively hope, for the weak, and unsearchable riches for the our charity a fervent charity, our conversa- needy ; in Him we find all the treasures of tion a conversation becoming the gospel of wisdom and knowledge for the ignorant; in Christ. May we stand complete in all the Him all fulness dwells. will of God; and may our light so shine be- We bless Thee for the provision which fore men, that they may see our good works thine infinite goodness has made for our everand glorify our Father who is in heaven. lasting welfare; and for the gospel of our

May we long to serve our generation ac- salvation which makes it known; and which cording to thy will; may wisdom select and not only reveals it to our view, but proposes regulate our means, and a blameless and it to our hope, and presses it upon our acceptlovely consistency of character give weight ance. to our endeavours. And may all our works O Lord, at thy gracious call we hear, we begin, continue, and end in Thee. On Thee look, we come, we apply, we receive. We may we depend for light to know, and dispo- not only submit to the scheme of mercy, but sition to choose, and strength to perform, and we acquiesce in it; we glory in the cross of submission to suffer, and patience to wait. our Lord Jesus Christ; we joy in God through

And when we have done all, may we ac- our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have now knowledge that we are unprofitable servants, received the atonement. We bless Thee that and confess that we deserve condemnation for in this grace we stand: Thou hast rendered the defects of our obedience, rather than a the blessings as secure as they are glorious; reward for its excellency. And looking off and we are persuaded that neither death, nor from our duties as well as our sins, to find a life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, foundation for our hope, may we rejoice in nor things present, nor things to come, nor Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the height, nor depth, nor any other creature, flesh. And may our persons and services be shall be able to separate us from the love of accepted in the beloved— To whom be glory God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Yea for ever blessed be thy name, Thou

And now,

hast not only provided for our safety, but our | Him that speaketh from heaven. And all that prosperity. Thou hast not only promised Thou hast kindly employed to enforce the that the righteous shall hold on their way, messages of thy word we have disregarded; but wax stronger and stronger. Thou dost for we have contemned the examples of the not despise the day of small things; but good, the admonitions of friendship, the reThou givest more grace; and hast command-proaches of conscience, the rebukes of thy ed us to ask and receive that our joy may be providence, and the strivings of thy Holy full.

Spirit; and well do we deserve that the kingO Lord, what shall we render for dom of God should be taken away from us. all thy benefits towards us? We can never O let us not confess our sins without feeling discharge the obligations we are under, but and lamenting them, but with a broken heart we pray that we may be sensible of them; and a contrite spirit, with self-abhorrence, and though we can make no adequate, may self-condemnation, and self-despair. we make suitable returns; and ever ask from And under a deep impression of our guilt, the heart, as well as with the lip, Lord, what may we seek reliefalone from Him who is the wilt Thou have me to do?

hope and the consolation of Israel. Viewing And may we show forth thy praise. May Him as dying for the ungodly, may we believe we speak well of thy name. May we be con- in his name. May we know that He bare our cerned to bring others to love and serve sins in his own body on the tree, and that by Thee; and to share with us in all the good his stripes we are healed. And may we find which Thou hast spoken concerning Israel. in Him, not only righteousness but strength.

O let our children be thy children, our May He impart to us, not only forgiveness of friends thy friends, our servants thy servants. sins, but repentance unto life. May we never

May our neighbours, and our enemies too, separate in our regards, what He has joined be visited with thy salvation.

together in the scripture; nor suppose that Dwell in our families. Let thy goings be we are justified by his blood, unless we are seen in our sanctuaries. Let the people praise sanctified by his Spirit. Thee, O God, yea let all the people praise We believe we can never be happy in sin, Thee. Let the whole earth be filled with and we do not desire it: Lord, deliver us thy glory.

from it, and lead us in the way everlasting. Bless the Lord, ye his angels that excel in Make us holy like thyself, that we may be strength, that do his commandments heark- made happy in thyself

. We are naturally ening unto the voice of his word. Bless ye disqualified for all communion with a holy the Lord, all ye his hosts, ye ministers of his God; work in us to will and to do of thy good that do his pleasure. Bless the Lord, all his pleasure; produce in us those principles and works, in all places of his dominion. Bless dispositions which will attach us to thyself as the Lord, O my soul. Amen, and Amen. our exceeding joy; and enable us to say,

Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and
there is none upon earth that I desire beside


Under all our ignorance, weakness, fears, AGAIN, O Lord of all, we desire to bow in and depressions, may thy Spirit help our thy presence. May we approach Thee with infirmities with supplies of wisdom, strength. all the encouragements that can be derived and comfort. from thy character as the God of love. We May we faithfully study our character, and are not left to feel after Thee in the dark- be always willing to come to the light, that if ness of nature; nor to worship Thee as the evil our deeds may be reproved. May we unknown God. We cannot find Thee out peculiarly observe ourselves under the opeunto perfection ; but we know that Thou art ration of those events which are designed to good and ready to forgive, and plenteous in try us; that we may judge of the reality and mercy unto all them that call upon Thee. degree of our grace.

May we often review For Thou hast given us thy word, which life, and see how we have at any time been Thou hast magnified above all thy name; and ensnared or overcome, that we may in future Thou hast favoured us with the gospel, which become more wise and circumspect. And has turned the dawn of Judaism into perfect while we wateh, may we also pray lest we day : so that on us who were sitting in dark- enter into temptation. May we never trust ness and the shadow of death, has risen a in our own hearts, nor depend upon any past great light, the light of life.

experience or present resolution, but be But we acknowledge how ungratefully we strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. have received the benefit, and how little we Thus far Thou hast helped us. Hitherto have improved our privileges to the purposes our enemies have not triumphed over us. for which they have been given. We have And though we have seen many decline from made light of these things though angels de- their profession, we hope if Thou wert to ask, sire to look into them; we have neglected the Will ye also go away? we should be able to great salvation; we have turned away from say, with more conviction and affection than

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