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our own hearts. We have offended against satisfied till we know that we have an inhethy holy laws. We have left undone the ritance among all them that are sanctified, things we ought to have done; and we have and feel in ourselves those principles and disdone the things we ought not to have done; positions which evince, not only that the and there is no health in us.

blessedness is promised to us, but begun in us. For these things we mourn; we abhor May thy Spirit help our infirmities, and preand condemn ourselves, and acknowledge pare us for every part of our passage homethat Thou art justified when Thou speakest, ward : for the successes and comforts with and clear when thou judgest. Nothing can which we may be indulged; for the disaprescue our guilty minds from the horrors of pointments and troubles with which we may despair, but an assurance from thyself, that be tried; for the various duties we have to

Thou are not only good, but ready to forgive, discharge; and for all the opportunities of and plenteous in mercy unto all them that usefulness our stations in life may furnish. call upon Thee. And blessed be thy Name, Help Thou our unbelief—The hinderance of Thou hast given us a full revelation of thy all our religious exceļlence and proficiency: reconcileableness to thy revolted subjects : increase our faith; and fill us with all joy and we know that Thou hast sent thy only and peace in believing. begotten Son to be the propitiation for sin; Forgive the sins of another day. And may and we see opened before us through Him, a we now lay us down in peace and sleep: for wide and a welcome way to thyself. Thou, Lord, only makest us dwell in safety:

And thou hast assured us that there is sal- and with the returning day, continue thy care vation in no other: and that no man cometh over us, and enable us to renew our dedicaunto the Father but by Him. O help us to tion of ourselves to Thee. hear the voice that proclaims, Behold the The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the with us all. Amen. world: give us the eye of faith to see him; and the hand of faith to receive him; and the appetitc of faith, the hungering and thirsting

TUESDAY MORNING. of faith that we may feed upon him, and know from our own experience as well as the testi- O Thou Creator and Preserver of all manmony of thy word, that his flesh is meat in- kind, again we come before Thee in the muldeed and his blood drink indeed. He is the titude of thy mercies, and would call on our hope of Israel, the consolation of Israel: may souls and each oth to bless and praise thy we repair to him, as the deliverer from the holy name. Preserve us, in this exercise of fall, and find in him the light, the life, the devotion, not only from hypocrisy but forriches, the honours of eternity; and rejoice mality. Enable us to remember what Thou in him with joy unspeakable and full of art, into whose presence we have entered, glory.

and what we are who have taken upon us to Too long have we joined in the cry of folly, speak unto the living God. How wise, how Who will show us any good? Too long have great, how holy art Thou! But we are dust we observed lying vanities and have forsaken and ashes; unworthiness and vileness. our own mercies. But convinced of our mad- In what more becoming attire can we apness, no longer would we spend our money proach Thee than clothed with humility? În for that which is not bread, and our labour how many things have we offended; in all for that which satisfieth not. May we hearken we have come short of thy glory. When we diligently unto Thee our heavenly Inviter, compare ourselves with thy law, we see that and eat that which is good, and let our soul we are carnal, sold under sin; and that in us delight itself in fatness. And so much the dwelleth no good thing. When we examine more as our time advances, and every mo- our hearts we find there an aggregate of ment we seize for reflection tells us that more vanity, frowardness, insensibility, disorderly of our opportunities are fled for ever. For affections, backwardness to duty, proneness Thou hast made our days as a hand's-breadth, to evil that causes us to loathe ourselves, and our age is as nothing before Thee, and and exclaim, Behold I am vile. When we verily every man at his best estate is altoge- look well into our lives; when we survey ther vanity. O that we were wise, that we our relations and offices; our trials and our understood this, that we considered our latter mercies; our opportunities and our means: end! O teach us, thou Almighty Instructer, and when we consider how often Thou hast teach us to live as dying creatures; to live called, and we have refused; how much with our conversation in heaven; to live look- Thou hast excited us, and how we have reing for that blessed hope and the glorious belled and vexed thy Holy Spirit; we cannot appearing of the great God and our Saviour but fall upon our knees and cry, Enter not Jesus Christ. May we not only believe that into judgment with us—God be merciful to there is a better country, even a heavenly; us sinners—Save, Lord, or we perish. but may we seek after it, and seek after it in O lead us to the cross, and enable us to the all-sufficiency of thy grace; and never be pray believing in the name of thy dear Son.


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All hope in, all help from ourselves we reject TUESDAY EVENING.
for ever. What things have been gain to us,
these we count but loss for Christ: yea O God, Thou inhabitest the praises of Is
doubtless and we count all things but loss rael. The spirits of just men made perfect,
for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ and the innumerable company of angels are
Jesus our Lord. Behold us in Him. Accept perpetually serving Thee in thy house atore.
of his ransom as our discharge. Let his suf- We desire to join in their adorations, and re-
ferings be the chastisement of our peace; and joice to think that the sacrifices of a broken
by his stripes may we be healed.

heart and a contrite spirit, o God, Thou wilt We know there is salvation in none other: not despise. Thou art a God that hidest but Him Thou hast sealed, Him Thou hast thyself, and by no searching can we find anointed; He is mighty to save; able to save Thee out unto perfection; but we know that to the uttermost them that come unto Thee Thou art Almighty; that Thou art about our by Him. May we therefore rejoice in hope; path and our lying down, and acquainted and have faith in those promises and invita- with all our ways. We know that Thou art tions which he has given us in the gospel, of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, and and which must include ourselves, because therefore we could not stand before Thee; they are addressed to all the ends of the but we also know, for Thou hast proclaimed earth and cry, Whosoever will, let him take thy name, that Thou art merciful and graof the water of life freely. O let these as- cious. We know that it is possible for Thee surances enter our consciences, and live and to save the very chief of sinners, in harmony operate there, till for them the wilderness with every attribute of thy nature. We and the solitary place shall be made glad, know that thou hast not spared thine own and the desert rejoice and blossom as the Son, but delivered him up for us all, and wilt rose.

Thou not with him also freely give us all The world passeth away and the lusts things? Yea, Thou hast given us all things thereof; every thing earthly in which we freely with Him. What can we need as can trust is found to be vanity and vexation perishing sinners that is not to be found in of spirit. How often has our heart bled, and Him? our very life been smitten down to the May we never be so ignorant of the worground. So much the more we desire in thiness of his character and the worthlessness heaven a better and an enduring substance of our own, as to think of appearing before Thy love in Christ Jesus our Lord is firm Thee in our own claims, but may we win and changeless: nothing can separate us Christ, and be found in Him, not having our from it; nothing can make us miserable in own righteousness which is of the law, but the enjoyment of it. Say unto our soul, I that which is of God by faith. May we know am thy salvation, that we may have the Him, and the power of his resurrection; and satisfying persuasion that whatever may be the fellowship of his sufferings being made fall us, or however we may be tried here, in conformable unto his death. a little time the days of our mourning shall And, O Lord, teach us often to consider be ended, and we shall enter the rest that what fallen and miserable creatures we were remains for the people of God.

in ourselves; and in what a fearful condition And while the period of our pilgrimage is we should have been found for ever, had we lengthened out, leave us not nor forsake us, been left to ourselves; that the view of thine O God of our salvation; but afford us those undeserved goodness, and a sense of the unsupplies and influences of thy Holy Spirit, speakable benefits we have received from which shall keep us from evil, and enable us Thee, may so fill our minds and hearts that to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith we may henceforth resolve to yield ourselves we are called, and prove a blessing to all unto God, as those that are alive from the around us.

dead, and our members as instruments of Make us grateful for the continuance of righteousness unto God. And while others thy care and kindness; for the security and lie down and rise up, go out and come in, repose of the past night; and for all the ad- and God is not in all their thoughts, may we vantages and comforts that meet us at our never live a day, or an hour, or a moment entering on another day. Be with us in all without Thee. May we realize thy presence, the duties and occurrences of a new and un- thy perfections, thy providence. May we known portion of our time. Include in thy walk with God, and may we be workers to regards, as the God of providence and of gether with God. May we keep the same grace, all our relations and friends, and for end in view with himself

. May we study us and for them do exceeding abundantly and labour to promote it by all the opportuabove all we can ask or think: and to Thee nities and means placed within our reach; be glory in the church by Christ Jesus and whether we eat or drink, or whatever throughout all ages world without end. we do, may we do all to the glory of God. Amen.

And in all this do Thou enable us, for we

are not sufficient of ourselves to think any Behold, O God, a company of suppliants at thing as of ourselves; and to every good thy footstool, hopeless in ourselves but enwork we are naturally disinclined. Open couraged by thy promises, and taking hold therefore the eyes of our understanding, and of thy strength that we may make peace show us not only the truth, but the beauty with Thee. Look upon the face of thine and glory of divine things. Take from us Anointed. Behold his obedience unto death, the heart of stone; put thy Spirit within us; even the death of the cross. Hear the blood and cause us to walk in thy statutes, and de- of sprinkling that speaketh better things than light in thy law which we have loved. And that of Abel. By his poverty may we be when Thou hast brought us into the way of made rich; and by his stripes may we be holiness and peace, uphold us by thy grace, healed. And may we thereby be healed, not and establish, strengthen, settle us. Let us only as to the wounds of a bleeding connot be slothful or barren in our Christian proscience, but as to the moral maladies of our fession; but filled with all the fruits of right- nature, and be saved not only by a delivereousness, that we may put to silence the ance from the wrath to come, but by the ignorance of foolish men, and by our good washing of regeneration and the renewing works which they behold, constrain them to of the Holy Ghost. May the darkness of glorify our heavenly Father. Draw out of death give place to the light of life in our our hearts the love of the present evil world, understandings. May the rebelliousness of and set our affection on things that are above; our wills be exchanged for submission to thy things which will at once fill, and purify, and commands and acquiescence in thy dispensaennoble the mind. May we faint not at our tions, without murmurings or disputings. tribulations, remembering that they are for Thou hast claims to us, arising not only from our profit and glory, and that he who sends creation but redemption: may we glorify them has promised to be with us in trouble. Thee in our bodies and in our spirits which When burdened, may we cast our burden are doubly thine. Let our Father, who seeth upon the Lord: and when careful, cast all in secret, meet us in the closet as well as in our care upon him who careth for us. the temple; and find us often examining our

May we be diligent and faithful in our principles and our motives as well as our acseveral callings; and by no injustice or wick- tions. Let us not confine our devoutness to ed policy may we provoke Him whose bless- the morning and evening hour of prayer; but ing alone maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. be in the fear of the Lord all the day long. May we never feast ourselves without fear, Though our religion is at present very imnor refuse in the midst of abundance, to perfect, may it show itself to be vital by its stretch forth our hands to the sons and activities and its tendencies. Let the weak daughters of want. And as the elect of God, say, I am strong, strong in the Lord, and in holy and beloved, may we put on bowels of the power of his might; strong for our way, mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meek- for our work and for our warfare. ness, longsuffering, forbearing one another, May we never forget the experience we and forgiving one another: and above all have had of our innate and remaining dethese things, may we put on charity which pravity in the various passages of our life and is the bond of perfectness.

our religion, that we may be kept humble, Now unto Him that is able to keep us and vigilant, and prayerful; that we may from falling, and to present us faultless be- never trust in our own hearts, and never lean fore the presence of his glory with exceeding to our own understandings. And may we joy: to the only wise God our Saviour, be never forget the experience we have had of glory and majesty, dominion and power, for thy patience, and wisdom and power, and ever and ever. Amen.

faithfulness, and care, that we may be grateful, and encourage ourselves in the Lord our God. We have never served Thee for

nought; we have never sought Thee in WEDNESDAY MORNING.

vain; we have never confided in Thee and We bow our knee before the God and Fa- been confounded. Thou bast often made us ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the ashamed of our fears; Thou hast often surwhole family in heaven and earth is named. passed our hopes. At many an evening-tide Our exigencies are great, but Thou art able it has been light; and many a shadow of to supply them all from thy riches in glory. death Thou hast turned into the morning. Our sins are more in number than the hairs Thou hast already enabled us to see how our of our head, but Thou art merciful and gra- welfare has resulted from events which once cious. None however unworthy and guilty, discouraged us: and where darkness yet ever sought Thee in vain; and from the ex- hangs on any of thy dispensations, we hear perience of a multitude which no man can Thee saying, What I do thou knowest not number, Thou hast obtained the character now, but thou shalt know hereafter. O for of a God hearing prayer; and unto Thee faith to believe; and patience to suffer, to shall all flesh come.

wait, and to submit! We pray not that


Thou shouldst take us out of the world, but crucified to the world; and there become dead keep us from the evil. We ask not for the indeed unto sin but alive unto God. There accomplishment of all our wishes, for we may we sink into the deepest humiliation; often know not what we ask; but we pray there may we find motives to patience, selfthat whatever may be denied us, we may be denial, active benevolence: there may hope blessed with all spiritual blessings in heaven- lift up its head; and faith lay hold on eternal ly places in Christ. May the joy of the Lord life; and love bind us to live not unto ourbe our strength. And let all those that put selves, but to Him that died for us and rose their trust in Thee rejoice: let them ever again. shout for joy, because Thou defendest them : Enable us to rejoice in Him whom Thoa let them also that love thy name be joyful in hast sent, not only as a Redeemer, but the Thee.

Sanctifier. We want holiness; and not only We love the communion of saints, and the reality of the principle and the practice. would be mindful of them in our prayers. but the increase. May we be more thankful Bless those with whom we are more imine- for thy mercies, more humble under thy cordiately connected in the fellowship of the rections, more zealous in thy service. Make us gospel. And bless thy church universal ! more constant in duty, more watchful a gainst may peace be within her walls, and pros- temptation, more contented in our stations, perity within her palaces. Abba, Father, all more exemplary in our conduct, more useful things are possible to Thee. Take to thy- in our day and generation. May re do justself

great power and reign; and let the ly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with exclamation be heard from earth and from our God. heaven, IIallelujah, for the Lord God omnipo- Teach us to be ready for affliction. In tent reigneth! The kingdoms of this world health may we think of sickness; and in our are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of brightest hours may we remember the days his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and of darkness, for they may be many. We Even so; Amen.

know that Thon wilt bring us to death and to the house appointed for all living: may we also know that when this earthly house of our

tabernacle shall be dissolved, we have a WEDNESDAY EVENING.

building of God, a house not made with hands O God, thy greatness is unsearchable, and eternal in the heavens. We must all stand thy ways are past finding out. Before Thee before the judgment-seat of Christ: may we we are nothing, less than nothing and vanity, labour that whether present or absent we worse than nothing and iniquity. With shame may be accepted of Him. and sorrow we acknowledge our degraded and Ó Thou whose mercies are over all thy perishing condition. For sin has forfeited thy works, have pity upon all, men. Smile upon favour, stripped us of thy image, banished us our country, and fill our churches with thy from thy presence, and exposed us to the glory. Bless all the magistrates of the land, curse of thy holy law. And from this condi- and all the ministers of thy word. Be a fition we have no power to deliver ourselves: ther to the fatherless; plead the cause of the and we lie down in despair unless a resource widow; comfort the feeble-minded; support be found in thyself from whom we have so the weak; be the guide of the young, and deeply revolted, and who for our sins are so the solace of the old. In a peculiar manner justly displeaseil.

regard all those who are near and dear to us; But Thou, even Thou, without our desert, be their sun and their shield; give them without our desires, and ages before our ex- grace and glory, and withhold no good thing istence, wist pleased to accomplish a plan from them. extending from everlasting to everlasting, ho- In how many dangers hast Thou preserved nourable to all thy perfections, and which the us, and by how many comforts hast thou inangels desire to look into. And the word dulged us through another day. Let the which announces all the glory of this good night also praise Thee, and the morning reness is nigh us; and invites and beseeches us joice; as we implore it through the intercesto partake of all the fulness of God. Olet sion of Him, in whose words we address Thee us not turn away from Ilim that speaketh as Our Father, &c. froin heaven, and reject the counsel of God against ourselves: but as convinced and selfdespairing sinners may we receive it as a

THURSDAY MORNING. faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation; O Thou great and only Potentate; the sa and find it to be the power of God to salva- vereign Ruler of heaven and earth; whose tion. And as the cross of our Lord Jesus mercies are over all thy works: we desire to Christ is the centre of all the parts, and the come before thy presence with thanksgivings. source of all the blessings of the gospel, may We bless Thee for all thy amazing goodness we repair to it, and there be relieved from a to the children of men, and of which we burden too heavy for us to bear; and there be have so largely shared ever since we have had a being. Thou hast made summer and with a shield. Establish the throne in rightwinter, and each of these revolutions sub- eousness. Bless all the branches of the serves our welfare. The day is thine, the royal family, and all the nobles of the land; night also is thine, and both these seasons are and may they remember that in the heraldry full of thy care and kindness. We see thy of heaven nothing is great but what is good. bounty in the relations that train us up, in the May the king's counsellors never be ashamed laws that defend us, in the houses that shel- to ask counsel of Thee: and let our magister us, in the fuel that warms us, in the food trates be the ministers of God for good; a and raiment that comfort us; in the continu- terror to evil-doers, and a praise to them that ance of our health, our members, our senses, do well. and our understandings—Thou givest us all And may he who said, I, if I be lifted up things richly to enjoy.

from the earth, will draw all men unto me, But all these benefits Thou hast eclipsed, reign from sea to sea, and from the river to as the stars disappear before the rising of the the ends of the earth. May all kings fall sun. O lead us to adore the wisdom that down before him, and all nations serve him. planned, and the grace that purposed the re- And blessed be his glorious name for ever, demption of the world by our Lord Jesus and let the whole earth be filled with his Christ. O blessed for ever be that abundant glory. Amen and Amen. mercy that laid help on one that is mighty, and one that is as willing as he is able to save unto the uttermost them that come unto

THURSDAY EVENING. God by him. Make us deeply sensible of our need of the influences and blessings he has O God of all grace; the heavens declare to impart. May we value, as weary and thy glory, and the firmament showeth thy heavy laden, the rest he has promised, and handy work. Day unto day uttereth speech, sigh in our bondage for the liberty where and night unto night showeth knowledge. with he makes us free indeed. Give us a There is no speech nor language where their full interest in that blood which cleanses from voice is not heard. We adore Thee for all sin; the complete imputation of that making thy ways known unto Moses; thine righteousness which can justify the guilty, acts unto the children of Israel. At sundry and give them a title to life everlasting; and times and in divers manners Thou spakest in the entire possession of that Spirit which can times past unto the fathers by the prophets ; renovate our nature, and make us meet for but Thou hast in these last days spoken unto the inheritance of the saints in light. us by thy Son. At His feet may we sit,

May we not only discern the all-sufficiency and receive of his words; and be led into all of the Saviour, but by appropriation render truth. it our own, and be able to exclaim with Tho- May we admit the testimony that we are mas, My Lord and my God!

fallen, guilty, depraved, perishing creatures; And may we not only be replenished our and be driven to that self-despair which will selves, but concerned also that our fellow-urge us to seek after the hope of the gospel, creatures may be partakers of the benefit. and endear us to that Saviour in whom is alí Thou hast commanded us to pray for others, our help found. All we like sheep have gone and we rejoice in the command as an evidence astray; we have turned every one to his own of thy benevolence, and as the resource of way; but Thou hast laid on Him the iniquity

We are perpetually meeting with of us all. Surely he hath borne our grief and wants which we cannot relieve, and distress carried our sorrow : the chastisement of our es which we cannot remove: but we can im- peace was upon Him, and with his stripes we plore and gain the attention of Omnipotence; are healed. It is well for us that He died for prayer has power with Thee and prevails; the ungodly; that He makes intercession for and success depends not on our rank or our the transgressors; and that from the pitiabletalents. Thou despisest not the prayer of the ness of his great goodness he is now saying, destitute, but wilt hear their prayer.

Him that cometh unto me, I will in no wise Sanctify the afflictions of the afflicted; turn cast out. We have nothing to recommend us, the curse into a blessing; and let the effects and we want nothing. We have no money, of sin be the fruits to take away sin. Pre- and we are called to buy without money and serve the prosperous from the folly that will without price. destroy them; may they possess as if they While we love the freeness of his salvation, possessed not, and rejoice as if they rejoiced we also rejoice in the holiness of it. Our sins not; and ever use this world as not abusing are our worst enemies, and never does he it. Reward those who have done us good or appear more worthy the name of Jesus, than wished us good; and forgive those who have when engaged to save us from them. May injured or wished to injure us. May all our he accomplish in us the new creation; and dear connexions be bound up in the bundle uphold us with his free Spirit; for where the of life with the Lord our God.

Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Put Compass our country with thy favour as thy fear into our hearts, that we may never

our own.

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