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may we remember that we have also reason head may the crown flourish. Bless all the for sorrow and humiliation. O give us that branches of the royal house: preside orer og repentance which is unto life. Reform as well national councils; impart wisdom to the as indulge us; and pardon as well as spare. who conduct our public affairs: and may al. Let not our prosperity destroy us, nor our the various classes in the community orgue table become a snare. Let us not, by our that righteousness which exalteth a 2 , perverse returns, provoke Thee to visit us and forsake that sin which is a reproach to with heavier intlictions; and turn the rod in- any people. to a scorpion. May our ways please the Lord, Regard the services in which we bare bees that we may hope for a continuance of thy engaged with the thousands of our Israel: favour, and know that all things shall work accept the poor and imperfect thanksgivings together for our good.

| we have offered; and let thy word vrch Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion. has been dispensed in aid of the devotion of Build Thou the walls of Jerusalem. And as the day, accomplish all the good pleasure of the churches have rest, may they walk in the thy goodness through Jesus the Lord, ou fear of the Lord, and in the conforts of the righteousness and strength; and in wbose Holy Ghost, and be multiplied.

words we address Thee asLet the king live before Thee; and on his Our Father, &c. Amen.

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And o let us not forget our souls, in our

mindfulness of the body; nor expend all our ARE there any of the vanities of the gen

concern upon the meat that perisheth, but be tiles that can cause rain? Or can the hea

above all things anxious to secure the meat vens give showers? Art not Thou He, 0 |

which endureth unto everlasting life, and Lord our God? Therefore will we wait

which the son of man will give, for him hath upon Thee, for Thou hast made all these

God the Father sealed. things.

Thou visitest the earth and waterest it; Thou greatly enrichest it with the river of God which is full of water. Thou makest it IN VIEW OF JOURNEYING. soft with showers; Thou blessest the springs

O God, thou hast called thyself the Prethereof. Thy paths drop fatness. They drop server of 'men, and the length of our days. upon the pastures of the wilderness, and the

We are therefore encouraged to commit ourlittle hills rejoice on every side.

selves to thy guardian care, in the journey We have been made to feel the worth of|

of before us. this blessing by the want of it; and it would Many have parted with the hope of soon be easy for Thee to continue the privation, embracing each other again, but instead of till the heavens over us were brass, and the

returning to their own dwelling, they have earth under us iron; and the husbandman be

been conveyed to the house appointed for all ashamed for the wheat, and for the barley, living. We pray, with submission to thy because the harvest of the field is perished, I pleasure that thi

pleasure, that this may not be our experience. and because joy is withered away from the Give thine angels charge concerning us to sons of men.

keep us in all our ways. Let no evil befall But O deal not with us after our desert. Lour persons and no,

esert. our persons, and no plague come nigh our Turn not a fruitful land into barrenness. I dwelling. May we know also that our taberCommand thy rain to descend. Cause the

nacle is in peace, and visit our habitation and grass to grow for the cattle, and herbs for the service of man, and bring forth food out! Yet uncertain what a day may bring forth. of the earth.

may we be prepared for every event of thy providence; and wherever, in dying, we go

from, may it be our happiness to know where FOR FAIR WEATHER.

we are going to, and rejoice in the prospect, -How numberless are our wants and that when all our wanderings and partings dangers! Our hopes are destroyed, not only are ended, we shall unite in our heavenly by the deficiency, but the excess of our sup- Father's house, and be for ever with the plies. Stop, we pray Thee, the bottles of Lord. heaven, which have so long been pouring down water upon us; and cause thy sun not only to rise but to shine. Give us the clear

FOR A NEW-MARRIED PARTY. shining after rain, that the earth may yield BLESS those who have just entered a state her increase in maturity, and opportunity be honourable in all. May they remember the afforded for the wholesome in-gathering of vows they have left at the altar, and in the grass for the cattle, and grain for the use of discharge of their personal and relative duty man; that there may be no complaining in may they make their word their rule, that our streets, but that we may eat in plenty, mercy and peace may be upon them. May and be satisfied and praise the Lord. . the husband love his wife even as himself, and the wife see that she reverence her hus. I only that we should part at death, but often band; and both walk together as heirs of separate in life. When absent from each the grace of life, that their prayers be not other in body, may we be present in spirit; hindered.

and may our natural affection be strengthenPreserve them from the evils which de- ed and sanctified by inquiry and corresponstroy, or diminish the welfare and comfort of dence, and divine remembrance at the throne the condition in which Thou hast placed of grace. them; and may they enjoy all the happiness Regard the member of our family who is derivable from prudence, temper, accommo- now leaving the parental roof and the parental dation, real godliness, and the divine blessing. wing. In all his ways may he acknowledge

May they expect to discern infirmities in Thee, and be Thou the guide and the guard one another, but may they be always most of his youth. Secure hin from the paths of decply conscious of their own. And let them the destroyer and the evils of the world. not look for unattainable, by looking for un- May uprightness preserve him. In the situmingled bliss on earth; but remember that ation he will be called to fill, may he be dutithis is not our rest, and be prepared for dif- ful and obliging, and diligent and faithful. ficulties, trials, changes, and final separation. May he always remember that the eye of

God is upon him; and be not only amiable

but pious; and be in favour with God as well FOR A WOMAN APPROACHING THE as man.

TIME OF TRAVAIL. -REGARD thine handmaid, who is looking (If with a view to a School.) forward to an important hour. Be not Thou -0 Thou God of providence and grace, far from her when trouble is near. May her we commend to thy care the dear child about mind be kept in perfect peace, being stayed to leave our abode for a season in order to reupon the God of her salvation. Bring to the ceive needful instruction. Let his or her) birth, and give strength to bring forth. Soften | life be precious in thy sight. May he redeem the pains of labour, as well as command de his time, and acquire the improvement that liverance; and in due time may she remem- will fit him for usefulness in his day and geber no more her anguish, for joy that a child neration. And O let him be made wise unto is born into the world. And may the root salvation; and let the beauty of the Lord our and the branch abide under the shadow of God be upon him; that he may be a useful the Almighty.

and ornamental member in thy church below, and hereafter a pillar in thy temple above,

never more to go out. FOR ONE UNDER SICKNESS. -THINK, O God, for good upon the afflict- FOR A SERVANT COMING INTO ed, especially him (or her) whom we now

THE FAMILY. commend to thy compassionate regard. Comfort him upon the bed of languishing, and

-AND, O Thou, with whom there is no make all his bed in his sickness.

| respect of persons, bless the servant that has If the sickness be unto death, prepare him

just entered our household. May she (or he) for the solemn event, and be with him in it. be diligent in her station ; may she rise early, But we are allowed to implore deliverance,

be attentive to punctuality, and neatness, and with submission; nothing is too hard for the cleanliness; pleasing well in all things, not Lord; Thou canst heal as well as wound: answering again; not purloining, but show. we therefore pray, if it be thy good pleasure,

ing all good fidelity ; that she may adorn the that Thou wilt put efficacy into the means,

doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. rebuke the disorder, renew the strength, and

May she cheerfully conform to the religious prolong the days of thy servant.

order of the family, be thankful for its daily Above all, let the dispensation be sanctified worship, and improve every spiritual privi to the sufferer, and his connexions; and may | lege... all have reason to acknowledge in the re

And while our servants know and observe view, It is good for me that I have been af- their duty to us, may we never neglect our Aicted.

duty to them, but remember that we also have a Master in heaven.



CUMSTANCES. O God, Thou appointest the bounds of (All the petitions need not be used at the our habitations, and arrangest all our indi

same time.) vidual concerns; and it is thy pleasure, not -O God, Thou art the lovely Father of

all mankind. Thou hast implanted in us the should be deprived of their father—be Thou parental instincts; and commanded us to the father of the fatherless. If they should train up our children in the nurture and ad- be deprived of their mother—as one whom monition of the Lord. We feel our awful his mother comforteth, so do Thou comfort responsibility, and often exclaim, Who is suf- them. ficient for these things? But Thou givest -Should they be removed from us in early wisdom to the ignorant and power to the life, may the heavenly Shepherd gather the faint. Aid, O aid us, in discharging the duties | lambs with his arm, and carry them in his we owe to those whom Thou hast given us bosom; and may we be prepared to resign and continued to us.

them. And if, as we submissively implore, We give them up to Thee, who art able to their lives should be prolonged-may they fulfil all our petitions. Rescue them from grow up, and prove our comfort and honour, the numberless accidents and diseases to serve their generation according to thy will, which they are exposed. Let their tempers and walk before Thee in the land of the be lovely, and meek, and kind. Let their living. manners be simple and engaging. May they be respectful towards their superiors, obliging FOR CRIMINALS IN PRISON. towards their equals, and condescending to

-BEHOLD, in the greatness of thy mercy, wards their inferiors. -Let not envy and pride and censorious

those who are bound in affliction and iron,

| because they rebelled against the word of ness render them disdainful to others and wretched to themselves. May they speak

God. May they be led to reflect upon the evil of no one. Upon their tongue may there

evil of sin, in the degradation and misery to dwell the law of kindness. May they hate

| which it has reduced them. Give them re

pentance unto life; that they may acknowand abhor lying—with all deceit and hypo

ledge that Thou art just in all that is brought crisy. --May they be always willing to receive

| upon them, and be piore concerned to obtain

deliverance from the wrath to come, than exinstruction; and be diligent in acquiring all the knowledge and improvement that may

emption from the hand of civil justice. If

| after lengthened confinement they should be render them the blessings and ornaments of

released, let them be rescued from the bondsociety. -Keep them from evil company. If sin- 14

A sin age of corruption, and partake of the glorious ncrs entice them, may they never consent;

1. liberty of the sons of God; and if appointed but early may they take hold of the skirt of

unto death, O hear the sighing of the prisonhim that is a Jew, saying, I will go with

er, and though the flesh be destroyed, let

| the spirit be saved in the day of the Lord you, for I have heard that God is with you.

Jesus. -Let our sons be as plants grown up in their youth, and our daughters as corner

While we feel an abhorrence of sin, may

| we always display compassion for sinners, stones, polished after the similitude of a

and be thankful that we have been exempted, palace.

by the favourableness of our condition in life, - Pour thy blessing upon our seed, and thy Spirit upon our offspring; that one may

by pious relations, by education, by thy resay, I am the Lord's, and another call himself

straining and thy sanctifying grace, from so by the name of Jacob, and another subscribe

many temptations by which we might have

been conquered. Who made us to differ from with his own hand, and surname himself by

another? And what have we that we did not the name of Israel. -We seek not great things for them as to

receive? this world—but O let them live in thy sight; let them be numbered with thy saints in

FOR A FRIEND AT SEA. glory everlasting; let them be blessed with -The sea is thine as well as the dry land, all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in All the elements obey thy voice. We comChrist.

mend to thy kind and almighty care, our Instead of multiplying riches, and leaving friend who is now on the perilous ocean. them incentives to pride, and yanity, and Give to the winds and the waves commandidleness, and sensuality, and augmenting a ment to save him. O Thou that art the conthousand fold all the difficulties of their sal-fidence of all the ends of the earth, and of vation-may we lay up for them treasure in them that are far off upon the sea, encourage heaven; may we be concerned to leave be- and tranquillize his mind by holy reliance on hind us a large inheritance of prayers and in-thy Providence. May he not only see, but structions and examples—with the blessing improve the works of the Lord, and his wonof God, that maketh rich, and addeth no sor- ders in the deep. And should the waters row with it.

thereof roar and be troubled, and vain be the -If their parents should be taken away help of man, hear him in his distresses; make from them when father and mother forsake the storm a calm; and bring him to his dethem, may the Lord take them up. If they sired haven.





When we walk by the cooling brook, may -Thou art the fountain of life. In Thee we think of that river the streams whereof we live, move, and have our being; and the make glad the city of God. prerogative of that being is, that we are able

When we retire from the scorching to contemplate thy perfections, and rise from warmth of the day, into the inviting strade, thy works—to thyself.

may we be thankful for a rest at noon, a shelThou sendest forth thy Spirit, and renew. ter from the heat, the shadow of a great rock est the face of the earth; and from apparent

he earth and from apparent in a weary land. death, all nature starts into re-animated vigour! May thy servants behold the moral fields, and joy. In what myriads of productions art

that are already white unto harvest, and be Thou displaying afresh the wonders of thy

all anxiety to save the multitudes that are wisdom, power, and goodness—the whole

| perishing for lack of knowledge. earth is full of thy riches.

The harvest truly is great, but the labourWhile we partake of the general sympathy crs are few; we therefore pray that Thou and delight, may we join with all thy works

wilt send forth labourers into thy harvest. to praise Thee. And o Thou God of all

He that gathereth in summer is a wise grace, bless us with the renewing of the Holy

son; he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that Ghost in all the powers of our souls. May

causeth shame. Now is our accepted time, old things pass away, and all things become

now is our day of salvation. O let us pot new in Christ. May the beauty of the Lord waste our precious privileges, and in a dying be upon us; and the joy of the Lord be our

hour exclaim,—The harvest is past, the sumstrength.

mer is ended, and we are not saved. May the young remember that they are now in the spring of life, and that this spring once gone returns no more. May they there

AUTUMN. fore eagerly seize and zealously improve the short but all-important season, for the cultiva

-How fleeting, as well as varying, are the tion of their minds, the formation of their seasons of the year! How insensibly have habits, the correction of their tempers, their

the months of spring and summer vanished! preparation for future usefulness, and their

Nature has no sooner attained its maturities, gaining that good part which shall not be

than we behold its declension and decay. The taken away from them.

fields are now shorn of their produce; the beauties of the garden are withered; the

woods are changing their verdure, and the SUMMER.

trees shedding their foliage-we also never -We hail Thee in the varying aspects of continue in one stay. Many of our connerthe year, and bless Thee for all their appropri- ions and comforts have already dropped away ate influences and advantages. O let us not from us; and the remaining are holden by a view them and enjoy them as men only, but slender tenure—while we ourselves do all as Christians also; and ever connect with | fade as a leaf—and in a little time our places them the blessings of thy grace.

will know us no more. How wise and useful and necessary are Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord these intermingled rains and sunbeams! May Jesus Christ, for the announcement of an inJesus, as the Sun of Righteousness, arise upon heritance that fadeth not away. O for a hope us with healing under his wings; may he full of immortality--for a possession of that come down as rain upon the mown grass, and good part which shall not be taken away as showers that water the earth.

| from us!

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