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prospects, engaged in those pleasures and amusements, which generally engross the mind, and shut out every idea unconnected with self, coming forward and offering-what? not their purses, that were trash : but, their own personal services to instruct the ignorant, and become the saviours of many of their sex. It is indeed a new thing, and more strange in this age of dissipation, than that institution from which it sprung. O may this too become the darling of Providence ! may God put his seal upon this also ! may he bless and prosper you in this undertaking! bless you, and make you a blessing!



Extract from the concluding part of Mrs. Graham's last

Will and Testament. “ My children and my grand-children I leave to my covenant God: the God who hath fed me all my life, with the bread that perisheth, and the bread that never perisheth; who has been a father to my fatherless children, and a Husband to their widowed mother thus far. And now, receiving my Redeemer's testimony, John iïi. I set to my-seal that God is true; and believing the record in John's Epistle, that God hath given to me eternal life, and this life is in his Son, who through the eternal Spirit, offered himself without spot unto God, and being consecrated a priest for ever, hath, with his own blood, entered into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for me! I also believe that he will perfect what concerns me, support, and carry me safely through death, and present me to his Father, complete in his own righteousness, without spot or wrinkle. Into the hands of this redeeming God-Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I commit my redeemed spirit.”


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And could it sound the valued name

Of her, who low is laid;
And say, 'tis Isabella Graham,

The poor would feel dismay'd.

Her love was ardent to her God,

His precepts touch'd her heart, And thence the stream of mercy flow'd,

Rich blessings to impart.

Struck with the grace that Jesus show'd,

For guilty man to die;
She felt the weight of debt she owed,

His name to glorify.

Her ardent step was wont to seek

Affliction's narrow door;
And entering there, she lov'd to speak
In mercy to the poor :

With sympathy she heard their tale,

And brought her comforts nigh; But most of all, would never fail

To lead their thoughts on high.

The orphan's innocence would melt

Her feeling heart to tears;
And even those defild with guilt,

Had int'rest in her pray’rs.

Her active mind, with wisdom stor’d,

Beheld the widow's grief, .
And form’d such plans as might afford

The destitute relief.

The thoughtful habits of her soul

Had o'er her face prevail’d;
Her features wore the soft controul

Of charity conceal'd.

From early youth, to good old age,

She lived a life of faith:
The comforts of the sacred page,

Upheld her soul in death.

And is that form to move no more,

That cloth’d a soul of love? The wings of faith that spirit bore

To realms of bliss above.

She's gone! who filled th’admiring eye,

And gain'd the throbbing heart; The daughter of philanthropy

Was summon'd to depart:

But she has left a light behind,

To gild the waste of wo, And lead the efforts of mankind

New blessings to bestow.


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