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Do we not love thee, O our Lord
Dost thou thy children's name record
ETERNAL God ! Almighty cause
Eternal life ! how sweet the sound
Every attempt of man to gain,
Eternal love ! how large the sum
Eternal Source of life and thought
Eternal God, how frail is man
Eternal Sire, enthroned on high
Eternal Source of ev'ry joy
Eternal God, we bless thy name
Eternal pow'r, Almighty God
Exalted Prince of life, we own
FAR from thy servants, God of Grace
Father of peace, O turn once more
Faith builds upon the evidence
Father of mercies ! in thy house
Father, we bless thy gentle hand
From thee, O God, our joys shall rise
Frail mortal man cannot conceive
Far from our thoughts vain world begone
Father of all! omniscient mind
For thee, O God, our constaut praise
From all that dwell below the skies
Far from mortal cares retreating
Far hence each superstition vain
Far from these scenes of night
Father, how wide thy glory shines
Forsake, each soul the tents of sin
Folly builds high upon thesand
Fools in their hearts believe and say
Father! ador'd in worlds above
Father in heav'n! thy sacred naine
Father of all! whose cares estend
Father of light! we sing thy name
Father of mercies! in thy word
Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss
Father divine! before thy view
Frail life of man--how short its stay
From north to south, from east to west
GIVE thanks to God most high


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Give to our God immortal praise
Give to the Lord in cheerful songs
God is a spirit, just and wise
Great first of beings! mighty Lord
Great God, the heav'n's well order'd frame
Great God! this sacred day of thine
God moves in a mysterious way
Great God, at thy command
God of mercy! God of love
God of our lives! whose bounteous care
God, who is just and kind
God reigns, events in order flow
Grace— 'tis a pleasing sound
Great Former of this various frame
Great God, how infinite art thou
Great God! in vain man's narrow view
Great God, how vast is thine abode
Great God of grace! arise and shine
Great God! to thee our grateful tongues
Great God! whose all pervading eye
Great God! whose universal sway
God is the Lord, the heav'nly King
God of our mercy and our praise
God of our strength! to thee we cry
Gnd, our kind Master, merciful and just
Grant us a visit, dearest Lord
Grateful notes and numbers bring
Great Father of mankind
Great is the Lord ; his works of might
Great King of kings, eternal God
Great is the Lord our God
Great God, we give thee praise
HAIL great Creator, wise and good
High in the heav'ns, eternal God
llow happy is the man who hears
Happy the man whose wishes climb
Happy the meek, whose gentle breast
Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes
Hail, happy morn! whose early ray
Hosanna ! let us join to sing
How bless'd is man, O God


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How gracious is our God
How happy is be born and taught
How long shall death the tyrant reign
How long shall dreams of earthly bliss
How rich thy favours, God of grace
How pleasing, Lord, to see
House of our God, with cheerful anthems ring
Happy the man whose cautious steps
Happy the Church, thou sacred place
Happy the mind where graces reign
Hear what a Saviour's voice
How did our hearts rejoice to hear
How large the promise ! how divine
How does my heart rejoice
How shall the young secure their hearts
How beauteous are their feet
How rich thy bounty, King of kings
High let us swell our tuneful notes
How pleasing is the scene, how sweet
He lives, the great Redeemer lives
How vast the benefits divine
Hosanna to the Prince of light
I'LL praise my Maker with my breath
If solid happiness we prize
Immortal God! on thee we call
Imposture shrinks from light
In all thy dealings, gracious God
In the soft season of thy youth
Is there on earth a nobler name
I am the first, and I the last
Infinite excellence is thine ..
In God's eternity
Inquire, ye pilgrims, for the way
In social temples here we ineet
In songs of bighest praise
I sing the gospel day
Indulgent Father! haw divine
Indulgent God! whose bounteous care
Is there a lone and dreary hour
In that great day, when Jesus comes
I am (soith Christ) your glorious head

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In glory bright the Saviour reigns
JEHOVAH God! thy gracious pow'r
Joy to the world, the Lord
Jehovah bids the morning ray
Jesus, the friend of man
Jesus, all hail! thou risen Saviour, hail
Jesus, thou everlasting King
Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
Jesus! we love thy charming name
Jesus his empire shall extend
Jesus, thou Sun of love divine
Jesus our King, his sceptre sways
Join ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue
KIND Lord, before thy face
Keep silence all created things
LOVE is the strongest tie
Let ev'ry tongue thy goodness speak
Lift your voice and joyful sing
Lo! God is here ; let us adore
Long have we sat beneath the sound
Lord ! dismiss us with thy blessing
Lord of the Sabbath ; hear our vows
Lord of the worlds above
Lord thou art good! all nature shows
Let children hear the mighty deeds
Let men of high conceit and zeal
Let party names no more

Let the whole race of creatures lie
Look round, Oman! survey this globe
Lord, how resplendent shines thy grace
Lord! thou hast search'd and seen us thro'
Lord, we adore thy vast designs
Lord! we adore thy wondrous name
Lord! we would make thy word our joy
Lord, who's the happy man that may
Let songs of praise from all below
Lift your glad voices in triumph on high
Life is a span, a fleeting hour
Lord, what our ears have heard
Let heathens to their idols häste

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Let v'ry mortal ear attend
Let earth and heav'n agree
Let sorrow, Lord our bosoms fill

devotion rise
Lo! what a glorious sight appears
Lord, what was man when made at first
Lord! when our thoughts delighted rove
Loud let the tunefnl trumpet sound
MORTALS, awake, with angels join
My soul, repeat his praise
My fellow sįnners hear
May all our pow’rs of mind
Mere human pow'rs shall fast decay
My life's a shade, my days
My soul, how lovely is the place
My God! my King ! O may thy praise
Mistaken souls that dream of heav'n
Mark the soft-falling snow
My Father! I adore
My God, the car'nant of thy love
My God, the steps of pious men
My soul forbear on transient things
My Maker, and my King
Maker of earth, shall man despise
My soul shall bless thee, O my God
Mark how the swift-wing'd minutes fly
Must friends and kindred droop and die
My God permit us not to be
My Sov'reign, to thy throne
NOT by the terrors of a slave
Not to the terrors of the Lord
Now we can read our title clear
Now let our souls, on wings sublimg
Naked as from the earth we came
No war nor battle's sound
No peace our starving souls can find
Not to our names, thou only just and true
Not from dark fate's relentless tomb
Now to the Lord a noble song
Now let, our voices join
Now shall our souls with pleasure raise

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