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The Lord descended from above
The spacious firmament on high
Thine influence, mighty God! is felt
This is the day the Lord hath made
Thy kingdom, Lord, forever stands
Thy gracious aid, great God impart
'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand
To God, of ev'ry good the spring
Thus the eternal Father spake
The Lord in pow'r and wisdom reigns
The Saviour calls ! let ev'ry ear
These glorious minds, how bright they shine


O teach us, Lord! thy way
Thanks be to God, the Lord
The common Parent, Lord of all
The darken'd sky-how thick it low'rs
The earth and all the heav'nly frame
The evils that beset our path
The Lord, how tender in his love
The morn of life, how fair and gay
The mighty God who rolls the spheres
The short liv'd day declines in haste
The trav'ller, lost in night
There is a land of pure delight
There is forgiveness, Lord! with thee
These mortal joys, how soon they fade
Though ev'ry grace our speech adorn'd
Thou, Lord! through ev'ry changing scene
Thrice happy men, who, born from heav'n
Through all the various shifting scene
Through endless years thou art the same
Thus saith the first and great command
Thy wisdom, pow'r and goodness, Lord
To calm the sorrows of the mind
The trifling joys this world can give
To thee, our hearts, eternal King
To thee, O God! we homage pay
To those bright realms we list our eyes
'Twas God who form'd the rolling spheres
The hour of my departure's come
The rising morn, the closing day

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'Twas on that dark and monrnful night
Tby presence, ever-living God
Thine is the throne, beneath thy reign
The great Jehovah reigns
Thus to believers, while below
To God the only wise
To God, the great redeeming cause
To our Redeemer's glorious name
The righteous Lord, supremely great

This do in mem'ry of your friend”
This is the fast the Lord doth choose
Thus saith the high and lofty One
Thy name, Almighty Lord
Thy presence, Lord, gives pure delight
Thy goodness, Lord ! our souls confess
Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design
'Tis by the faith of joys to come
To our Almighty Maker God
To your Creator God .
Thy benediction Lord
UNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb
Upward we lift our eyes
WE bless thee for this sacred day
We sing the Almighty pow'r of God
Wait on the Lord, ye heirs of hope
Weak and irresolute is man
We would not seek, with God our friend
What works of wisdom, pow'r and love
When darkness long has veil'd the mind
When fancy spreads her boldest wings
When gloomy thoughts and boding fears
When he, who from the scourge of wrong
When reft of all, and hopeless care
We love the volumes of thy word
Welcome, thou day of rest
Welcome the hope of Israel's race
When the last trumpet's awful voice
When sickness shakes the languid frame
Wherefore should man, frail child of clay.
While thee we seek, protecting Pow'r
Why should we waste, in trifling cares




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Why sinks the weak desponding mind
With God our friend, the radiant sun
With songs and honours sounding loud
We sing thy inercy, God of love
When blooining youth is snatch'd away
When in obedience to their Lord
With warm affection let us view
What heav'nly wisdom has bestow'd
What beauteous visions, clear and bright
With sacred joy we list our eyes
When God reveal'd his gracious name
When marshall’d on the nightly plain
When God descends with men to dwell
When our astonish'd eyes behold
When we survey this world
When will the eyelids of that morn
When sinners quit their wicked ways
While with remorse and woe oppress'do
When we survey the wondrous cross
While thoughtless sinners choose
Why are our hearts so cold
Why thus dejected, O my soul
With ecstacy of joy
Wait ev'ry soul your Maker's will
Why do we mourn departing friends
Why should we start, and fear to die
YE nations round the earth rejoice

e sons of men, in sacred lays
Ye sons of men! with joy record
Ye tribes of Adam join
Ye works of God! on him alone
Ye golden lamps of heav'n farewell
Ye humble souls! who seek the Lord
Yet a few years, or days perhaps
Ye foll’wers of the Prince of peace
Ye favour'd children of the Lord
Ye humble souls, approach your God
Ye humble souls, complain no more
ZEAL is that pure and heav'nly flame

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L. M.
PRAISE ye the Lord with tuneful voice,
Aloud in Christ, the Son, rejoice :
Let angels join the solemn lay,
And shout an everlasting day.

C. M.
PRAISE ye the Lord in strains sublimé,

Who dwells in boundless light ;
Whose grace and truth through ev'ry clime,

pure delight.

S. M.
PRAISE God, the sov'reign King,

For life's immortal word;
Let the redeemed shout, and sing
Their Saviour and their God.

H. M.
Now to the God of love,
Whose mercies still endure ;
The Saviour from above,

Who taught devotion pure ;
Be endless praise, and glory giv'n,
By all on earth, and all in heav'n.

8, 8, 6 M.
PRAISE God, whose love and mercy flow,
To all his creatures here below,

Nor hides his smiling face :
Let deathless honours crown his Son,
And ev'ry harp to music strung,
While saints admire his grace.

8,7 M.
Shout to God! the great Creator, *

Let his praise your tongues employ ;
Chant high honors to the Saviour;
Strains of universal joy.

7 M.
PRAISE, O praise the God of love ;
Praise the Saviour from above ;
Praise the Spirit of his grace ;
Praise him, all ye ransom'd race.

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