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in those of a studious and meditative turn, is as often contrived, and in which a social being feels himself the result of self-conceit as of humility. Generally, uncomfortably entangled. He exclaims with the both causes operate. Commerce with the world will laureate : remove or modify at once the causes and effect. Cursed be the sickly forms that err from honest nature's Humility before God in the presence of eternal truth

rule! and the contemplation of spiritual holiness, is one of the best virtues of the human heart. Humility before But let him take care to conform. I think, on reflecman is but a species of abjectness, not always quite tion, a certain philosophical reasonableness may be contemptible, but still a lamentable blemish. Possibly discerned in some of them. It is very well to attempt the world is but giving a beneficial lesson when it to reform social institutions, to soften down 'social ruthlessly over-rides the prostrate soul. If experience tyrannies,' but the advantage of refusing allegiance to of life teaches anything, it teaches self-reliance, and them point-blank, is greatly outbalanced by the dis. self-reliance implies self-respect. Newton compared advantage. In all probability, for one kindred spirit himself to a child picking up on the ocean-shore of that hails the brave innovator, a dozen seasonable and truth a few prettier pebbles than the rest. That was pleasant friends will be lost to him. Society has with humility of the right sort. The great philosopher did one accord pronounced that, on some occasions, it is not compare himself to a child amongst men, for he befitting to seem pleased when one is not pleased; to knew his gifts. Nothing can be more incorrect than keep down at the bottom of the heart personal misery, to suppose that because a man of ability is conscious and wear a cheerful mask; to withhold your real of his power, he is necessarily self-conceited. One sentiments, and substitute evasive commonplaces. who underrates his mental or physical endowments, One can easily, of course, admit that in extreme ciris but unthankfully humble. Nor does the world cumstances, or when a selfish motive prevails, this exact this, but only that he recollect he is a member sort of behaviour is little less than hypocrisy; yet all of a community of individuals possessing rights and these things must be done on some occasions; and feelings similar to his own, and demean himself where to draw the line, must be left to individual accordingly. Let him respect his fellows, and they discretion. “But it is not sufficient,' says that acute will respect him. He must not attempt to raise and rigid moralist Pascal, that we state only what is himself by depressing others, denying their merits, the truth; we are bound also not, at all times, to say all humbling their little pomposities, rudely exposing that is true; because we ought only to give publicity their harmless foibles, and concealing or justifying his to things that may serve a useful purpose, and not to own. If he is exalted by such means, the world will such as may cause pain to individuals without conbe against him. I think that men of letters of former ducing to general utility. This, of course, applies to days had themselves to blame in great measure for the conduct of life, as well as of an argument. You their somewhat ungenial reception by the public. meet, we will say, an acquaintance, whose conversaThey were too fond of contemning the ordinary tion is the reverse of acceptable-in short, he is a bore pursuits and ambitions of mankind, and seemed to -nevertheless, the world enjoins you to receive him imagine that all wisdom could be put up in type, pleasantly, and get rid of him with gentleness. You wherein they were mightily mistaken.

are thrown, suppose, into a cheerful society engaged By the time Dame Experience has taught our in .pleasaunce, as the old writers have it; a great novice to know his place, it is likely that a great grief is gnawing at your heart; nevertheless, you gulp many angularities of his character will be worn down your sighs, and do as little as may be to remind down. During the process of abrasure, he will have your companions that man is born to trouble. A experienced some inconvenience and annoyance; but friend introduces you to a stranger; you find him, on it will not be the worse in the end. The acquaintance, coarse, vain, and frivolous—briefly, a curry-comb may be a little unpleasant to Bucephalus, Goth. Some time after, your friend casually, and a steed of mettle, but his coat will be all the more rather imprudently, asks you what you think of your sleek and shining for its use. It is not necessary or

new acquaintance; are you at once to proclaim that proper to yield up all individuality of character. you consider him a Goth? It may happen that a Mankind are not intended to be rubbed together till friend of your family feels it a duty to take notice of their characters are rounded and uniform, like a box you, and invites you to a Sunday dinner; you hate of shot, as some one says.

Sunday dinners, except at home, and don't much relish So far our friend will have been principally engaged being taken notice of patronisingly; nevertheless, you in learning his relation to society. Another depart- cannot well say so, and therefore you go, and force ment of knowledge of the world which he must learn yourself to be entertaining. is the relation of others to him, and to one another. These crampings of the soul are no doubt unpleaHe will read a variety of characters, and see the work- sant, yet I think I see in them something which gives ing of complex passions, instincts, and aspirations ; he them a kind of dignity. By men in business espwill grow expert in interpreting motives by actions, cially, a due regard to the exigencies of conven. and guiding his own conduct accordingly. Unless he tionalism must be paid. In the private circle, a man's is placed in peculiar circumstances, it will be forcibly character becomes well known, and allowance is often impressed upon him that, what are called the institu- made

for idiosyncrasies; but in business, the intertions, customs, and etiquette of society, are not to be course with his fellows 'is so limited, that no interest lightly set at naught. I daresay he will set out with arises sufficient to counterbalance primâ facie disagree an intense hatred and contempt of shams ; probably ableness. Men in professions and trade therefore find he will begin by indiscriminate denunciation and per- it necessary to court the good-will of others by strict sistent avoidance of everything which seems otherwise attention to their feelings, carefully avoiding sore than it is. But in time it will be found expedient to places, and

keeping their esoteric opinions to them. inexcusable—the latter, all noble instincts will com- make a point of speaking their minds, as they term it bine to condemn; the former, it will be best, morally Generally, these individuals lash the vices of the page claim the whole truth within us on the house-tops

, gusto, that one cannot help believing the genius of albeit our soul disdains a lie; it will not do always to ill-feeling, and not enlightened satire, prompts their let a person know our estimate of him: one has to be diatribes. They imagine themselves to be bravely polite to fools and knaves.

independent, when they are only brusque. Of course, There is a net-work of social formalism curiously it must be admitted that many conventionalisms are

nuisances, but not all. We are a little too apt to rebel as he related how, in the same moment, his two palms against harmless, nay, beneficial formalism. What do had been perforated in one of the peninsular fights ; we observe in descending the scale of society? Do we but whether by one and the same bullet, or by two, he not find that feelings are ruffled by frequent and never could tell. All he could vouch for was, that if his gross personalities ? Wit, humour, moral counsel, and hands did happen to be clasped together at the time, intellectual discussion-all become personal. You find he was na prayin'. Let us hope that he could not practical jokers in abundance, open mockery of have said the same thing on the 18th of June following, personal defects, merriment at personal annoyances. when he fell at the head of his gallant corps, and his Impudence is the only_safeguard. Men vex one white hairs swept the dust. Such things seem to another with a relish. Friendship loses its delicate belong to yesterday, so much fresher are they in the flavour, and even virtuous. love is deprived of much of memory, which was then young, than any modern its refinement. For my part, I esteem social tyrannies instance. better than social anarchy. Let us be patient. If But our affair, good reader, is with the departed need be, agitate constitutionally in the social parlia- glories of the chase. We mourn the palmy state of ment, and bring in a social reform bill; but in the the Northern Rangers, with that fine old sportsman, meantime we must respect, so far as conscience will Lord Roden, crossing the country from Slieve Donard permit, the powers that be-pay morning calls, talk to the Fews without a check. No sneaking, bellowing, tittle-tattle at tea-tables, discourse vigorously on broken-winded hack of an agitator had a chance of things indifferent, smile when we are ennuied, and be coming within a view hollow of him. The present thankful to the man who introduced the weather as earl—alas, quantum mutatus ab illo !—could not have neutral ground of converse. In short, we must led the field after the manner of his sire, if he had ever indulge in a little innocent conformity, until we can so great a mind, for he must have always ridden emigrate to arcadian groves and utopian cities, or fourteen stone. But, at all events, their tastes lay in dwell in them at home, or cease to be gregarious. I an opposite direction. have said that there seems to be a certain reasonable Yet we must not disparage the heavy weights, ness in social forms; they may be regarded as so remembering how many of the most eminent foxmany fences artificially raised to protect us from rude hunters of the age could have made an archbishop collision with the prejudices and self-esteem of others. kick the beam. Who, having seen, can ever forget Many, no doubt, have almost survived their usefulness, Sir Henry Parnell, tall, portly, and stout as a quarteror at least have become so stiff and antiquated as to master of the Life Guards? King George had not excite ridicule and occasion annoyance; but in default a handsomer or a better-fed member of parliament in of a revised code, they can hardly be dispensed with. his majesty's Opposition, or one who could ride to If all men were equally refined and considerate, the hounds with more thorough judgment; the right man proprieties of life would suggest themselves spontan- in the right place always. I speak of those years in eously. There is always a class of people, however, which the Kildare Club and the Queen's County Club who are guided more correctly by external regula- were wont to rendezvous for a fortnight together, after tions than by innate sensibilities ; and there is always Christmas, in some border town; and every day another class ready to attach too much importance to (Sundays excepted), one or other of their packs broke rigid etiquette, and live according to the letter rather cover in the neighbourhood. than the spirit of the law. These are the people who *Them was the times !' as poor old Harry Lewis convert wholesome rules into tyrannical restraints, used to say, when every stable and shed for miles and hinder social pleasures by the very means intended around was in requisition; for the modern economical to enhance them.

system of equipping a fox-hunter out of a tailor's shop Although it is perhaps expedient to fall in with the was as yet unknown. Nobody had then heard of one manners and customs we find existing around us, we horse and two red coats for an outfit. must not infer that it is inexpedient to enter a protest Every sportsman who pretended to do the thing in now and then against any portion of the shoe that fast style kept a stud. Conolly of the Black Pits-I pinches unduly. It is a Briton's privilege to grumble. believe his father saved bacon—had four hunters, After all, how have we gained our political liberties besides hacks, always at hand. Farrell, another man but by grumbling; and it may be that our social of business, had half a dozen. The country gentlemen liberties shall be gained and protected by a similar went about it with less pretension; but they were all process. Her Majesty's Opposition is an embodied unexceptionably mounted, and in sufficient force to be grumble. By all means, let the principle be extended able to take their own place and keep it without to the realm of social conventionalism.

distressing their cattle.

Sir Henry Parnell, however, was seldom seen among "THE FIELD' OF YORE.

them apart from his gray steed. Of course, he did not

go out every day; but thrice a week we never missed The days of chivalry are gone-in re venaticâ, as well him from the 'customed brake.' When the chase as in re militari. We do not carry things on with the began, he fell into his place without effort or display, heartiness of our fathers. With the war-part of the went quietly along, taking no heed of those who question this reminiscence has little to do, though it dashed by him in their new ardour; and though he sends me back to the time when the old Post-office seemed, like Miss Edgeworth's racer, ‘Little Botherem,' yard in College Green rang with the exultant cries to be driving all before him,' instead of shewing them of news-boys, announcing the escape of Napoleon the way, he still kept his game in view In the Bonaparte from Elba in a third edition of the Cor- longest run, whoever could catch a sight of the dogs, respondent Post. I can still see with my mind's eye was sure to descry the gallant gray and his portly young Mansfield, the son of an English judge, in his rider in the same coup d'ail

. If Conolly, or any other gay hussar uniform, gazing with pleased astonishment of the fast uns, descended from his breathless steed to at the great fact, on the placard over against King vault into a cool saddle, Sir Henry generally trotted William ; while an apple-woman clapped him on the past with an observation on the appearance of the shoulder, and looking up into his handsome face green wheat, or the state of the fences, to which the exclaimed: "There, yer sowle! your thrade 's alive other could only gasp a reply; and when the fox was yet.' That was more than he was himself in three killed or run aground, the honourable member for months after.

Queen's County was seen to ride away out of the field I can still recall the venerable head and dark spark with his placid smile, leaving younger and more ling eyes of old Dana, colonel of the Highland Watch, impulsive sportsmen to discuss the incidents and

fluctuations of the pursuit. He was the most remarkable in order to follow this pastime. On the contrary, the living example in those days of the value of the maxim, fine health and animal spirits to which it conduced, festina lente, for he literally seemed to 'walk into' seemed only to render him more energetic and active the flying foe, whilst others were breaking their necks in the performance of all his clerical functions. His and foundering their horses to overtake him.

bishop, a first-rate equestrian himself, though I cannot An element in those reunions, which it might be say that he ever sported the shovel-hat across the improper to say we now desiderate, though certainly country, was out on a tour of inspection through the we have it not, was the clerical fox-hunter. It is the diocese, and had sent orders to Nat to attend upon him pleasure of modern reformers, both political and reli- at his church. But the curate thought himself bound gious, to lay all the vices and deficiencies of the to do the full honours of the parish to his commanding Protestant Church establishment in Ireland at the officer. Instead, therefore, of waiting in band and door of those of its clergy who in days past amused surplice, to receive him at the gate, he mounted the themselves with field-sports. It is no personal concern old bay, and met his lordship, as a high-sheriff meets a of mine to defend them. I never jumped a potato- judge, at the bounds of his jurisdiction. trench in my life. Any man might easily be better The bisliop came cantering on a noble iron-gray, of employed; à fortiori, any clergyman. But there is which kind he always kept the most perfect stud in too great a disposition to make a scapegoat of the the church, and haughtily waving his hand to the sporting parson, to the plenary absolution of every curate's humble salutation, rather accelerated than other ordained offender. The great aversion and checked his speed, as he passed on. But Nat was not dislike with which the Church establishment has long to be thrown out in such a race. He knew his distance been regarded by our Roman Catholic population, can well enough, and therefore did not venture to make it be traced but in a very small degree to the amuse a neck-and-neck affair. Still, withal, he would not be ments of its clergy. We should seek the cause rather, left to ride along with the groom, but kept the bay well as far as personal influences have had any effect in in hand, close upon his lordship’s crupper, yet a little producing it, in the tithe-system, now happily extinct, at one side. After a rasping gallop over two or three and in the pertinacity and rigour with which, in breathing hills, the bishop saw that the thing was not bygone times, many individuals of the order asserted to be done-for he had evidently purposed to get to what they considered their rights. The law of tithes, the church before the parson could be there to receive in all cases, imposed an odious necessity, which in him-and so he condescended to pull up and enter many was rendered more odious by the extreme into a colloquy over his left shoulder. severity of its enforcement. That cause repelled 'I suppose, sir,' his lordship observed interrogatively, thousands from the church door, who would not have you hunt all the week, and ride a steeple-chase on turned away from the frank and cordial, though per- Sundays ?' haps too worldly, urbanity of the clerical sportsman. 'I seldom go beyond the pace we have been keeping

Nor would it be correct to say that clergymen of just now, my lord,' replied Nat; 'for, indeed, no one that class were, in the times we speak of, necessarily nag could stand it.' careless in their office, or indifferent as to the perform This was enough for the dignitary; and as such ance of its duties. Allowance must be made for the men, when they have any spark of manly generosity varying habits and customs of society. The world in their character, always admire the independence has become more staid and orderly, in outward which temperately asserts itself, he ever afterwards deportment, since the Georgian era ; and according accosted Nat with unusual courtesy. But he gave him to the sacred maxim, “Like people like priest,' the nothing. My poor friend lived and died a curate; that, manners of the clergy are no longer as unreserved however, seemed to give him little concern, for he as they were. There are men still living, and not had means sufficient to supply his simple wants

, and a much beyond the prime of life, who are an honour to surplus besides, for the indulgence of a benevolent and the clerical profession, and whom I have known to hospitable nature. What more need I wish for?' he partake heartily in the pleasures of the chase. Yet would say, without chick or child; unless, indeed, should you ask, Are they not now better and more it were the position which even a nominal preferment effective ministers of the Gospel than they were then? would give me in the eyes of others; and that, I own, I should hesitate before I replied to that question. Of would gratify me in my old days. But it cannot be course, they have done right to give up the favourite helped ; and while they, who know me best, think well relaxation of their younger days. If they had clung of me, it can be easily endured.' to it in defiance of the altered feelings and opinions of ‘But, Nat, my friend,' I asked, 'how comes it that society, they could hardly be deemed either wise or you are arrived at this time of life without a family earnest members of their calling.

around you ? you who are endowed with so many Yet the individuals to whom I allude were always social and domestic virtues, and would have so much and deservedly esteemed in the Church; and enlivened the hearth by your pleasant temper and their teaching was not considered at variance with good spirits ; why did you never marry ?' their practice, because, in the intervals of parochial *Ah, don't ask me that,' he answered with a droll duty, they rode occasionally after the hounds. Sure gravity. "The question reminds me of a great fright I am that the other frequenters of the field were no and a great escape. You know what an easy-tempered worse for that association. Still less reason is there fellow I am; a butt for every one, in fact, like Falstaff

; to suppose that they are better for its discontinuance. and how even now, with the snows of sixty above my Young gentlemen, the sons of our gentry, did not then brows, men of all sorts, and women too, " take a pride take the field with black pipes in their mouths and to gird at me.” Striplings of twenty address me by my whisky-flasks in their coat-pockets; but they rode to Christian name; and that, indeed, not in its entirety the cover like gentlemen, and they returned after the as your modern revivers of old barbarisms say--but day's sport in a proper moral condition to present in its undignified monosyllabic abbreviation. It was themselves to the female members of the family, or the same thing always, and I should be an ungrate occupy the hours which remained of the day in reading ful wretch to complain of it; since it is to a sort of or business.

equivoque connected therewith, I feel now indebted Honest Nat Smith—peace to the memory of a man for my free condition. I did once put the momentof worth !—was a fox-hunting parson; that is to say, he ous question in a fit of heedless desperation at ha rode his one horse occasionally after the Emo Pack, and slight, fancied or imaginary, from one to whom the enjoyed the amusement while it lasted. But he was poor heart would fain have proposed it, but dared not. an earnest and diligent pastor, who neglected no duty in the moment of rankling disappointment,

a young

one crossed my path, of whom I wish now to say were fat,' Cassius himself could not be too lean for the nothing worse than that she would not have suited me lenten convivialities of Braganza Hall.* at all for a wife: but in my vexation of spirit at the It is considered orthodox when an agreeable bishop time, I thought she would just do; and so I put the meets his clergy in conference, or at a visitation, that question to her, plain and short: “ Miss, will you he should provide a repast for them, and in every way marry me?”,

manifest a lively interest in their good case. I have "That was courageous!'

known an archdeacon at the primate's dinner in Courageous, sir? It was rash; it was desperate! Drogheda, acting, of course by authority, to rate the The words had scarcely passed the fence of my teeth, neglect of the caterer, who had failed to provide a when I was seized with a tremor, and would have salmon, with as much severity as if he had committed given my best horse-for at that time I had two, a a breach of the Thirty-nine Articles. "Sir,' he said, Sunday hack, and one for work, you know-to recall you might as well leave out the Athanasian Creed them.'

on Easter Sunday, as omit a Boyne salmon from the But her answer, Nat-her answer?'

visitation-dinner of this loyal diocese.' "Oh, that was short, sharp, and decisive. She could But our starch prelate of Salamanca, far from caring not speak at first for laughing; for she was a giggling for the good cheer of his priests, or betraying the least thing, and—if you will pardon my vanity-I think satisfaction at their jolly condition, sometimes began the joy and surprise set her off on this occasion more his allocution with some such phrase as–My reverend than usual. But the answer was not long a-coming.' brethren, I am grieved and scandalised to see you And what was it?'

grown so fat. Father Martin, that ruddy complexion 'I will, Nat!'

ill becomes you. Mr Keogh, you must endeavour to Why, man, that was an acceptance.'

grow less muscular, or you will never rise in the “So you may think, sir; but I received it in another Church.' sense; for, Heaven bless her, she was a Dublin girl, and One of the divines so reproved was a sporting gave out her syllables with the peculiar tone and twang curate, who, long after a positive prohibition against of that sweet city, where they call Tom, Tam; and the chase was issued, found a way to follow his George, Jarge.'

favourite amusement, whilst his obedience to his And I suppose you will say not-nat.'

spiritual master moulted no feather. This was managed "Of course: and so did I construe it.'

with nice address. He usually had two or three O recreant knight,

parochial calls of no pressing urgency, on a hunting Have you not heard it said full oft,

morning; and they were arranged with such geographA woman's nay doth stand for naught?'

ical tact, that whatever direction the game might

take, there lay the path of his reverence's duty. If Yes; so I have been told, and I partly believe it; he be a sporting fox,' he would say, "he will make but in my bachelor's vocabulary, a woman's nat doth for Ballinakill; and it so happens, more by chance stand for nay, and to that reading I nailed her.' than good-luck, that a very old woman has sent me * And how did you convey your interpretation ?' a message by her grandchild that she would be glad

Simply by looking very disappointed; asking par- to see me some fine morning. She lives close by the don for my presumption, and saying: “Since you will wood there; and a finer morning surely for going to not—you may be sure I emphasised the othere is no see the poor old lady than a southerly wind and a more to be said." ;

cloudy sky give earnest of, neither she nor I need 'Cruel Nat! Pray, how did she take that sting?' expect at the season of the year. Well, then, the

“Why, she laughed again, but not quite so boister- shortest way, next to that which the bird flies, is the ously as before, and ever after she called me Mr way a dog-fox, when in good wind, takes towards the Smith when she spoke to me; leaving no room, had place he desires to reach without the least possible I repeated the question, for mistaking her meaning. I delay. Away I go then, the shortest road, over field must add,' he concluded with a chuckle, and let it and fallow, hedge and ditch, for Ballinakill; but if at be a lesson to you, my young friend, how you put the same time a pack of dogs happen to be running questions—that lady is still alive, and the mother of after a wild baste in the very same direction, how can twelve children!'

I help that? Nihil occurrit ecclesiæ. No hinderance or Our theological chapter would be imperfect without obstruction is to retard the march of the church. The the priest. Few complete 'meets' wanted that feature; bishop himself, no, nor the pope, would not have me and a fine broad one it was, unlike the whey-faced go round.'. species which ultramontane asceticism is introducing Thus, in whatever point of the compass the scent apace into our rural economy, contrary to good-fel- lay and the game broke away, in that line of duty lowship of every kind, and very much against the Father Festus had a call, and he never neglected it as peace of our sovereign lady the Queen. If the fox- long as he had a horse to carry him. Peace be with hunting parson was commonly a fourteen-stunner, the his ashes; he was a hearty, kind, and worthy man. I fox-hunting priest was equal to that at least. He was wish his mother, the Church of Rome, had in this land to be distinguished by his rotundity of jowl-so large, a thousand anointed sons of the same tastes and the as to justify the wit of the Maynooth barber, who same temper. Her present progeny, what are they proposed to take a contract for shaving the whole like-prowling about everywhere with their eyes college by the acre—and so hard and red, that nothing, looking in all directions except in the faces of honest in these degenerate days, can be its parallel

, if it be men-but a pack of poachers ? not one of Mrs Fleming's cherry-coloured hams.' By If the fox is now doomed to die without benefit that and the tan boot-tops, surmounted not unfre- of clergy, it may be some compensation that his quently by drab unmentionables, P. P. might be picked last run is seldom uncheered by the presence of the out of ten thousand.

softer sex. The meet, if not the finish, is beautified Dr Doyle (J. K. L.) had not yet put his interdict by an imposing concourse, or, as Bob Blake happily upon the chase, nor, with terrible hospitality, sweated malaprops it, an imposing conquest of spinsters and down the big proportions of his clergy by the periodi- their mammas, such as our ancestors never were wont cal festivities of a Retreat ; but he had begun to look to behold in that situation. The full, practical extent askance at their uncircumscribed dimensions, and hinted a desire to be surrounded by boon-companions the very opposite to the taste of Julius Cæsar; for whereas late General Sir Dudley Hill, and purchased from him as a residence

• Braganza House, built in the neighbourhood of Carlow by the that old Roman wished to have men about him who for the Roman Catholic bishops of Kildare and Leighlin.

of feminine sympathy in the chase was expressed, fifty sins committed by themselves or their forefathers; and years since, in the song

oftener than once, during the existence of a panic, The dogs began to bark,

attendant upon a violent epidemic, large numbers of And I went out for to see ;

helpless lepers, on a charge of having poisoned the A prattie young man came a-hunting,

wells, were barbarously put to death. In other But he was na hunting for me.

countries, again, a treatment the very opposite was Oh, what 'll become of me?

pursued. Kings thought it a privilege to wash their Oh, what shall I do?

sores, and no gift was considered more expiatory of There's naebody comin' to marry me; sin before Heaven, than bequeathing a munificent gift Naebody comin' to woo!

to a leper-hospital. But this won't do any longer. The prattie young The condition of the leper, even in the most maidens go a-hunting now-a-days on their own hook. civilised countries, was extremely sad. In addition Equipages are congregated at the wood-side, and when to the inconvenience of his loathsome and incurable the dogs throw off, and some old sportsman would fain malady, he was prevented using any means for his own lose no time in getting upon their track, too often support: such property as he might have owned was Mrs Quigly's jaunting-car stops the gap, or the four taken from him; the law classed him with idiots and Miss Kildarbies, in their one-horse fiy, trot across his lunatics; and a belief in the contagious nature of his path, mocking the air with colours idly spread. On malady, led to his perpetual seclusion. The hospitais such occasions, Irish politeness is put to the very or leper-houses provided for their retreat were very pin of its collar to acknowledge that the right women numerous; there was scarcely a town of any size are always in the right place.

without an establishment of this sort. Some, richly Yet there is something extremely diverting in the endowed, were exclusively devoted to the leprous, and ardour with which the fair ones follow the game, placed under the jurisdiction of special officers; others, especially those matrons who have olive plants to again, were attached to monasteries, and subject to dispose of. How they do whip over highways and ecclesiastical supervision. Lazar-houses of both kinds by ways, in the hope of falling in with the red-coats abounded in Scotland: there was one at Aldneston, again; and how skilfully they make their casts towards in Lauderdale, superintended by the monks of Melrose; the most likely places for such chance rencontres ! there were similar institutions at Elgin, Ayr, and

The Donnybrook road on the walking Sunday' was Aberdeen; a leper-hospital was raised at Glasgow the sight of all sights, with its triple row of cars laden in the reign of King David II. ; while one was with beauty in its flashiest attire; but it may be erected at Greenside, so late as 1589, for the benefit questioned if the pace of that renowned celebration of the inhabitants of Edinburgh. These, as well as could at all compare with the speed of barouches, the large establishments in England and on the conphaetons, and jarvies, which transfer their delicaté tinent, fell gradually into disuse, and their revenues freights, on any hunting morning, from one cover were appropriated to other charitable purposes, or towards another, in the hope of crossing upon the fox's not unfrequently seized upon by a rapacious court path in his flight.

favourite. It is strange that fair young creatures should take Leprosy, however, as we have said, has begun to such an interest in that amusement; and stranger still, develop itself anew. It exists at this moment in how the materfamilias, whose bones one might almost different parts of the world, but is especially prevalent hear rattling in the rugged transit, affects a super- in the West Indies and in Norway. Out of the womanly delight in it. With her, such a forenoon's comparatively small population of Norway, there are avocation is surely the pursuit of sons-in-law under upwards of 2000 lepers. Occasional cases make their difficulties.

appearance nearer home.

There are two varieties of the modern or existing

disease--the tubercular, and the anæsthetic or joint MODERN LEPROSY.

form. The former is much more common, and unforTHE great diseases of the middle ages, such as the tunately almost hopelessly incurable. It presents the sweating sickness, the various forms of plague, the most characteristic type of the disease, giving that dancing mania, and other epidemics, have had this painful appearance to the countenance which has in much in common, that, although they exhibited for a all ages made the hoar leprosy' so repulsive. The long period a disposition to break out afresh under spots generally shew themselves first on the face, but favourable circumstances, they at length so completely by no means uniformly there. Their colour varies disappeared, that mankind have come to regard them from a glistening white to a dark blue. As the dismore in the light of medical curiosities than as great ease advances, and the peculiar morbid deposit enters afflictions which devastated the most fertile and more extensively into the system, the beard, eyebrows, populous regions of the earth. There was, however, a and eyelids fall out, the voice grows affected, and the malady-endemic all over Europe from the tenth to the sight becomes seriously impaired. These symptoms sixteenth century, not characterised, like epidemics, by are constantly aggravated by depression of spirits, rapidity of attack or excessive mortality, yet regarded, until at length, after the invasion of different importif possible, with still greater alarm. This disease, the ant internal organs, death releases the sufferer. The leprosy, long supposed to have become extinct, has average duration of this form of leprosy is about ten suddenly of late years assumed a fresh activity; and years—a prolongation of life we may probably ascribe as many distinguished physicians maintain that a to the immunity of the bones from the disease, an general outbreak is now imminent, some account of its immunity that among other advantages permits mastinature, mode of development, and results, may not be cation, and in consequence, so far leaves the function uninteresting.

of digestion unimpaired. The old leprosy, made familiar to us from the The other, or anæsthetic variety, affects the joints of important position it occupies in the hygienic code of the hands and feet, and is characterised by a numbthe Jews, prevailed for more than 500 years on the ness of those parts. Not unfrequently, if the disease continent of Europe, in Great Britain, and in Ireland. be about to develop itself in the upper extremity, the Its treatment forms rather an interesting chapter in patient complains of a cold feeling, extending from the the history of civilisation. In many countries, the elbow downwards. Wasting of the affected muscles unhappy subjects of the disease were looked upon with ensues, and the patient becomes unable to put on a extreme aversion. Their affliction was considered the glove or to use a needle. The disease speedily attacks effect of an especial vengeance of God, for grievous the osseous texture below, and a joint is often removed

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