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I Peter. 1. put into' subjection the World 4.6. For this cause was the lo to come.

fpel preached also to them to 6. 4. It is impossible for those who are dead.... .. :

were once enlightned. 7. 3. Without Father, without Mo

2 Peter. ther.

1. 19. We have also a more fuse 8. 8. I will make a new Cove Word of Prophecy.

nant with the House of Israel. 1. 20. No Prophecy of the Sc 10. 2. Then would they not have pture is of any private Interpro ceased to be offered ?

tation. 10.25. Not forsaking the Assem. 2. 4. If God fpared not the Angel 'bling our selves together. ... that linned, but cast them dow 10. 26. If we Sin wilfully after to Hell.

that we have received the Know. 3. 10. The Day of the Lord will ledge of the Truth.

come as a Thief in the Night II. 17. By Faith Abraham when he 3. 13. Nevertheless we, accordin was tried offered up Isaac.

to his Promise, look for new

Place of Ree Heavens, and a new Earth, :| pentance,

3.16. In which are some thing 13. 21. Make you perfect in every hard to be understood. : good work,

..... I John. James.

2. 20. Ye have an Un&tion from th 1.9. Let the Brother of low degree holy One. .

rejoice in that he is exalted. 3. 9. Whosoever is born of God 2. 2. If there come into your Af- . doth not commit sin.

fembly a Man with a gold 3. 21. Ifour Heart condemnus nol Ring.

then have we confidence toward 9. 10. Whofoever shall keep the God.

whole Law, and yet offend in one 5.7, There are three that bearre point, he is guilty of all.

cord in Heaven, the Father, the 3. 2. In many things we offend all. Word, and the holy Ghoft. 4. 5. Do ye think tliat the Scripture 5. 16. There is a sin unto death. faith in vain.

Jude. 4. 6. He giveth more Grace. 3.8. The coming of the Lord draw.

4. Who were before of old ordains

ed to this Condemnation: eth nigh. S. 12. But above all things, my

7. Suffering the Vengeance of eter Brethren, swear not.

nal Fire. $.13. Is any among you afflicted ? 9.

Bod's g. (Michael the Archangel) durf Let him pray.

not bring against him (the De 5. 14. Anointing him with Oil in villa sailing Acculation. the Name of the Lord.

Revelation. 1 Peter.

1.4. From the seven Spirits which 2. 8. Whereunto also they were ap- 1. 8. I am Alpha and Omega, eke

are before the Throne. pointed. 3. 19. By which also he went and

beginning and the ending. preached to the Spirits, in Prison :






'the more convenient referring in the following Index, the Page is continued in the Second Volume, the First ending with 588. So that all leyond that Number is to be looked for in the Second Volume. e Figures between the Columns number the Lines. The First Column, or hat which is towards the left hand, I distinguish by (al, the other by b). When I refer to the Text, either of the old or New Testament, I let lown only the Chapter and Verse. When I refer to any Nite, I say on such ir such a Place. For Example, under Alms, at the Proportion to be given, there is on Act, 11.29. that is, the Note on A&t. !1. 29. treats of hat Subject. : le References are thus referr'd to. The first Number stands for the Page; then follows a, or b, which denotes the Column, then the Number ?r Numbers, till you come to a full Point, which stand for the Lines. If everal Pages are referr'd to, the Numbers following a full Point express he Pages. Thus under Alms it is said, Almsgiving, a Duty very much nsisted on in the holy Scriptures. Here the Numbers after a fél Point tre 240, 279, 294, 301. which express the Pages ; che Letters being all a], denote the first Column in those Pages, the ccher Figures the Lines. se 122, 123, 124, 125. are by Mistake cwice printed, which I mention, hat if the Reader does not find what he looks for, he may have Reourse to the other Place. Somecimes when che Text only is referr'd 0, there are References under it belonging to the Same Subject, and alnost always the Text is to be taken in with the References. gay perhaps sometimes require a little Thought to discern the reason why ome Texts are referr'd to ; and I shall not be surprized, if the Reader Cometimes thinks that I have mistaken fome Places, as I have thought thers have done ; but I have not willingly milapplied any Texts.


Lips, Prov. 12. 22. The Sacrifice; VHAT Things are particularly Way, and Thoughts of the Wicked,

faid to be fo: for a Man to wear Prov.15. 8, 9, 26. Prov. 21. 27. mens Apparel, and a Woman a The Proud in Heart, Prov. 16. 5. in's, Deut. 22. $. Divers Weights The Sin of Sodom,597, b, u. To I divers Measures, Deuc. 25. 13, juftifie the Wicked, and condemn · Prov. 11. 1. Seven things men. the Just, Prov. 17. 15. The Prayer nd, Prov.6.16.&c. The froward, of one who does not hear, or obey DV, 3:32. Prov. II, 20. Lying the Law, Prov. 23.9.

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