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Christ as Instruments, 1 Cor.4. 15. Sec Chriftianity, Gospel, i
To our felves, our concurrence be.

ing necessary, Ezek. 18. 31. Acts Some things particularly recom.
3. 19.

mended to our remembrance: To
Evidences of our being renewed, be holy, and do all God's Com-
are the minding those things which mandments, Numb. 15. 40. Pfal.
belong to the regenerate State, and 103. 18. The Sabbath-day, Exod.
the putting on those holy Difpofi- 20. 8. In our Profperity we should
tions, and practising those Virtues remember our former Mifery, Deut.
and Duties which are the natural 5.15. Deut. 15. 15. Our Delive
Effects thereof, 355,6, s. Col. 2. rances from our Enemies, Deut. 7.

18. The Tryals wherewith God
The Necessity of Regeneration, has exercised us, Deut. 8. 2. We
Mat. 18. 3. Joh. 3:3, 5.

should remember our Creator in our

Youth, Eccl. 12. 1. God in his
See Joy.

Ways, Ifa. 54. 5. His Judgments

on others, Luk. 17. 32. We should
Sometimes made a. Pretence to

remember our Sins, to humble our
cover Wickedness, 6, a, 14.

felves for them, and avoid them,
The Sum of Religion expressed by Deut. 9. 7. Ezek. 20. 43. Ezek.
moral Duties. Ifa. 1. 16. &c. Mich. 36. 31. God's marvellous Works,
6.8. Mat. 22.37,6c. Jam. 1. 27. Sa- J. Chron. 16. 12, Pial, 77Jl.
crifices and outward Performances His Word, Joh. 15. 20, Acts II.
of no value when separated from 16. The Poor, Gal. 2. 10. Such as
the Substantial and Moral Duties are in Bonds, Heb. 13. 3. The Re.
of Religion, 49, a. 1. 205, a, 1. lurrection of Chrilt, 2 Tim. 2.8.
Prov. 15. 8. Notwithstanding the

lesser Matters in Religion ought not A Duty, 14, 6, 3, 25. Its Nature,
to be left undone, Mat. 23. 23. 14, a, 21. Expressed by other Words,

Religion a Work of some Diffie as Conversion, 14, b, 28. Regene.
culty, Luk. 13. 24. 701, b, 25. ration, being born again, and of

Religion an inward Principle in the God, being a new Creature, &c.
Mind of Man, Pfal.51.6,10. Rom. 2. which denote a real Change, 354,
28, 29. It ought to be our first b, 4.
Care, Mat. 6. 33.

Sackcloth and Ashes, outward
The Form of Religion may be fe. Tokens of Repentance, 64, a, s. True
parated from the Power, 182, b, 1. Repentance discovered by doing

All Pretences to Religion vain Works meet for it, 9, b, 2. Luk.
without the Amendment of our 19. 8.'
Lives, 87, a, 7. Jer. 7. 3, &c.

Repentance must not be delayed,
The outward Profeslion of Religion Luk. 13. 25. Luk. 21.3 4,35. Rom.
not of its self sufficient for Salvati. 13. 12. on Heb. 12. 17. No encor-
on, 38, a, 23.

ragement to delay it from the Pa.
Our Religious Performances ac. rable of the Labourers, on Mat. 20.
cepted only in and through the be. 16. Nor from the Example of the
loved Christ Jesus, Eph. 1.6, 7. Penitent Thief, on Luk. 27. 40.

The Duties of Religion co be im. There is no Repentance in the Grave,
parted as People are able to receive Rev. 22. II,
them, Mar. 2.21,&C.

· Repentance preached by John Bap-
We ought to practise che Du- cist, by our Lord, and his Apostles
ties of Religion, that the Word and 14, 2, 36, 39, b, 15.
Doctrine of God be not blafphe. Jesus Christ purchased for us the
med, 602, a, 6.

Grace.or Favour of being admit

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