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New Testament,


References under the Text in

Words at length; so that the parallel Texts may be seen at one View.

To which are added,#

The Chronology os Bishop USHER, the Marginal Readings, and Notes chiefly on the difficult and mistaken Texts of Scripture; from Bp. Lloyd, Dr. Scat ter good, and other eminent Writers.


Many more References than in any Edition of the ENGLISH Bible.

With a T A B L E of the Texts of Scripture which are Explain'd, and an Alphabetical Index of Matters.


Containing the Epistles of the Apostles,, and the Revelations

of St. John.


Late Vicar of St. Mary's in Reading.
The Second Edition.

LONDON: Printed for Thomas Payne, in Round-Court in the Strand, against York-'Bu'ildings. 1748,

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Keferences set under the Text in Words at length, <?c.


PA U L a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, * separated unto the gospel of God, 2. (Which he had * promised afore c by his Prophets in the holy scriptures.) 3. Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was

A 2 made

phers according to the Commandment of the everlasting God, made known untoall Nations.— '.'Gal. 3. 8. The Scripture foreseeing rhac S God would jusrifie the Heathen through Faith, preached before the Gtfpel unto Abraham, saying, In thee ihali all Nations be blessed.;


* t Acts 13. a. tGaI.f;i*.

See on Acts 9.1 j.

a. b See on Luk. 24. 27. Joh. X.+f.

c '.' Rom. 3. 21. The Righteousness of God without the Law is manifested, being vitnesed by the Lav and the P rtfkits. '.Rom. act. 26. But new is made manifest, and by die Scriptures of the Pro-io

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