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Let us walk * honestly [Or decently] as in the day: not in u rioting and a drunkennels, not in chambering and wantonnels, not in cftrife and envying. 14. But

put tebufnefs as a Breaft-plate, and an stagger like a drunken Man. Efk. Helmet of Salvation upon his 1.8. The Drinking was óccording to Head - 2 Cor.6.7. By the Word the Law, none did compel.- Prov. of Truth, by the Power of God, 20. i, Wine is a Mocker, trong Drink by the Armour of Righteousness.- sis raging: and whosoever is de. 2 Cor. 10.4. The Weapons of our ceived thereby is not wise: Prov. Warfare are not carnal, but mighty 23. 21, 29, 30, &c. The Drunkard through God to the pulling down and the Glutton shall come to Po. of strong holds. Eph. 6.1), 13; verty. Who hath wo? Who 14, 16, 17. Put on the whole Arola hath Sorrow? Who hath Conmour of God, that ye may be able tentions? Who hath Babling? to stand against the Wiles of the Who hath wounds withour Cause? Devil. Wherefore take unto you Who hath redness of Eyes? They the whole Armour of God, that ye may that tarry long at the Wine, they be able to withstand in the evil. 1 e that go to seek inixe Wine. Ifa. Day, and having done all to stand.'S II, 22. Wo unto them that Scand therefore, having your Loins rise up early in the Morning, that girt about with Fruth, and having they may follow strong Drink, chat on the Breast plate of Righteoufmefs. continue until Night, till Wine in. Above all, taking the Shield of 20 flame them.' Wo unto them that Faith, wherewith ye fhall be able are righty to drink Wine., and Men to quench all the fiery Darts of the of Strength to mingle strong drink. Wicked. And take the Helmet of Ifa. 28. 1, 7. Wo to the Crown of Saluation, and the Sword of the Spi. · Pride, to the Drunkards of Erit, which is the Word of God. tone phraim - They also have erred Thes. 5. 8. Let us who are of the through Wine, through frong Drink Day be fober, putting on the Breast- are out of the Way- Hor. 4. plate of Faith and Love, and for an 11. Whoredom, and Wine, and new Helmet, the Hope' of Salvation. Wine, take away the Heart. Lisk. 2 Tim. 4. 7. I have fought a good zo 21. 34. Take heed to your selves, fight, I have finitħed my Course, I left at any time your Hearts be 0. have kept the Faith.

vercharged with Surfeiting and 13. St Phil. 4. 8. † 1 Thef. 4. Drunkennefs, and the Cares of this 12. See on Rom. 12. i7. . Life, and so that Day come upon ut 1 Pet. 4. 3. See on Luk., you unawares. Eph. s. 18. Be not

i 35 drunk with Wine, wherein is Excelsi a Deut. 21! 20, 21. This our but be filled with the Spirit. Son is stubborn and rebellious, he Cor. 6. 10. -nor Drunkards Thall will not obey our Voice; he is a inherit the Kingdom of God. 19 Glutton and a Drunkard And all. bt Cor. 6.9.Know ye not chat the Men of his City shall stone 4o che Unrighteous Thall not inherit him with Stones, that he die.- the Kingdom of God ? Bé not de 1 Sam. 29. 36. - Nabals Heart ceived: neither Fornicators, nor was merry within him, for he was doláters,nor Adulterers, nor Effemi very drunken.- 1 King. 16.9. [E- nate, nor Abufers of themselves "lah's) Servant Zimri-confpired a- 45 with Nankind... i gainst him as he was in Tirzah, is į Job ş. 2. Wrath killech the drinking himfelf drunk. Plal, foolish Mani, and envy N'ayeth the 167.27. They reel to and fro and


21. 34.


I put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not pro vision for the flesh, to fulfil the lufts thereifi

CH A P. XIV. TIIM that is a weak in the faith receive you, but 11 * not to doubtful disputations [Or, not to judge of his doubtful thoughts]. 2. For one believeth that he may eat E 2


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