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rule, peaces on them, and mercy, and upon the n Israel of God. 17. From henceforth let no man trouble me ^ for I 0 bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. i3. Bre» thren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be p with your Spirit. Arafin.

—'' «(f Unto the Galatians, written from Rome

pp H E SI A N S t

Year of our Lord 6±. .;

PAUL an Apostle of Jesus Christ, by the a will of God, to the b laints which are, at jiphcsus, and t< the c" faithful in Christ Jelus: 2. A Grace be to you, au; peacfe from God our .Father, and from the Lord Jesus Chris * Bleiled he the f Cf>d and Father of our Lord Jess Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings itt heavenly * places sOr, Ifa] in Christ: 4* 'According as 1 hath J chosen . us in him before the foundation of world, that we should be b holy, and without blame fore him in love: 5. * Having predestinated us unt^

n f Gal. 3.9, 29. So then they! 2. a fGal. 1.3. See on Rom,

which be of Faith are blessed with 1. 7.

faithful Abraham. If ye be Christs, 1 Cpr. 1. J. \ I Pet. r. U then are ye Alrahami Seed, and See on Rom. IJ. 6. Ueirs according to the Promise.' J * Mat. '2;.. 46. —Jesus cried,-* f Rcnrt. 2.' 59. f Rom- 4. i.2t My God, my God, why hast thou forV .Phil. 3.. 3. See oa .Acts sakeii me? Joh. ic. 17. Jesos 7. 51. faith, — Go to my Brethren, and*

17. 0 t 1 Cor. 4.10. See on fay unto them, I ascend unto 19 Rcm.8. 35.' Jo Father, and your Father, and to my

18. p See on 1 Thes. 5. 23. . Gc^, and your God. Ver. 17. q

C H A P. I. 4. 6 7 1 Pet. 1. Jo. Sec on s

i. V." 2 Cor. hi. See on 1 Tim. 1.9. Cor. 1. 1. h V Luk. i/yy. V-Eph. 2. r«

b f Rom. 1.7. See on 2 Cor. 15 f • Col. 1. 22. See on i Cor. I. 1." , 1. 8

c V 1 Cor. 4. 17.—Tknorheus, 5. 1 f Rom. 8. 29, 30. Whom tttto is my beloved Son, and faith- he did foreknow, lie also did frtful in the Lord.— Y liph. 6. 21. dijfinate to be conformed to tha —Tychicus a beloved Brother and2o Image of his Son. —Moreover; faithful Minister in the Lord.— whom he did^r:d;ft'.natet t-bern, ba ".' Co). 1. 2. 'so the Saints and allocated.— faithful Brethren in Quilt.—

he k adoption of Children by Jesus Christ to himself, iccording to the good pleasure ot his will, 6. To the praise >f the glory of his gracej 1 wherein he hath made us accepted" n ■ the beloved: 7. n In whom we have redemption hrough his blood, the forgiveness of fins, according to he "riches of -his-grace; 8. Wherein he hath abounded owards us in all wisdom and prudence, 9. Having made mown unto us the ?mystery'of bis will according to his ;ood pleasure, which he hath q purposed in himself: 10. That in the dispensation of the "•fulness of times he might gather together :in one 11 .all things in Christ, both which rein *heaven f_Gr. the heavens'], and which are on earth, ere in him: Lt. In whom al lo we have obtained an a Instance, being (1) predestinated according to- the pur|'.-"': •' pose*

* f' Gal. 4. 5. See on Rom. 9. p f.CpI. 1. x6. See on Romv

I. IJfc'i '■" '.r ^ f6. i jf. •'• \.

V Rom. 3. 24.Being fasti- •'■ q '.' Eph. 3. i». See on 2 Tim.

td freely by his Grace;through the 1.9. ■'

abruption that is in Jesus' Christ. 5 10. r t Gal. 4. 4. tHebi'-i. ar;

fMat 3. 17.-T- 1'hisJj'my be- t "i ' Pet. 1. acs. See 'on 'Mar.

"jcdSon in whom I am well-plea- 1. ir

pi. \ joh. 35. The. Father 's Gen.49. 10. —Unto-Kim [Shivtth the Son, and hath fiven all loh] shallthe gathering cFthe 1'eolingsinto his Hand. + Joh. ro.ioplebe. Isa. 42. 3.—The jferfhall 7. Therefore deth my Pusher love , wait for his Law. Hag. 2.,7.—The (, because I lay down my Life, Desire of all Nations shall 'come.— ut I might take it again: Y 1 Cor. 11. 3. —'The Read of eve's, '.'t Col 1. 14.' ^Hitb. 9.12. tyMttvisCkritt.—' ' s iPet 1.18. See on Acts 20.28s. j5 u .t Col. 1. 20. —By him tn» P I Rom. 9. 33. t^Th. a. 7. reconcile alt things unto:hirhse"lf.—• "'1.3-8,16. f Phil. 4. 19. See 11. » t Acts 26. 18. f Col. 1.' .a. 4. iai See on Acts re 32V'- « !•

1) Divine Predestination is a very comfortable Doctrine; but it is of1 misunderstood. It respects those, »nd those only who believe in Jfist, and seriously apply themselves to perform the Conditions on which Nation is offered by him, which God is ever ready to assist and enableI those to do, who diligently use the Ms'ms; of Grace, and are not wanting: !themselves. On the contrary, those, and those only, are under a Senwt of Reprobation, who, living an ungodly Life, will not be prevailed jthtocomply with the Terms of Salvaition. And this Sense of Predeftiml take to be consistent withv the 17th Article of our Church; and? Jreeablt to what, not only the holy Scriptures; but the moft evident rinciples-of natural Religion, deliver concerning the Justice, Holiness, ^Goodness of God. There isnot any. rhing-h-efe, or elsewhere in ho'Scripiture, when it-is rightly understood, to- support the Opiniorr oit" *>fr, who fancy that a fixe, certain, and determinate Number of Merv id Women are in £ash a Sense prid jiinAfed V) Salyaudn, this they can* pose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of hi

own will: 12. That we should be to the b praise of his gk

ry, who e first * trusted ("Or, hoped'} in Christ. 13- I

whom ye also trusted after that ye heard the d word of trutl

the gospel of your ialvation: in whom also after that 5

believed, ye were e sealed with that holy Spirit ot'prc

mise, 14. Which is the f earnest of Our inheritance, ui

til the E redemption of the purchased poffeslion, unto tt

praise of his glory. 15. Wherefore I also,h after I heard 1

your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the faint

id. ! Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention

you in my prayers j 17. That the k God of our Lordjef

Christ, the Father of glory, " may give unto youtheSpii

of wisdom, and revelation * in the knowledge s_Or, for t

nchtorvUdgemenf\ of him: 18. The m eyes of your unde


12. * Ver. 6. 14. Joh. *$. 8-. thankstoGod, and the Father .*.'PhiL 1. u. See on 1 Cor. 10.31. our Lord Jesus Christ, praying

c '.' Jam. 1. 18. See on Heb* ways for you: since we hettd j a. 13.. your Faith in Christ Jesus, and

13. A Joh. 1. 17. The Law was 5 the Jove which ye have to given by Moses, but Grace and the Saints. V Philem. Ver. Truth came by J«sus Christ. 8 Cor. Hearing thy Love uni Faith, wh 6. 7. By the Word of Truth, by the thou hast toward the Lord Jd Power of God, by the Armour of and toward all Saints. Righteousness.— i0 16. » f Phil. 1.3*. t « Thel

e f i-Cpr.i. 13. fEph. 4. 30. 2. f 3 Thes. 1. 3. SeeonR(

See on Rom. 8.1 &. , 1.8,9.

14. f f * Cor. 5. j. See on 17. * f Joh. so. 17. See Rom. 8-. 16. - Ver. 3.

s \ Luk. si. 48. When these Jj '1 Cor. 12. 8. To one iJ| things begin to come to pass, then en by the Spirit the IVordofWifi look up, and lift up your Heads, to another the Word of Knowledge for your Redemption draweth nigh, the fame Spirit, i Cor. 14. ( t Rom. 8. 23. Our Selves also What shall I prosit you, exce which have the first Fruits cf the 20fliall speak to you either by R Spirit, even we our selves groan* lation,ox by Knowledge, or by within our selves, waiting for fhecying, or by Doctrine? t the Adoption, to wic, the Re- 1.9.—We—do not cease to 1 dempion of our Body. '.' Eph. 4. for you, and to desire that 30. Grieve not the holy Spirit of 25 might be filled with the Knni God, whereby ye are scaled unto of his Will, in t\\ Wisdom and jj the Day of Redtmftiifi. rial Under/landing.

i'y.'' j Col. 1, 3,4. We give ,8. m See on Acts ;6". 18.

■ , .: n ..11

not possibly miss of it; and that the residue are left in such a deplor 1

Condition, that notwithstanding alltheir Endeavours, they cannot 1

sibly obtain it, but. must inevitably petifh. Those who are miser; <

are made To, not by any peremptory Decree of CJod's, bujt- tbeir< > Vices ai>3 Follies. See tkeKcte on km- 8, a8,

nding being enlightned j that ye may know what is the peof his calling, and what the, riches of the glory of his ieritauce in the faints, 19. And what is the exceeding ;atness of his power to us-ward who believe, n according the working * of his mighty power f_Gr. the might of his w], io. Which he wrought in Christ when he "raised n trom the dead,and let him at his own p right hand in the tvenly places^ 21. q Far above all * principality, and power, i might, and dominion, and every name that is named, : only in this world, but also in that which is to come: . Ancj hatjh 5 pu^ aU things under his feet, and gave hifi >; the u head over all things to the church, 23. Which lis *• bodyx the fulness of him that b filkth a^H m aiU'


I ND you hath he fdclntd who were * dead ib \ trespasses and sins, 2. b Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according


J. n Gal. ar. 8. He th»i-mo»ghi Name tnan they.

hdly in Peter to the Apostle- 1 t Col. 1.16. fCoI. T. i y, Sec

1 of the Circumcision, the fame on Rom. 8. 38.

mighty in me towards the 22. s f Psal. 8. 5. f 1 Cos. K. itiks. v Eph. 3. 7. Whereof 1 527. jf Heb. 2. 8. See on Mat. iiv madea Minister, according to 27. and Mac. 28. 18. Gift of the Grace of God given * t Eph. 4.1 y, 16. SeeonRomv

0 me, by the effeffual Working of 12. y.

Pwer. i Coh 2. 12. Buried %}. * f i Cor. T2. 2*7. f Epfe. h him in Baptism, wherein al-10 4-12. t Eph. 5.23, yo. t Col. ». puare risen with him through 18. See on Horn. 12. y. Faith of the. Operation of God, B Joh. 1.16. Of his Fulness haws ! hath raised him from the all we received, and Grace for Grace,

1 t 1 Cor. 12 6. —It is die farner <>• 0 See on A£ls 2.14, iy God which mrkcth aM in all. Eph.

Psal. tio., %. Seer on Mat. \- 19. —That ye might be fittest 4*- with all - the Fulness of God..

'• 9 t Phil. 1, 9-, \a. God also t Eph. 4. 10. He that defcendi> highly exalted him, and given ed, is the fame also that aJp 1 a Name which is above every 20 cended up, far above all Hea»<: That at the Name of Jesus vensr that he might fill all )'Kneejhe/tla boxo, of things in things, f Col. 3. 11. —Christ "en, and things in-Earth, and is all and in all. igs under the Earth, t CoJ. *. C H A P. it

> e are complete in him, Which 2 y 1. 1 t Col. i. 13:. See on Joh. l>e Head of all Principality and y. ty.

*er. Heb. 1. 4. Being made b V Eph. 4- 22. % Ccl. J. 7. nucli better than the Angels, as See Ojv 4 Cttr. & 1 1- ,'

to the c prince of the power of the air, the spirit tha now worketh in the " children (1) of" disobedience. '■ 'Among whom also we all had our conversation in time past, in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the * desires [_gt. wits of the flesh and of the mind; and were f by (1) natur the children of wrath, even as others. 4. B«t God, who i * rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us

5: a

e t Eph. 6. is. See on Jch. which is born of the Spirit, isSpi ji. 3r. rt. Wisd..i3.1. Surely vain an

d f Eph. 5 si. t Col 3.6. See all Men by Nature, who are igno on Rom- 1. 18. ranrcfGod.— t.Rom.y. H,i^

3. e f Tir- 3- 3- See on 1 5 As by one Man sin entred into tin Cor. 6.ii.~ -- World, and Death by sin ; andk

f Job 14. 4. Who can bring a Death * passed upon all Men, fe tean thivg .out of an unclean 5 not that all hare sinned- Death reign one: f Psal. Ji. 5. Beheld,. I was ed from Adam to Moses, even 0 stapen in Iniquity: and in Sin IO ver them that had not sinned aits did my Motherc§nuiw me. Psal. the similitude of Adam's Trans , 58. 3. The "Wicked are estranged greflion.— Gal. 2. 1,5. We wtj from the Womb, they go astray, as are Jews by Nature.*— soon as they be bern, i"pe?.!;:ng 4. E t Rom. 10. 11. See Lies. Join 3. .si. That which rsj5 Rom. a". 4.' lorn of the Flejh,h llcjh: and that -^ -■'■'

(1) The proper rendring,of the Creek here: is, Children who would 1

be persuaded ; that is, such Persons as would not suffer them selves tobt prevailed with by sufficient Motives to believe and cbey the Gospel. Oj verfhesethe evil Spirit ha-s^i cat Power.

(a,) That by the Sin ajid.ftrJ/ of our first Parents, humane Nature is veri corrupt; that we all,'as soon <ias we come to Age and UnderslandinjLw against. God, by consenting1 to evil Thoughts, by speaking evilanj wicked Words, and doing evil Actions: Tha' in order to our becoa ing>the Children of Gtd, and Heirs of eternal Life, it is n'cefsary that thai should be a Chtnge wrought'rn us by the Holy Spirit of God, which tS : Scriptures express by Repentance; by Conversion ; by turning from Sin to(M by being born again ; by dyiig to Sin, and tilling unto Righteousness; pv ting off the old Man, and piitting on the new Man: These are Trutk which cannot reasonably be denied'. But that we are formally guilty i

• yarn's'sin,'and on that Account Children of Wrath, does not appeirt me from this Text. For no Wan is properly guiJtyof sin, butbyhisn Choice, and by *he Consent of his own Will, it is indeed here said, tin we are by Nature Children of Wrath; but by Nature is often meant Ct

■stem, or Praclice; aod'thar it is robe interpreted so here, is manifest fra the Expressions in this Verse, and the Verses before-it, which denoi Persons who by their own aHualSint had made themselves Children ( Wrath. Such as were deii in Trespasses and Sins; such as walked accor ingtO the Course of thir; present evj World; such as fulfilled the Dtp of the-Fksti", and of the Mind. I will mention but on^e Place whfl the Word NMure manifestly signifies Custom or Praclice, 1 Cor. »i^ 15. Here Nature, that is Custom, is hid to teach, that Men are to cut lint, but Women are not to cut their Hair.

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