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rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the * Ifrael of God. 17. From henceforth let no man trouble me; for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. iS. Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be p with your Spirit. Amen.

Unto the Galatians, written from Rome.


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1.8. c:1 Cor. 4. 17. -Timotheus, s. i f Rom. 8. 29, 30. Whom wlio is my beloved Son, and faith- he did foręknow, he alio did preful in the Lord. ; Eph. 6. 21. deftinate to be conformed co che -Tychicus a beloved Brother and 20 Image of his Son. - Moreover, faithful Minister in the Lord. whom he did predeftinate, them bel

: Col. 1. 2. To the Saints and allo called. . . faithful Brethren in Christ.

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the k adoption of Children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, 6. To the praile of the glory of his grace, ' Ivherein he hath made us accepted in " the beloved: 7. n In whom we have redemption hrough his blood, the forgiveness of fins, according to he riches of his grace; 8. Wherein he hath abounded owards us in all wisdom and prudeiice, 9. Having made mown unto us the p myftery of his will according to his good pleafure, which he hath 9 purposed in himself: 10. That in the dispensation of the 5,fulness of times he might

gather together in one r all things in Chrift, both which re in * heaven (Gr. the heavens], and which are on earth, ven in him: II. In whom alio we have obtained an a Interitance, being (1) predestinated according to the pur

pole *+ Gal. 4. 5. See on Rom. 9. P 7 Col. 1. 26. See on Rom.

16. 25. " . 6.1 .Rom. 3.24. Being jufti- 19 Eph. 3. 11. See on 2 Tim. ed freely by his Grace, through the 1.9. .. edemption that is in Jesus Christ. 5. 10. ' Gal. 4. 4. t. Heb: 1. . 2. Mat. 3. 17. Thisis my be + 1 Pet. I. 20. See on Mar. ved Son in whom I am well-plea. 1. 15. dit Joh.. 3. 35. The Fathers Gen. 49. 10. -Unto lim (Shia verh the Son, and hath given all loh) shall the garbering of the Peo. lings into his Hand. + Joh. 10.10 ple be. Ha. 42. 3. --The irës shall 7. Therefore. doth my Father love wait for his Law. Hag.2.,7. -The , because I lay down my Life, Defire of all Nations shall come.-at I might take it again. ' ii Cor. 11.3. -The Head of eve7:""* Col 1.14. Heb. 9. 12. ry Man-is Christ. - . Pet 1, 18. See on Acts 20. 28. 154 † Col. 1. 20. By him to

| Rom. 9. 23. Eph. 2. 7.. reconcile all thing's unto himself.--Eph. 3. 8, 16. f Phil. 4. 19. See II. ** Aets 26. 18. fCol. 'I.

12. See on Acts 20. 32. 'n


Rom, 2. 4.

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tanding being enlightned; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his nheritance in the faints, 19. And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, n according o the working * of his mighty power [Gr. Í he might of his opper 7, 20. Which he wrought in Christ when he o raised im from the dead and set him at his own P right hand in the jeavenly places, 21. 9 Far above all principality, and power, ind might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: 12. And hath 'put all things under his feet, and gave him a be the 4 head over all things to the church, 23. Which s his * body, the fulness of him that. filleth all in all. :

с нАР. п. AND you hatha he quickned who were · dead it

trespasses, and fins, 2. 0 Wherein in time past ye le walked according to the course of this world, according


19. 'n Gal. z. 8. He that, borought Name than they. feftually in Peter to the Apostle Col. 1.16. + Col. 2. 15. See hip of the Circumcision, the fame on Rom. 8. 38. as mighry in me, towards the 22. 5. † Pfal. 8. 6. t 1 Cor. 15. lentiles. :: Eph.3.7. Whereof I 5 27. Heb. 2. 8. See on Mat. it. as made a Minister, according to 27. and Mat. 28. 18. he Gift of the Grace of God given + Eph. 4.15, 16. See on Rom. ato me, by the effettual. Working of 12.5.

Power, Col. 2. 12. Buried 23. * p 1 Cor. 1z. 27. Epla ith him in Baptism, wherein al. 104. 12. † Eph. 5.23, 30. + Col. s. you are rifen with him through 18. See on Rom. 12,5. he Faith of the Operation of God, Joh. 1. 16. Of his Fulness have ho hath raifed him from the all we received, and Grace for Grace. lead.

: .

t i Cor. 12. 6. It is the fame 20. See on A&S 2. 242. Is God which worketh all in all. Eph. Pfal, x10. 1. See on Mat. 3. 19. -That ye might be filled

with all the Fainefs of God, 21,9 + Phil. 2, 9, 10. God alfo | Eph. 4. 10. He that defcendath highly exalted him, and given ed, is the same also that af im a Name which is above every 20 cended up, far above all Heaame: That at the Name of Jesus vens, that he might fill all very Knee foould bow, of things in things. † Col. 3. II. --Chrif Leaven, and things in Earth, and is all and in all. pings under the Earth + Col. 2.

CH A P. II. e are complete in him, which 25 J., Col. 2. 13. See on John the Head of all Principality and §. 25. ower, Heb. 1. 4. Being made 07: Eph. 4• 22. t Ccl. 3:7, much better than the Angels, as See on Cor. 6. Ila j harb obtained a more excellent

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to the prince of the poiver of the air, the spirit tha now worketh in the children (1) of disobedience. e Among whom also we all had our conversation in time past, in the lufts of our flesh, fulfilling the * desires (Gr. wills of the flesh and of the mind; and were f by (2) natur the children of wrathi, even as others. 4. But God, who i s rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us

5: E +'+'Epå. 6. 12. See on Joh.' which is born of the Spirit, is Spi 12. 31. .

rt. Wisd. 3.1. Surely vain ar d' Eph. 5 6. + Col 3.6. See all Men by Nature, who are igno on Rom. 1. 18.

rant of God.- t Rom. s. 13, 14 3." e † Tit. 3. 3. See on i 5 As by one Man fin entred into the Cor. 6. 11.'

World, and Death by sin ; and R f Job 14. 4. Who can bring a . · Death passed upon all Men, for c'ean thing out of an unclean ! not that all have sinned. Deash reign Cone. ' † Þral. 51. 5. Behold, I was ed from Adam to Mofes, eveno

shapen 'in Iniquity : and in Sin rover them that had not finned afte did my Mother conceive me. Pfal. the fimilitude of Adam's Tranf 58. 3. The Wicked are estranged grefsion.- Gal. 2. 15. We why from the Womb, they go aftray, as are Jews by Nature. foon as they be barn, Speaking 4. & t Rom, 10. 12. See at Ljes. Joh. 3. 6. That which is ss Rom. 2. 4: : born of the Flesh, is Flih: and that 1':(1)' The proper rendring of the Greek here "is, Children who would me

be perfunded that is, fuch Perfonsas would not suffer themselves to be prevailed with by sufficient Motives to believe and obey the Gofpel: 0 ver these the evil Spirit has great Power. ..

(2). That by the Sin and Pall of our first Parents, humane Nature is ver corrupt ; that we all, as foon as we come to Age and Understanding for against God, by consenting to evil Thoughts, by speaking evil an wicked Words, and doing evil Actions: Thar in order to our becom *ing the Children of God, and Heirs of eternal Life, it is necessary that ther

Ihould be a Change wrought in us by the Holy Spirit of God, which to Scriptures exprefs by Repentance; by Conversion ; by turning from Sin to God by being born again ; by dying to Sin, and living unto Righteousness; pa ting of the old Max, and putting on the new Man: These are Truel which cannot reasonably be denied. But that we are formally guilty "Adam's fin, and on that Account Children of Wrath, does not appeart me from this Text. For no Man is properly guilty of fin, but by his om Chorce, and by the Confint of his own Will. It is indeed here faid, the we are by Nature Children of Wrath; but by Nature is often meant a Stom, or Practice; and that it is to be interpreted fo here, is manifest fron the Expressions in this Verse, and the Verses before it, which denot Perions who by their own actual Sins had made chemselves Children Wrath. Such as were died in Trefpolles and Sins ; lach as walked accord ing to thię Course of this preferit evil World ; fuch as fulfilled the Defin of the Flesh, and of che Mind. I will mention but onge Place whej the Word Nature manifefly fignifies Custom or Practice, 1 Cor. 11 15. Here Nature, that is Cultum, is said to teach, ihat Men are to cut the Hair, but Women are not to cut their Hair.

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