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re Hebteb. 5. 9. See on Hel

at his own right Hand in heavenly Sins, for ever sat down at th: Places.

right Hand of God. 1 Pet. 2. 21 27. e of Lev 9.7. † Lev. 16. 6. -Christ also suffered for us i Pel See on Heb. 5. 3.

3. 18. Christ also hath once fuffall if Zech. 3. 9. - I will remove scd for Sins.“ the Iniquity of that Land in one 28. 5 + Heb. s. 1, 3. See oli Day. Rom. 5. 6. When we were Heb. 3. 1. yet without Strength, in due time

Heb. s. 9. See Christ died for the Ungodly. Rom. 2. 10. 6. 10. In that he died, he died unto 10 CH A P. VIII. Sin once. Heb.9. 12,26,27,28. 1. af Heb. 1. 3. t Heb. Td By his own Blood he ensred in once 12. f Heb. 12. 2. See on Mall into the holy Place. Now once 22. 44. in the End of the World, hath he 2 . [Heb. 9. 8, 12, 24. appeared to put away Sin by the fa- 15 ct Heb. 9. 11. crifice of himself. And as it is ap- 3.Heb. 5. 1. See on Ha pointed unto Men once co die, but 3. 1. after this the Judgment: So Christ et Eph. 5. 2. •: Heb. 9.11 was once offered to bear the Sins of See on Heb. 3. 1. many. - * Heb, 10, 10, 12. By the 20 s.' ¢ t Heb.10. 1. See on Cell which Will we are fanétified, thro' 2. 17. the Ofering of the Body of Jesus & + Exod. 25. 4. Chriif once for all. This Man af. 7. 44. ier he had offered one Sacrifice for

he mount. 6. But now hath he obtained a h more excelint ministry, by how much also he is the i mediator of a etter * covenant [Or, testament], which was established upn better promises. 3. For if that first covenant had been ultless, then should no place have been fought for the sea ond. 8. For finding fault with them, he faith, Behold, the ays come, (faith the Lord) when I will make a (1) new ovenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of dah: 9. Not according to the covenant that I made ith their fathers, in the day when I took them by the and to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they Intinued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, ith the Lord. 10. For this is the k covenant that I will ake with the house of Israel, after those days, faith the ord; I will * put [Gr. give] my laws into their mind,


6.b + 2 Cor 3.6. Who also hath ade us able Ministers of the New fament, not of the Letter, but of Spirit ; for the Letter killeth,

but the Spirit giveth Life. .

it Heb. 7. 22. See on 1 Tim. 2. S.

10. k See on 2 Cor. 3. 3.

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ctice of it; that it should be more easie, than at any time before, to ain to the Knowledge of the Will of God; for that the Precepts uld be such, that every one who would consult che Dictates of bris n Mind and Conscience would approve, being as it were writ. in the Hearts of Men. Such, in fact, are the Precepts of Gospel,

and write them * in [Or, upon] their hearts: and ' I will be to them a God, and they thall be to me a people. II. And m they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and es very man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. 12. For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their fins, and their iniquities will I remember no more. 13. In that he faith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old, is ready to vanish away. ."

CHA P. IX. T HEN verily the first covenant had also * ordinances

1 [ Or, ceremonies] of divine service, and a 4 worldly fanEtuary. 2. For there was a tabernacle made b the first o wherein was the candlestick, and the e table, and the * fhew-bread; which is called * the fanctuary [Or, holy]. 34 And after the second : vail,, the tabernacle which is called the holiest of all: 4. Which had the golden censer, and the t ark of the covenant overlaid round about with

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old, wherein was the golden pot that had manna, and Aarons rod that budded, and 'the tables of the covenant ;

And m over it the cherubims of glory shadowing the iercy-feat: of which we cannot now speak particularly.

Now when these things were thus ordained, n the priests ent always into the firft tabernacle, accomplishing the ferice of God: 7. But into the second went the high priest ane o once every year, not without blood, which he ofred p for himself, and for the errors of the people. 8. The holy Ghoft this fignifying, that the way into the


ilf the breadth thereof, and a Cu. shalt make two Cherubims of Gold: t and a half the height thereof. of beaten Work shalt thou make Exod. 26. 33. Thou shalt hang them, in the two ends of the Mer. p the Vail under the Taches, cy-feat. And there will I meet lat thou mayft bring in thither s with thee, and I will commune ithin the Vail the Ark of the Tee with thee, from above the Mercymony,

seat, from between the two Cherie i † Exod. 16. 33, 34. Moses faid bims which are upon the Ark of the ato Aaron, Take a Pot, and put Testimony.

Omer full of Manna therein, and 10 6. n't Numb. 28.3. This is the .. uy it up before the Lord, to be Offering made by Fire which ye pt for your Generations. Asthe shall offer unto the Lord; two ord commanded Mofes, fo Aaron Lambs of the first Year. without id it up before the Teftimony to spot Day by Day ; for a continual kepe.

15 Burnt-offering. ** Numb. 17. 10. The Lord 7. Exod. 30. 10. Aaron shall id unto Mofes, Bring Aaron's Rod make an Atonement upon the gain before the Testimony, to be Horns of it once in a Year, with the

pt for a Token against the Re: Blood of the Sin offering of A. Als; and thou shalt quite cake a- 20 tonements. | Lev. 16. 2, 15, ay their Murmurings from me, 34. The Lord said unto Mofes, at they die not.

Speak unto Aaron thy Brother, *Exod. 25 21. Thou shalt put that he come not at all times into the le Mercy-seat above upon the holy place within the Væil, before rk, and in the Ark thou shalt 25 the Mercy-feat, which is upon the at the Tiflimony that I shall give Ark; that he die not: for I will lee. Deur. 10. 2, s. I will appear in the Cloud upon the Merrite on the Tables the Words that cy-feat. Then sball he kill the ere in the first Talles which thou Goat of the Sin-offering that is for takeft, and thou shalt put them in 30 the People, and bring his Blood he Ark. And I turned my self and within the Vail.- And this shall me down from the Mount, and be an everlasting Statute unto you. it the tables in the Ark which I to make an Atonement for the ad made, and there they be as the Children of Ifrael, for all their Sins. ord commanded me. t 1 King.agonce a reer. t Ver. 2g. 9. There was nothing in the Ark P. See on Heb. s.3. ve the two Tables of Srone, which. S. l 1 Heb. 10. 19, 20. foses put there at Horeb.

? See on Joh. 14. 6. is. m | Exod. 25, 18, 22, Thou

loliest of all, was not yet made manifeft; while as the first tabernacle was yet standing : 9. Which was a figure for the time then present, in which were offered both gifts and facrifices, that s could not make him that did the service perfelt, as pertaining to the conscience, 10. W ich stood only in u meats, and drinks, and a divers washings, and carnal * ordinances [Or, rites, or, ceremonies] imposed on them until the time of reformation. 11. But Chrift being come an o high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to fay, not of this building; 12. Neither by, the blood of goats and calves, but d by his own blood he entred in once into the holy place, f having obtained eternal redemption for us. 13. For if & the blood of bulls, and of goats, and the h afhes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, fan&tifiéth to

refore, the com

9.S.: Heb. 7. 18, 19. There is who of God is made unto us Wil verily a disannulling of the Com- dom, and Righteousness, and San mandment going before, for the etificacion, and Redemption og Weakness and Unprofitableness there. 13. Lev. 16. 14, 15, 16, 18, of. For the Law made nothing per. s He shall cake of the Blood of the feet.- Heb. 1o. I. The Law Bullock, and Sprinkle it with his Fin having a Shadow of good things ger upon the Mercy.feat Eal to come, and not the very Image ward:' and before the Mercy feat of the things, can never with those fall he sprinkle of the Blood with Sacrifices which they offered year rohis Finger seven times. Then by year continually, make the Come shall he kill the Goat of the Sin ers thereunto perfect. See on Acts offering thaí is for the People 13. 39.

and bring his Blood within the Vail 10. u + Lev. 11. 2. See on Col. and do with that Blood, as he did 3. 16.

15 with the Blood of the Bullock, and a Numb. 19. , &c. Then the Sprinkle it upon the Mercy-leat Priest Thall wash bis Clothes, and he and before the Mercy-feat. And fhall bat he his Flesh in Water;-&c. he shall make an Atonement for the

11. b See on Heb. 3. I. . holy Place, because of the UA C.: Heb 8. 2.

o cleanñess of the Children of Israel 12. • .: Eph. 1. . i Pet. 1. and because oftheir Transgressions 19. † Rev. 1. s. + Rev. 5. g. in all their Sins. And he had See on Acts 20. 28.

go unto the Altar that is before i et Zech. 3. 9. Ver. 26, 28. the Lord, and make Atonement See on Heb. 7. 27.

: 25 for it; and shall take of the Blog . p.: Dan. 9. 24. Seventy Weeks of the Bullock, and of the Blood of are determined upon thy People, the Goat, and put it upon the Horns and upon thy holy City, to finish of the Altar round about.Heb.104 the Transgression, and to make an It is not posible that the Blood of Bal end of Sins, and to make Reconcilia: go and of Goats Mhould take away firs. fion for Iniquity, and to bring in en ht Numb. 19. 2, 17366. verlasting Righteousness. I. Cor. i. Speak unto the Children of Ifrae 30, Of him are ye in Christ Jesus, that they bring thee a red Hele

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