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e a kept the passovej;, and the sprinkling of blood, les! e that destroyed the first-born, should touch them. 29. y faith b they passed, jthipugh the Red sea, as hy dry vid: which, the Egyptians assaying to do, were drown1 30. Ely faith the c walls or Jericho fell down, afteR ley were compassed about seven days. 31. d By faith the ariot. * Rahab. perished not with them that * believed 3t [[Or, were disobedient% when * me had received the lies with peace. 32. And what shall I more fay? for le time would fail me to tell of? CJedeon, smdos !" Bale, and of ' Samson, and os * Jephtjjae, os. ' David also

''-V;v'' "'■". 1 - ..-^

>rd always before me: because all that (he had: and they brought

;iiat my right Hand; I fliall not out all her Kindred.—

moved. See on Job. 1.18. f .tjofli.2. 1. And Jolhua the

iJ. ■* t'Exod. 12.21, &c. Moses Son of Nun sent out of Shjttira

lied for all the Elders of Israel, 5 two Men, to spy secretly, saying, ■

d said unto them, Draw out and Go view the Land, even Jericho j

«you a Lamb, according to your and they went and cameinto an Har

milies, and kill the Pajiver, lots House, named Rahab, and lodg

t" '. ed there.

19. b f Exod. 14.22. The Chil-io 32. E t Judg.6". n, &c, There

tnof Israel went into the midst of came an Angel of the Lord,— and

iSezitpon dry Ground: and the his fJoasti'sJSon Gedcon threflied

aters were a Wall unto theni on Wheat by the Wine-press, &c.

r right Hand, and on their h tjudg. 4. 6, &c. [Deborah] 1 j sent and called Barak,— and said

30. c-rJofh. 6. 20. — It came unto him, Hath not the Lord God.

pass when the People heard the of Israel commanded, saying, Go,.

ind of the Trumpet, and the and draw toward Mount Tabor,,

ople shouted with a great Shout, tire.

Uht Wall fell down flat, so that30 'tjudg. 13. 24, tjrc. The Wo

! People went up into the man bare a Son, and' called* his

J.— Name Samfin: and the Child

)!• dJosh. 2.9, »i. Shesaidun- grew, and the Lord blessed him.

the Men, I know that the Lord hath k tjudg. 11. 1, &c. Now Jeph: in you the Land, and that your 7*th(ib the Gileapite was a mighty

rroris fallen upon us, and that Man of Valour, frc. t Judg. 12.'

the Inhabitants of the Land 7. Jephthah judged Israel fix

it because of you.— The Lord Years.—

lr God, he is God in Heaven a- 't 1 Sam. t c». 13. Samuel took

fe,and on Earth beneath. the Horn of Oyl, and anointed him,

+ Jatn. 2. 25. Was not Ra-' —and the Spirit of the Lord came

the Harlot justified by Work:, upon David from that Day forward,

pn file had received the Messengers, \ 1 Sam. 17.' 4$. Then said Da

'hadsent them out anotherWay? vid to the Philistine, Thou cem[ofli. 6. 23. The young Mest 3^ est to me with a Sword, and with

t were Spies, went in, and a Spear, and with a Shield; but I

ught out Rahab, and her Father, come tt thee in the Name of the

her Mother, and her Brethren, and L.ord

and Samuel, and of the prophets i 33. Who through faith subdued kingdoms, n wrought righteousness, obtai ieii promises, 0 stopped the moutfis of Lions, 34..p OiiencfeB! ed the violence of fire, r< escaped the edge of the swords T out of weakness were made strong, * waxed val: in fight, ■ turned to flight the armies of the aliens. * Women received their dead raised to life again:

David fled from Naiorh in Ran and came and said before J< than, What have I done, &c. 11 King. 19. 3. —[Elijah] arose 5 went for bit Life, and came to s fheba.— f 1 King. 6. 16. m jah] answered, Fear not: for t that be with us, are more they that be with them.

Lord of Hops, the God of the Armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.

m f 1 Sam. 1. so. —After Hannah had conceived,— she bare a Son.and called hisName Samuel faying,Because I have asked him of the Lord, f 1 Sam. 12. id. Samuel

slid unto the People, Fear not.— t ...

33. n 1 Sam. u.3,<W. Behold, 10 r Judg. 15. 15. He found a here I am, witness against me be- jaw-lone of an Ass, and put fore the Lord, and before his A- "his Hand and took it, and nointed: whose Ox have I taken? thousand Men therewith, t or whose Ass have I taken? or 20. 7. Isaiah said, Take a whom have I defrauded? whom 1 j Pigs. And they took and laid have I oppress'd? or of whose the Boil, and he recovered* Hand have I received any Bribe 41. ro.The Lord turned tit to blind mine Eyes therewith? vity' tf jii, when he pray< ind I will restore it you,&c. his Friends: also the Lord

0 t Judg. 14. y, 6. —Behold , a ao Job t-aict as much as he had young Lion roared against him [Sam- t Psal. 6. 8. —The Lord son] And the Spirit of the Lord heard the Voice of my Weept came mightily upon him, and he 'i Sam. 14- i,&c. —Jonatf rent him as he would have rent a the Son of Saul said to the JO Kid.— t 1 Sam fj. 36", 37. Thy 2jMan that bare his Armour, ( Servant /lew both the Lion and the and Ut us go over to the Pbilij Bear.-^- David said moreover, the Garijon,—&c. Lord that delivered me out of the u Judg. 7. 28, 21. — They crw Paw of the* Lion, and out of the The Sword of the Lord, and Paw of the Bear, he will deliver j0 Gedeon. And they stood tt me out of the Hand of this Phi- Man in his Place, round about listine.— t Dan. 6. 22. My God Camp: and all the Host r«H hath sent his Angel, and hath jbut Cried, and fled. the Lions Mouths that they have not 35. 1 f 1 King. 17. :i. 1*4 hurt me: forasmuch as before j$ Lord heard the Voice of E!ij»ki him innocency was found in me; and the Soul of. the Child came irra and also before thee, O King, have him again, and he revived., I done no hurt. King. 4 3 y, 35.— TheCbili

34. p f Dan. 3. iy. —Lo, I fee seven times, and the Childtf four Men loose, walking in the ^Q Eyes— When she was Cl midst of the Fire, and they have to him,, he said, Take H no hurt.Son.'

* t J Sam. 20. i, &c. And

hersj were b tortured, not accepting deliverance; that tey might obtain a better resurrection. 36- And others id trial of cruel e mockings . and, icourgings,- yea morerer of A bonds and imprisonment. 37. They were c sto:d, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were stain ith the ,sword: they f wandered about in slieep-skins, id goat-skins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented: 38. )fwhom the world was not worthy) they • wandred deserts and in mountains, and in dens and caves of le earth. 39. And these all h having . obtained a good :port through faith, ' received not the promise: 40. od having * provided fOr, foresees seme *• better


* t 2 Mac. 6. 19, 17, 58. He
jofing rather to die gloriously,
lan to live stained with such an
lomination, Spit it [the Swines
left] forth, and came of his own
:cord to the Torment. I will shew
iy self such an one as mine Age
:quireth, and leave a notable Ex-
npleto such as be young, to die
singly and couragioufly for the
onourable and holy Laws: and
rten he had said these Words, im-
itiitttfy he went to the Torment.
J Mac. 7. i,&c. It came to pass
I so that seven Brethren with their
iither were taken, and compelled
y the King against the Law, to
iste Swines Flesh, and were ter-
med with Scourges *nd If hiss, Sec.
Act.2». 15. And as they bound
nw with Thongs, Paul said unto
^Centurion that stood by, Is it
swful for you to scourge a Man
hat is a Roman, and uncondemn-

3*. cJ'udg. 16. sy.—They cal-
edfor Samson out of the Prison-
i°use; and he made them sport.
King as. 14. Zcdechiah — went
15ar> and smote Michaiah on the
-hetk, and said, Which may went
he Spirit os the Lord from me to
Peak unto thee? V 2 Mac. 7.7.
-They brought the second to
!nakehim a Mocking fit k.
d Gen. 39. 20. Joseph's Master

took him, and put Mm. into the Prison.— Psal. „>j. 18. Whose Feet they hurt with Fetters : he was laid in Iron, f Jc. 20. a. Pashur ysmote Jeremiah the Prophet, and put him in the stocks.—> Jer. 37. 15. The Princes were wroth with Jeremiah, and smote him, and put him in Prison.

10 37- c See on Mat. si. 35. and Joh. 19.17.

t 2 King. 1. 8. yZeefe. 13. 4. See on Mar. 3.4*.

38. g 1 Sam. 22. 1. [David] — 1 j estop ed to the Cave Adullam.— r

Sam. 24. 1. —David is in the Wilderness of Engedi. 1 King 17. 3; — Hide thy sets by the Break Cher ith thatisbeforeJordan.'.' 1 King.18.4.

solt was so, when Jezebel tut of dm Prophets of the Lord, that Obadiah took an hundred Prophets, and bid them by fifty in a Cave, and fed them with Bread and Water. 2

15 Mac. y. 27. Judas Maccabeus with nine others, or thereabout, withdrew himself into the WUdtrntss, and lived in the Mountains after the manner of Beash, with his Com

jopany, who fed on Herbs continually.— 2 Mac. ic. 6. —They wandred in the Maintains and Dem like Beasts.

39. h f Ver. ». 3 5 'Heb.10.36.See also onMat iy.17.

4c. k t Heb. 7. Is. f Heb. 8. si. S «e on 1 Tim. a. y.'

thing for us, that they 'without us should not be made perfect.

£ H A P. XlL

WHEREFORE, seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud bf witnesses, * let us lay aside every weight, and the fin which doth so easily beset us, and b let us run with * patience the race that is set before us. i. Looking unto Jesus the a* author [Or, beginner"] and finilher of our faith ^ * who for the joy that was f set before, him, endured the cross, despising the sttame, and Is set down at the right hand of the'throng of God- 3. For consider him that g endured such cor*. tradistion of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and h faint in your minds. 4.- i Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against fin. 5. And y< have forgotten the exhortation, which speaketh unto you, as unto children, k My son despise not thou the chactning of the Lord, nor saint when thou art rebuked of him. 6. For ' whom the Lord loveth, he chaftneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

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,J Rtv.6.11. White Rotes were « t Phil. a. 8,&c. f i Per. r.

given unto every one of them.and it- II. See On Luk. 24. io\ was said unto them, that they , sf Psal no, 1. f Heb. 1. If should rest yet for a little Season «»- 13. f Heb. 8. I. See on Mat til their Fellow-servants also, and 5 22. 44.

their Brethren that should be.ktl- 3. * Mat. 27. 39, drc.Thefri*

led as they were, fliould beful- passed by reviled him, Wiggins

filled. their Heads, &c. Joh. 7. »■ "*

CHAP. XII. Some said he is a good Man •■ <>•

1. * + 1 Pet. 2. 1, 2. See oniorhers said, Nay; but hi dtttiv Rom. 6, 4. eth the People. See on Mat. 9 34'

b t Phil. 3. 13, 14. See on 1 * Gal 6 9. Let us notbevul

Cor. 9. 24. in well-doing: for in due seali*

'c f Heb. 10. 36. See on Rom. we shall reap \t vie faint mt ii. 12. 15 4. ', 34.— Yewiffl

2. d 1 Cor. 1. 8. Who jhall also made a Gazing flock, both by rA eonfirm you unto the end, that ye proaches and affliB.'ons.— Yew! may be blameless in the Day of our joyfully the spoiling of your Goodl, Lord Jesus Christ. Eph. 2. 8. By knowing in your selves that yj Grace ye are saved, through Faith. —20 have in Heaven a better and oiort Phil. 1. 6. Being confident of this enduring Substance. .

very thing, that he that hath he- 5. k t Job j. if. f "Pro?. J-'4

gun a good Work in you, will pet- See on 1 Cor. 11. 32. form it until the Day of Jesus 6. » f Rev. 3. 19. See out Christ. . - 23 Cor. u. 1».

ye endure charming, m God dealeth with you as with

ns: for what son is he whom the father chastneth not?

But if ye be without chastisement, n whereof all are irtakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. 9. Furlermore, we have had fathers of our flesh, which corcted us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much ther be in subjection unto the ° Father of spirits, and re? 10. For they verily for a few days chastned us after their own pleasure QOr, as seemed goody or, meet

thern], but he p for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness. 11. Now no chaftning for the esent seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless, terward it yieldeth the r peaceable fruit of righteousness, lto them which are exercised thereby. 12. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees.

2 13.

7. m Deut 8. y. Thou slialt also him, and heard his Supplication, nsider in thine Heart, that as a and brought him again to Jerusa>» chastneth his son, so the Lord km into his Kingdom. Then Ma1 God chastneth thee. Psal. 94. 11. neflch knew that the Lord he 'fed is the Man whom thou ywasGod. Psal 119.67,71. Before I tflneth, O Lord, and teachest him was afstiBed, I went astray; but it of thy Law. Prov. 13.14. now have I kept thy Word. It is. e that sparethhis Rod, hateth good/or me that I have been ajfliclsSon: but he that loveth him, ed; that I might learn thy Stalastneth him betimes. See oniotuteF. Prov. 19. 15. The Rod and cts 14. ai. Reproofgive Wisdom.— Jer. 31.18,

8. n t Psal. 73. 14, ry. All the 19. I have surely heard Ephraim ay long have I been plagued, and bemoaning himself thus, Thou hast 'Jlntd every Morning. If I lay I chastised me, and I was chastised, as a ill speak thus; behold I sliouldjj Uullock unaccustomed to the Yoke: 'id against the Generation of thy turn thou me, and I shall be turnbildren. t 1 Pet. e. 9. Whom ed; for thou art the Lord my fist siedfast in the Faith, know* God. Surely after I was turned, I g that the same dffliElions are ac- repented; and after that I was inimplifhed in your Brethren that loftruBed, I smote upon my Thigh: e in the World. See on Acts I was ashamed, yea, even confoundh ii. ed, because I did bear the Reproach

9. ° t Numb. 16. 21. f Numb, of my Youth.

116. f Eccles. 12. 7. f Ha. 57. « See on 1 Thes. 4.7.

'•fZech. 11. 1. See on Acts2y n. r \ Jam. 3. 18. TheftawVof f- 15. Righteousness is sown in Peace of

10.P 2 Chron.33.12, 13. When them thatmake Peace., c [Manafleh] was in AffiHhii, he 12. 5 1 Job 4. 3,4. Behold, thou

esought the Lord his God, and hast instructed many, and thou hast imbted himself greatly before the, Qstrength?ied the weak-Hands. Thy 'od of his Fathers, and prayed Words have upholden him that Mo him, and he was imreated of was

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