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brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burnt without the camp.. 12. Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctifie the people with his own blood, sufferfd ' without the gate. 13. Let .us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing u his reproach. 14. For here have we a no continuing city, but we seek one to come. 15. b By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice c of praise to God continually, that is the d fruit of w lips, * giving thanks s_Or, confessing] to his name. 16. But to do good, and to communicate, forget not: for i with such sacrifices God is well-pleased. 17. f Obey them that* have the rule over s_Or, guides you, and submit your selves: for they. 8 watch for your fouls, as they that Ipust give account;" that they may do it with joy, and lot with grief: for that is unprofitable for you. 18. -;.Pray for us: for we trust we have a * good conscience, ifcall things willing to live honestly. T9. But I beseech you the rather to do this, that I may be restored to 1 the sooner. 20. Now the k God of peace that.1 brought lin'from the. ^ead our Lord Jesus, that m great - Z 4. shepherd

. t< T* - ■ ■"

$n in the Fire their Skins, 1 A f Hos. 14. 2. —£o will we and their First, and their Dung. render the Calves of our Lips. T Numb. 19. j. '■ Ye shall give her W,"e t 2 Cor. 9. it. See on Acts red Heifer] unto Elea^er the 11.29. and on Phil. 4. 18\ that he may bring her forth y if. f f 1 Thes. 512. t xlTitn*t the Camp, and one sliall slay y. 17. Ver. 7- See on Phil. a. before his Face. 29. WUft 5 V Acts 7. y«. Seeonjoh. ~g f'Ezek. 3.17- Son of Man,I 19. 17. have made thee a Watchman unto the

M*JV'»' See on Heh.i 1,26. 10 House of Israel: therefore hear the

J&ÆV 1 * Mic. 2.10. Arise ye.and Word at my Mouth* and give its art, for this is not your rest i be- them warning from me. Repeat' cause it is polluted, it sliall destroy :id, Chap. 33. 7- t E"k-3J; 2* you even with a fore destruction. Son of Man, Speak to the Children T Phil. 3. 20. Our Conversation 1 y of thy People, and say unto them, [our Citixenstlp] is in Heaven.-* When I bring the Sword upon a f Heb. 11. 10, 16. He looked for Land, if the People of the Land a City which hath Foundations, take a Man of their Coasts and let whose Builder and Maker is God. him for a Watchman. They desire a better Country, that is2S 18. h See on Rom. ij. 3°« an heavenly.— He hath prepared for 5 See on Acts 23. 1. them a City. •'.: '' ao. k See on Rom. ij. 33.

b + Eph y. 26. f 1 Pet. a. 1 See on Acts 2. 24. W See on Rom. 1. S: » f Isa. 40. 11. } Ezek. 34- 4"J

•f'&ihtv: 7. -'I Psal: yo. 14,25 s 1. Pet. 2. 2y. + i Pet. y-4-
,93» t Psel.69. 30, 31. | Pwj. 107. - on
«• See on Rom. i. 8.

sliepherd of the stieep, n through the blood of the everlasting * covenant £Or, testament], 21. Make you 0 per

.• . . ■ • .. sect

n t Zee h. 9. 11. See on Hob. should be holy and without blewfr. jo. 29. Phil. a. 15. That ye may be bltm

21. 0 Gen. 17. 1. —lam the less, and harmless, the Sons of God, Almighty God; walk before me, without rebuke, in the mids of i and be thou perfect [or, upright, or, 5 crooked and perverse Nation, I sincere]. Job 2.5. The Lord said mong whom ye shine as Lights m unto Satan, Hast thou considered the World. Phil. 3. 12, 13, \% my Servant Job, that there is none iy. Not as though I had alraM like him in the Earth, a perfect and attained, either were already perfectl an upright Man, one that feareth 10 but I follow after, if that I nul God, and efcheweth Evil; and still apprehend that-for which also I he holdeth fast his Integrity, altho' am apprehended of Christ Jesus.-^ thou movedst me against him This one thing I do, forgetting without a ouse. Psal. 37. 37. those things which are behinl Mark the perfect Man, and behold iy and reaching forth unto those the upright: for the End of that things which are before, I press to. Man is Peace. Mat. 5. 48.Beye ward the Mark, for the prize of thet therefore perfect, even as your Fa- high Calling of God in ChristJw ther which is in Heaven is per-: sus. Let us therefore, as many J; sect. Luk. 1.6. They were both ia be perfect, be thus minded.— Coll Righteous before God, walking iii "1.-28. -Warning every Man, i$t all the Commandments and Ordinan- teaching every Man in all Wisdom, ces of the Lord blameless. 1 Cor. 2; that we may present every Man per6. Howbeit we speak Wisdom a- sect in Christ Jesus. Col. 4.12.-" mong them -that are perfect.— 12 5 Labouring fervently for you io Cor. 14 20. Brethren, be not Chil- Prayers, that ye may stand perfect, dren in Understanding: howbeit and complete in all the Will of in Malice be ye Children, but in God. Tit. 2.14, Who gave himUnderstanding be Men[Gr. perfect, or, self for us, that he might redeem tf a ripe jfge]. 2 Cor. 11. 2. —I jous from ail Iniquity, and purifie have espoused you to one Hui- to himself a peculiar People, z'.iltv band, that I may prefent you as a of good Works. Heb. f. if chaste Virgin to Christ. 2 Cor. 13, Strong Meat belongeth to them 9, 11. — This also we wish, even that are of full Age [or, perftS], your Perfection.— Be perfect, be of- even those who by reason of use good comfort, be of one Mind, [or, of an habit, or, perfection], hm live in Peace; and the God of -their Senses exercised to discern Love and Peace shall be with you. both Good and Evil. Heb. 6i;t,\ Eph. 4.12, 13. For the Perfecting of . Therefore leaving the Principles the Saints, for the Work of the 4o.of the Doctrine of Christ, letusp Ministry, for the Edifying of the on unto perfection.— Heb. fs.kj. Body of Christ: Till, we all come —To the Spirits of just Men mtit in the Unity of the Faith, and of perfect. Jam. r. 4. Let Patience the Knowledge of the Son of God, have her perfect Work, that ye unto a perfect Man, unto the Measurers may beperfect and entire, wanting of the Stature of the Fulness of 'nothing, "f 1 Pet. 5. 10. The God Christ. Eph. 5. 27. That he might of all Grace, who hath called us to present it to himself a gly-ious 'his eternal Glory by Christ Jefui, Church, not having spot or Wrivkle,. after (hat ye have suffered a while, or any such thing: but that itja ." •' mds

;ct (1) in every good work, to do his will, P * working Or, doing] in you that which is well-pleasing in his sights hrough Jesus Christ q to whom be glory for ever and egr. Amen. 22. And I beseech you, brethren, suffer the lord ot exhortation; for I have 1 written a letter unto you 1 few words. 23. Know ye that our brother Timothy * is ?t at liberty •, with whom, if he come shortly, I will fee ioy. 24. Salute all them that have the rule over you, and l\ the saints. They of Italy salute you. 25. Grace be with sou all. Amen.

«[[ Written to the Hebrews' from Italy, by Timothy;

['•.. J A M JET'S. ,

Year of our Lord 60. TAMES a a servant of God, aud of the Lord Jesus J Christ, to the * twelve tribes which are c scattered a

'-" broad.

wieyou perfeB,{iMi{h, strengthen, ly.—

jjttle you. 2 Pet. 1. 5, 6, 7. Giv- 43. f Y 1 Tim. 6: 12. —[Thon all diligence, add to your Timothy] Jiast professed a good PraEtpV Virtue; and to Virtue, session before many Witnesses, bioxolidge; and to knowledge, Tern- 5 C H A "P. I.

erance; and to temperance, Pati- 1. a'.'Tit. 1.-1. Paul, a Servant M*i ,and to patience, Godliness; of God, and an Apostle of Jesus od to godliness, Brotherly-kindness; Christ.—

jid to brotherly-kindness, Charity. ... * See the Note on Acts 16. 7. t Pet. 3. 18. Grow in Grace, and in 10 * + Acts 8. 1. —At that time he Knowledge of our Lord and there was a great Persecution aSaviour Jesus Christ.— . , , gainst the Church which was at p See on 1 Pet. 1. 22. Jerusalem, and they were all fcat

M''•' Rev. 1. 6. See on Rom. tered abroad throughout the Regiffc*7> '..: I?ons of Judea. — Y Deut. 31.

1 T 1 Pet. y. is. By Silva- 26. t 1 Pet. 1. r. See on Joh. nos a faithful Brother unto you 7. 35. 'as I suppose) I have written brief

;„{0 Besides the Scriptures here set down, there are very many more reducible to this Head, which make it our Duty seriously and constanty to endeavour and labour after such a Maturity in Wisdom, Righteousness, holiness, and Perfection, such a divine and God-like Temper and Disposition, as humane Nature, aided and assisted by the good Spirit of God, will idrait of, See the Word Holiness in the Index.

it all joy whed owing thist thai

broad, greeting, z- My brethren, *• count

ye fall into e clivers temptations; 3. Knowi

the trying of your faith worketh f patience. 4. But les pi

tiencehavener perfect work, that ye may e be perfect ar

entire, wanting nothing. 5. If any of you h lack wifda

* let him ask k of God, that giveth to all men liberal!

and upbraideth not , and ' it ihall be given him. 6

let him ask m in faith, nothing wavering: for he thi

wavereth is like a wave of the sea, driven with the win

and tossed. 7. For let not that man think that he M

receive any thing of the Lord. 8. A n double-minded mj

is unstable in all his ways. 9. (1) Let the brother of la

degree * rejoice COr,^/ory] in that he is exalted: 10. B(

the rich, in that he is made low: because ° as the fbwfi

... I

?■ d + Mat. 5. 12. t Heb. 10. ther yet hast asked long Lii 34. See on Acts 5. 41. but hat asked Wisdom and Knovlm

c f I Pes. x. 6. See bn 1 Cor. for thy self, that rhoamayst jud] 10. 13. my People, over whom I has

3. f tRom. j. 3. See on Rom. j made thee King: Wisdom;

j2. I*. Knowledge is granted unto thee, i

, 4. & See on Heb. 13. 2r. I will give thee Riches,!

5. h t Prov. 2. 3.1s thou m*^ as- Wealth, and Honour,— J5J ter knowledge, and listest up thy 29.12. t 1 Joh. c. 14. See Voice for Understanding. IO Mat. 7.7, 8.

*.f Mat. ij. 22. f Mar. It. 14. 6. *a -.*Mar. 11.24. What thr f Jjuk. 11. 9. f Joh. 14. 13. soever ye desire when ye pray,' \ joh. 1 J. 7. t Joh. 16. 23, 24. Hive that ye-receive them, and See on Mat. 7.7. shall have them. V 1 Tim. 1!

k Prov. 2. 6. The Lord giveth,, —Lifting up holy Hands, with Wisdom: out of bis Mouth cometh Wrath and doubting. Knowledge and Understanding. 8. " V Jam. 4. 8. — Put!

1 1 Chron. 1. 11, 12 God said your Hearts ye double-minded. to Solomon; Because this was in Jo. ° +Joh. 14.2. t Psa'

thine Heart, and thou hast not 20 15. t Isa. 40. 6. \ 1 Cor. 7. asked Riches, Wealth, or Honour, t 1 Pet. 1. 24. f 1 Joh. '*■. nor the Life of thine Enemies, nei- See on Jam. 4. 14.

(i) By the Brother of low Degree, is meant, one who has always 1| in mean Circumstances, and in a poor Condition, he, notwithstanJ liis Sufferings for the fake of Christ, has great Reason to rejoice; sol 'his becoming a Christian, he is high/y advanced, having such Opporti ties of Improvement in Holiness and Virtue, which are much ro valuable Goods than all the Riches and Honours of this World. On other side, he who was R.'ch before, has great Reason-to rejoice, the for the fake of Christ, and by his embracing his Religion, he is depi of all his Riches; for thereby he has a Tirle to substantial Goods, Promise of an eternal Inheritance, which is nor subject to decay and risti, as all temporal Things are, even like the Flower* of the Grafs by burning Heat of the Sun. - . ••

the grass he shall pass away. 11, For the fun is na ter riien with a burning heat, but it withereth the grafs, i the flower thereof falleth, and the grace of the fa:on af .it perifheth: so also shall the rich man fade aty in his ways. 12. p Blessed is the man that endureth nptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life r which the Lord hath promised to them at love him. 13. Let no man say when he is tempt, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted Sth * evil QOr, evils\ neither tempteth he any man. .. But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away his own lust, and enticed. 15. Then when lust hath nceived, it bringeth forth fin: and sin when it is fished, bringeth forth S death. 16. Do not err, my beved brethren. 17. u Every good gift, and every perfect: ft is from above, and cometh down from the Father "lights, a with whom is no variableness, neither fha>w of turning. 18. Of his own will * begat he us with le word of truth, c that we should be a kind of first-fruits fhis creatures. 19. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, t every man be d swift to hear, slow to e speak, slow

.- <j. .•' j.. 'I to

42. p t J0D *■ J7- t Prov- 3- JS- S See on Rom. 5. w,

1,1 j. + Heb. ii. j. fRev. 3. 17- u t Joh. 3. 27. See oa s,

u See on 1 Cor. 11. 32. Car.4. 7. ...

I t Jam. 2. 5. V 2 Tim.4. 8. a t Mai. 3. 6. See on Heb, i Pet. j. 4. + Rev. 2.10. See 513

II Cor. 9. 2 j. 18. b f Joh. 1. 13. 1 Per. 1. 23. r Exod. 20. 6. Shewing Mercy See on Joh. 3. 3. and on 1 Cor., nto Thousands of them that love 4. 1 J.

e, and keep my Commandments. 0 '.' Eph. I. 12. f Jer. 2. 3.1 Sam. 2. 30.—Them that honour lot Rev. 14. 4. See on Heb. 12. ie,I will honour, and they that de- 23.

fife me shall be lightly esteemed. 13. d f Eccles. y. 1. —Be more rov. 8. 17. Hove them that love ready to hear, than to give the Saand those thac seek me early crifice of Fools.— Ecclesiasticus 1 find me. Mat. 5 3. Blessed Ij 5. 11. Beswift to hear, and let thy ethepoorin Spirit: for theirs Life be sincere> and with Patience the Kingdom of Heaven, f Mat. give answer. 22. —He that endureth to the e Prov. 10. 19 In the multitude shall be saved, f Mat. 19. 29, of Words there wanteth not Sin: bu.E one that hath forsaken 20 he that refraineth his Lips is wife. ,or Brethren, or Sisters, or Prov. 13. 3. He that keefeth his ; or .Mother, or Wife, or Mouth keepeth his Life: but he .ildren, or Lands ,for my Name that openeth wide his lift shall have ;e, shall receive an hundred- - destruction, t Prov. 17. 27 He d, and shall inherit everlasting2 5 that hath Knowledge jpareth hit rs. V Jam. 2. 5. Words.—- Eccles. j.3-— A Fools


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