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ERUSALEM, my happy home !
Name ever dear to me !
When shall my labours have an end
In joy, and peace, and thee?

2 When shall these eyes thy heaven-built walls
And gates of pearl behold,
Thy bulwarks with salvation strong,
And streets of shining gold

3 Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there
Around my Saviour stand;
And all I love in Christ below
Shall join that glorious band.

4 Jerusalem, my happy home !
My soul still longs for thee:
Then shall my labours have an end,
When I thy joys shall see.

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ERUSALEM, the holy
Jerusalem, the blest
From highest heaven descending
In bridal beauty drest:
Bride of the Lamb! thy glory,
The light of God alone,
Shines through thee clear as crystal,
And like a jasper stone.

2 Within thee is no temple,

No holy house of prayer;

For the Lord God Almighty
And the Lamb thy temple are:

No need of sun to lighten,
No need of moon to shine;

Thy sunshine is God’s glory,
The Lamb thy light divine.

3 Jerusalem, the holy!

My spirit longs to be

Within thy walls of jasper,
Thy gates of pearl to see;

And through the sunless city
To walk thy streets of gold,

And in thy moonless beauty
God’s glory to behold.

4. Give me, O Lord, the patience

To labour and endure;

Grant that these eyes may see Thee,
Give me a heart that's pure:

Write Thine own name upon it,
That, after earth's long strife,

My name may be found written
In the Lamb's book of life.

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Beyond this land of woe,
Where trials never come,
Nor tears of sorrow flow;
Where faith is lost in sight,
And patient hope is crown'd,
And everlasting light
Its glory throws around.

There is a land of peace,
Good angels know it well;
Glad songs that never cease
Within its portals swell:
Around its glorious throne
Ten thousand saints adore
Christ, with the Father One,
And Spirit evermore
O joy all joys beyond
To see the Lamb who died,
To see Him there enthroned,
By suffering glorified
To give to Him the praise
Of every triumph won,
And sing through endless days
The great things He hath done !

Look up, ye saints of God,
Nor fear to tread below
The path your Saviour trod
Of daily toil and woe.
Wait but a little while
In uncomplaining love;
His own most gracious smile
Shall welcome you above.

HO are these arrayed in white,
Brighter than the noon-day sun ?

Foremost of the sons of light,

Nearest the eternal throne * These are they who bore the cross,

Faithful to their Master died, Sufferers in His righteous cause,

Followers of the Crucified.

Out of great distress they came;
And their robes, by faith below,
In the blood of Christ the Lamb
They have washed as white as snow :
Therefore are they next the throne,
Serve their Maker day and night;
God doth dwell amongst His own,
God doth in His saints delight.

More than conquerors at last,
Here they find their trials o'er;
They have all their sufferings passed,
Hunger now and thirst no more:
No excessive heat they feel
From the sun's directer ray;
In a milder clime they dwell,
Region of eternal day.

He that on the throne doth reign
Them for evermore shall feed ;
With the tree of life sustain,
To the living fountains lead;
He shall all their griefs remove,
He shall all their wants supply;
God Himself, the God of love,
Tears shall wipe from every eye.

OR all Thy saints, O Lord,
Who strove in Thee to live,
Who followed Thee, obeyed, adored,
Our grateful hymn receive.

2 For all Thy saints, O Lord,
Accept our thankful cry,
Who counted Thee their great reward,
And strove in Thee to die.

3 They all, in life and death,
With Thee, their Lord, in view,
Learned by Thy Holy Spirit's breath
To suffer and to do.

4 For this Thy name we bless,
And humbly pray that we
May follow them in holiness,
And live and die in Thee.


ET all below in concert sing
With those whose work is done;
For all the servants of our King,
In earth and heaven, are one.
2 One family, we dwell in Him,
One Church, above, beneath;
Though now divided by the stream,
The narrow stream of death.

3 One army of the living God,
To His command we bow ;
Part of the host have crossed the flood,
And part are crossing now.

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