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EFORE Thine awful presence, Lord,
Thy sinful servants bow;
Trembling to speak the solemn word,
To frame the sacred vow.

2 The sins in hours of weakness wrought,
The vain things loved before,
The wanton deed, and word, and thought,
Lord, we renounce once more.

3 Once more we vow the holy faith
To keep unstained and true;
Once more we promise unto death
Thy holy will to do.

4. Again we gird us to the fight,
Again we face the foe,
Resolved, beneath Thy banner bright,
Where Thou shalt lead to go.

5 O Father, pardon all the past,
Give back Thy wasted grace;
Strengthen us all, while life shall last,
To run the heavenward race.

6 Still let Thy blessed Spirit's aid
Our strength and comfort be :
Then, though we sometime be afraid,
We still will trust in Thee.

I 84 ORD, Thy children guide and keep,
L As with feeble steps they press
On the pathway rough and steep
Through this dreary wilderness:
Holy Jesus, day by day
Lead us in the narrow way.

2 There are stony ways to tread;
Give the strength we sorely lack:
There are tangled paths to thread;
Light us, lest we miss the track:
Holy Jesus, day by day
Lead us in the narrow way.

3 Upward still to purer heights,
Onward yet to scenes more blest,
Calmer regions, clearer lights,
Till we reach the promised rest:
Holy Jesus, day by day
Lead us in the narrow way.


HE highest hopes we cherish here,
How fast they tire and faint!

How many a spot defiles the robe

That wraps an earthly saint
Oh! for a heart that never sins !

Oh! for a soul washed white
Oh! for a voice to praise our King,

Nor weary day or night!

2 Here faith is ours, and heavenly hope,

And grace to lead us higher:

But there are perfectness and peace
Beyond our best desire.

Oh! by Thy love and anguish, Lord!
Oh! by Thy life laid down!

Grant that we fall not from Thy grace,
Nor cast away our crown


TRIVE, when thou art called of God,
When He draws thee by His grace,
Strive to cast away the load
That would clog thee in the race

2 Fight, though it may cost thy life,
Storm the kingdom, but prevail;
Let not Satan's fiercest strife
Make thee, warrior, faint or quail.

3 Wrestle, with strong prayers and cries,
Think no time too much to spend,
Though the night be passed in sighs,
Though all day thy voice ascend.

4 Art thou faithful? then oppose
Sin and wrong with all thy might;
Care not how the tempest blows,
Only care to win the fight.

5 Art thou faithful? wake and watch,
Love with all thy heart Christ's ways;
Seek not transient ease to snatch,
Look not for reward or praise.

6 Soldiers of the Cross, be strong,
Watch and war 'mid fear and pain,
Daily conquering woe and wrong,
Till our King o'er earth shall reign.


GOD of truth, whose living Word
Upholds whate'er has breath,
Look down on Thy created sons
Enslaved by sin and death.
Set up Thy standard, Lord, that we,
Who claim a heavenly birth,
May march with Thee to smite the lies
That vex Thy groaning earth.

2 And would we join that blest array,

And follow in the might

Of Him, the faithful and the true,
In raiment clean and white

How can we fight for truth and God,
Enthralled to lies and sin

He who would wage such war on earth
Must first be true within.

3 O God of truth, for whom we long,

O Thou that hearest prayer,

Do Thine own battle in our hearts,
And slay the falsehood there.

So, tried in Thy refining fire,
From every lie set free,

In us Thy, perfect truth shall dwell,
And we may fight for Thee.


O, labour on : spend, and be spent,
Thy joy to do the Father's will:
It is the way the Master went;
Should not the servant tread it still

2 Go, labour on : though poor thy lot,
Thine earthly loss is heavenly gain:
Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not;
The Master praises: what are men

3 Go, labour on : thy hands are weak,
Thy knees are faint, thy soul cast down :
Yet falter not; the prize we seek
Is near, a kingdom and a crown.

4 Go, labour on, while it is day;
The world’s dark night is hastening on :
Speed, speed thy work, cast sloth away;
It is not thus that souls are won.

5 Men die in darkness at thy side,
Without a hope to cheer the tomb:
Take up the torch and wave it wide,
The torch that lights time's thickest gloom.

6 Toil on and faint not, watch and pray:
Be wise the erring soul to win;
Go forth into the world's highway,
Compel the wanderer to come in.
7 Toil on, and in thy toil rejoice;
For work comes rest, for exile home :
Soon shalt thou hear the Bridegroom's voice,
The midnight peal, “Behold, I come!”

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