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I 2.2

HRIST is risen the Lord is come,
Bursting from the sealed tomb!
Death and hell, in mute dismay,
Render up their mightier prey.

2 Christ is risen l but not alone !
Death, thy kingdom is o'erthrown
We shall rise as He hath risen
From the deep sepulchral prison 1

3 Heirs of death, and sons of clay,
Long in death's dark thrall we lay,
And went down in trembling gloom
To the unawakening tomb.

4 Heirs of life, and sons of God,
On the path our Captain trod
Now we hope to soar on high
To the everlasting sky.

5 Mortal once, immortal now,
Our vile bodies off we throw,
Glorious bodies to put on
Round our great Redeemer's throne !

6 Lofty hopes 1 and theirs indeed
Who the Christian's life shall lead ;
Christ's below in faith and love,
Christ's in endless bliss above .

I 23 Wo two friends on Easter-day

To Emmaus bent their way,
On that Paschal eventide
Christ was walking at their side.
Then their hearts within them glowed
When Himself to them He showed
In the Scriptures, as a king
Glorified by suffering.

2 Thou art ever with us, Lord,
Walking in Thy holy word;
And Thy voice, O Saviour dear,
In that word we ever hear:
What the holy prophets meant
In the Ancient Testament,
Thou art opening to our view,
Lord, for ever in the New.

3 And Thy presence, Lord, we feel
When we at Thy table kneel;
When we feed upon Thee there,
We too at Emmaus are;
Then our eyes are opened
In the breaking of the bread;
Faith Thee ever present sees
In Thy holy mysteries.

4 Though not kenn’d by carnal eye,
Yet we know Thee ever nigh;
Though Thou art much further gone,
Even to Thy heavenly throne,
Yet we, Lord, behold Thy face
Ever in Thy means of grace;
There Thou walkest by our side,
There Thou with us dost abide.

I 24
HERE high the heavenly temple stands,
The house of God not made with hands,
A great High Priest our nature wears,
Jesus, the Son of Man, appears.

2 He, who for men their surety stood,
And poured on earth His precious blood,
Now high exalted for us pleads,
And with His Father intercedes.

3 He knows, for He hath borne the same,
The wants and frailty of our frame:
And though ascended far on high,
Still bends on earth a pitying eye.

4 Saviour, with boldness to Thy throne
We come to make our sorrows known ;
For mercy and for grace we plead,
To help us in the hour of need.

I 25
HOU art gone up on high,
To mansions in the skies;
And round Thy throne unceasingly
The songs of praise arise.
But we are lingering here,
With sin and care oppressed ;
Lord, send Thy promised Comforter,
And lead us to our rest.

2 Thou art gone up on high;

But Thou didst first come down,

Through earth’s most bitter misery
To travel to Thy crown :

And girt with griefs and fears
Our onward course must be ;

But only let that path of tears
Lead us at last to Thee

3 Thou art gone up on high ;

But Thou shalt come again,

With all the armies of the sky
Attendant in Thy train.

O! by Thy saving power,
So make us live and die,

That we may stand in that dread hour
At Thy right hand on highl

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AIL! the day that sees Him rise, Hallelujah! Glorious from our wondering eyes | Christ, awhile to mortals given, Enters now the highest heaven.

2 There the glorious triumph waits; Hallelujah!
Lift your heads, eternal gates |
Victor over death and sin
Comes the King of Glory in.

3 Lo! the heaven its Lord receives | Hallelujah!
Yet He loves the earth. He leaves :
Though returning to His throne,
Still He calls mankind His own.

HE eternal gates lift up their heads,
The doors are opened wide;
The King of Glory is gone up
Unto His Father’s side.

2 Thou art gone in before us, Lord,
Thou hast prepared a place,
That we may be where now Thou art,
And look upon Thy face.

3 And ever on our earthly path
A gleam of glory lies;
A light still breaks behind the cloud
That veils Thee from our eyes.

4 Lift up our hearts, lift up our minds,
And let Thy grace be given,
That, while we linger yet below,
Our treasure be in heaven:

5 That, where Thou art at God's right hand,
Our hope, our love, may be :
Dwell in us now, that we may dwell
For evermore in Thee,

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HE Lord ascendeth up on high, The Lord hath triumphed gloriously, In power and might excelling: The grave and hell are captive led, Lo He returns, our glorious Head, To His eternal dwelling!

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