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2 The heavens with joy receive their Lord,
By saints, by angel hosts adored ;
O day of exultation :
O earth ! adore thy glorious King,
His Rising, His Ascension sing,
With grateful adoration.

3 Our great High Priest hath gone before,
Now on His Church His grace to pour,
And still His love He giveth :
Oh may our hearts to Him ascend,
May all within us upward tend
To Him who ever liveth !

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OD is gone up with a merry noise Of saints that sing on high; With His own right hand and His holy arm He hath won the victory !

2 Now empty are the courts of death,
And crushed thy sting, despair;
And roses bloom in the desert tomb,
For Jesus hath been there !

3 And He hath tamed the strength of hell,
And dragged him through the sky,
And captive behind His chariot wheel
He hath bound captivity.

4 God is gone up with a merry noise
Of saints that sing on high ;
With His own right hand and His holy arm
He hath won the victory!

I 30
E is gone—beyond the skies,
A cloud receives Him from our eyes;

Gone beyond the highest height
Of mortal gaze or angels' flight;
Through the veil of time and space,
Passed into the Holiest Place;
All the toil, the sorrow done,
All the battle fought and won.

2 He is gone—and we return,
And our hearts within us burn;
Olivet no more shall greet
With welcome shout His coming feet;
Never shall we track Him more
On Gennesareth’s glistening shore;
Never in that look or voice
Shall Zion's hill again rejoice.

3 He is gone—and we remain

In this world of sin and pain;
In the void which He has left,
On this earth of Him bereft,
We have still His work to do,
We can still His path pursue;
Seek Him both in friend and foe,
In ourselves His image show.

4. He is gone—we heard Him say,
“Good that I should go away.”
Gone is that dear Form and Face,
But not gone His present grace:

Though Himself no more we see,
Comfortless we cannot be;
No! His Spirit still is ours,
Quickening, freshening all our powers.

He is gone—towards their goal
World and Church must onwards roll;
Far behind we leave the past;
Forwards are our glances cast:
Still His words before us range
Through the ages, as they change :
Wheresoe'er the Truth shall lead,
He will give whate'er we need.

He is gone—but we once more
Shall behold Him as before ;
In the heaven of heavens the same,
As on earth. He went and came.
In the many mansions there,
Place for us will He prepare:
In that world, unseen, unknown,
He and we may yet be one.

He is gone—but, not in vain,
Wait, until He comes again:
He is risen, He is not here,
Far above this earthly sphere:
Evermore in heart and mind,
Where our peace in Him we find,
To our own eternal Friend,
Thitherward let us ascend.

I 3 I
YE who love the Lord,
And feel His quickening power,
Unite with one accord
His goodness to adore;
To heaven and earth aloud proclaim
Your great Redeemer's glorious name.

2 He left His throne above,
His glory laid aside,
Came down on wings of love,
And wept, and bled, and died:
The pangs He bore what tongue can tell,
To save our souls from death and hell ?

3 He burst the grave; He rose
Victorious from the dead;
And thence His vanquished foes
In glorious triumph led :
Up through the heavens the Conqueror rode
Triumphant to the throne of God.

4 He soon again will come—
His chariot will not stay—
To take His children home
To realms of endless day:
We there shall see Him face to face,
And sing the triumphs of His grace.

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OME, Holy Ghost, eternal God,
Proceeding from above—
Both from the Father and the Son—
The God of peace and love.

2 Visit our minds, into our hearts
Thy heavenly grace inspire;
That truth and godliness we may
Pursue with full desire.

3 Thou art the very Comforter
In grief and all distress;
The heavenly gift of God most high,
No tongue can it express:

4 The fountain and the living spring
Of joy celestial;
The fire so bright, the love so sweet,
And unction spiritual.

5 Thou in Thy gifts art manifold,
By them Christ's Church doth stand;
In faithful hearts Thou writ'st Thy law,
The finger of God's hand.

6 According to Thy promise, Lord,
Thou givest speech with grace,
That through Thy help God's praises may.
Resound in every place.

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