"With One Heart and One Voice": A Core Repertory of Hymn Tunes Published for Use in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States, 1808-1878

Scarecrow Press, 2004 - 167 páginas
The publication by John Wesley of the "Foundery" Collection (1742) marked the establishment of standards for tunes suited to Methodist hymn singing. Early Methodist hymn books in the United States contained words only, but they were cross-referenced with a leader's tune book, beginning with David's Companion (1808). "With One Heart and One Voice" reviews the trends surrounding the styles of tunes selected and analyzes the changes in shape and text for the most frequently used tunes in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Seventy six "core repertory" tunes are analyzed based upon their repeated appearances in most of the tune books published between 1808 and 1878, at which point Methodists finally obtained a hymnal with both words and music, after a half century of experimentation with tune selection. The conclusions reached in this work will allow scholars, hymnologists, and hymn singers to explore the social and musicological influences on hymn tune writing, how long it took for texts to acquire a "fixed tune," how tastes in hymn tunes change ever so slowly, and how many delightful tunes found in the core repertory of the 19th century have been dropped from today's repertoire.

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Hymn Singing in Early America
Methodist Tunes and Tunebooks of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
The Classifications of Tunes Contained in the Core Repertory of Tunes in Tunebooks of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Interpretation and Conclusions
Biographies and Content of the Core Repertory 18081878 in Tunebooks of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Annotated Bibliography of Tunebooks Used in the Survey
Alphabetical List of Tunes
Metrical Index of Tunes
Alphabetical List of Composers
Chronological List of Tune Appearances
Selected Bibliography
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Fred Kimball Graham is Assistant Professor of Church Music, University Organist, and Director of Basic Degree Studies, at Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto.

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