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The sum of the offerings.


The holy garments for the

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35. 19.

c ch. 3. 4.

e Num. 1.50,
53. & 9. 15. &
10. 11. & 17.
7, 8. & 18. 2.
2 Chr. 24. 6.
Acts 7. 44.


& ch. 31.2, 6.

B. C. 1491. 17 And the sockets for the pillars seventy talents, and two thousand and B. C. 1491.

were of brass; the hooks of the pil- four hundred shekels.
lars and their fillets of silver; and 30 And therewith he made the sock-
the overlaying of their chapiters of ets to the door of the tabernacle of

and all the pillars of the court the congregation, and the brazen al-
were filleted with silver.

tar, and the brazen grate for it, and all
18 And the hanging for the gate of the vessels of the altar,
the court was needlework, of blue, 31 And the sockets of the court
and purple, and scarlet, and fine round about, and the sockets of the
twined linen: and twenty cubits was court gate, and all the pins of the
the length, and the height in the tabernacle, and all the pins of the
breadth was five cubits, answerable court round about.
to the hangings of the court.

19 And their pillars were four, and

The clothes of service and holy garments. 2 The their sockets of brass four; their ephod. 8 The breastplate. 22 The robe of the hooks of silver, and the overlaying,

ephod. 27 The coats, mitre, and girdle of finelinen.

30 The plate of the holy crown. 32 All is viewed of their chapiters and their fillets of and approved by Moses. silver. 20 And all the 4 pins of the taber-A ND of the blue, and purple, and a ch. 35. 28.

scarlet, they made clothes of ser- och, 31. 10. & nacle, and of the court round about, vice, to do service in the holy place, were of brass.

and made the holy garments for Aa21 | This is the sum of the taber- ron; 'as the Lord commanded Moses. nacle, even of the tabernacle of tes- 2 d And he made the ephod of gold, 4 ch. 28. 6. timony, as it was counted, according blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine to the commandment of Moses, for twined linen.

the service of the Levites, 'by the 3 And they did beat the gold into i Num. 4. 28, hand of Ithamar, son to Aaron the thin plates, and cut it into wires, to priest.

work it in the blue, and in the pur-
22 And Bezaleel the son of Uri, the ple, and in the scarlet, and in the fine
son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, linen, with cunning work.
made all that the LORD commanded 4 They made shoulderpieces for it,

to couple it together: by the two
23 And with him was Aholiab, son edges was it coupled together.
of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, an 5 And the curious girdle of his
engraver, and a cunning workman, ephod, that was upon it, was of the
and an embroiderer in blue, and in same, according to the work thereof;
purple, and in scarlet, and fine linen, of gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet,

24 All the gold that was occupied and fine twined linen; as the Lord
for the work in all the work of the commanded Moses.
holy place, even the gold of the offer- 61 ° And they wrought onyx stones
ing, was twenty and nine talents, and inclosed in ouches of gold, graven, as

seven hundred and thirty shekels, signets are graven, with the names of b ch.30. 19, 21. after h the shekel of the sanctuary. the children of Israel.

25 And the silver of them that were 7 And he put them on the shoulders
numbered of the congregation was of the ephod, that they should be stones
a hundred talents, and a thousand for a 'memorial to the children of Is-
seven hundred and threescore and rael ; as the Lord commanded Moses.

fifteen shekels, after the shekel of 81 & And he made the breastplate <ch. 28. 15. i ch.30. 13, 15. the sanctuary :

of cunning work, like the work of the | Heb. a poll. 26 A bekah for tevery man, that is, ephod; of gold, blue, and purple, and

half a shekel, after the shekel of the scarlet, and fine twined linen.
sanctuary, for every one that went 9 It was foursquare; they made the
to be numbered, from twenty years breastplate double: a span was the
old and upward, for six hundred length thereof, and a span the breadth
thousand and three thousand and five thereof, being doubled.

h ch. 28. 17, hundred and fifty men.

10 " And they set in it four rows of 27 And of the hundred talents of stones: the first row was a Il sardius, | Or, ruby. I ch. 26. 19, 21, silver were cast 'the sockets of the a topaz, and a carbuncle : this was

sanctuary, and the sockets of the vail; the first row.
a hundred sockets of the hundred 11 And the second row, an emerald,
talents, a talent for a socket.

a sapphire, and a diamond.
28 And of the thousand seven hun- 12 And the third row, a ligure, an
dred seventy and five shekels he made agate, and an amethyst.
hooks for the pillars, and overlaid 13 And the fourth row, a beryl, an
their chapiters, and filleted them. onyx, and a jasper : they were inclosed
29 And the brass of the offering was in ouches of gold in their inclosings.

e ch. 28. 9.

Lev. 5. 15. &
27. 3, 25.
Num. 3. 47.
& 18. 16.

1 ch. 28. 12.

k Num. 1. 46.


25, 32

service of the tabernacle.


All is approved by Moses.

q ver. 42, 43. ch. 25. 40.


cense of sweet

B. C. 1421. 14 And the stones were according to 30 TP And they made the plate of B. C. 1491.

the names of the children of Israel, the holy crown of pure gold, and
twelve, according to their names, like wrote upon it a writing, like to the p ch. 28. 36, 37.
the engravings of a signet, every one engravings of a signet, HOLINESS
with his name, according to the twelve TO THE LORD.

31 And they tied unto it a lace of blue,
15 And they made upon the breast- to fasten it on high upon the mitre;
plate chains at the ends, of wreathen as the Lord commanded Moses.
work of pure gold.

32 | Thus was all the work of the
16 And they made two ouches of tabernacle of the tent of the congre-
gold, and two gold rings, and put gation finished: and the children of
the two rings in the two ends of the Israel did according to all that the

Lord commanded Moses, so did they.
17 And they put the two wreathen 33 | And they brought the taber-
chains of gold in the two rings on the nacle unto Moses, the tent, and all
ends of the breastplate.

his furniture, his taches, his boards,
18 And the two ends of the two his bars, and his pillars, and his
wreathen chains they fastened in the sockets;
two ouches, and put them on the 34 And the covering of rams' skins
shoulderpieces of the ephod, before it. dyed red, and the covering of badgers'

19 And they made two rings of gold, skins, and the vail of the covering ;
and put them on the two ends of the 35 The ark of the testimony, and the
breastplate, upon the border of it, staves thereof, and the mercyseat;
which was on the side of the ephod 36 The table, and all the vessels

thereof, and the shewbread;
20 And they made two other golden 37 The pure candlestick, with the
rings, and put them on the two sides lamps thereof, even with the lamps to
of the ephod underneath, toward the be set in order, and all the vessels
forepart of it, over against the other thereof, and the oil for light;
coupling thereof, above the curious 38 And the golden altar, and the an-
girdle of the ephod.

ointing oil, and tthe sweet incense, and Heb. the in: 21 And they did bind the breast- the hanging for the tabernacle door;

plate by his rings unto the rings of 39 The brazen altar, and his grate
the ephod with a lace of blue, that of brass, his staves, and all his vessels,
it might be above the curious girdle the laver and his foot ;
of the ephod, and that the breastplate 40 The hangings of the court, his
might not be loosed from the ephod; pillars, and his sockets, and the hang-
as the LORD commanded Moses. ing for the court gate, his cords, and

22 ? ' And he made the robe of the his pins, and all the vessels of the
ephod of woven work, all of blue. service of the tabernacle, for the tent
| 23 And there was a hole in the midst of the congregation;

of the robe, as the hole of an haber- 41 The clothes of service to do ! geon, with a band round about the service in the holy place, and the holy hole, that it should not rend.

garments for Aaron the priest, and
24 And they made upon the hems his sons' garments, to minister in the
of the robe pomegranates of blue, and priest's office.
purple, and scarlet, and twined linen. 42 According to all that the LORD

25 And they made k bells of pure commanded Moses, so the children of !

gold, and put the bells between the Israel 'made all the work.
pomegranates upon the hem of the 43 And Moses did look upon all the
robe, round about between the pome- work, and, behold, they had done it
granates ;

as the Lord had commanded, even so
26 A bell and a pomegranate, a bell had they done it: and Moses blessed Lev. 9. 22,23.
and a pomegranate, round about the them.
hem of the robe to minister in; as


1 Kings 8. 14.
the LORD commanded Moses.
27 T And they made coats of fine

16 Moses performeth all things accordingly.
linen of woven work for Aaron, and
for his sons,
28 m And a mitre of fine linen, and

AND the Lord spake unto Moses,
goodly bonnets of fine linen, and 2 On the first day of the a first month a ch. 12. 2. &

Elinen breeches of fine twined linen, shalt thou set up the tabernacle of | *4 2.2% 29 And a girdle of fine twined linen, the tent of the congregation.

ch. 26. 1, 30. 1 and blue, and purple, and scarlet, of 3 And thou shalt put therein the

needlework; as the Lord commanded ark of the testimony, and cover the

ark with the vail.

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rch. 35. 10.

Num. 6. 23.
Josh. 22. 6.
2 Sam. 6. 18.

2 Chr. 30. 27.

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Moses is commanded to set up the tabernacle, 9 and

to anoint it; 13 and to consecrate Aaron and his
34 A cloud covereth the tabernacle.

22. 4. 18.

13. 4. b

ver. 17. &

c ver. 21.
ch. 26. 33.
Num. 4. 5.


The tabernacle is reared up.


A cloud covereth the tabernacle.

| Heb. the or

9 ch. 26. 33. & 35. 12.

d ver. 22.

cb. 26. 35. e ver. 23. ch. 25. 30.

6 ver. 26.

h ver. 30. ch. 30. 18.

ch. 25. 37.

ch. 30. 6.

ich. 30. 20.

2 ch. 30. 7.

a ver. 5.
ch. 26. 36.


I Lev. 8. 1-13.

d ver. 7.
ch. 30. 18.

B. C. 1491. 4 And I thou shalt bring in the table, | tabernacle, and set up the vail of the B. C. 1490.

and set in order + the things that are covering, and covered the ark of the der thereof.

to be set in order upon it; "and thou testimony; as the Lord commanded
shalt bring in the candlestick, and Moses.
light the lamps thereof.

22 I'And he put the table in the - ch. X. 85. 5 6 And thou shalt set the altar of tent of the congregation, upon the Lev. 24. 5. 6. gold for the incense before the ark side of the tabernacle northward, f ver. 24, 25.

of the testimony, and put the hanging without the vail.
of the door to the tabernacle.

23 - And he set the bread in order s ver. 4.
6 And thou shalt set the altar of the upon it before the LORD; as the LORD
burnt offering before the door of the had commanded Moses.
tabernacle of the tent of the congre-24 'And he put the candlestick ch. 26. 35.

in the tent of the congregation, over
7 And h thou shalt set the laver be- against the table, on the side of the
tween the tent of the congregation and tabernacle southward.
the altar, and shalt put water therein. 25 And he lighted the lamps before u ver. 4.

8 And thou shalt set up the court the LORD; as the LORD commanded
round about, and hang up the hang- Moses.
ing at the court gate.

26 And he put the golden altar y ver. 5.
9 And thou shalt take the anointing in the tent of the congregation before
oil, and i anoint the tabernacle, and the vail :
all that is therein, and shalt hallow 272And he burnt sweetincense there-
it, and all the vessels thereof: and it on; as the Lord commanded Moses.
shall be holy.

28 1 a And he set up the hanging at 10 And thou shalt anoint the altar the door of the tabernacle.

of the burnt offering, and all his ves- 29 And he put the altar of burnt b ver. 6. k ch. 29. 36, 37. sels, and sanctify the altar: and kit offering by the door of the tabernacle + Heb.holiness shall be an altar + most holy.

of the tent of the congregation, and of holinesses.

11 And thou shalt anoint the laver offered upon it the burnt offering ch. 29. 38,
and his foot, and sanctify it.

and the meat offering; as the LORD
12 And thou shalt bring Anron and commanded Moses.
his sons unto the door of the taber- 30 [ 1 And he set the laver between
nacle of the congregation, and wash the tent of the congregation and the
them with water.

altar, and put water there, to wash
13 And thou shalt put upon Aaron withal.
the holy garments, mand anoint him, 31 And Moses and Aaron and his
and sanctify him ; that he may min- sons washed their hands and their
ister unto me in the priest's office. feet thereat:

14 And thou shalt bring his sons, 32 When they went into the tent
and clothe them with coats :

of the congregation, and when they
15 And thou shalt anoint them, as came near unto the altar, they wash-
thou didst anoint their father, that ed ; ® as the Lord commanded Moses. e ch.30. 19, 20,
they may minister unto me in the 33 And he reared up the court
priest's office: for their anointing round about the tabernacle and the al-

ch. 27. 9, 16 • Num. 25. 13. shall surely be "an everlasting priest-tar, and set up the hanging of the court

hood throughout their generations. gate. So Moses finished the work.

16 Thus did Moses : according to all 34 | 3 Then a cloud covered the tent
that the Lord commanded him, so of the congregation, and the glory of

1 Kings 8.10, did he.

the Lord filled the tabernacle. 1490. 17 And it came to pass in the first 35 And Moses h was not able to enter month in the second year, on the first into the tent of the congregation, be

Hag. 2. 7, 9. day of the month, that the tabernacle cause the cloud abode thereon, and was reared up. the glory of the Lord filled the taber

1 Kings 8.11. 18 And Moses reared up the taber- nacle. nacle, and fastened his sockets, and set 36 i And when the cloud was taken i Num. 9. 17. up the boards thereof, and put in the up from over the tabernacle, the chilbars thereof, and reared up his pillars. dren of Israel twent onward in all 1 Heb. jour

19 And he spread abroad the tent their journeys:
over the tabernacle, and put the cov- 37 But kif the cloud were not taken k Num. 9. 19-
ering of the tent above upon it; us up, then they journeyed not till the
the LORD commanded Moses.

day that it was taken up.
20 [ And he took and put Pthe tes- 38 For 'the cloud of the Lord was
timony into the ark, and set the staves upon the tabernacle by day, and fire
on the ark, and put the mercyseat was on it by night, in the sight of all
above upon the ark :

the house of Israel, throughout all
21 And he brought the ark into the their journeys.

mch. 23. 41.

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& ch. 29. 43. Lev. 16. 2. Num. 9. 15.

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a Ex. 19. 3. Er.9.34*3

Ex. 12 5.

p ch.5. 7. & 12 8. Luke 2. 24.

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the head with the nail.

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thereof. 9 ch. 6. 10.

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B. C. 14190.

12 And he shall cut it into his pieces, B. C. 1490.
The burnt offerings of the herd; 10 of the rocks; with his head and his fat: and the
14 and of the forols.

priest shall lay them in order on the AND the Lord called unto Moses the altaat is on the fire which is upon dan 121,5. tabernacle of the congregation, saying,

13 But he shall wash the inwards 1

2 Speak unto the children of Israel, and the legs with water: and the c1.22 18, 19. and say unto them, “If any man of priest shall bring it all, and burn it

you bring an offering unto the LORD, upon the altar: it is a burnt sacrifice, 1

ye shall bring your offering of the an offering made by fire, of a sweet
cattle, even of the herd, and of the savour unto the LORD.

14 | And if the burnt sacrifice for
3 If his offering be a burnt sacrifice his offering to the Lord be of fowls,
of the herd, let him offer a male then he shall bring his offering of

d without blemish : he shall offer it P turtledoves, or of young pigeons. 12422 of his own voluntary will at the door

15 And the priest shall bring it unto
of the tabernacle of the congregation the altar, and wring off his head, and 10r, pinch of
before the LORD.

burn it on the altar; and the blood
4 And he shall put his hand upon thereof shall be wrung out at the side
the head of the burnt offering; and it of the altar:
shall be 'accepted for him s to make

16 And he shall pluck away his crop
atonement for him.

with his feathers, and cast it 9 beside Or, the filth 5 And he shall kill the bbullock the altar on the east part, by the place 221,27. before the LORD: iand the priests, of the ashes. Aaron's sons, shall bring the blood,

17 And he shall cleave it with the and sprinkle the blood round about wings thereof, but "shall not divide - Gen. 15. 10. 1,35. 9. 2. upon the altar that is by the door of it asunder: and the priest shall burn

the tabernacle of the congregation. it upon the altar, upon the wood that

6 And he shall flay the burnt offer- is upon the fire: 'it is a burnt sacri- ver. 9, 13.
ing, and cut it into his pieces. fice, an offering made by fire, of a

7 And the sons of Aaron the priest sweet savour unto the Lord.
55.11. shall put fire upon the altar, and 'lay
the wood in order upon the fire:


8 And the priests, Aaron's sons, The meat offering of flour with oil and incense,
shall lay the parts, the head, and the

4 baken in the oren, 5 or on a plate, 7 or in a fry

ingpan. 12 The oblation of the firstfruits. 13 The
fat, in order upon the wood that is on salt of the meat offering.
the fire which is upon the altar:

9 But his inwards and his legs shall offering unto the Lord, his of-
he wash in water: and the priest shall fering shall be of fine flour; and he
burn all on the altar, to be a burnt shall pour oil upon it, and put frank-
sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of incense thereon.
a "sweet savour unto the Lord. 2 And he shall bring it to Aaron's

10 1 And if his offering be of the sons the priests: and he shall take
flocks, namely, of the sheep, or of the thereout his handful of the flour
goats, for a burnt sacrifice; he shall thereof, and of the oil thereof, with
bring it a male " without blemish. all the frankincense thereof; and the

11 And he shall kill it on the side priest shall burn the memorial of it byer, 9:
of the altar northward before the upon the altar, to be an offering made
Lord: and the priests, Aaron's sons, by fire, of a sweet savour unto the
shall sprinkle his blood round about LORD:
upon the altar.

S. 15. 25.

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9. 17.
Num. 15. 4.

son & 21. Ez 29. 3. 41. 202. 2. 15. E. 1.2 Pai. 4. 18.

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3 And the remnant of the meat

ch. 5. 12. & 6. 15. & 24. 7. Is. 66. 3. Acts 10. 4. c ch. 7. 3. 10. 12, 13.

The meat offerings.


The peace offerings.

B. C. 1120 offering shall ben osarono's and his sone?: A Pifabis obedeitig, il che offerifice

d Ex. 29. 57. Num. 18. 9.

a ch. 7. 11. 29. & 22. 21.

CEx. 29. 10. ch. 1. 4, 5.

. Ex. 29. 2


ch. 4. 3, 9.

orer the liner, and orer the


( ver. 2

& Ex. 29. 18.

h ver. 3.

B. C. 1490.
d it is a holy of the offer- of peace offeringif he offer it of
ings of the Lord made by fire. the herd, whether it be a male or fe-

4 1 And if thou bring an oblation of male, he shall offer it without blem- 6 ch. 1. 3.
a meat offering baken in the oven, it ish before the Lord.
shall be unleavened cakes of fine flour 2 And he shall lay his hand upon
mingled with oil, or unleavened wa- the head of his offering, and kill it at
fers anointed with oil.

the door of the tabernacle of the con5 [ And if thy oblation be a meat gregation : and Aaron's sons the priests 1 Or, on a flat offering baken ll in a pan, it shall be of shall sprinkle the blood upon the altar plate, or,

fine flour unleavened, mingled with round about.

3 And he shall offer of the sacrifice

d Ex. 29. 13,22
6 Thou shalt part it in pieces, and of the peace offering an offering made
pour oil thereon: it is a meat offer- by fire unto the Lord; d the fat thatOr, suet.

covereth the inwards, and all the fat
7 ? And if thy oblation be a meat that is upon the inwards,
offering baken in the fryingpan, it 4 And the two kidneys, and the fat
shall be made of fine flour with that is on them, which is by the flanks,

and the caul above the liver, with || Or, midriff
8 And thou shalt bring the meat the kidneys, it shall he take away.
offering that is made of these things 5 And Aaron's sons shall burn it kidneys.
unto the Lord: and when it is pre- on the altar upon the burnt sacrifice, Ex: 99. 13.
sented unto the priest, he shall bring which is upon the wood that is on the
it unto the altar.

fire: it is an offering made by fire, of
9 And the priest shall take from the a sweet savour unto the Lord.
meat offering a memorial thereof, 6 1 And if his offering for a sacrifice
and shall burn it upon the altar: it is of peace offering unto the Lord be of
an offering made by fire, of a sweet the flock, male or female, 'he shall sver, 1,&c.
savour unto the Lord.

offer it without blemish.
10 And h that which is left of the 7 If he offer a lamb for his offering,
meat offering shall be Aaron's and his then shall he offer it before the Lord.
sons': it is a thing most holy of the 8 And he shall lay his hand upon
offerings of the Lord made by fire. the head of his offering, and kill it

11 No meat offering, which ye shall before the tabernacle of the congreSce Mali. 16. bring unto the Lord, shall be made gation : and Aaron's sons shall sprin

with leaven: for ye shall burn no kle the blood thereof round about up

leaven, nor any honey, in any offering on the altar. !. Cor. 5. 8. of the Lord made by fire.

9 And he shall offer of the sacrifice 12 T *As for the oblation of the first of the peace offering an offering made ch. B. 10, 11. fruits, ye shall offer them unto the by fire unto the Lord; the fat thereof, 1 Heb. ascend. Lord: but they shall not + be burnt and the whole rump, it shall he take

on the altar for a sweet savour. off hard by the backbone; and the

13 And every oblation of thy meat fat that covereth the inwards, and all
offering 'shalt thou season with salt; the fat that is upon the inwards,
neither shalt thou suffer the salt of 10 And the two kidneys, and the fat

the covenant of thy God to be lacking that is upon them, which is by the n Ez. 43. 24. from thy meat offering : "with all flanks, and the caul above the liver,

thine offerings thou shalt offer salt. with the kidneys, it shall he take

14 And if thou offer a meat offering away. och. 23. 10, 14. of thy firstfruits unto the LORD, °thou 11 And the priest shall burn it upon


offer for the meat offering of thy the altar : it is the food of the offer- 6 See ch. 21.6,

firstfruits green ears of corn dried by ing made by fire unto the LORD. P2 Kings 4.42. the fire, even corn beaten out of pfuil 12 1 And if his offering be a goat, then

" he shall offer it before the Lord.

Mal. 1. 7, 12

hver. 1, 7, &c. 15 And a thou shalt put oil upon it,

13 And he shall lay his hand upon
and lay frankincense thereon: it is a the head of it, and kill it before the
meat offering.

tabernacle of the congregation : and
16 And the priest shall burn "the the sons of Aaron shall sprinkle the
memorial of it, part of the beaten corn blood thereof upon the altar round
thereof, and part of the oil thereof, | about.
with all the frankincense thereof: it 14 And he shall offer thereof his
is an offering made by fire unto the offering, even an offering made by fire

unto the LORD; the fat that covereth

the inwards, and all the fat that is
The peace offering of the herd; 6 of the flock; 7 either upon the inwards,
a lamb, 12 or a goat.

15 And the two kidneys, and the fat

i ch. 6. 17.

Mark 8. 15,
Luke 12. 1.

Gal, 5. 9. k Ex. 22. 29.

I Mark 9. 49.

Col. 4. 6. m Num. 18. 19.

8, 17, 21, 22
& 22 25
Ez. 44. 7.


q ver. 1.

r ver. 2

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