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house, and found the door of the kitchen 11.--High COURT OF JUSTICIARY. much shattered, and also the outer win. -The Court this day proceeded to the dow-shutter split, seemingly by a blow trial of Alexander Guthrie, quarrier, from the outside. Mr M'Neill said, that in the parish of Pentcaitland, East Lo. he did not, under these circumstances, thian, accused of the murder of James feel himself warranted in asking a verNewton, who had been in his employ. dict against the prisoner, and he there. inent as a labourer. Guthrie pleaded fore gave up the case. The Jury reNot Guilty. It appeared from the evi. turned a verdict of Not Guilty; and dence, that Guthrie and Newton, with Guthrie, after a solemn advice to abstain four other quarrymen, had gone to the from the use of spirits, was dismissed prisoner's house on the evening of Mon. from the bar. day the 9th of February last, where they The next case was that of Alexander drank whisky till a pretty late hour, M'Farlane. The indictment charged when the party broke up, leaving New. him with having, on the 16th of Fehton and Guthrie together in the house. ruary last, stolen from the shop of Rich. At that time there had been no quarrel ard Allan, grocer in the Potter-row, a kit betwixt them. Guthrie's mother also of butter; and, when apprehended a few left the house, and want with a neigh hours after, of having, in the Park-Place bour, Mrs Gowans, in whose house she watch-house, seized a pair of large iron stopped all night. In the course of the tongs, with which he assaulted James night, Mrs Guthrie becoming uneasy, Stirling, grocer in the Potterrow, who requested Mrs Gowans's daughter to go kad assisted in his apprehension, and to her son's house, and see what was struck him a dreadful blow on the head, going on. She went accordingly, and by which his life was endangered. M. finding the window of the room open,

Farlane pleaded Guilty of the assault, went in by it, and saw a man, whom but Not Guilty of the theft, and the she supposed to be Guthrie, lying on the Jury having found him Guilty accord. bed, and Newton lying on the kitchen ingly, he was sentenced to a year's hard floor, with his head cut, and the floor labour in Bridewell, and farther till he strewed with fragments of broken bot. find security in 500 erks to keep the tles, and covered with blood, vomitings, peace for three years. and other filth. Upon receiving this in. Benjamin Ross, shoemaker in the formation, Mrs Guthrie, with her neigh. Lawn-market of Edinburgh, who had bour, Mrs Gowans, returned to the house. been out on bail, now appeared at the They immediately awoke Guthrie, who bar, to answer to a charge of assaulting, seemed astonished and sorry at the situe striking, and wounding Jean Williams, ation of Newton, and declared he knew or Ross, his wife. He pleaded Not no more of it than the dead in the grave. Guilty. His wife stated, that he had Newton's wound was washed and dress. frequently abused and hurt her ; but on ed, and he was put to bed, in which the night of the 31st December last, Guthrie assisted. Newton died two days they had some words, and Ross lifted the after.

The only circumstance which tongs and struck her on the temple with could attach suspicion to Guthrie, was, them, to the effusion of her blood. She that his trowsers were stained with blood went to a neighbour's house, and by his about the legs; but this was accounted advice returned, and, having washed the for by Mrs Gowans, who stated, that blood from her face, went to bed with while she swept the blood and filth from her husband. Next morning, being un. the floor towards the hearth, Guthrie was able to rise, she refused when her hus. sitting by the fire ; and that from the band commanded her to do so; and he state of the floor no one could walk on then struck her with a large ellwand a. it without having their shoes soiled with cross the legs ; and afterwards, when she blood. All the witnesses, on their cross got up and said, “Benjy, you're surely examination, gave Guthrie a good cha not going to murder me!” he struck her racter, and deponed to his bearing no ill. on the left side of the head, knocked her will to Newton; but, on the contrary, down, and cut her. As soon as she was they had heard him speak frequently in able to rise, she went up stairs in her praise of him as a servant. Mr Lloyd, shift to a neighbour's, who wrapped a superintendant of police for the county covering over her, and went for a sur. of Haddington, had cxamined Guthrie's geon. She was afterwards twelve days

throw upon the more prominent trollers, secretaries, the middle men ground on which it first attracted the between the great lords of office and attention and indignation of man the inferior workmen,-are still in kind. But it will finally be effec- possession of inordinate, but conceal. tually suppressed ; for after its dis- ed, unobserved power: their respeccomšture on the great public stage, tive departments are kept in expen. every succeeding defeat within its sive disorder, in subservience to their weaker entrenchments must hasten, interested purposes ; unnecessary buwith tenfold force, the great catas- siness is designedly in constant course trophe. The insolence of office must of accumulation ; and as an inevitbe acknowledged to be something able consequence of a practice having more than an injury which affects its foundation in fraud and deceit, only the feelings of the mind : it is pride, partiality, and cupidity are ena component part of a general system gendered and encouraged, making alof positive wrong and oppression, together that complicated description of a deprivation of right, as it affects of grievance denominated the * in. both the happiness and fortunes of solence of office.” Where an abuse the injured party. It is never dis $0 deteriorative of public economy pensed but by the vile and unfeeling, still subsists, after all the bustle and - it is never inflicted but upon the parade it has from time to time crehelpless victims of misdirected power. ated, sufficient proof is shewn of the It is, therefore, of that class of evils peculiar inadequacy of the means by which it is an especial effect of an

which it has hitherto been attempted advanced stage of civilization to over to be destroyed. The fact is, Parthrow.

liamentary inquiries, upon matters Having predicted the eventual de of this nature, conducted, as they too cline of a species of wrong so hard to frequently are, under the controul be assailed, because so generally over. of a machinery impervious to the looked, we are, in conclusion, to ad- public eye, are altogether fruitless of vert to the means by which that good effects, and only serve to perpeeffect is to be accomplished. The tuate the old system of deception and Press will take the lead in this as in mismanagement. But it is impossiother salutary improvements; but ble long to delude an enlightened age its full attainment must be preced- by expedients as shallow as they are ed by a complete reformation of the iniquitous : a better day must at mode of conducting the public busi- length arrive,-one less notorious for

After all the multifarious what in vulgar parlance is called podiscussions upon the subject of offi- litical humbug, more sincerely facial abuses, it is astonishing how lit vourable to improvement; and pertle has in reality been hitherto done haps no surer means can be devised towards this end: mismanagement of hastening its introduction, than of the grossest kind still prevails frequent and seasonable appeals to throughout the various departments; the Press, which are never entirely and there has not even an approxima- destitute of utility, even when they tion been made towards an enlightappear in the slight form of desultory ened system of official economy and Essays, of which the present is : regulation. Commissioners, comp. feeble and unworthy example.




in the press.


Dr Forbes, of Chichester, will shortly Speedily will be published, an Account publish his Translation of Avenbrugger, of the Royal Hospital and Collegiate and a series of original cases and dissec. Church of St. Katharine, near the Tower tions, illustrating the utility of the Ste. of London, by J. B. Nichols, F.S.A. thoscope and Percussion. F.L.S.

M. Laennec is preparing for publica. The Second Part of the Modern His- tion, a new edition of his celebrated Trea. tory of Wiltshire, containing the Hun. tise on Mediate Auscultation, with condred of Heytesbury, by Sir R. C. Hoare, siderable alterations and improvements. Bart. is printing.

In consequence, Dr Forbes has postponed The Czar, an historical tragedy, by J. the second edition of his translation. Cradock, Esq. M.A. F.S.A. formerly of Speedily will be published, an Enquiry Gumley, in Leicestershire, will appear in into the Duties and Perplexities of Me. a few days.

dical Men as Witnesses in Courts of JusA Selection of the most remarkable tice, with cautions and directions for their Trials and Criminal Causes is printing, in guidance, by G. Smith, M.D. five volumes. It will include all famous The Scotsman's Library, announced cases, from that of Lord Cobham, in the in a former Number, will be ready in reign of Henry the Fifth, to that of John August. Thurtell ; and those connected with fo. The Mechanic's Oracle, or Artizan's reign as well as English jurisprudence. complete Laboratory and Workshop, is

Shortly will be published, a Grammar of the Coptic or Ancient Egyptian Lan The Hermit in Italy, or Observations guage, by the Rev H. Tattam, A.M. on the Manners and Customs of the F.R.S.L. chaplain to the English Church Italians at the Commencement of the at Amsterdam.

Nineteenth Century, will soon appear. A Suppleinent to the London Catalogue A Chronological History of the West of Books, published since October 1822 to Indies is announced, by Capt. Thomas the present time, will appear about Au. Southey, commander, Royal Navy, in gust.

three volumes, octavo. The Rev. T. Arnold, M.A. late fellow A Compendium of Medical Theory and of Oriel College, Oxford, has been for Practice, founded on Dr Cullen's Noso. many years employed in writing a His- logy, which will be given as a Text-book, tory of Rome, from the earliest Times to and a translation annexed, is in prepara. the Death of the Einperor Marcus Aure lion, by D. Uwins, M.D. lius. The first volume, from the Rise of Tales of a Traveller, by the Author of the Roman State to the formation of the the “ Sketch Book," and " Knicker. second Triuinvirate, A.U.C. 710, B.C. bocker's New York,” will appear in a 44, will soon be published.

few days. The Butterfly-Collector's Vade Mecum, A Tale of Paraguay, by R. Southey, or a Synoptical Table of English Butter LL.D. &c. is announced. Nies, illustrated with coloured plates, in a Speedily will be published, Memoirs of pocket volume, is in the press.

the Rose, comprising botanical, poetical, Shortly will be published, in

and miscellaneous recollections of that lumes, uniforin with the French Classics, celebrated Power ; in a series of letters to and with an authentic portrait of M. a lady. Jouy, engraved by E. Scriven, Le Petit Patmos, and other poems, are in the Hermite, ou Tableau des Maurs Parisi.

press, by James Edmeston, author of ennes, extracted from “ L'Hermite de i Sacred Lyrics." la Chaussé d'Antin,” “ Le Franc-par Specimens (selected and translated) of leur,"

,“ L'Hermite de la Guïane," and the Lyric Poetry of the Minessingers, of “L'Hermite en Prison,” with explanatory the reign of Frederick Barbarossa and the notes, and an essay on the life and writ. succeeding emperors of the Suabian dyings of M. Jouy, by L. T. Ventouillac, nasty, with historical, critical, and bio. editor of the “ Choix de Classiques Fran. graphical remarks, are in the press. çais."

Elements of Algebra, compiled from A Diagram illustrative of the FormaGarnier's French translation of Leonard tion of the Human Character, suggested Euler, and arranged so as to form a com. by Mr Owen's development of a new plete System of Elementary Instruction view of society, will speedily be published. in the First Part of Algebra, by C. Taylır, VOL. XV.


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Downing College, Cambridge, will soon the Lord's Table, in the Catechetical appear.

Form; to which are added, an Address Muscologia Britannica, containing the to Applicants for Admission to it, and Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland sys. some Meditations to assist their Devo. tematically arranged and described, by w, tions. By the Rev. Henry Belfrage, D.D. J. Hooker, P.R.S. A.Ş.L. &c. and T. Nearly ready, in post 8vo., a Second Taylor, M.D. M.R.I.A. and F.L.S. &c. is Series of the Scrap Book. By John preparing, in octavo, with plates.


Mr John Malcolm, late of the 42d Re

giment, has neariy ready for publication, EDINBURGH.

a volume of Poems in foolscap 8ve., en

titled, “The Buccaneer and other Poems." Speedily will be published, Rothelan, Shortly will be published, in post 8vo., a Tale of the English Histories, in 3 vols. the Life and Administration of Cardinal 12mo. hy the author of “Ringan Gilhaize,” Wolsey. By John Galt, Esq. Third Edi“ The Spaewife,” &c. &c.

tion, greatly improved. Nearly ready, in one volume post Svo., Mrs FRAZER, who some years ago puh. a Practical Guide to English Composition; lished several popular works under the or, a comprehensive System of English name of HONORIA SCOTT, has a work Grammar, Criticism, and Logic; arranged nearly ready for the press, entitled “Swe. and illustrated upon a new and improve den, or the Counts of Rosenvien; dedicated ed Plan; containing apposite Principles, to his Royal Highness the Duke of CamRules, and Examples, for writing correctbridge." We are authorized to state, that ly and elegantly on every subject ; adapted the “ Hermit in Edinburgh,” recently to the use of Schools and of Private Stu advertised in London, is not the work of dents. By the Rev. Peter Smith, A. M. this Lady ; the manuscript she had in

In a few weeks will be published, 8vo. tended to bring forward for publication Mathematical Tables ; containing im. under that title having, in consequence, proved Tables of Logarithins of Numbers, been changed to that of “ The Hermit in Logarithmic Sines, Tangents, and Se Scotland." cants ; together with a number of others, The Editor of "The Cabinet, or, The useful in Practical Mathematics, Astrono. Selected Beauties of Literature,” is premy, Navigation, Engineering, and Busi- paring a Second Edition of that work in ness ; preceded by a copious introduction, one volume, crown octavo, which will embracing their Explanation, and Rules speedily appear. sind Formulæ for their application, with Preparing for publication by subscripa Collection of appropriate Exercises. By tion, the Historical Works of Sir James William Galbraith, A.M. Lecturer on Ma. Balfour of Kinnaird, Lord Lyon King at thematics, Edinburgh.

Arms under Charles I., from the origiMr J. P. Wood has nearly ready for nal and hitherto-unpublished Manuscripts publication, in one volume 12mo., a Life preserved in the Library of the Hon. the of Law of Lauriston, Projector of the Faculty of Advocates. This publication Mississippi Scheme : containing a de. will form three farge octavo volumes ; tailed Account of the Nature, Rise, and will be embellished with a Portrait of the Progress, of this extraordinary Joint-Stock Author from an original Picture, and il. Company, with many curious Anecdotes lustrated with a Prefatory Memoir. The of the Rage for Speculating in its Funds, first two volumes will contain the Annals and the disastrous Consequences of its of Scotland, which embrace the extensive Failure.

and important period of our National OLD MANUSCRIPT. The Rev. Wil. History, from the Accession of Malcolm liam Kell, B.D. has in the


“ Practi. III. to the 2d year of the Reign of Charles cal Discourses upon Sinceritie," written I. or 1640. The third volume will con. in the year 1656 : now first printed from sist of the Minor Works of the author, the Original Manuscript. In one volume illustrative of Scottish History. The 2mo.

impression will be limited to 500 copies, A Stereotype Edition of Sallust, for the printed with a new set of Types, on Wove use of Schools, with English Notes at the Paper of the finest quality. The Work foot of the page, and a Historical and will be sent to press so soon as the names Geographical Iudex at the end of the of a sufficient nuinber of Subscribers are volume, by Mr Dymock, Glasgow, will received. The price to Subscribers will be published in a few days.

not exceed L.21.28. Fifty copies will be Preparing for publication, a Guide to struck off on an Extra Fine Paper.



Middle Ages : with Historical Notes, and Part 1. of Longman and Co.'s Cata

Minor Poems. By Randolph FitzEus: logue of Old Books, comprising a Collec.

tace. 8yo. 10s. 6d. tion of Works in various Classes of Liter

EDUCATION. ature, in all Languages, including some Part I. of the Etymologic Interpreter ; recent importations from the Continent. or an Explanatory and Pronouncing Dic2s.

tionary of the English Language : to BIOGRAPHY.

which is prefixed an Introduction, conLife of the Right Rey. Jereiny Taylor,

taining a full Development of the Princi, D.D. with a Critical Examination of his ples of Etymology and Grainınar, &c. Writings. By Reginald Heber, D.D. Lord By James Gilchrist. 8:0. 8s. Bishop of Calcutta. 2 vols. post 8vo. with

The Child's Monitor ; or Select Rules portrait. 15s. boards.

for Spelling the English Language, with Biography of Celebrated Roman Cha a few simple Questions in English Gram. racters, with Anecdotes illustrative of

mar and Arithmetic. Is. their Lives and Actions. By the Reù.

The English Spelling Book, arranged William Bingley. 7s. boards. on a Plan entirely New ; by which an acThe Life and Remains of Edward

curate Pronunciation of the English Lan: Daniel Clarke, LL.D. Professor of Mi. guage may be more easily acquired, and

the Forination and Construction of Words neralogy, Cambridge; Author of Travels. By the Rev. W. Otter, A.M. 4to. £.3.3s.

more indelibly fixed on the Minds of The Life of Shakspeare; Enquiries Youth, than by any other work of the into the Originality of his Dramatic Plots

same kind. By W. Eley, master of the and Characters, and Essays on the An.

Free Grammar School, Rulleston., cient Theatres and Theatrical Usages. By

Is. 60. Augustine Skottowe, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo,

HISTORY. 2,11s, boards.

Historical Sketch of the Progress of BOTANY.

Discovery, Navigation, and Commerce, A Catalogue of the Indigenous Pheno. from the earliest Records to the Begingamic Plants growing in the Neighbour ning of the Nineteenth century. By hood of Edinburgh, and of certain spe

William Stevenson, Esq. 8vo. 14s. cies of the Class of Cryptogamia, with

The History of London : or interesting reference to their Localities. By James

Memorials of its Rise, Progress, and PreWoodforde, Esq. 12mo. 3s. 6d. boards. sent State. By Sholto and Reuben Percy.

3 yols. 18ıno. 16s. extra boards. CLASSICS.

MEDICINE AND SURGERY. Herodoti Historiarum Libri IX. Codi.

Observations on Acute Rheumatism cem Sancrofti Manuscriptum denuo con

and its Metastasis to the Heart, &c. By tulit necnon reliquam Lectionis varieta. tem commodius digessit, Thos. Gaisford,

T. Cox, M.D. 8vo. 4s. A.M. 2 vols. Svo. £.1.45.

An Essay on Mineral, Animal, and A Literal Translation of Drakenborch's

Vegetable Poisons ; in which the SympText of the Twenty-first Book of Livy, toms, Mode of Treatinent, and Tests of with the Text, Ordo, Notes, and variæ

each particular poison, with the general Lectiones : to which are added, a Map concisely detailed, with coloured plates,

Morbid Appearances on Dissection, are and an Appendix, showing the route ac

32mno. 3s. 6d. tually taken by Hannibal. 8vo. 8s. Od. Questions on flerodotus. is.

Observations on the History and Treatment of the Ophthalmia accompanying the

Secondary Forms of Lues Venerea, illus. Parts I. II. III. of the London Stage : trated by Cases and a coloured plate. By a Collection of the most reputed Trage. T. Hewson, A.B. 8vo. dies, Coinedies, Operas, Farces, Melo. The Surgical Anatomy of the Arteries Dramas, and Interludes. 8vo. Is. each. of the Human Body, designed for the

Parts I. and II. of the London Stage use of Students in the Dissecting Room. Edition of the Plays of Shakspeare, from By R. Harrison, A.B.S.C.D. 12mo. 5s the accurate Text of Johnson, Steevens, bound. and Read, with Shakspear's Life, and a An Introduction to Anatomy and PhyGlossary. 8vo. Is. each.

siology, for the use of Medical Students The Brides of Florence, a Play in Five and Men of Letters. By T. Sandwith, Acts, illustrative of the Manners of the Surgeon. 12mo. with platcs. Is. boards,


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