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in the Royal Infirmary. Mrs Ross's ed into eternity at twenty-five ininutes testimony, as far as re:carded what took past two o'clock. place out of her own house, was corro.

High COURT OF JUSTICIARY. borated by other witnesses, and the Jury Yesterday Samuel MoMenemy was callfound the husband Guilty. The Court ed to the bar, to receive the judgment of were of opinion that a more brutal and the Court, he having been found Guilty, savage case had never come before it, on his own contession, at the last Glas. and Ross, who is a man above seventy gow Circuit, of several acts of falsehood, years of age, was sentenced to trans. fraud, wilful imposition, cozenage, breach portation for life.

of trust, and embezzlement ; the case was 24.-_James Sime was convicted of certified to this Court for punishmeni. bigamy; but in consideration that he had Lord Meadowbank, who presided at the already suffered a long confinement, and trial, stated, that the prisoner had been other alleviating circumstances, he was

indicted on no less than eight different only sentenced to three months impri. charges, to the three last of which he had sonment.

pleaded Guilty ; and he had certified the 31.-Selling blasphıcmous publications. case, that it might be duly weighed and James Affleck, bookseller in Adam's considered by their Lordships. Lord Square, Edinburgh, was put to the bar, Hermand proposed that the prisoner accused of publishing and vending sedi.

should be confined in the Bridewell of tious and blasphemous publications. He Glasgow for twelve calendar months, and pleaded Guilty, and Mr Jeffrey address. kept to hard labour.

The other Judges ed the Court in mitigation of punish, expressed their concurrence, Lord Pitment. The learned Gentleman pleaded milly remarking, that, should those crimes the candid confession of the prisoner, happen again, it would then be the duty and as a proof of his contrition stated, of the Court to pronounce a heavier sen. that from the moment in which this tence. charge had been brought, he had abstain. Isabella Blinkhorn, or Cocker, proprie. ed from carrying on his trade of book tor of a caravan containing a show of seller, and had shut his shop altogether, moving figures, was accused of the murder and had offered satisfactory security to of her daughter, a girl of between nine the Lord Advocate, that he would for and ten years of age, in the month of Ocever abandon the sale of the objection- tober last, at Johnstone, in the parish of able works. In consequence of these cir. Paisley. A number of witnesses were ex. cumstances, the Court only sentenced amined, from whose testimony it appeared, Ameck to three months imprisonment, that the body of the girl had been found and to find security for the space of three

in the river Cart, bundled into a sack, on years in the penalty of £.100.

the 9th of October ; that on the preceding JONE.

day, several individuals heard cries pro8.-Execution.— Yesterday John M. ceeding from the waggon, and knew that Creevie, who was convicted at the Glas. the girl was missing next day. The mo. gow Circuit of breaking into Mr Shep- ther, when shown the body, denied its herd's house at Springvale, and striking being that of her daughter; and as the him while in his bed with a crow-bar, and Court would not permit the examination robbing the house, was executed there in of the prisoner's son, a very young boy, front of the Court houses. Being led to who was said to be the only eye-witness the foot of the scaffold by the officers, he of the murder, there was no evidence to shook hands with Bailie Anderson and convict the prisoner. The trial lasted to Mr Cleland, at the same time saying, “I a late hour ; and this morning, ten am innocent-I am innocent." At this o'clock, the jury returned a verdict of Not time he fell into an apparent stupor, and


She was of course dismissed nearly fell down, but was supported by from the bar. the officers. After having a little recover 14.-Murder. - This day, William ed, he ascended the platform with sup. Devan, or Divine, from Glasgow, charged port, and the rope being adjusted, the

with the wilful murder of his wife, was Rev. Mr Muir offered up, on his behalf, placed at the bar, and pleaded Not Guilty, a most impressive prayer, at the end of the five Judges being present. The de. which he appeared to be again falling, clarations of the prisoner were duly idenwhen the officers supported him. Having tified, as were also the bloody razor, and recovered a little, he prayed for some several other articles which were found time in a muttering manner, but after near the deceased after the murder. The wards he spoke in a loud and firm voice, direct testimony against the prisoner was calling upon his Maker to extend mercy that of a boy, who was too young to be to him ; hc then bowed to the multitude sworn, and a man who lived in the neigh. and gave the signal, when was he launch. bourhood. The one declared that he

looked through a broken pane of the pric trial of Daniel or Donald Elphinstone, acsoner's window, and saw the prisoner cused of the murder of Mrs Croket, his sitting beside his wife on a wee stool; and mother-in-law. To the charge of murder, that he saw him draw a razor across her the prisoner pleaded Not Guilty. The throat, in the manner which he described principal facts of the case, were, that the with his hand on the throat of the macer; prisoner, on the 20th February, accidentand that she then fell backwards ; and he, ally met his wife (who had been for some being frightened, ran up the stair above, time living in a state of adultery with a where he lived, and told what he had seen man named Mackintosh) at her mother's to his mother, who is since dead. The door, in Libberton's Wynd, Edinburgh ; other declared that he looked through the that some ill language passed between the sine hole in the window, and saw the prisoner and his wife, when the former prisoner dragging something along the threw a 111b. weight at his faithless rib, ground from the window to the bed. Ac. and struck her on the hip. The wife then. cording to other evidence, the body was came to the door calling out murder, and afterwards found in the situation to which the deceased coming up the Wynd at the the man said he saw this bundlc removed, time, lifted up an empty water stoup, and there was a pool of blood in the place which she threw at the panel, who threw from which it had been dragged. There it back again, and also drew a clasp knife was other circumstantial evidence, which from his pocket, with which he stabbed proved that the prisoner had been at his Mrs Croket below the 10th rib, the pri. house, and that the door was locked soner saying, “ take that, and keep it as about the time when the crime is sup a keep-sake for your daughter.” In con. posed to have been committed. The ra sequence of the wound, Mrs Croket died zor with which the fatal act was commit. on 9th March in the Infirmary. A num. ted was borrowed of a neighbour by the ber of tradesmen, with whom the prisoner deceased, at the request of her husband, had been employed as a painter, gave a short time before the atrocious deed. him a most admirable character for sobri. Several witnesses were called for the pris ety, honesty, and industry. The Jurysoner, with a view to prove an alibi ; they being addressed by Mr Alison for the however were not all of them very deci. prosecution_Mr Maitland for the prisive upon that point, and they differed re soner, the Lord Justice-Clerk summed specting immaterial circumstances, which up the evidence at great length-returned disagreement was considered to shake the a verdict, finding by a plurality of voices credibility of their general testimony. The the prisoner Guilty of murder. The Court panel, in his declarations, also pleaded then sentenced the prisoner to be exealibi, and alleged that he had accompa cuted at Edinburgh on the 28th July, nied his two sons to their work; but his and his body to be given to Dr A. Monro counsel produced no evidence of this, al: for dissection. He has since been respited though it was admitted to be competent during his Majesty's pleasure. for the sons, though under the age of pu. Johanna Rickaby was convicted, on her pilarity, to be called as evidence for the own confession, of various acts of swind. prisoner, but not for the Crown. The ling, and sentenced to 9 months' confineprisoner, in his declarations, relied chiefly ment in Bridewell. on the theory of suicide, but it was proved 23.-At the Surrey quarter sessions, by the Medical and other testimony, that last week, Captain L. C. O'Callagan, the deceased did not kill herself ; that the stated to be in the Spanish service, but oc. two wounds on her throat must have casionally acting at one of the minor thea. caused instantaneous death; and there. tres in London, was found guilty of an fore that the deceased could not have assault on the Rev. Mr Saurin, son of the removed from the situation where she Bishop of Dromore, by giving him a first fell, nor have placed the razor on the stroke with his own stick over the shoulmantiepiece, where it was found ; nor ders. The parties were returning from a have exchanged her under garinent, and visit to the discovery-ships at Deptford, concealed beneath the bed the shift which and the prosecutor being on horseback, was there found saturated with blood. took too great a liberty, as the Captain Mr D. M.Niell addressed the Jury for conceived, in staring repeatedly into a the Crown, and Mr Wighame for the carriage at Mrs Thelwall

, and some la. prisoner. The Lord Justice-Clerk sum. dies, who were under the Captain's care, med up the evidence, and the Juryhe riding on the dickey. The scene took brought in a verdict of Guilty. His Lord. place at a turnpike gate on the road ; and ship, in a very impressive manner, pro the parson gave the Captain his card, nounced on the panel the sentence of tearing off the word Rev., avowedly, as death.

he said, on his examination, with the 21.-Murder. This day came on the view of fighting him, if called upon! As

« By

the assault was proved, the defendant without a house, were seen in the most was sentenced to one month's imprison. anxious state, watching over the little ment; which he is now suffering, with property that they had been able to save bread and water only for his dict, having, from the general ruin. Among those under some misrepresentation, refused were some infirm old women and chil. the county allowance, with the view of dren, which completed this picture of finding his own provisions, and then too misery. A gencral subscription was imlate discovering that the alternative was mediately commenced for their relief. bread and water only. He petitioned the Except the house in which the fire com. Sessions, but they had no power to menced in the ground floor, the others interfere, the visiting Magistrates alone ali caught flame at the top and burned being entitled to give directions in such downwards. The property of those in. matters. (Mr Denison his since given habiting the shops and lower flats was orders to allow Captain O'Callaghan what in consequence mostly saved. Among he pleases )

them were Messrs Tait and Co. haber. 28.--Dreadfui Conflagration.--About dashers; Mr Nelson, bookseller: Mr Ferone o'clock in the morning of Thursday the guson, tobacconist ; Mr Brash, spirit-dea24th inst. a fire broke out in Edinburgh, in ler; Mr Budge, of John's Coffee-house ; the back premises of a spirit-dealer at the and Messrs Bell and Bradfute, booksel. head of the Royal Bank Close, High-Street, lers, the greater part of whose stocks which was more destructive than any were removed in safety. It is remark. calamity of the kind for a hundred years able that the buildings on the same site before, having completely destroyed five were consumed in the year 1700, in a houses of six stories high, comprising most fearful conflagration which broke those well-known tenements over the ont in the Meal-Market, Cowgate, and piazzas leadinginto the Parliament Square, made its way to the High-Street. one house in the Square, and the one in a dreadful fire (says Maitland in his llis. the Royal Bank Close, in which the fire tory of Edinburgh,) that broke out at originated, which last, with the one im. the north-eastern corner of the Mealmediately in front of it, were reduced to Market, about ten o'clock on Saturday a heap of ruins hefore three o'clock in the night, on the 3d of February, all that morning. The afternoon of Thursday magnificent pile of buildings (exclusive was far advanced before the devastating of the Treasury Room) in the eastern fury of the flames received any sensible and southern sides of the Parliament check, and the engines continued to play Close, with the Exchange, were destroyupon the smoking ruins at intervals the ed.” About two years before this great three following days. The loss of property fire, the Scots Parliament, anno 1698, has been immense, notwithstanding that we are told, “ taking into consideration much of it was covered by insurance. the great danger the Edinburghers were The loss of life has been almost miracu- exposed to by the excessive height of lously confined to that of one individual. their houses, both in respect to fire and The inhabitants of the two houses which falling, they enacted, that no building first suffered, entered by a common stair to be erected in the city thereafter shall in the Royal Bank Close, and although exceed five stories in height; the front the fire broke out at the dead hour of wall in the ground story to be three feet night, by the extraordinary intrepidity of in thickness, the second two feet nine a few individuals, they were all got out inches, the third two feet six, the fourth in safety, many of them naked. Alex. two feet three, and the fifth two feet."ander Chalmers, a town-officer, was Before this, the houses had been consi. tempted, after he had rescued a wife and derably higher, as we are informed that seven children, to make an endeavour to the house on the south side of the Par. recover some valuable papers which he liament Square, which was burnt down had in charge ; but on opening his door he in the great fire of 1700, was three sto. was met by a body of fame which seized ries higher than the one which stands upon bis clothes, and he was so dread. There at present, and which, at the back fully scorched, that he died in consequence part, eleven stories high, being the yesterday morning. The upper flats of highest house in Edinburgh. the houses destroyed were inhabited mostly 28.-High COURT of poor people, most of whom lost every This day Jane Macfarlane was found thing but their lives. Others were en- Guilty of stealing from the person of abled to save part of their furniture and W. J. Brown a pocket book, containing cffects,, which were deposited in the Par. bank-notes to the amount of £.53, or liamen Square. Here a most distressing thereby. Another woman, Margaret Muir,

was exhibited in the course of was charged with the same crime, but not Thursday ; numbers of individuals, now appearing, was outlawed. The robbery


was committed on the North Bridge on since been sentenced to twelve months the night of the 24th of March, and Mr confinement in Bridewell.] Brown having misssd the pocket-book Daniel Mackenzie was found Guilty, immediately, seized the two women, and upon his own confession, of theft and held them till taken into custody by two housebreaking, but the libel having been police officers. They had thrown the restricted, and circumstances favourable book over the bridge, and it was found to the prisoner pleaded by his counsel, immediately under the spot where they he was sentenced only to hard labour in had been standing. The Court continued Bridewell for eighteen months. the diet against the prisoner. [She has


I. CIVIL. June 2.-George, Earl of Morton, to be LordLieutenant of the County of Mid-Lothian.

- John William Robert, Marquis of Lothian, to be Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Rox. barga.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. May 25.- Mr William Nay ordained to the pastoral charge of the Relief Congregation, TollCross, Glasgow.

June 2.- Rev. Alexander Stewart presented by the King to the Church and Parish of Cromarty, vacant by the death of the Rev. Robert Smith.

III. MILITARY. Brevet Capt. Colthurst, 97 F. Maj. in the Aro my

12 Aug. 1819 RH. Gds. Hon. G. W. Forester, Cornet by purch.

vice Sir R. Hill, ret. 27 May 1824 2. Dr. G. F. C. Griffiths, Cornet by purch. vice

Duncombe, Gren. Gds. 17 June Lieut. Hame, from 15 Dr. Capt. by

purch. vice Langley, ret. 10 do. 7 Dr. Ensign Edwards, from 46 F. Cornet vice Aird, h. p. 10 F.

do. Capt. Shirley, Maj. by purch. vice Keane, prom.

17 do. Lieut. Williams, Capt.

do. Cornet Pringle, Lieut.

do. 15 Cornet Garnier, Lieute by purch. vice Hume, 6 Dr. G.

do. H. T. Lord Pelham, Cornet do. Gren. Gds. Cornet Duncombe, from 2 Dr. Gds.

Ensign and Lieut. by purch. vice Douglas, prom

do. 1F. Lleut Smith, from h. p. 21 F. Lieut. vice Rafter, cancelled

27 May Lieut. Irvinz, Capt. by purch. vice Spink, 92 F

3 June Ensign Heedly, Lieut.

do. D. W. I. L'Ardy

do. 10

Capt. Vandeleur, from 3 Vet. Bn. Capt. vice Blane, 90 F.

do. 11

Assist Surg. Chermside, from h. p. 7

Vet. Bn. Assist. Surg. vice Stewart,
Afr, Corps.

do. 16

Capt. Kemp, from 55 F. Capt. vice

Straker, 1. p. York Chass. 27 May Bt. Lieut. Col. Gorrequer, Maj. by

purch. vice Percival, ret. 10 June Lieut. French, Capt.

do. Hosp. Assist. Ewing, Assist. Surg. vice Freer, removed from the Service

3 do. Lieut M.Pherson, Capt. vice Waldron, dead

25 March Ensign Carroll, Lieut.

do. J. F. Lonsdale, Ensign 27 May 37 Lieut. Dyer, Adj. vice Lange, res. Adj.

do. 10 Capt. Moore, from h. p. 40 F. Paym. vice Phillips, dismissed

Ju W. Edwards, Ensign vice Swetonham,

3 do. Ensign Keiley, from h. p. 10 F. Ensign vice Edwards, 7 Dr.

10 do. VOL. XV.

18 F. Ens. M.Kenzie, from h. p. Afr. Corps,

Ens. vice Grant, 58 F. 27 May 1824 54 Lieut. Moore, from h. p. 71 F. Lieut. vice Hawkins, 91 F.

20 do. 55

Capt. Verity, from b. p. York Chass.

Capt. vice Kemp, 16 F. 27 do. 58 Ensign Grant, from 48 F. Ensign vice Lett, h. p. Afr. Corps.

do. 60

Hosp. Assist. Lamond, Assist. Surg. vice
Melvin, prom.

do. Lieut. Tempest, from 98 F. Lieut. vice Cornwall, 76 F.

19 June 62 Ensign Lane, Lieut. by purch. vice Butler, ret.

27 May J. W. Fisher, Ensign

do. 63 Capt. Hill, from h. p. 28 F. Capt. vice Lynch, 3 Vet. Bn.

3 June Lieut. Jordan, Adj. vice Duport, res. Adj.

20 May Surg. Bohan, from h. p. 23 F. Surg. vice Macnish, h. p.

do. Lieut. Forster, from h. p. Rifle Brig. Paymaster, vice Jones, dismissed

10 June 71 Lieut. Pennington, from late 5 Vet. Bn.

Paym. vice Mackenzie, h. p. 20 May Quart. Mast. Serj. Agnew, Quart. Mast. vice Herring, ret. on full pay.

17 June 76

Lieut. Cornwall, from 60 F. Lieut. vice
Grubbe, h. p. 74 F.

10 do 90

Capt. Blane, from 10 F. Capt. vice Bt.
Maj. Williamson, h. p. 28 F.

3 do. Assist. Surg. Whitney, from 85 F. Surg. vice Morrison, dead

17 do. 91

Lieut. Hawkins, from 54 F. Lieut. vice
Berkeley, h. p. 71 F.

20 May 97 Surg. Conolly, from h. p. 5 W. I. R. Surg.

17 June 98

Capt. D. Campbell, from h. p. 94 F.

Capt. vice Fox, cancelled 97 do. Lieut. Freebairn, from h. p. 74 F. Lieut. vice Tempest, 60 F.

10 June Lieut. Dunlevie, from h. P.

65 F. Paym.

do 99 Surg. Hibbert, from h. p. York L.l.y. Surg.

17 do. Rifle Brig. Ist Lieut. Felix, Capt. by purch. vice Travers, ret.

20 May 2d Lieut. Irton, 1st Lieut.

do. H. F. Beckwith, 2d Lieut. 1 Vet. Bn. Capt Scott, from h. p. 26 F. Capt. vice Strangeways, ret. list

27 do. 3 Bt. Maj. Lynch, from 63 F. Capt. vice Vandeleur, 10 F.

3 June Ensign Douglas, from h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Ensign vice Boreham, ret. list

Unattached. Major Keane, from 7 Dr. Lieut. Col. of Inf. by purch. Lieut. Gen. Stovin, ret. 17 June 1824.

Staff. Lieut. Nunn, from 59 F. Staff Adj. vice Gourlay: dead

27 May 1824 Hospital Staff Assist. Surg. Stewart, from h. p. 38 F. Assist. Surg. vice Hosp. Assist. Chambers, 64 F.

20 May 1824 Р




Assist. Surg. M'Leod, from h.p.78 F. Assist. Surg. Lieut. Bourke, 7 F.

7 June vice Hosp. Assist. M'Niece, dead 25 May 1821 - Cuthbertson, 48 F. drowned at Macquarrie

Caldwell, from h. p. 31 F. Assist. Harbour, Van Diemen's Land 24 Dec. 1823 Surg. vice Lamonde, 60 F.

25 June

Roy, 69 F. Wallajahbad, Madras do.

27 Jan. 1891 Hosp. Assist. Morgan, Assist. Surg. J, Young, Hosp. Assist. vice Blair, dead 18 do.

Mallet, late Invalids, Plymouth 1 June
Watt, late 3 Vet. Bn. Jersey

4 da. Exchanges.

Ingleby, h. p. 1 Dr. Lancaster

10 April

K. Campbell, h. p. 74 F. Inverness Lieut. Col. Sir T. N. Hill, K.C.B. from Gren.

29 March Gds. with Lieut. Col. Ellison, h. p. Unatt.

Pyne, h: p. 2 Gar. Bn. Dublin 22 Jan. Cassidy, from 1 W. I. R. with Lieut. Noble, h. p. 95 F. Rothsay

21 April Col. Browne, h. p. 6 W. I. R.

Cauchi, h.p. R. Reg. of Malta, France

15 Jan Major Sweney, from 1 Dr Gds. rec. diff. with Major Delancey, h. p. 2 Ceylon Regt.

Ordioni, h. p. Corsican Rang. Corsica
Nicolls, from 96 F. with Major White,

23 Sept. 1823 h. p. 24 F.

- De Vaux, h. p. Chass. Britain, Nantes Bt. Lieut. Col. Sir T. Reade, from 27 F. with

23 Feb. 1824 Capt. Franklyn, h. p. 24 F.

Mackenzie, h. p. 1 Lieut. Dr. Ger. Leg. Capt. Paterson, from 8'Dr. with Capt. Knight,

drowned at Hanover

9 June 63 F.

Ensign Woodburn, 46 F.

1 Febe ---Dashwood, from Gren. Gds. With Capt. Dou.

Lisle, 83 F. Trincomalee, Ceylon

26 Nov. 1823 glas, h. p. Unatt. Lieut. Deacon, from 16 F. with Lieut. Murray,

Cumming, late 3 Vet. Bn. Edinburgh Ceylon Regt.

28 May 1824 Warren, from 41 F. with Lieut. Logan, Macpherson, late 3 Vet. Bn. Stromness, Rifle Brig.


2 June Ashe, from 11 F. with Lieut. Barnes, 65 F.

Newman, h. p. 10 F. 22 Feb. 1812 Giffard, from 92 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Bornemann, h. p. 8 Line German Leg. Forbes, h. p. 18 F.


15 April 1821 - Harvey, from Cape Corps (Inf.) with Lieut. Adjutant Perry, h. p. 21 Dr.

92 May Ross, h. p. 60 F.

Quart. Mast. Paul, 87 F. on board the Abberton Ensign Nixon, from 44 F. with Ensign Dodgin,


14 Feb. 66 F.

Holmes, late of Coldst. Gds. HolloEnsign Kellett, from 48 F. with Ensign Smith,


18 April h.p. 24 F.

Coleman, b. p. 4 Dr. Gds. Carlow, Ireland

5 do. Paym. Chitty, from 2 Dr. Gds. with Capt. Hay, h. p. 43 F.

Hill, h. p. Depots

23 Feb. Surg. Shorland, from 31 F. with Surg. Callow,

Medical Department. 96 F Jones, from 44 F. with Surg. Daunt, 58 F.

Staff Surg. M'Glashan, h. p. Glasgow May 1821 Assist. Surg. Campbell, from Ride Brig. with

Power, h. p. Bere Island 18 April Assist. Surg. Armstrong, h. p.

Staff Assist. Surg. Dr Wharrie, Ceylon 8 Jan. Hosp. Assist. Farmer, with Hosp. Assist. Black. wood, h. p.

Assist. Surg. Hoatson, Ceylon Regt. Ceylon

7 Nov. 1823

Dr Menzies, h. p.21 Dr. India
Resignations and Retirements.

25 Dec. Lieut. Gen. Stovin, from 17 F.

Meyer, h. p. 4 Vet. Bn. France

5 Nov. Major Percival, 18 F. Capt. Langley; 6 Dr. Gds.

Apoth. Fox, h. p.

May 1894 - Travers, Rifle Brig.

Price, h. p. London

do. Lieut. Butler, 62 F.

Hosp. Assist. Picton, Africa

5 March Cornet Sir R. Hill, Royal Horse Gds. Ensign Sweetenham, 16 F.

Chaplain's Department.

Rev. Archdeacon Owen, Chaplain General to the Appointments Cancelled.


4 June 1824 Capt. Fox, 98 F.

Killed, Wounded, and Missing, of the Re-
Lieut. Rafter, 1 F.
Lieut. Ker, 30 F.

gular Force in Action with the Ash.

antees on 21st January 1824, in the Removed from the Serviec.

West Wassa Country, Cape Coast
Assist. Surg. Freer, 21 F.

Castle, West Coast of Africa.

General J. Murray, of late 96 F. Paris.

Brig. Gen. Sir Charles M.Carthy, wounded, taken Lieut. General Farley, late of 68 F. Major General Du Plat, h. p. late Germ. Leg.

prisoner, and afterwards killed.
19 March 1824

Wounded (slightly.)
Lieut. Col. Johnston, h. p. Corsican Rang.
Lee, Royal Marines, Chathani May

Capt. Rickets, 2 W. I. R. Maj. of Brig:
Capt. Mackay, 48 F. Sydney, New South Wales

Ensign Erskine, R. African Colonial Corps. 2 Dec. 1823

Missing, and supposed to have been after L'Estrange, R. Afr. Col. Corps, in Africa, from excessive fatigue 24 March 1824

wards killed. Quentin, h. p. 2 Dr. Germ. Leg. Hanover Ensign Wetherell, 2 W. I. R.

20 May Dr. Beresford Tedlic, Surg. of 2 W. I. R.

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