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Hosannas languish on our tongues,

And our devotion dies. mf HOLY SPIRIT, Truth Divine !

Dawn upon this soul of mine ; p Dear Lord, and shall we ever lie Word of God, and inward Light,

At this poor dying rate ? Wake my spirit, clear my sight. Our love so faint, so cold to Thee,

And Thine to us so great! mf Holy Spirit, Love Divine ! Glow within this heart of mine ;

mf Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Kindle every high desire ;

With all Thy quickening powers! Perish self in Thy pure fire !

Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, mf Holy Spirit, Power Divine !

And that shall kindle ours. Fill and nerve this will of mine ;

1. Watts. By Thee may I strongly live, Bravely bear, and nobly strive ! 206

C.M. mf Holy Spirit, Right Divine !

mf LORD! am I precious in Thy sight? King within my conscience reign ; Lord I would'st Thou have me Be my Lord, and I shall be

Thine ? Firmly bound, for ever free.

What! may I grieve, may I delight p Holy Spirit, Peace Divine !

The Majesty Divine ?
Still this restless heart of mine ;
Speak to calm this tossing sea,

mp O Holy Spirit! dost Thou mourn

When I from Thee depart ? Stayed in Thy tranquillity.

cres Dost Thou rejoice when I return mf Holy Spirit, Joy Divine !

And give Thee back my heart ? Gladden Thou this heart of mine; In the desert ways I sing

mf 0 sweet, strange height of Grace

Divine f Spring, 0 Well, for ever spring ! S. Longfellow.

My sin Thy grief to make,

And this poor faithfulness of mine 205


For Thy delight to take ! mf COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, mp Strange height of sin to spurn the With all Thy quickening powers !

love Kindle a flame of sacred love

That yearns to make me blest, In these cold hearts of ours.

And drive away the Heavenly Dove mf Look how we grovel here below,

That fain would be my guest ! Fond of these trifling toys; Our souls can neither fly nor go

mf 0 happy Heaven where Thine

embrace To reach eternal joys!

I never more shall leave, p In vain we tune our formal songs,

Nor ever cast away Thy grace,
In vain we strive to rise ;

Nor once Thy Spirit grieve i


mf Let me, dear Lord, each grace mf The light of truth to me display ; possess

[bright, That I may know and choose my That makes Thy Heaven more way ; cresAnd bring the humble holiness Plant holy fear within mine heart, f That gives my God delight.

That I from God may ne'er depart.

T. H. Gill. mf Conduct me safe, conduct me far 207

From every sin and hurtful snare; C.M.

Lead me to God, my final Rest, f ENTHRONED on high, Almighty In His enjoyment to be blest. Lord,

mp Lead me to Christ, the Living Way, The Holy Ghost send down ;

Nor let me from His pastures stray : Fulfil in us Thy faithful word, cresLead me to Heaven, the seat of And all Thy mercies crown.

bliss, mf Though on our heads no tongues ff Where pleasure in perfection is. of fire

mf Lead me to holiness, the road [God; Their wondrous powers impart, That I must take to dwell with dimGrant, Saviour, what we

Lead to Thy Word, that rules must desire,

give, Thy Spirit in our heart.

And sure directions how to live. mp Spirit of life and light and love, mf Thus I, conducted still by Thee,

Thy heavenly influence give : Of God a child beloved shall be, cresQuicken our souls, born from cres Here to His family pertain, above,

f Hereafter with Him ever reign. In Christ, that we may live.

S. Browne. mf To our benighted minds reveal 209

L.M. The glories of His grace; f COME, Holy Ghost, and through And bring us where no clouds each heart conceal

In Thy full flood of glory pour ; The brightness of His face.

Who, with the Son and Father, art mf His love within us shed abroad,

One Godhead blessed for evermore. Life's ever-springing well, f So shall voice, mind, and strength Till God in us, and we in God,

conspire In love eternal dwell.

Thy praise eternal to resound : T. Haweis.

So shall our hearts be set on fire,

And kindle every heart around. 208

L.M. mf Father of mercies, hear our cry, mf COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, Hear us, O sole-begotten Son : My sinful maladies remove !

Who with the Holy Ghost Most Be Thou my Light, be Thou my High, Guide,

f Reignest while endless ages run. O’er every thought and step preside.

Ambrose, tr. E. Caswall.

kind ;



L.M. mf CREATOR Spirit ! by Whose aid The world's foundations first were

mf COME, O Creator Spirit blest !

And in our souls take up Thy rest; laid,

Come, with Thy grace and heavenly Come, visit every pious mind ;

aid, Come, pour Thy joys on human

To fill the hearts which Thou hast

made. p From sin and sorrow set us free, cresAnd make Thy temples worthy my Great Paraclete ; to Thee we cry: Thee.

creso highest gift of God most high!

O fount of life! O fire of love! mf O source of uncreated light, The Father's promised Paraclete !

And sweet anointing from above! Thrice holy fount, thrice holy fire, mf The sacred sevenfold grace is Thine, cresOur hearts with heavenly love Dread Finger of the hand divine! inspire ;

The promise of the Father Thou ! f Come, and Thy sacred unction bring Who dost the tongue with power To sanctify us, while we sing.

endow. mf Thou strength of His almighty mf Our senses touch with light and fire;

hand, [earth command, Our hearts with charity inspire ; Whose power does heaven and And with endurance from on high Refine and purge our earthly parts dimThe weakness of our flesh supply. But, 0, inflame and fire our hearts ! And, lest our feet should stepmf Far back our enemy repel, astray,

dimAnd let Thy peace within us dwell; Protect, and guide us in the way.

So may we,

having Thee for guide,

Turn from each hurtful thing aside. f Plenteous of grace, descend from high,

mf O may Thy grace on us bestow Rich in Thy sevenfold energy!

The Father and the Son to know, Make us eternal truths receive,

cresAnd evermore to hold confessed And practise all that we believe.

Thyself of each the Spirit blest. Give us Thyself, that we may see Gregory the Great, tr. E. Caswall.

The Father and the Son by Thee. f Immortal honour, endless fame, 212 Attend the Almighty Father's

7.7.7. Name :

mf HOLY SPIRIT ! Lord of light! The Saviour Son be glorified,

From the clear celestial height p Who for lost man's redemption died: Thy pure beaming radiance give : (resAnd equal adoration be,

mf Come, Thou Father of the poor ! Eternal Paraclete, to Thee.

Come, with treasures which endure! Gregory the Great, paraphr. J. Dryden. Come, Thou Light of all that live!


[mpThou, of all consolers best, p Rest, which the weary know.

Thou the soul's delightsome guest, Shade, 'mid the noontide glow, Dost refreshing peace bestow ; Peace, when deep griefs o'erflow,

Cheer us this hour. mp Thou in toil art comfort sweet;

Pleasant coolness in the heat; mf Comė, Light serene and still,
Solace in the midst of woe.]

Our inmost bosoms fill ;

Dwell in each breast : mf Light immortal! light divine.!

We know no dawn but Thine ; Visit Thou these hearts of Thine, And our inmost being fill :

presSend forth Tby beams divine,

On our dark souls to shine, p If Thou take Thy grace away,

And make us blest.
Nothing pure in man will stay ;
All his good is turned to ill.

mf Exalt our low desires,

p Extinguish passion's fires, (mpHeal our wounds; our strength Heal every wound ; renew;

Our stubborn spirits bend, On our dryness pour Thy dew; Our icy coldness end, Wash the stains of guilt away :] cresOur devious steps attend,

While heavenward bound. mp Bend the stubborn heart and will ;

Melt the frozen, warm the chill; f Come, all the faithful bless :
Guide the steps that go astray.

Let all who Christ confess

His praise employ ; mf Thou, on those who evermore

Give virtue's rich reward ; Thee confess and Thee adore,

Victorious death accord, In Thy sevenfold gifts, descend :

cresAnd, with our glorious Lord, p Give them comfort when they die, If Eternal joy. cresGive them life with Thee on high,

Robert II. of France, paraphr. f Give them joys that never end.

R. Palmer. Robert II. of France, tr. E. Caswall.


P.M. 213 mp

COME Thou, () come; mf COME, Holy Ghost in love,

Sweetest and kindliest,
Shed on us from above

Giver of tranquil rest
Thine own bright ray :

Unto the weary soul ;
Divinely good Thou art;

In all anxiety
Thy sacred gifts impart

With pow'r from heav'n on high PP

Console To gladden each sad heart : O come to-day.

mf Come Thou, O come ; mf Come, tenderest friend and best, Help in the hour of need, Our most delightful Guest,

dimStrength of the broken reed, With soothing power :

Guide of each lonely one ;


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Orphans' and widows' stay,

mf When the fight is fiercest Who tread in life's hard way

In the noontide heat,

Bear us, Holy Spirit,
Come Thou, O come ;

To our Saviour's feet,
Glorious and shadow-free,

There to find a refuge
Star of the stormy sea,

Till our work is done, Light of the tempest-tost;

There to fight the battle

Till the battle's won. Harbour our souls to save

[etc. dimWhen hope upon the wave

Light and Life Immortal! PP

Is lost.

p If the day be falling itf Come Thou, O come ;

Sadly as it goes, Joy in life's narrow path,

Slowly in its sadness dim Hope in the hour of death,

Sinking to its close, Come, Blessed Spirit, come ;

Cres May Thy love in mercy Lead Thou us tenderly,

Kindling ere it die,
Till we shall find with Thee

Cast a ray of glory
Our home.

O’er our evening sky.

[etc. Latin, 9th century, tr. G. Moultrie.

Light and Life Immortal |

mf Morning, noon, and evening, 215 6.5., 12 lines.

Whensoe'er it be, mf HEAR us, Thou that broodedst Grant us, gracious Spirit, O’er the watery deep,

Quickening life in Thee ;
Waking all creation

Life, that gives us, living,
From its primal sleep ;

Life of heavenly love;
Holy Spirit, breathing

Life, that brings us, dying,
Breath of life divine,

Life, from heaven above.
Breathe into our spirits,

f Life and Light Immortal ! Blending them with Thine.

Hear us as we raise
Light and Life Immortal!

Hearts, as well as voices,
Hear us as we raise

Mingling prayer and praise.
Hearts, as well as voices,

G. Thring. Mingling prayer and praise. 216 [mf When the sun ariseth In a cloudless sky,

mf GRACIOUS Spirit, Holy Ghost, May we feel Thy presence,

Taught by Thee, we covet most Holy Spirit, nigh ;

Of Thy gifts at Pentecost,
Shed Thy radiance o'er us,

Holy, heavenly love.
Keep it cloudless still,

mp Love is kind, and suffers long ; Through the day before us,

Love is meek, and thinks no wrong ; Perfecting Thy will.

cresLove, than death itself more Light and Life Immortal!

strong :
Therefore give us love.


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