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mp 01 not in circling depth or height,

But in the conscious breast;
Present' to faith, though veiled

from sight,
There doth His Spirit rest.
O come, Thou Presence Infinite !
And make Thy creature blest.

J. Conder. 9

7s. mf LET us with a gladsome mind

Praise the Lord, for He is kind : f For His mercies aye endure,

Everfaithful, ever sure. mf Let us blaze His name abroad,

For of gods He is the God : f For His mercies aye endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure. mf He, with all-commanding might,

Filled the new-made world with f For His mercies aye endure, [light:

Ever faithful, ever sure. [mf He the golden tressèd sun

Caused all day his course to run : f For His mercies aye endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure. mf And the moon to shine by night

'Mong her spangled sisters bright: f For His mercies aye endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.] . mf All things living He doth feed;

His full hand supplies their need : f For His mercies aye endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure. mf He His chosen race did bless,

In the wasteful wilderness : f For His mercies aye endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure. p He bath, with a piteous eye,

Looked upon our misery :

f For His mercies aye endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.
mf Let us therefore warble forth

His high majesty and worth :
f For His mercies aye endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.

J. Milton, altd. 10 mf PRAISE, my soul, the King of

heaven; To His feet thy tribute bring ; Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,

[sing ? Who like thee His praise should f Praise Him! praise Him !

Praise the everlasting King !
mf Praise Him for His grace and

To our fathers in distress ;
Praise Him still the same for ever,
Slow to chide, and swift to

bless :
If Praise Him ! praise Him!

Glorious in His faithfulness ! p Father-like He tends and spares us;

Well our feeble frame He

knows ; In His hands He gently bears us,

Rescues us from all our foes : f Praise Him ! praise Him !

Widely as His mercy flows ! f Angels, help us to adore Him,

Ye behold Him face to face; Sun and moon, bow down before


Dwellers all in time and space, f Praise Him I praise Him!

Praise with us the God of grace !

H. F. Lyte,

the poor,


His truth for ever stands secure;, or C.M.

He saves the oppressed, He feeds My God, my King,

(vain. Thy praise I'll sing,

And none shall find His promise My heart is all Thine own : My highest powers,

mp The Lord hath eyes to give the

blind ; My choicest hours,

The Lord supports the sinking I yield to Thee alone.

mind; f My voice, awake

He sends the labouring conThy part to take ;

science peace ; My soul, the concert join ;

He helps the stranger in distress,
Till all around

The widow and the fatherless,
Shall catch the sound,

And grants the prisoner sweet And mix their hymns with mine.

release. р But man is weak

f I'll praise Him while He lends me Thy praise to speak;

breath ; Your God, ye angels sing ;

And when my voice is lost in death, 'Tis yours to see,

Praise shall employ my nobler More near than we,

powers ;

(past, The glories of our King.

My days of praise shall ne'er be His truth and grace

While life and thought and being Fill time an

Or immortality endures. [last, space, As large His honours be;

1. Watts. Till all that live Their homage give,

13 f And praise my God with me.

f God the Lord is King—before Him, H. F. Lyte.

Earth, with all thy nations,

wait! 12

88.88.88. Where the cherubim adore Him,

Sitteth He in royal state : mf I'LL praise my Maker with my breath,


He is holy; dimAnd when my voice is lost in death, cres Blessed, only Potentate ! cres Praise shall employ my nobler f God the Lord is King of glory, powers ;

[past, Zion, tell the world His fame ;
My days of praise shall ne'er be Ancient Israel, the story
While life and thought and being Of His faithfulness proclaim :
Or immortality endures. [last, P

He is holy ;

Holy is His awful name. f Happy the man whose hopes rely On Israel's God; He made the sky mp In old times when dangers And earth and seas, with all


(seer, their train :

When, invoked by priest and




cresTo His people's cry He hearkened ; cres Wonders of grace to God belong,

Answered them in all their fear; Repeat His mercies in your song. р He is holy ;

(near. cres As they called, they found Him mf He fills the sun with morning light,

He bids the moon direct the night : mp Laws divine to them were spoken cres His mercies ever shall endure,

From the pillar of the cloud ; When suns and moons shall shine cresSacred precepts, quickly broken!

no more. f Fiercely then His vengeance p He sent His Son with power to save flowed :

From guilt and darkness and the P He is holy ;

[bowed. To the dust their hearts were

grave :

cres Wonders of grace to God belong, mp But their Father God forgave them Repeat His mercies in your song.

When they sought His face mf Through this vain world He guides once more ;

our feet, cresEver ready was to save them,

And leads us to His heavenly seat : Tenderly did He restore ;

cres His mercies ever shall endure, P He is holy ;

When this vain world shall be nu cres We, too, will His grace implore.

1. Watts. mp God in Christ is all forgiving, Waits His mercy to fulfil : 15 cresCome, exalt Him, all the living ; f Come, ascend His Zion, still ! f LORD God, by Whom all change is P He is holy ;


[brought, cres Worship at His holy hill.

By Whom new things to birth are G. Rau son.

In Whom no change is known! Whate'er Thou dost, whate'er Thou art,

[part ; 14


Thy people still in Thee have mf GIVE to our God immortal praise, Still, still Thou art our own.

Mercy and truth are all His ways: [mpAncient of Days! we dwell in eres Wonders of grace to God belong, Out of Thine own eternity [Thee;

Repeat His mercies in your song. Our peace and joy are wrought; mf Give to the Lord of lords renown; We rest in our eternal God, The King of kings with glory And make secure and sweet abode

With Thee, Who changest not. cresHis mercies ever shall endure,

mp Each steadfast promise we possess ; When lords and kings are known Thine everlasting truth we bless,

Thine everlasting love; (clasp, mf He built the earth, He spread the cresThe unfailing Helper close we sky,

[bigb : The everlasting Arms we grasp, And fixed the starry lights on f Nor from the Refuge move.]


no more.


mp Spirit Who makest all things new, f Thou spak'st, and heaven and earth Thou leadest onward ; we pursue

appeared, The heavenly march sublime.

And answered to Thy call ; cres'Neath Thy renewing fire we glow, As if their Maker's voice they And still from strength to strength

we go,

Which is the creature's all.]
From height to height we climb.

f To whom, Lord ! should I sing: mf Darkness and dread we leave

but Thee ? behind,

The Maker of my tongue ! New light, new glory still we find, Lo! other lords would seize on me, New realms divine possess ;

But I to Thee belong. cresNew Births of Grace, new raptures mf As waters haste unto their sea, bring :

And earth unto its earth,
Triumphant, the new song we sing, So let my soul return to Thee,
The great Renewer bless.

From Whom it had its birth. mf To Thee we rise, in Thee we rest; p But I am fallen on the night, We stay at home, we go in quest,

And cannot come to Thee ;
Still Thou art our abode.

cresYet speak the word, let there be cresThe rapture swells, the wonder

light; grows,

It shall enlighten me : [Lord, As full on us new life still flows mf And let Thy word, most mighty f From our unchanging God.

Thy fallen creature raise :
T. H. Gill. Oh, make me o'er again, and I

Shall sing my Maker's praise. 16

J. Mason. C.M., double. f Thou wast, O God! and Thou 17

C.M. wast blest Before the world begun ;

f THOUSANDS of thousands stand

around Of Thine eternity possessed Before time's glass did run.

Thy throne, O God most high!

Ten thousand times ten thousand Thou needest none Thy praise to

sound sing,

din Thy praise - but who am I? As if Thy joy could fade ; Couldst Thou have needed any | mf Thy brightness unto them appears, thing,

Whilst I Thy footsteps trace ;
Thou couldst have nothing made.

A sound of God comes to my ears,

But they behold Thy Face. [mfGreat and good God I it pleased Thee

тр How great a being, Lord, is Thine, Thy Godhead to declare ;

Which doth all beings keep! And what Thy goodness did decree, Thy knowledge is the only line Thy greatness did prepare.

To sound so vast a deep.

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mf Thy arm of might, most mighty Bears and forbears as Thou hast King,

[break : With me, Thy sinful child. done Both rocks and hearts doth nif Father of Jesus, love's reward ! My God, Thou canst do everything

What rapture will it be
But what should show Thee

p Prostrate before Thy throne to lie, weak.

cres And gaze, and gaze on Thee ! mp Most pure and holy are Thine eyes,

F. W. Faber. Most holy is Thy name; Thy saints, and laws, and penalties 19

C.M. Thy holiness proclaim. uf Great is Thy truth, and shall dim What worthless worms are we!

f GREAT God, how infinite art Thou ! prevail To unbelievers' shame ;

cres Let the whole race of creatures bow, Thy truth and years do never fail,

f And pay their praise to Thee. Thou ever art the same.

f Thy throne eternal ages stood, J. Mason.

Ere seas or stars were made ;

Thou art the ever-living God, 18


Were all the nations dead. mf My God, how wonderful Thou art: !mf Nature and time quite naked lie

To Thine immense survey,
Thy majesty how bright!
How beautiful Thy mercy-seat,

From de formation of the sky
In depths of burning light!

To the great burning day. p How dread are Thine eternal years. nf Eternity, with all its years, O everlasting Lord I

Stands present in Thy view ;

To Thee there's nothing old appears, By prostrate spirits, day and night, Incessantly adored.

Great God, there's nothing new. (mf How beautiful, how beautiful

mp Our lives through various scenes The sight of Thee must be ;

are drawn, Thine endless wisdom, boundless

And vexed with trifting cares ; And awful purity !] s power,

(resWhile Thine eternalthought moves

Thine undisturbed affairs. [on O bow I fear Thee, Living God !

Great God, how infinite art Thou ! With deepest, tenderest fears ; And worship Thee with trembling dim What worthless worms are we! And penitential tears.

cresLet the whole race of creatures bow. (hope

f And pay their praise to Thee. nf Yet may I love Thee, too, O Lord,

1. Watts. Aimighty as Thou art ; For Thou hast stooped to ask of me dim The love of my poor heart.

20 p No earthly father loves like Thee, f ETERNAL Light | Eternal Light! No mother half so mild

How pure the soul must be,

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