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L.M. mf How shall I follow Him I serve? mf TEACH me, O Lord, Thy holy way; How shali I copy Him I love?

And give me an obedient mind, Nor from those blessed footsteps That in Thy service I may find swerve,

My soul's delight from day to day. Which lead me to His seat above!

Guide me, O Saviour, with Thy p Privations, sorrows, bitter scorn,

Land, The life of toil, the mean abode,

And so control my thoughts and The faithless kiss, the crown of

deeds, thorn,

That I may tread the path which Are these the consecrated road ?

leads {mf 'Twas thus He suffered, though a

cresRight onward to the blessèd land. Son,

p Help me, O Saviour, here to trace Foreknowing, choosing, feeling all;

The sacred footsteps Thou hast trod. cresUntil the perfect work was done,

And meekly walking with my God, dimAnd drunk, the bitter cup of gall.]

To grow in goodness, truth, and p Lord, should my path through grace.

suffering lie, Forbid it I should e'er repine ;

mf Guard me, O Lord, that I may ne'er Still let me turn to Calvary,

Forsake the right, or do the wrong ; dimNor heed my griefs, remembering cresAgainst temptation make Thine.


And round me spread Thy shelterO let me think how Thou didst leave

ing care. Untasted every pure delight, To fast, to faint, to watch, to grieve, f Bless me in every task, O Lord, The toilsome day, the homeless Begun, continued. done for Thee; night:

Fulfil Thy perfect work in me; p To faint, to grieve, to die for me!

And Thine abounding grace afford. Thou camest not Thyself to please :

W. T, Matson. cresAnd, dear as earthly comforts be, Shall I not love Thee more than 114 these?


THOU Who didst stoop below mf Yes! I would count them all but To drain the cup of woe, loss,


form of frail To gain the notice of Thine eye :

mortality ; p Flesh shrinks and trembles at the

Thy blessèd labours done, cross,

cres Thy crown of victory won, f But Thou canst give the victory. Hast passed from earth, passed to I Conder.

Thy home on high.



р It was no path of flowers, 115

Through this dark world of ours,
Beloved of the Father, Thou didst mf My dear Redeemer and my Lord,

I read my duty in Thy word ;
And shall we in dismay

cresBut in Thy life the law appears Shrink from the narrow way,

Drawn out in living characters. When clouds and darkness are mf Such was Thy truth, and such Thy around it spread 1

zeal, 0 Thou, Who art our life,

Such deference to Thy Father's will Be with us through the strife;

Such love, and meekness so divine, limThy holy head by earth's fierce

I would transcribe and make them storms was bowed,

mine. Raise Thou our eyes above, p Cold mountains and the midnight To see a Father's love,


(prayer ; Beam like the bow of promise Witnessed the fervour of Thy through the cloud.

The desert Thy temptations knew, P E'en through the awful gloom cresThy conflict and Thy victory too.

Which hovers o'er the tomb, mf Be Thou my pattern ; make me cresThat light of love our guiding bear star shall be ;

More of Thy gracious image here ; Our spirits shall not dread cresThen God, the Judge, shall own The shadowy path to tread,

my name Friend, Guardian, Saviour, which Amongst the followers of the doth lead to Thee.

Sarah E. Miles.

I. Watts,


C.M. cresBid me stretch out my withered

hand, f Jesu, if still Thou art to-day

And lift it up in prayer.
As yesterday the same,
Present to heal, in me display

p Silent (alas ! Thou know'st how The virtue of Thy Name.


My voice I cannot raise ; [tongue, Now, Lord, to Whom for help I call, cresButoo! when Thou shalt loose my Thy miracles repeat;

f The dumb shall sing Thy praise. p With pitying eyes, behold me fali

[p Blind from my birth to guilt and A leper at Thy feet.

Thou seest me deaf to Thy com And dark I am within ;

The love of God I cannot see,
Open, O Lord, my ear ;

The sinfulness of sin.


cresBut Thou, they say, art passing by ; 1 f Let all thy fears be hushed in thee; O let me find Thee near!

To leap, to look, to hear Jesu, in mercy hear my cry,

Be thine : thy needs He'll satisfy : Thou Son of David, hear]

Art thou diseased or dumb ? Behold me waiting in the way

Or dost thou in thine hunger cry? For Thee, the heavenly light;

“I come,” saith Christ, “I come.' cresCommand me to be brought, and

T. 7. Lynch. say, f “Sinner, receive thy sigbt !"

118 C. Wesley.

mf FIERCE raged the tempest o'er the deep,

[ keep: 117

C.M. double. Watch did Thine anxious servants mf O WHERE is He that trod the sea ? p But Thou wast wrapped in guile. Oh, where is He that spake,

less sleep. And demons from their victims flee, PP

Calm and still. The dead their slumbers break; mf "Save, Lord, we perish,” was their The palsied rise in freedom strong,

cry, The dumb men talk and sing, creso O save us in our agony ;” dimAnd from blind eyes, benighted f Thy word above the storm rose high, long,

PP Peace, be still.” cres Bright beams of morning spring. mf The wild winds hushed ; the angry mf 0 where is He that trod the sea ?

deep Oh, where is He that spake, dimSank, like a little child, to sleep ; And piercing words of liberty, p The sullen billows ceased to leap,

The deaf ears open shake; f At Thy will. dimAnd mildest words arrest the haste Of fever's deadly fire,

mf So, when our life is clouded o'er, cresAnd strong ones heal the weak cresAnd storm winds drift us from the

who waste
Their life in sad desire.

Say, lest we sink to rise no more

PP i " Peace, be still." mf 0 where is He that trod the sea ?

G. Thring. 'Tis only He can save ; To thousands hungering wearily, 119 A wondrous meal He gave :

C.M. f Full soon, celestially fed,

p HEAL us, Immanuell hear our Their rustic fare they take ;

prayer ; dim'Twas springtide when He blest We wait to feel Thy touch ; the bread,

Deep-wounded souls to Thee repair, And harvest when He brake.

And, Saviour, we are such. p O where is He that trod the sea ? Our faith is feeble, we confess ; Cres My soull the Lord is here:

We faintly trust Thy word;


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But wilt Thou pity us the less ? Concealed amid the gathering Be that far from Thee, Lord.

throng, Remember him who once applied

She would have skiunned Thy

view ; With trembling for relief :Lord, I believe,” with tears He mf And if her faith was firm and cried,

strong, “O help my unbelief

dim Had strong misgivings too. mf She, too, who touched Thee in the Like her, with hopes and fears we

And healing virtuestole, (peace,

Tɔ touch Thee, if we may : din Was answered, " Daughter, go in cresOh ! send us not despairing home : cres Thy faith hath made thee P

Send none unhealed away. whoie.”

W. Cowper, r. 1, 1. 1 altd.

9.-HIS LOVE, TENDERVESS, AND SYMPATEY. 120 [mpWhy, what hath my Lord done? f My song is love unknown ;

What makes this rage and spite ? My Saviour's love to me ;

cres He made the lame to run, dimLove to the loveless shown,

He gave the blind their sight. That they might lovely be.

Sweet injuries 1
Oh, who am I,

Yet they at these
That for my sake

Themselves displease,
My Lord should take

And 'gainst Him rise.
Frail flesh, and die?
(mf He came from His blessed throne

They rise and needs will have

My dear Lord made away ; Salvation to bestow :

A murderer they save, But men made strange, and none

The Prince of life they slay.
The longed for Christ would know,

Yet cheerful He
But oh! my Friend ;

To suff'ring goes,
My Friend indeed,

That He His foes
Who at my need
His life did spend.

From thence might free.] if Sometimes they strew His way, p In life, no house, no home And His sweet praises sing i

My Lord on earth might hav. : Resounding all the day,

In death, no friendly tomb, Hosannas to their King.

But what a stranger gave. dim Then “Crucify 1"

What may I say?
Is all their breath,

Heav'n was His home ;
And for His death

But mine the tomb
They thirst and cry.]

Wherein He lay.

heli ;

mf Here might I stay and sing, mf Come, almighty to deliver, No story so divine ;

Let us all Thy grace receive ; f Never was love, dear King!

Suddenly return, and never, dimNever was grief like Thine.

Never more Thy temples leave. f This is my Friend,

✓ Thee we would be always blessing, In Whose sweet praise

Serve Thee as Thy hosts above; I all my days

Pray, and praise Thee without Could gladly spend.

ceasing ; S. Crossman.

Glory in Thy precious love. 121 cresFinish, then, Thy new creation ; mf O Love divine, how sweet Thou art! Pure, unspotted may we be : When shall I find my willing heart

Let us see Thy great salvation All taken up by Thee ?

Perfectly restored in Thee : cresI thirst, I faint, I die to prove

.fo Changed from gìory into glory, The greatness of redeeming love,

Till in heaven we take our place; The love of Christ to me!

Till we cast our crowns before Thee,

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. Stronger His love than death or

C. Wesley. Its riches are unsearchable :

123 The firstborn sons of light

88.88,88. Desire in vain its depths to see ;

mif JESU ! Thy boundless love to me dimThey cannot reach the mystery,

No thought can reach, no tongue

declare ;
The length and breadth and

O knit my thankful heart to Thee,

And reign without a rival there : į God only knows the love of God :

cresThine wholly, Thine alone, I am : O that it now were shed abroad

Lord, with Thy love my heart In this poor stony heart !

inflame. crexFor love I sigh, for love I pine ; This only portion, Lord, be mine, mf O grant that nothing in my soul Be mine this better part.

May dwell, but Thy pure love alone:

i. Wesley. O may Thy love possess me whole, 122, double.

My joy, my treasure, and my crown:

f All coldness from my heart remcve; f Love divine ali leves excelling,

My every act, word, thought, be Joy of heaven, to earth come

love! down; fix in us Thy humble dwelling;

m' 0 Love! how cheering is thy ray! All Thy faithful mercies crown.

Ali pain before thy presence flies ; Jesus, Thou art all compassion ;

p Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away, Pure, unbounded love Thou art. Cres Where'er thy healing beams arise : cres Visit us with Thy salvation ; f 0 Jesu ! nothing may


see, Enter every longing heart.

Nothing desire, or seek, but Thee !

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