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Thou art the King of Israel,

Thou David's royal Son,
Who in the Lord's Name comest,
The King and Blessèd One.

All glory, etc. f The company of angels

Are praising Thee on high, And mortal men, and all things Created, make reply,

All glory, etc. The people of the Hebrews

With palms before Thee went; Our praise and prayer and anthems Before Thee we present.

All glory, etc.

mf To Thee before Thy Passion

They sang their hymns of praise;
To Thee, now high exalted,
Our melody we raise,

All glory, etc. cresThou didst accept their praises ;

Accept the prayers we bring,
Who in all good delightest,
Thou good and gracious King.
All glory, laud, and honour,

To Thee, Redeemer, King !
To Whom the lips of children

Made sweet hosannas ring, Theodulph of Orleans, tr. J. M.

Neale, altd.



It passed not, though the stormy p He knelt, the Saviour knelt, and prayed,

Had sunk beneath His tread : When but His Father's eye shade, It passed not, though to Him the Looked through the lonely garden's

grave On that dread agony :

Had yielded up its dead : [high The Lord of all, above, beneath, cresBut there was sent Him from on Was bowed with sorrow unto death. f A gift of strength for man to die. The sun set in a fearful hour : mf And was His mortal hour beset

The stars might well grow dim, With anguish and dismay ? When this mortality had power How may we meet our conflict yet So to o'ershadow him !

In the dark narrow way? That He, Who gave man's breath How but through Him, that path might know

Who trod ? The very depths of human woe. cresSave, or we perish, Son of God! He knew them all--the doubt, the

Felicia D. Hemans. strife,

137 The faint, perplexing dread ;

L.M. The mists that hang o'er parting p A voice upon the midnight air, life

Where Kedron's moonlit waters All gathered round His head : stray, And the Deliverer knelt to pray,

Weeps forth in agony of prayer, Yet passed it not, that cup, away.

“O Father ! take this cup away.":

Ah! Thou Who sorrowest unto Who teach the brave how peril flies, death,

When faith, unarmed, uplifts the cresWe conquer in Thy mortal fray ; hand.

And earth for all her children saith, f O King of Earth I the Cross ascend;

O God I take not this cup away. O'er climes and ages'tis Thy throne; p O Lord of sorrow! meekly die :

Where'er Thy fading eye may bend, Thou'lt heal or hallow all our woe;

The desert blooms, and is Thine own. Thy Name refresh the mourner's mf Thy parting blessing, Lord, we pray; sigh,

Make but one fold below, above; Thy peace revive the faint and low. dimAnd when we go the last lone way, mf Great Chief of faithful souls, arise ; creso give the welcome of Thy love.

None else can lead the martyr-band, J. Martineau's Selection, 1840.

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13.-HIS PASSION AND DEATH. 138, double.

mf What language shall I borrow mp: O SACRED Head I now wounded, To thank Thee, dearest Friend, With grief and shame weighed

For this, Thy dying sorrow, down ;

Thy pity without end ! dimNow scornfully surrounded

cresO make me Thine for ever! With thorns, Thy only crown;

And should I fainting be, f O sacred Head! what glory,

Lord, let me never, never What bliss till now was Thine ! Outlive my love to Thee. I read the wondrous story,

p Be near when I am dying, tres I joy to call Thee mine.

O show Thy cross to me! f O noblest brow, and dearest ! i cresAnd for my succour flying, In other days, the world

Come, Lord, to set me free. All feared when Thou appearedst;

These eyes, new faith receiving, What shame on Thee is hurled !

From Jesus shall not move, p How art Thou pale with anguish, p For he who dies believing, With sore abuse and scorn ;

Dies safely through Thy love. How does that visage languish Paul Gerhardt, tr. J. W. Alexander, Which once was bright as morn!

v. 1, 1. 7 altd. mf What Thou, my Lord, hast suffered 139

L.M. Was all for sinners' gain ; p Mine, mine was the transgression, mf WHEN 1 survey the wondrous cross But Thine the deadly pain.

On which the Prince of glory diel, Lo! here I fall, my Saviour !

My richest gain I count but loss, 'Tis I deserve Thy place ;

And pour contempt on all my pride. Look on me with Thy favour, cresForbid it, Lord, that I should boast, Vouchsafe to me Thy grace.

Save in the death of Christ my God.

All the vain things that charm me f Lift ye, then, your voices; most,

Swell the mighty flood ; I sacrifice them to His blood. cres Louder still and louder, pp See from His head, His hands, His

Praise the precious blood. feet,


Italian, tr. E. Caswall. Sorrow and love flow mingled 141 cres Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

mp_Lo ! on the inglorious tree

The Lord, the Lord of glory hangs; mf Were the whole realm of nature


Forsaken now is He, mine,

And pierced with pangs. That were a present far too small;

A shameful death He dies,
f Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my

cres Uplifted with transgressors twain;

À Lamb for sacrifice,
I. Watts.


By sinners slain. 140

Full is His cup of woe;

In death His drooping head mf GLORY be to Jesus,

declines; Who, in bitter pains,

'Tis done! He cries; and now Poured for me the life-blood


His soul resigns.
From His sacred veins !
Grace and life eternal

mp O come, my soul, and gaze (thorn ; In that blood I find,

On that great grief, that crown of Blest be His compassion,

cres In deep and dread amaze

р Infinitely kind?

There loc's and mourn.

For thee He shed His blood ;
Blest through endless ages
Be the precious stream,

Weep, till with woe thine eyes
Which from endless torments

To that accursèd wood
Doth the world redeem !.

Thou hast nailed Him.
[Abel's blood for vengeance
Pleaded to the skies ;

mf To Thee, the mighty Lord,

Í Who washed in blood our sins away cres But the blood of Jesus For our pardon cries.]

f Our boundless gratitude

Its thanks would pay. P Oft as it is sprinkled

Latin, 9th century,tr. W.J. Blew, ultd. On our guilty hearts, mf Satan in confusion


L.M. Terror-struck departs ;

PO COME and mourn with me Oft as earth exulting

awhile : Wafts its praise on high,

O come ye to the Saviour's side : Angel hosts rejoicing

O come, together let us mourn ; Make their glad reply. pp Jesus, our Lord, is crucified,

grow dim;



Have we no tears to shed for Him, cres But Christ. the heavenly Lamb, While soldiers scoff and Jews Takes all our sins away ; deride?

A sacrifice of nobler name, Ah ! look how patiently He hangs; And richer blood than they. pp Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

mp My faith would lay her hand mf Seven times He spoke, seven words

On that dear head of Thine, of love ;

[cried While like a penitent I stand, And all three hours His silence And there confess my sin. For mercy on the souls of men :

My soul looks back to see pp Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

The burdens thou didst bear [cresoh break, oh break, hard heart When hanging on th'accursèd tree, of mine!

And hopes her guilt was there. p Thy weak self-love and guilty pride cres Believing, we rejoice His Pilate and His Judas were :

To see the curse remove; pp Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.]

f We bless the Lamb with cheerful Come, let us stand beneath the

voice, Cross;

And sing His bleeding love. The fountain opened in His side

I. Watts. Shall purge our deepest stains away :

144 pp Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

mf In the cross of Christ I glory ; cres A broken heart, a fount of tears, Towering o'er the wrecks of Ask, and they will not be denied ;

time, A broken heart love's offering is : All the light of sacred story Jesus, our Lord, is crucified.

Gathers round its head sublime. f O love of God! O sin of man!

p When the woes of life o'ertake me, In this dread act your strength is Hopes deceive, and fears annoy, tried ;

cres Never shall the cross forsake me : of And victory remains with love;

Lo! it glows with peace and joy. dimFor He, our Lord, is crucified.

When the sun of bliss is beaming F. W. Faber, v. 1, ll. 2, 3 ; v. 5, 11. 2,

Light and love upon my way : 3; v. 6, 1. 3, and last line of each

From the cross the radiance stream. v. altd.


Adds more lustre to the day. 143


Bane and blessing, pain and mf Not all the blood of beasts,

pleasure, On Jewish altars slain,

By the cross are sanctified ; Could give the guilty conscience p Peace is there, that knows no peace,

measure, Or wash away the stain : cres Joys, that through all time abide

f In the cross of Christ I glory;

See, it rends the rocks asunder, Towering o'er the wrecks of time, Shakes the earth and veils the All the light of sacred story

sky; Gathers round its head sublime.


It is finished !
J. Bowring.

cres Hear the dying Saviour cry. 145

mf It is finished !--O what pleasure 78., 6 lines.

Do those gracious words afford ; mf THRONED upon the awful tree,

Heavenly blessings without King of grief, I watch with Thee :

measure, dimDarkness veils Thine anguished

Flow to us from Christ the Lord : face,


It is finished ! None its lines of woe can trace,

cres Saints, the dying words record. None can tell what pangs unknown pp Hold Thee silent and alone. mf Finished, all the types and shadows,

Of the ceremonial law : p Silent through those three dread


Finished, all that hours,

had cresWrestling with the evil powers,

promised ;

Death and hell no more shall awe. dimLeft alone with human sin,

P Gloom around Thee and within,

It is finished !

cres Saints, from hence your comforts Till the appointed time is nigh,

draw. pp Till the Lamb of God may die. mf Hark! that cry that peals aloud

f Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs ; Upward through the whelming

Join to sing the glorious theme, cloud!

cres All on earth, and all in heaven, cresThou, the Father's only Son,

Join to praise Immanuel's name. Thou, His own Anointed One,


Hallelujah! Thou dost ask Him—“Can it be?

Glory to the bleeding Lamb. dimWhy hast Thou forsaken Me?

J. Evans. p Lord, should fear and anguish roll 147

L.M. Darkly o'er my sinful soul,

Thou, Who once was thus bereft mf NATURE with open volume stands, cresThat Thine own might ne'er be

To spread her Maker's praise left

abroad ; Teach me by that bitter cry

And every labour of His hands mf In the gloom to know Thee nigh.

Shows something worthy of a God. J. Ellerton.

f But in the grace that rescued man, 146

His brightest form of glory shines;

Here, on the Cross,'tis fairest drawn f HARK! the voice of love and mercy In precious blood, and crimson Sounds aloud from Calvary ;


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