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Pusey, Rev. William B., Garsington, near Oxford.
Puttrell, Miss, Shrewsbury.


Raikes, Mrs., Gloucester (5 copies).
Rea, Mr. W., Gloucester.
Rhodes, Rev. F. W., Perpetual Curate of Brentwood,

Richards, Rev. W. U., British Museum.
Rideout, Charles, Esq., Gloucester.
Robbins, William, Esq., Gloucester.
Roberts, Mrs., Bishop's Walk, Lambeth.
Rodwell, Rev. J. M., Minister of St. Peter's, Saffron Hill,

Rose, Rev. Henry J , Rural Dean and Rector of Hough-

ton Conquest, Bedfordshire.
Rose, Mr., Gloucester.
Rowsell, Rev. Evan E., Brixton.
Rumsey, H. W., Esq., Gloucester.


Sage, Charles F., Esq., Hempstead, near Gloucester.
Sage, Mrs.

Sage, Mrs. W., Spa, Gloucester.
Sanderson, John, Esq., Haverstock Hill, Hampstead.
Saunders, Mrs. D. Ellis, Spa, Gloucester (3 copies).
Saunders, Mrs., Barton Street, Gloucester.
Segrave, The Right. Hon. Lord (2 copies).
Sewell, Rev. William, Professor of Moral Philosophy, and

Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. Seymour, Rev. Sir J. H., Bart., Prebendary of Gloucester

and Chaplain to Her Majesty (2 copies). Seymour, Rev. R., Rector of Kinwarton, Warwickshire. Shearman, J. W., Esq., Kingston, Surrey.


Shields, Rev. W. J., Newcastle.
Shepheard, Miss (2 copies).
Shepherd, Rev. E. J., Rector of Luddesdown, Kent

(3 copies). Shepherd, John, Esq., Deputy Registrar in the Diocese

of London. Sherborne, The Right Hon. Lord (3 copies). Sherborne, the Lady (3 copies). Shipton, J. M., Esq., Spa, Gloucester. Sikes, Henry, Esq., Gloucester. Sikes, Miss, Gloucester. Simpson, Rev. Joseph, Rector of Little Horsted, Sussex

(2 copies). Skey, Wm. Russell, Esq., Gloucester. Skillern, Thomas, Esq., Gloucester (3 copies). Smith, Henry, Esq., Greville Place, Kilburn Priory. Smith, Rev. Samuel, Minister of St. George's, Cam.

berwell. Smith, T. Clerc, Esq., Henrietta Street, Covent Garden

(2 copies). Steger, Mr. G.G., Gloucester. Stephenson, Rev. W. Rose, Rector of Corringham, Essex

(6 copies). Stephenson, Robert, Esq., Hampstead. Steven, Robert, Esq., New Bridge Street, Blackfriars

(6 copies). Stock, Miss, Gloucester. Stone, Mrs., Woolley. Stone, Mrs. G., Fawley. Street, Mrs., Norwood. Strong, Mr., Bookseller, Bristol. Swinny, Rev. H. H., Fellow of Magdalene College, Cam

bridge. Symons, Rev. Dr., Warden of Wadham College, Oxford

(2 copies).


Thorp, The Ven. Thomas, Archdeacon of Bristol (2 copies).
Thorpe, Rev. H., Aston-le-Wall, Banbury.
Timbrill, The Ven.John, D.D., Archdeacon of Gloucester.
Tindal, Rev. Nicholas, Sandhurst.
Tovey, Mrs., Newnham.
Trehern, Mr. H. R., Gloucester.
Trevelyan, Rev. E. Otto, Stogumber Vicarage, Somerset.
Trower, Rev. W. J., Rector of Wiston, near Steyning

(6 copies) Turner, Rev. J. L., Chaplain to Aske's Hospital, Hoxton. Turner, Thomas, Esq., Gloucester (2 copies).


Velley, Mrs., Spa, Gloucester (2 copies).
Velley, Miss, Gloucester.
Velley, Miss M.
Vincent, Rev. 0. P., Curate of Devizes.


Waddy, Miss, Theresa Place, Gloucester.
Wagner, Rev. H. M., Vicar of Brighton.
Walker, Rev. Joseph, Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.
Walker, D. M., Esq., Gloucester.
Wallinger, Rev. W.
Washbourne, Edward, Esq., Gloucester.
Washbourne, Mr. N., Gloucester.
Washbourn, W., Esq. Gloucester (3 copies).
Watling, Rev. C. Henry, Rector of Tredington, Wor-

Watson, Joshua, Esq. (12 copies).
Weaver, Mr. R., Southgate Street, Gloucester.

Weedon, Edward, Esq., Gloucester.
Wells, Rev. F. B., Secretary to his Grace the Archbishop

of Canterbury (3 copies).
Westbrook, Mrs., Heston.
Weston, Mrs. C., Tuffley.
Wetherell, The Ven. Henry, Archdeacon of Hereford

(2 copies). White, Mr., Newark, Gloucester. Williams, Rev. H. Blackstone, Fellow of New College,

Wilson, Rev. D., of Wadham College, Vicar of Islington

(3 copies).
Wilton, Henry Hooper, Esq., Gloucester.
Wilton, J. W., Esq., Gloucester.
Wilton, Robert, Esq., Gloucester.
Wood, A. G., Esq., Gloucester.
Wood, Rev. C. F. B., Gloucester.
Wood, James, Esq., Bristol.
Woodcock, Miss F., Spa, Gloucester.
Wright, Miss, Painswick.
Wyatt, Mrs., Regency Square, Brighton.


Young, John, Esq, Finsbury Square (2 copies).
Young, Robert, Esq, M.D., Camberwell.



PSALM xvi. 8.

“ I have set the Lord always before me : because he

is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.”

In a world of restlessness and change, nothing can be more worthy of attention than that which offers stability and quiet ; and every thing among the things on earth which promises rest, gains attention. Though stirred by the active tendencies of his nature to continual exertion, man feels that the tempest is not his natural element; and even while he chases with headlong speed the glittering objects on which he has placed his affections, he is ever and anon ready to acknowledge, that it is


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