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romijh innovations in the christian faith, made frequent and stout oppositions against them, and resisted unto death the new abominations of Rome. Butchered they were for ages by the apostat priests, and the blood of thousands of thousands crys to heaven for vengeance against the papal cruelty. With fire and sword, the furious spirit of the popes and their slaughtering ecclesiastics pursued those martyrs, and destroyed an incredible number of the best of the human race, to secure to themselves the honors and profits of the world, and establim their sacerdotal empire. Noble Zulima, were I to give you the particulars of all these things, it would take up days to narrate. Were I to open all the bloody scenes, the view would strike you with horror. Let it therefore suffice to fay, that for ages the bloody tragedy was acled by the prie/ls. They consecrated the most shameful villanies under the specious name of catholic zeal.

But as almighty God is infinitely good, and his tender mercy is over all his works, he was pleased at last, in his good time, to turn the hearts of princes to the assistance of those suffering christians, and made them his •instruments to support a reformation that again restored his holy eternal truth. The reformers, our fathers, supported by royal power, were then able to appear in christian societys, and rank themselves under another form of ministry. True religion appeared in public again in several nations of Europe, and in the communion of protestants (the reforvied so called from protesting against the dreadful popes, the dreadful priests, and the abominable do&rines they had taught the world, contrary to the faith and piety of the gospel); In the communion of protestants, I say, once more, the world was blessed with the faith of the apofiles, excellent prayers, perfeiJ sacraments, faith and repentance, the ten commandments, the Jermons of Christ, and all the precepts and councils of the gospel. Mankind were taught by the reformed ministers to worship God through "Jesus Christ; to live in obedience to the divine law, and to be ever ready to die for it $ to pray for all men, even our most erring brethren, and strive to promote the happiness of the whole human race. We were then done with saints and angels, the wafer God and the Virgin Mary, holy blocks, and holy bones, indulgences, and amulets, agnus Deis, and consecrated clouts. Truth and purity, and Jove, were restored. In the beauty of holyness we now serve the Lord. No impious priest can harm us in those happy regions .where the pure reformed religion is professed. Those bears, those wolves, those tygers of

doctors doctors are rendered harmless against their wills by our laws. ...'

And now, illustrious Zulima, to shut up my account of our religion, I take the confidence to hope, that you will be a convert to that pure Christianity I have delineated; and though you cannot subscribe to, but reasonably abhor the sen/less rite: and detestable doctrines of the Church of Rome, yet that, you will be a member of that protestant communion, whose religion consists in worJJriping the one supreme Spirit, the universal Lord, the Father almighty, as the Disciples of the glorifyed Jesus; in humbly imitating this ami-ablesource and standard os perfection, according to the rules layed down in the sacred writings; and praflismg that efficacious virtue, which concurs in every thing, in our measure, in promoting the Deity's benevolent intentions, towards ourselves, and the rest of our species.

And the better to effect this good work, I invite you, noble Zulima, to England. Come with me to my country, and you shall be most heartily welcome to my house, and to share in that happiness the good author of all things hath blessed me with. These ladys you fee with me here are my companions. We live in an uninterrupted felicity, and fense those unmixed pleasures which flow from the laws of God, promulgated by the holy Jesus.

There, There, noble Zulima, you shall see our Bible in the languages you understand, and talk so well, the Arabic and Portuguese, and from that heavenly fountain, you may draw for your own use, that pure christian deism, which displays an universal love to all the proper objects of it, the Deity, ourselves and mankind. With me you mall be the votary of the most perfect religion. We will live in the suburbs of heaven.

Zulima replyed: Mrs. Benlow, your discourse hath astonished me. I am under eternal obligations to you for the information you have given me, and I now confess myself a christian. You have given me a view at large of the state of revelation j its truths and the abuses of them j and from this moment, I joyn in the reformed worship of the One Lord of all the worlds, in the Name of his Son Christ Jesus; and shall endeavour to make his sacred Gospel, when it comes to my hands, the perpetual rules of my actions. I accept with pleasure your generous offer to go with you to England, and adore the providence of almighty God for bringing you in so wonderful a manner to my acquaintance.

In short, reader, this Princess, with the

consent of her uncle, came away with us, to visit Great Britain, (the happyest and best of all Countrys) and is now one of my family. She is a pious, upright christian, and tho as black as the collyed night, is as ingenious, sensible, and agreeable a woman as can be found among the daughters of England.

Aognst i4, 24th of August, we departed from

our7dV»r- St. Nicholas, and were loaded with fruits and studio- curiosities of many kinds. The governor us. made all the ladys presents of one thing or other, but on me he heaped favours, when he was made acquainted with my religious thoughts, and his niece had farther informed him of the invitation I had given her to England. He was greatly pleased with this proposal, and expressed his obligations in the Strongest and most polite way. He told me, that as necessity only had forced him into the service of the Portuguese, so reason now obliged him to leave it. He had at last received advice from Tombuto by a faithful slave, that the people were in arms against his wicked younger brother, the reigning tyrant of that country, who had usurped the crown, upon the death of their father: and he intended to try what fortune would do in recovering the throne: that it was not for himself however he went upon the design j but for Zulima, his niece, who was the daughter of his eldest brother, and by her birth and virtues entitled to the sovereign power. How, or where to leave her, while he went on this enterprize, had I not made this offer, he could

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