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full diversion, and among other fish, we caught a great number of dolphins: Not those of the porpefs kind, who have mouths that make a terrible appearance: but that j . beautiful fish which our painters vilely fi°p gure on the signs. It is a long slim fish, from three to seven feet in length. The belly is a silvery white, and the back the finest colors on a dusky olive ground: The fins and tail are very elegant, especially one fin that extends along the back: Its head is broad and short: the eyes bright and large. Well dressed, it is exceeding good. A dish of this fine creature was generally one of the six we had every day for dinner; to which we fat down at twelve o' clock. We breakfasted at eight, and supped at the same hour at night. We had every thing in great plenty; not only fish and flesh, butter and biscuit; but very fine milk for our tea, and coffee, and puddings, from two goats we had on board.

The 7th of September, we left the Salvages on our backs, ran at a pleasant fiveknot gale for several days, that is, 120 miles in 24 hours. We cut through mountain seas, and once more happily passed the tumbling bay of Biscay. Due north we steered, and began to approach the Western Islands; when of a sudden all the winds failed us, and for six days we stood stock still. Had this happened under the line, we should have been finely roasted; but as we were in a good latitude, and the weather charming, it was delightful. We took salmon and turbot every day, and fared delicioufly. The hands got a blue shark, and a white mark, large and terrible fishes, but had secured them by ropes round their bodys, so as to prevent such mischief as the sea-wolf was like to do us j and they dressed pieces of them, which we found to be delicious eating.

The white shark, reader, is the mostAHurk. dreadful of all its species. This was fourteen feet long, and proportionably thick, and at least 700 pounds weight: the head fiat and monstrous; the mouth enormous; the teeth broad, triangular, and dreadful: It had fix rows of them, and many of them were serrated: The eyes were prodigious large and terrible: And yet this all-devouring monster a sailor fought with a knife in its own element, the reverend Mr. Hughes assures us, in his history of Barbados. But Dr. Hill observes upon the relation, that we cannot but congratulat the author on this happy conclusion of his uncommon performance; the history is worthy of the story, and the story of the history. As to the blue shark, it is a smaller kind of the squali, but a fierce and frightful animal. It is about six feet long, and called the blue mark, because its back is a


deep and beautiful blue color. The other is all over white, and brjght as silver.

But as to the lull; six days, as I fayed, we lay becalmed in an ocean that was smooth as a mill-pond, and during that time, it agreed among us, that every one of the company should recite the strangest affair that befell them in life. Who should tell first, the casting of lots was to shew, and-as it fell upon 'Miss West to relate, that agreeable young lady proceeded at once, and gave us an amazing true history. Theadv«n- In the month of June, the year 1738, J MiHum went to fee an old lady, my relation, who <o««- lived in a country house in the north of England, and purposed to spend the summer at the place: but I had not been a week there before I was forcibly carryed away, and hurried by violence to a confinement, that was the most surprizing spot, and displayed as wonderful a scene as ever was transacted I imagine in the world. The principal actor .was a great wicked man, who is still alive. The farce began in the following way.

Some agreeable young ladys in the neighbourhood had engaged me to act with them a French pastoral of Moliere, in a Sylvan theatre that was in the center of a wood not far from my relation's house. Several female friends were invited to fee this performance, and three or four clergymen, who came with their wives. It was my part to begin, and I entered, repeating these lines:

Les arbres, ces rochers, cetteeau, ces gazons frais

Ont pour mois des appas'a ne lasser jamais 'Oui. J'aime & demeurer dans ces paisibles lieu: On ny decouvre rein qui n'enchante les yeux.

I love these solitary scenes, those simple beautys which are by nature formed. There is nothing here but what enchants the eye. Those trees, those rocks, those rivulets, this fresh turf, are to me pleasures that never tire.

But before I could make an end, twelve men 'appeared, compleatly armed, and like foresters, dress in green. They ordered the company, upon pain of death, not to stir, and then two immediatly carryed me away, 'dtguisi en Nymphe, in the dress of a Sylvan nymph, as I played. The violence deprived me of my senses, and it was sometime before I recovered them again; for, on opening my eyes, I found myself, to my great astonishment, at a considerable distance from home, 'and seated in an Italian chair, by the side of the biggest, and most hideously ugly Moor that ever came into the world. When I saw the condition I was in, instantly I filled the air with my crys, and invoked every power,


ministers of grace and men, to rescue me from the hands of the monster I was in. My lamentations were in vain. No friendly being could I fee. The chair, like the wind, rolled swiftly on. I was obliged to take the Moor's advice, and be still.

He told me he must stop my mouth, if I continued to make any more noise, but if I would quietly travel on, I mould be used with all the deference and respect I could delire: for there was no design to offer me the least injury, but, at our journey's end, to deliver me into the hands of his master, a great and good man, who wanted to make me his wife. Who this was, and why he did not make his addresses in person, at Mrs. Compton's house, he had orders not to tell. His master would explane to my satisfaction, what was dark in this affair, and I might be well assured, that into the hands of a handsomer, richer, and sweeter-tempered husband, it was impossible for any woman to come. He had a feat like a paradice. He lived like a prince. And nothing but jocund humor, and whatever can please the eye, or charm the ear, or regale the appetite, were administered within his happy mansion. As to cloths, there was every thing of the richest kind at the house, ready made for my wearing, the black continued to tell me, and if J pleased to change my dress, I would find

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