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• This, I fay, then, walk in the spirit, and fulfil not the lust of the flesh. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these, adultery, fornication, unclean ness, lafciviousness j idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies. Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like, of the which I teJi you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things, shall not inherit the kingdom of God; but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, temperance: Against such there is no law. Ghap. v. 16. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

: Here thiiyoung people ended. This was all they knew of the Epistle to the Galatiahs.' (a). And when they had done, the minister of this little church concluded with this sentence, May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all evermore.

"■ We were delighted very much with this service, and with great pleasure attended their

JV.... . . ■ . i t , 1 *

(z) Their knowledge of the other Epistles and tb« four Gospels is of the fame kind. They have only some verses of each; but they are connected verses, and form a discourse. They have the sermon on the Mount intire; the parable of the sower ; the miracle of the loaves; the raising of Lazarus ; the transfiguration; and the crucifixion and ascention of Jesus.

worship, worship, morning and afternoon, fpr two Sundays we were confined by the weather on the Hhnd. There was a christening on one of these days and the manner was this; Their minister took the child by an arm and .theitwo legs, and dipped it in a deep vessel pf water, laying at the fame time, I baptize you John Estg!e inj:o. the name of the Father, Sort, and Holy Ghost. There was no fign of the cross made. There were no sponsors.


Sych is the Jittle churches; Scalpa: beautiful in simplicity; heavenly in a want of

many externals; and in being free from

many formal acts of piety. Without a land* ed spiritualty, and. a julnefs9/ .ceremonials; uncorrupted by . Learning, and undisturbed by fathers, councils, and convocations, they enjoy evangelical ndigion. They pray and live in the genius and Jpirit of the gospel.

Athanafius, and his clamorous champions, they neve

lions of Waterldnd, Trapp, and Berryman; the invented faith of our orthodox defenders, they have not antdea of. Their church has never suffered by a Sherlock and. Potter on the trinity (a); or by the sermons of an Edwards,

»:» £ Seed.

■• . ..

1 (a) Dean Sherlock, of whom Scuth fays in his Trithe* ism charged, that he would find it a much harder work to look death in the face, than to «W<<?iipon it.— Dr. Potter, archbishop of Canterbury, wpo died in 1747, was succeedecTby Dr. Herring, the present archbishop. It is amazing to see how bilhop Potter, in his zeal for three '•' distinct S<?ed, or an Allen\(a). The antichri/lian bools. called Opbiomaches, and the other destructive writings qf the same unhappy author, these poor christians are strahgers to i and, as fortunately for them, quite unacquainted with the christian plan, and other works of the . ■ . reverend

4istin£i infinite understandings, at the helm of the universe, abuses bishop Hoadly and Dr. Syies. Potter's work* »tp three volumes 8vo. edit. 1754. And to do the prelate justice, I mutst observe to you, that there are lame very fae thing* V* his sermons, which may be separated, to your pleasure and profit, from what is weak awi paflJonat.—You will find this bishop well painted in VVhistoa's Memoirs of his own Life. ,

ft) In respect of one of those tritheistie divines, the reverertd Mr; Jeremiah Seed, who is lately dead, and who preached Dr; Waterland"3 funeral sermon (in which sefmort'he tells a most ntteriiut untruth, in saybtglltiZ.t'ltrditrkinH- strift the strongman, as he calls Clarke, vf-bis- armour J I must, in justice, let you know, that riot withstanding this gentleman's being a contender for the heresy of three Gods, yet he was a benevolent mat*, an Upright christian, and a beautiful writer. Exclusive of his zeal for tritheifm, which made him in this article as mad as the here as La Mancha, he Was in every thing else an excellent clergyman, and an aArhirabre scholar. I'knew him well, and on account of his amiable qualities, very highly honour his memo•XJ t)jo no two ever differed more in religious sent if merits.—Mr. Seedwns for the doctrines of his church, as they were handed down from father* to fathers, and as they are illuminated by modern commentators. He would seriously and earnestly tell rue, that our future happynefs depended on believing the orthodox tenets of the church.—I, on the contrary, used to laugh at themj and declare for the scripture doctrine and rule of worshipping God, as it lay in my Bible, in direct opposition

.. ca

reverend Dr. Hodges (a). According to the rules of our divine master, simply and without any ceremony, they call upon God their '* * Father,

to the minds of his sathers and the reasonings of his pretended orthodox theologers. I was for that doctrine and rule which requires us to worjhip God our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Cbriji his Son, our Lord anj Saviour, through the communion of the Holy Spirit: /ind to make a realizing, presentiating -faith of the unseen things promised by God to the faithful a prevailing principle, to discriminat and govern my temper and life.— In this respect we never could agree. But he was too good a man to be unfriendly to me, because I would have no master but Chrijl, and no Father but him who is in heaven.

(a-) Dr. Hodges is a very extraordinary man. He comes on with'an etymological evidence, and by forcing of Hebrew words, and derivations of words in a language dead some thousand years ago, and of which. there is but one book in the world, attempts to oppose the mind of the Lord Jesus, and subvert that pure gospel theism, which the Christ of God promulgated, and his blessed apostles preached to mankind. To this purpose D. O. with a front peculiar to the Hutchinsonians, gives a sense the most (hocking to revelation, and by a false Hebrew learning, endeavours to' establish three covenanting supreme minds, three almighty contracting powers. This senseless and abominable doctrine, which a true learning finds contrary to the mind of Moses, and repugnant to the blessed gospel of out divine master, D. D. has the forehead to call the christian plan, and to tell the prelates of our church, that if this adorable mystery (as he calls his three contracting powers) be not received as the religion of Jesus; if those prelates will not wage perpetual war with the Amalekites, who hold the contrary opinion, that is, with those christian Unitarians, who will not blaspheme the divine Unity, but maintain there is only 0N& supreme sovereign agent or being omnipotent Father, and live truly devoted towards him; just and peaceable and charitable towards men; meek and humble and patient, kind


nipotent in wisdom and action, who is to be worshipped in spirit and truth, through one Mediator, Chriji Jesus, bur advocate with the everlasting Father ; and if th« said prelates will not militate, without searing the imputation of wanting that quiet and peaceable spirit* which ought to be the ornament of a christian (well said Hodges) if they will not even sleep under arms for the desence of the said adorable mystery, three almighty contracting minds, equal in power, aud all possible perfections, and be as the church ought to be a church militant upon earth (Hodgcs's Preface ) ; then is the candlejlick removed from them. Amazing insolence! If his grac* of Canterbury, that fair and amiable character, as the reverend Mr. Balguy, before his admirable sermons, truly and beautifully paints the present primate os all England, does not give up the simple doctrine of the New Testament, change his heavenly temper, and become a hatker and hewer of christians, who believe in God the Father almighty, and in Jesus Christ bis only Son our Lord; if his grace is not an Hutch injoriian, and will not fight for three covenanting supreme power i, then is his grac; an Amahkite, in the opinion of Dr. Hodges, and he must expect to receive the Hutchinfonian's sire. For, as D. D. adds, chrijlianiiy i > a state of war, and the Hutchinsonians act against the infernal hojl (preface to the Christian Plan, p. 19) that is, those who will not consess three Contracting supreme powers; three Covenanting infinite minds or spirits; (which is false, antichri/lian, polithei/'ic, and idolatrous); and acknowledge only one infinite spirit, one supreme God; the Father the only true God; who, in the fulness of {/me, when his adorable wisdom thought fit, sent the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, our adorable Redeemer Chrijt Jesus our Sav.'cur, to purchase us to God ly hii blood. Jn

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