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and friendly to one another ; and to all they have any acquaintance with. They are visibly God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus. They live in a federal union with the Deity by Christ: their master.

But you may fay perhaps, is not this service too short and simple for any christians— And, if it were sufficient, would it not render the priesthood unnecessary?—These art questions, jsew&s, that I shall not presume to answer. As to the clergy, I gave you my opinion of them in a note at the beginning of my letter, and have only to add, in relation to them, that such pastors as live intirely by the rule of the gospel, as under God's eye stow, and in view of a life to come; who have little or no concern with the things of this world, and make it the sole labor of their every day to reduce every object and precept of the faith to practice, and promote among mankind a conscientious walking with God.— Such ministers, in my mind, are of high

In this manner does this great doctor treat true christians, and call them an infernal bojf, who appear for the peerless majesty of God, and the character of hi» chosen servant, Jesus the Mediator. He would hang us and damn us, if he had a power equal to his malice. He would fink the New Testament, if that was possible, to advance the creed of Athanasius% and the sjf~ tern of Hutcb'inson.

In note 18, before reserred to, you will find some observations on this divine's writings, The Christian Plan—and Eliku,

nportance to society, -and should by the >rrirnon wealth be enabled fa live in peaces ith contentment and tranquillity under their >of: But as" such men, tleu res Christiana* 'e' Very seWj and we are:: miserable under ■fhodox defenders, alUgrasping teachers, beaupbftln, and powdered-prigs, 1 cannot heir) linking, that in the present deplorable 'Sate f Christianity, We should begetter thdri we Pe?, if we" Had fid other rhihrsters than such 3 every way would resemble the poor pioui <rie{i, who officiates among the innocent kdlpiuns. Pastors, like him, might proved nord useful to the world than men'who manfest a disposition to every thing but urriver* al goodness, ■ft'!is possible'we might then be,1 what will not be seen in my time, a referential fear of God, and continued endea'OUrs^ to do good, in; air the intelligent creaures of this land.:

As to the shortness of the Scalpian service, [ shall only-say, that it has a tendency to answer all she various particular occasions of the 'hristian life. The Apostles Creed is Creea :n6ugh idr any christian but an orthodox spirit. The Lord's Prayer is all that even the papists could recover of Peter's Missal. Nudd bhtno bac trant, et omnia fimpliciter traffabantur, Petrus abi consecraverat, oratione Pater Nojier ustts tfl; These are the words of Platina. And as to the few connected

verses, verses, from the Epistle to the Galatians, - repeated by the young people of Scalpa, they. are a beautiful table of what we are to believe of God and his Christ; and of what we are to avoid and pursue, in going through life. They are a lesson more heavenly and excellent than the finest sermon I have .ever heared.

The things whieh next engaged my attention in Scalpa, were some very fine natural curiosities ; and the most extraordinary old woman in the world I believe, who is a native of this little island. She is past a hundred, and has a memory, a judgment, an eye-sight, and a quickness that are astonishing. But it is not in my power to describe these things at present, as my very postscript is already almost out of measure. For the curiosities then, I must refer you to note J O,j and for the history of Mrs. Macmuirgein of Scalpa, to note 20. You will find them both at the end of my second letter.

All 1 have to add is, that after nine days confinement with these poor islanders, by the boisterousnese of the weather, we returned in safety at last to our friends in the Green Island, who were greatly rejoyced at our arrival, for they thought we had perished. Mrs. Schomberg must be at the bottom, they concluded, as one of the people of Scolpa had been, with them the day after we departed, and had seen no strangers in his country. We were indeed on the brink of destruction, and had as great a deliverance as ever mortals met with. Exclusive of a high Wind at sea, a little after we set off in the leather skiff, there was no living many minutes in such a vessel, when night and a tempest came on, as they did just as> ter we were thrown by good fortune on thej lone island we lay by in. This spot of land) in the ocean we had not the least notion of. We had no expectation of meeting with any such place till we drove upon the breakers, that surround it. It was therefore a great favor of divine providence. It was the invisible arm alone that brought our boat into. this secure harbour. God is a deliverer of those who fear him. The sands upon the winding shores are not so numerous as the excellent mercies of the Lord.

The gracious hand of God does wonders Th. many a time for those who have received theclufi spirit of adoption, and under the influences of it are full of filial affection. If we manifest upon all occasions a fiducial trust and. relyance upon the supreme power and goodness, that ever-glojious Being who governs and controuls all things, and makes all things subservient to his purposes, is often pleased to display his undeserved mercy in faK k vor


Th* con. vor of his poor humble creatures; and freciufion. quently relcues the contrite ones from ruin, and the most dreadful dangers. He shews himself a very present help in the time of trouble. . ■

Jewks, the cry is against religion, in this age of modern heathenism. But do you bravely dare to become obedient to the faith, and to secure by a religious life the favor of the blessed God. Then you may expect the successful dispensations of providence, if you traverse the ocean, or the wilds of Africa, in search of wisdom or on lawful business; unless it be more profitable for you to taste the cup of affliction. It is religion that engages the mercy and goodness of the great disposer of all things. The omnipotent protector, whose dominion is universal, whose authority is incontrolable, will give his little flock salvation and deliverance: Or, being filled by religion with the knowledge of his will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, they are strengthened with all might, in the time of tribulation, unto all patience and suffering with joyfulness. Happy souls, who have religion! They are often set free from occurring scenes of confusion, and delivered from impending storms of violence. They always enjoy the instigation, direction, and powerful assistance of the holy, blessed, and sanctifying spirit.


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