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gion, which 'Jesus Christ brought down from heaven to bless mankind with everlasting blessings; and the rife and advancement of that popery which the devil sent by legion from hell. I purposed to give a compend of Roman and Christian history; as they related to Britain; and by a conclusion go down as far as it was necessary, to shew the establishment of the power of the man of fin, and describe the times when the various Romish faljhoods came into being.

This introduction I finished with all the brevity the nature of the several things would admit; but could not, without omissions make it less than half an octavo in print. This is too much to be brought into so large a book as this, and therefore must be reserved for the next. The reader will find this introduction at the beginning of the second volume.


WHEREAS one Romaine hath lately published a Comment on the 107th Psalm, and with much imprudent zeal, hath delivered his own senseless imaginations for the doctrines of the gospel hath delivered notions contrary to the word of God, and among other unscriptural fancys and absurdities, (swallowed by an ignorant crowd, his followers) affirms, that human reason was put out by divine illumination, and christians must abhor a moral rectitude, the eternal truths of natural religion that they

must not believe there is but One God the Father; (tho Christ and St. Paul assert it;) — but, on the contrary, that Jesus Christ is self-existent, and equal with the Father in power and all possible perfections and attributes. ■ This is to inform the reader, that in the second volume of this work, he will find some proper animadversions on the

exexecrable performance of this Bigot and Commentator.

He will there likewise see some remarks on a late ranting piece of Enthusiasm and Tritheism, called the Centaur.






I. rTPHE life of Mrs. Benlow.
H. JL The life of Mrs. Chejlyn.

III. The life of Mr9. Fan/haw.

IV. The life of Mrs. Chadley.

V. The life of Mrs. Bissel.

VI. The life of Mrs. Durell.

VII. The life of Mrs. St. John.

VIII. The life of Mrs. Coke.

IX. The life of Mrs. Cawley.

X. The life of Mrs. Mort.

XI. The life of Mrs. Denbam.

XII. The life of Mrs. Graham.

d XIII. The

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