Works of the Camden Society, Tema 12


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Página xxiv - Sir, the State in choosing men to serve it, takes no notice of their opinions ; if they be willing faithfully to serve it— that satisfies.
Página lxxxix - Ordinance, of and from all and every office or command military or civil, granted or conferred by both or either of the...
Página lxxxviii - I am far from reflecting on any. I know the worth of those Commanders, Members of both Houses, who are yet in power: but if I may speak my conscience without reflection upon any, I do conceive if the Army be not put into another method...
Página xxviii - Parliament, that the present church government by archbishops, their chancellors, commissaries, deans, deans and chapters, archdeacons, and other ecclesiastical officers depending upon the hierarchy is evil, and justly offensive and burdensome to the kingdom, a great impediment to reformation and growth of religion...
Página xxiii - Churches ; and we shall endeavour to bring the Churches of God in the three kingdoms to the nearest conjunction and uniformity in religion...
Página lv - ... which we detest and abhor. I profess I could never satisfy myself of the justness of this War, but from the Authority of the Parliament to maintain itself in its rights : and in this Cause I hope to approve myself an honest man and single-hearted.
Página xxiv - Take heed of being sharp, or too easily sharpened by others, against those to whom you can object little but that they square not with you in every opinion concerning matters of religion.
Página lxxxviii - For what do the Enemy say? Nay, what do many say that were Friends at the beginning of the Parliament? even this, That the Members of both Houses have got great Places and Commands, and the Sword into their hands, and what by Interest in Parliament, and what by power in the Army, will perpetually continue themselves in Grandeur, and not permit the War speedily to end, lest their own power should determine with it.
Página lxxxix - They have taken all office from all members of both Houses. This, done on a sudden, in one session, with great unanimity, is still more and more admired by some, as a most wise, necessary, and heroic action; by others as the most rash, hazardous, and unjust action that ever Parliament did. Much may be said on both hands, but as yet it seems a dream, and the bottom of it is not understood.

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