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All standing, the head of the family (or the priest or deacon,

if present) says: . Turn Thou us, O God our Saviour. Ry. And let Thine anger cease from us. Ť. O God, make speed to save us. RY. O Lord, make haste to help us. Ý. Glory be to the Father, &c. Ry. As it was, &c.

Then he says the following Psalm :

Lord is with them that uphold my Psalm 54.

soul. AVE me, O God, for Thy He shall reward evil unto mine

in Thy strength.

Thy truth. Hear my prayer, O God : and An offering of a free heart will I hearken unto the words of my give Thee, and praise Thy name, mouth.

O Lord : because it is so comfortFor strangers are risen up against able. me : and tyrants, which have not For He hath delivered' me out God before their eyes, seek after of all my trouble : and mine eye

hath seen His desired upon mine Behold, God is my helper : the enemies.

my soul.

Then all say, I BELIEVE in God, &c.

Then he

says, ΜΑΣ AY the reading of the Holy Word (or Holy Gospel) be

unto us salvation and protection. Amen.

Then he reads the short chapter following: The short chapter is taken from all things were now accomplished,

3 After this, Jesus knowing that the Lamentations of the Prophet that the Scripture might be fulJeremiah ; from the Holy Gos- filled, saith, I thirst. Now there pels according to St. Luke and St. John ; from St. Paul's Epis- and they filled a spunge with vine

was set a vessel full of vinegar : tle to the Hebrews; and from the First General Epistle of St. gar, and put it upon hyssop, and

put it to His mouth. When Jesus Peter.

therefore had received the vinegar, 'IS

it nothing to you, all ye that He said, It is finished : and He

pass by? Behold and see if bowed His head, and gave up the there be any sorrow like unto My ghost. Hear, I pray you, all

4 Brethren, Christ suffered for people, and behold My sorrow. us, leaving us an example, that ye

2 And when they were come to should follow His steps. the place which is called Calvary, 5 Who for the joy that was set there they crucified Jesus, and the before Him endured the cross, demalefactors, one on the right hand, spising the shame, and is set down and the other on the left. . . . And at the right-hand of the throne of the people stood beholding. And God. the rulers also with them derided 6 Forasmuch then as Christ hath Him, saying, He saved others ; let suffered for us in the flesh, arm Him save Himself, if He be Christ, yourselves likewise with the same the chosen of God.



Then he

ř. We thank and worship Thee, O Christ.

Ry. Who by virtue of Thy cross hath offered to us everlasting health and defence.

Ť. But Thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us.

Ry. And by the sprinkling of Thy blood wash away our sins, and lead us to the joys of heaven.

Then all kneeling, say the following Litany and Confession:

forefathers, and take not vengeance of our sins. Spare us, O Lord, we beseech Thee.

Christ have mercy on us, and graciously vouchsafe to receive our prayers.

O God the Father, Creator of the world,
Have mercy on us.
O God the Son, Redeemer of mankind,
Have mercy on us.

1 Lam, i. 12.
4 1 St. Pet. ii. 21.

2 St. Luke xxiii. 33.
5 Heb. xii. 2.

3 St. John xix. 28.
6 l St. Pet. iv. l.

O God the Holy Ghost, Dispenser of all grace and comfort,
Have mercy on us.
O Holy Trinity, three Persons and one God,
Have mercy on us, and spare us.

For we have sinned against Thee. We have sinned against Thee in not doing to others as we would they should do unto us, and against our own souls in pursuing more eagerly the things of this life than those which belong to our eternal happiness.

Have mercy on us.

We have sinned against Thee in delaying our repentance, and breaking the solemn promise of amending our lives ; in exposing ourselves to the danger of temptation, and often omitting the opportunities of serving Thee; while even our best endeavours are full of imperfections.

Have mercy on us.

We have sinned in not profiting by the talents of grace and nature which Thy bounty has committed to us for our improvement, in idly spending that precious time, and unthankfully neglecting those gracious means which Thy goodness allows us for the work of our salvation.

Have mercy upon us.

Have mercy upon us, most merciful God, and according to the greatness of Thy tender compassion, pardon the multitude of our grievous offences.

O Christ hear us, and have mercy upon us.

Through Thy meekly suffering Thyself, the Judge of heaven and earth, to be dragged as on this day to Pilate's judgmentseat and there condemned ; through Thy permitting Thyself, the King of heaven, to be crowned with thorns and oppressed with the weight of Thy own cross ;

Have mercy on us.

Through the painful stretching of Thy sacred Body on the cross, and the fastening of Thy hands and feet thereto with nails; through the anguish of mind and torment of body which Thou, the great God, enduredst unto death;

Have mercy on us.

Through Thy profound humility and unwearied patience; through Thy lamb-like meekness, and spotless innocence ;

Have mercy on us.
Through Thy invincible courage, perfect resignation,


compassionate love of souls ; and through Thy excessive charity in praying for Thy persecutors and murderers in the midst of Thy untold sufferings ;

Have mercy on us.

Through Thy glorious resurrection from death to life on the third day; through Thy admirable ascension into heaven; and through the descent of the Holy Ghost on the apostles and Gentile converts ; Have

mercy on us. Through all Thy actions and sufferings during thirty-three years' sojourning among men, and by all that is pleasing to Thy divine majesty in heaven and earth ;

Spare us, we beseech Thee, and deliver us, O Lord.

From all evil, from all sin, from anger, hatred, and malice, from unclean thoughts, and from all the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil,

O Lord, deliver us.

From battle and murder, from pestilence and famine, from all dangers whether of mind or body, and from everlasting death,

O Lord, deliver us.

We sinners do beseech Thee to hear us, O Lord ; and grant that we may ever come before Thee as petitioners whose wants are infinite, who can have no supply but from Thy bounty, and as humble and unhappy criminals, who stand sentenced to the torments of everlasting death, and can have no deliverance but from Thy mercy ;

We beseech Thee to hear us, O Lord.

And that it may please Thee to lead us to a true repentance, and pour into our hearts the grace of Thy Holy Spirit;

We beseech Thee to hear us, O Lord.

And that it may please Thee to defend and propagate Thy holy Church; to have mercy on all Jews, infidels, heretics, and to bring them home to the true fold, to the praise and glory of Thy holy name;

We beseech Thee to hear us, O Lord.

And that Thou wouldst mercifully grant us true peace, humility, and charity; that Thou wouldst vouchsafe to give us perseyerance in Thy grace and holy service, and unite us with the blessed company of Thy saints and holy angels;

We beseech Thee to hear us, O Lord.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,
Have mercy on us.
O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,
Graciously hear us, and have mercy upon us.

[blocks in formation]

If Good-Friday falls on the Feast of the Annunciation of the

B.V. Mary, he here says the special Collect for that Festival (see Saints-Day Prayers, page 181).

Then he says the following Collects for Good-Friday Evening : O

LORD Jesu Christ, who at the hour of even didst give to

Thy disciples the mysteries of Thy Body and Blood, and who in the same hour wast removed from the cross; remove from vur minds the sins and wickedness which we have committed, that with a pure heart we may receive these mysteries, and that they may be to us a remedy for sin, both here and hereafter; who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen. 0

LORD Jesu Christ, who at the hour of night didst for sor

row suffer a bloody sweat, and who in the same hour wast buried with great lamentation by the women; take from us sorrow, give us true joy, and bury us in faith from the vanities of the world; draw forth also from our eyes the tears of living sorrow, that while we mourn Thy sufferings we may receive Thy consolation both here and in the kingdom of glory; who livest and reignest with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God for ever and ever. Amen.

Then he says the following Thanksgiving Prayer: O

ALMIGHTY God, who observest all the actions, thoughts,

and secret motions of our hearts, and who watchest over us with an incomparable love, every moment bestowing favours and shielding us from evil, blessed be Thy holy name: and may all creatures bless Thy goodness for the benefits we have ever received from Thee, especially during this day; but, above all, for the surpassing riches of Thy mercy, in creating and preserving, redeeming and sanctifying us. And, Lord, we be

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