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Ariosto's bust struck by lightning, 172. Portraitures of Beauty blighted in an hour,' 189.
him and Tusso, 282.

• Beauty's heavenly ray,' 198, 652.
Aristippus, 511.

Becher (Rev. J.T.): Answer to a complaint of his, 24,
Aristotle, his rules, 489. • Vade mecum of the truc Response to advice given by him, 30.

sublime,' 495. Every poet his own, 195. His ' unities,' Becket's bloody stone,' 579.
A punster, 632.

Beckford, William, author of Vathek,' Cintra, retreat of,
Arithmetic, the poets of, 623.

142. Great merits of his · Vathek, 651. Idea borrow.
Armageddon,' plan and ultimate fate of Townsend's ed therefrom by Byron, 656.
poem of, 104, 632.

Bed of Ware, 543.
• Arms and the man,' 183.

Beecher. See Becher.
Arnaouts, or Albanians, resemblance of the, to the Beef and Battles, 508. English Bee', 622.
Highlanders of Scotland, 639. See Albanians.

Beggar's Opera. See Gay.
Arno, smiling, 173.

Behmen, Jacob, and his reveries, 542.
Arno's dome of art,' 174.

Belisarius, 'hero, conqueror, and cuckold,' 511.
Arqua and Petrarch's tomb, 171. Her store of tuneful Belshazzar! from the Banquet turn, 62.' Vision of, 66.
relics,' 174.

Belshazzar in his llall,' 517.
Arragon, the knife of,' 134, 637.

Bender, Jike Swedish Charles at,' 564.
• Art of Happiness,'Horace's, 595. See Ilappiness. Beneath Blessington's eyes, 89.
• Arts, Arms, and George,' 135.

Benzon, Vittor, and his mother 'the celebrated beauty,'
As o'er the cold sepulchral stone, 47.

As the Liberty lads o'er the sea, 81.

Bepro, a Venetian Story, 472. Specimen of the model,
Ascham, Roger, epigrammatic remark on Venice by,

Berkeley, Bishop, and his no matter' theory,' 580.
Asdrubal's defeat by the consul Nero, 657.

Bernis, Abbé, alleged consequence of a Royal verse upon,
Atalantis, 586.

* Athanasius' Curse,' 543.

Betty, Master, 'the young Roscius,' 96.
Athens, apostrophie to, 149. On the removal of its sculp- Bigamy, ' that false crime,' 364.

tured remains, 149, 638. Its situation, climate, &c., 641. Bigotry: Who doom to hell, themselves are on the way,
Athos, Mount, 151. Extravagant sculptural project re- 274.
lating to it, 592, 669.

Bile, energetie, 'nought's more sublime than,' 539.
• Attic Bee,' 619.

Birds inhabited by the souls of the dead : instances of
Attic flowers Aonian odours breathe,' 99.

such a belief, 653.
Atticus,' the sycophant of, 635.

Biren and Biron, the graceless name of Biron,' 577.
Attila, expression of, before a battle, 628.

Fortunes of the race in Russia, 668, 669.
Augusta, Stanzas to, 72. Epistle to, 73.

Bismillah!' 190 ; its meaning, 650.
Augustine, Saint, and his confessions, 481, His dictum • Black Edward's helm,' 579.

on the impossible, 616. His youthful irregularities, Black Friar, Legend of the, 618.

Blackbourne, Archbishop, an alleged tuecancer, 655.
Auld Lang Syne,' 574.

Blackett, Joseph, the Poetic Cobbier; Epitaph upon him,
Aurora Borealis, a new, 124. 'A versified Aurora Bore- 49. Notice of, 98, 109. His atron, 634.
alis,' 551.

Blake, the fashionable tonsor, 10., 633.
Authors : 'fellows in foolscap uniforms,' 417.

Bland, Rev. R., and his 'associate Bard,' 99, 631.
Autumn in England, and its pleasures, 598.

Blank verse allied to Tragedy, 103; preferred by prose

Autumn's bleak beginning, 530.

poets,' 495.
Avarice,' a good old gentlemanly vice,' 496. Byron's Blasphemy and blasphemers, 542. Fielding's Mrs. Adanus
panegyric on, 586,597.

on this topic, 600.
• Ave Maria! blessed be the hour,' 520.

Blessington, To the Countess of, 89.
Aventicuni, 163, 646.

Bligh, Captain: 'Awake, bold Bligh!' 263. Object of
Auray, away, ye notes of woe! 51.

his expedition, 657.
duray, array, your flattering arts, 4.

* Blood serves to wash Ambition's hands,' 571.
Auray with your fictions of Himay romance, 7.

Bloomfield, Nathaniel, 98, 631, 634.
Away, ye gay landscapes, ye gardens of roses, 23.

Bloomfield, Robert, his patrons, and his fate, 98, 631, 634.

Blue, intensity of, and instrument for measuring same,

Rabel and Babylon, 534, 561, 666

Blue devils for his morning mirrors,' 608.
Bacchus, they say he was a god,' 342. A helpmate to Blues, our, contrasted with the Turkish ladies, 653.
Venus, 509, 622.

BLUES, THE, a Literary Eclogue, 117.
Bacon, Francis, Lord, saying of his, 601. Instances of * Boatswaiu,' Byron's dog, inscriptions on the monument
bistorical inaccuracy in his apophthegms, 660.

of, 43.
Bacon, Friar, and his brazen head, 496. llis 'humane Bob Southey! You're a poel-Poet Laureate, 479.
discovery,' 559, 668.

Boccaccio, the Bard of Prose,' 173. Treatment of his
Bailli (Maire of Paris), reply of, to a taunt, when going ashes, 174. * Boccaccio's lore,' 521. His aversion to the
to execution, 662.

marriage of literary men, 658.
Baillie, Joanna, 307.

Bæotia and Baotian Shades, 146, 637.‘Dull Pæotis,
Baillie, Dr. Matthew: Mild Baillie,' 576.

Bajazet, image suggested by the cage of, 60, 628.

Boileau's 'rash envy,' 172.
. Bald coot bully,' The, 607.

Bolero, like a personified,' 603.
Balgounie's brig's black wall,' 574, 668.

Boleyn, Anne, remark of, on the scaffold, 654.
Banks, Sir Joseph, sportive allusion to, 139.

Bolingbroke, Lord, traduces Pope by prosy, 95, 629.
Barbarossa, Frederic, 'the Suabian,' 170.

Bolivar, Simon, 133.
Barnave, 481.

Bonaparte. See Napoleon.
Barrataria, account of the buccaneer establishment at, Bonnivard, Francois de, biographie sketch of, 251.

Boon, General, 'Back woodsman of Kentucky,'561. Lired
Barrey, Lodowick, extract from a comedy of, 636.

hunting up to ninety,' 561.
Barrow, Dr. Isaac, 508.

Bores and Bored, 'two mighty, tribes, 599.
Bashfulness, so sweet the blush of,' 199.

Born in the garret, in the kitchen bred, il.
Basili, Byron's Greek servant, sketch of, 639.

Boscan, Almogavà, 487.
Bathurst, Earl, allusion to the barangues' of, 131, Bourbon, Constable of France, Song of the soldiers of,
Battle's minions,' 141.

Battles, description of, 159, 215, 241, 242.

Bouts rimés, 619.
Baxter's' Shove,' 105, 633.

Bowles, Rev. W. Lisle, song writtro to 'shock' him,
Bayard, Chevalier, 139

81. •Why, how now, Billy Bowlcs,' 87. • Maudlin
Bayes's expedient when he had 'grand designs in hand,' prince of mournfui sonnetcers,'94. Byron's ludicrous

interpretation of one of his episodes, 94, 95, 62. His
Beatrice, Dante's, 278, 658. See Dante.

Edition of Pope stigmatised, 93. Byron's confession
• Beaumont's pilfered caratach,'96. The Pilferer, 630. relative thereto, 629. Sonnetcering Bowles,' 99. Don't
Beaumont, Sir George, 120.

begin like Bowles,' 104. • Rev. Rowley Powley.' 584.
Beauties, Sleeping, sti.

Brandy for heroes,' 263. •Heaven's brandy,' 584. See
Beauty at the season's close,' 517.

• Beauty and the Beast,'origin and fate of a picture so Brass. See Corinthian Brass.
called, 101, 632.

Brazier's Company, On the intended address of the, 87.
• Beauty lures the full-grown cliild,' 188.

Bread fruit, 261, 657.


Brennus, 280.

pocrenc, 495. Some of his slips of the pen, 667. I! is
Brenta, 'the deep-dyed,' 171; present owners of the pa- triumphant defence of Pope, '667.
laces on its banks, 663.

'Can Grande,' humorous rendering of the name, 131.
Brewster, Sir David, reference to his Kaleidoscope, 503. Candia, 170.
Briareus, 'Oh, enviable,' 544.

Candour compels me, Becher, to commend, 24.
BRIDE OF A RYDOS, The, a Turkish Tale,' 197,

• Cannes carnage,' 163.
Bridge of Sighs, 169.

Canning, Rt. Hon. George: His colleagues hate him
Brig of Balgounie. See Palgounie.

for his wit,' 100. Poetic tribute to his genius, 135,
Bright be the place of thy soul! 12, 79.
Brighton Pavilion, 607.

Canova, 173. Lines on his bust of Ilelen, 8
Brissot de Warville, 481.

Cant, the crying sin' of the time, 542.
Britain, “Bulwark of the world,' 100. Compared with Cantemir, Demetrius, the Ottoman historian, 540, 514.
ancient Rome, 649.

Canterbury Cathedral and its relics, 579.
Bronze, Age of,' 131.

Capo di Bove, 'stern round tower of other days,' 177,
Bronze she-wolf, thunder-stricken nurse of Rome,' 176. 649.
Brougham, Henry Lord: Blundering Brougham,' 96, Caracalla, act of Alexander the Great imitate by,

654, 653.
Brummell, Wm. (Beau Brumme!l): 'Where's Brum. 'Caravaggio's gloomier stain,' 598.
mell?' 585.

Carbonaro cooks,' 135.
Brunswick, Ferdinand, Duke of, (* Prince Ferdinand,') Care brings every week his bills in,' 576.

Carlisle, Frederick Iloward!, fifth Earl of: Dedication of
• Brunswick's fated chieftain,' 159.

• Hours of Idleness' to him, 2. ilis'paralytic puling?
Brutus's bust at the pageant of Tiberius, 612.

97. 'Lord, rhymester, petit-maltre, and pampiricteer,'
Bryant, Jacob, 527.

98. His champion, Mr. Jerningham, and his threat,
Bucentaur, The (the Venetian State galley), 170,

101. His .eigliteen-penny pamphlet,' and its object,
Budgell, Eustace, 'rogue and rhymester,' 110. Ilis sui- 631. The poet's justification of his satirical allusions to

cide and the discreditable circumstances attending it, the Earl, 631.

Carnage is God's daughter,' 558, Origin of the phrase,
Bullfight, description of a, 146. Inveterate rage for the 669. Satiric comment thereon, 668.
amusenient in Spain, and its results, 117.

Carnival, origin of the, 472.
Buonaparte, Jacopo, work written by, 280.

Caroline, verses to, 6, 7.
Buonaparte, Napoleon. See Napoleon.

Caroline, Queca, On the Braziers' proposed address to,
Burgage tenures and tithes, discord's torches, '620. 87. That injured queen,' 534. The unhappy queen,
Burgess, Sir Jas. Bland, fate of an epic poem of, 634.

Burgoyne, General, 481.

Carpe diem,' 586.
Burke, Edmund, and his lament for chivalry, 139. Say. Carr, Sir John, justificatory quotation from, 625.
ing attributed to him, 263.

Carthage, 184, 561.
Burns, Robert, 98. •Whom Dr Currie well describes,' Cash, potency of, 587. Ambrosial cash,' 600.

Casimir, John, 'a learned monarch, faith l' character of,
Busby, Thomas, Mus. Doct. (Dr. Plagiary '), 114. Oh 256.

for the flow of Busby,' 115. Parody on a monologue by Cassandra's fate,' 100.
him, 55.

Castalian tea, 529.
Butler, Dr., head master at Ilarrow (* Pomposus'): Castalie, the dews of, 637.
satiric allusions to, 8, 27.

Castelnau's Histoire de la Nouvelle Russie, Byron's ob.
Byron, Augusta (the poet's sister). See Leigh.

ligations to, 511.
Byron, Augusta Ada (the poet's daughter): paternal Castle Spectre,' Monk Lewis's characteristic reason for
apostrophes to, 157, 167.

introducing negroes into the, 633.
Byron, John, Commodore, afterwards Admiral (grand- Castlercagh, Viscount (Robert Stewart, Marquess of
father of the poet), incident of the destruction of Londonderry), 130. 'Ne'er (enough) lamented,' 135.
his dog, 501. Further references to my grand-dad's' Epigrams and epitaph upon him, 87. A wretci
varrative, 506.

never named but with curses and jerrs,' 89. The in-
Byron, Lady (the poet's widow, née Milbank): Lines on tellectual eunuch,' 180. 'A tinkering slave maker,'
hearing that she was ill, 76. Lines on her patronage of 450. Ireland's Londonderry's Marquis,' 5:1. "Carotid.
a charity ball, 87.

artery-cutting,' 577. Little Castiereagh,' 595. His
Byron, Lord : His ancestry, their exploits, &c., 3, 4, 23, suicide, and the inquest on his body, 611.
23. See Biren). His daughter Allegra, 37. His foad- Castri, site of the viliage of, 637. Its Castalian springs, 641.
ness for the sea, 114. lis poetic eulogium on Jeffrey, Catalani, Madame, and her first appearance in panta-
574. Autobiographic notes by him, 625, 657. His ani- loons, 97, 630.
mosity against Jeffrey, 639.

Cathay See Ceylon.
Byron, Mrs. (the poet's mother): "Childe Harold had a Catherine of Russia, 135. Instance of her dexterity, 135.
mother,' 140.

• Whom glory still adores,' 519. The Christian Em-
* Byron Oak,' The, 40

press,' 555. Her 'butiloir at threescore,' 562. Her
"By the rivers of Babylon,' 67.

occasional liking for juveniles, 570. ller 'touch of

sentiment,' 570, 571. Her bearing and personal as-

pect, 571, 572, 573.
Cadiz, 146.

Catiline chased by all the demons, 550.
Cæsar, the suitor cf Love, 511. Hero, conqueror, and Cato, to die like, 10. Who lent his lady to his friend,'
cuckold,' 511. Obliged to snatch a shield, 559.

512, 667.
CAIN, a Mystery, 392.

Cattle breeding, ancient promoter of, 508.
Caina, in Dante's Inferno,' 291.

Catullus, trauslations from, 4, 5. Imitation from, 5.
Cairn Gorme, sinile drawn from the, 570.

• Whose old laurels yield to new,' 13t. "Scarcely has a
Calderon, 481.

decent poem,' 431. Scholar of love, 511.
Caledonian Meeting, address intended for the, 61.

Caucasus, Mount, 'Kati clad in rocks,' 100.
Calonture, The; that malady,' and its nature, 380. "Cavalier,' a, 362.
• The calentures of music,' 619.

• Cavalier servente,' 473, 476. A 'supernumerary slave,
Caligula, modern parallel to an act of, 656.

475. . The strange thing some women set a value on,
rant's wish, 544, 663.

Calm on the waters: It was the night,' 225.

Cecilia Metella, tomb of, 619.
"Calmar and Orla,' 31. Source of the story, 627.

Ceres, Venus's coadjutor, 509, 622. "She fell with Buona-
'Calpe's adverse height,' 100. "Calpe's rock,' 187.

parte,' 569.
Calpe's straits, 150.

Cervantes and his 'too true tale,' 593.
Calvin saw Servetus blaze,' 105.

"Ceylon, Ind, or far Cathay.' 587.
Calypso's les, 151. Geographic note thereon, 639. 'Change grows tou changeable,' 586.
*Endeared by days gone by,' 47.

Charity a saving virtue, 529.
Cambridge University: Granta's sluggish shade,' 20. Charity Ball,' The, 87.

Hoary Granta,' 99. • Dark asylumn of a Vandul race,' Charles the First, fate of a tragerly named after, 633.
100, 632.

Charleg 'the royal wittol' of Spain, 141.
Camilla, simile drawn from the swiftness of, 603.

Charles V. 'the Spaniard,' 60.
Camoëns, 'Stanzas to a lady with the poems of,' 7. Sa- Charles XII. of Sweden, his obstinacy at Bender, 561.
tirical allusions to his translator, 629, 631.

Charlotte, Princess of Wales, death of: Lines to her
Campbell, Thomas: Lines entitled Bowles and Camp. (“To a lady weeping'), 54. Hark from the abyss,' 183.
bell,' 87. Come forth, oh Campbell,' 99, 631. His Hip- The daughter whom the Isles loved well,' 593.

The ty-

Chase, the English, 598.

Condorcet, Marquis de, 481.
* Chateaubriand forms new Books of liartyrs,' 137. Equi. Congress: What! that hallowed name!' 134. Doing
vocal compliment paid to him, 637

all that's mean,' 586.
Chatham, William Pitt, first Earl of, 592.

Congreve's scenes,' 92. His fool,' 399.
Chaucer and old Ben,' 106.

Congreve rockets, a kind antithesis to,' 490.
Chaworth, Mary Anne (afterwards Nire. Musters): Conquest, The,' 87.

Fragment, written shortly after the marriage of,' 9. Conscience, sportive allusions to, 437, 493, 511.
Stanzas to her: viz. To a Lady,'31. Well! thou art Constantinople: 'Oh Stamboul,' 135. Its slave-market,

happy,' 43. To a Lady,' 13. On leaving England,' 45. 529.
Cheops, Old Fgypt's king.' 196.

Conversationist, The, 600.
Cherries, by who transplanted into Euro; e, 670. Cookery and its achievements, 612
Chesterficia, Earl of, and his struy: le for dranatic free- Coquette :- Who can't say 10,' and won't say 'yes,'"

dlom, 105, 633. His witty query relative to lox-hunt. 391. What she means by eternul attachment, 632,
ing, 603.

Corinna. See Stäel.

Corinth. See Siege of Corinth.'

Corinthian brass, 516.
Children, 'the li<p of,' 4999. Running restire,' 516. Cornelian, The,' 21. On a Cornelian leart which was
Like cherubs round an altar-piece,' 516.

broken,' 53.
Chill and mirk is the nightly blist, 47.

Cornwall. Barry. See Procter.
Chillon, Sonuet on, 250 See 'Prisoner of Chillon.' CORSAR, THE,"207.
Chimari's 'thunder-hills of fear,' 175.

Cortejo,' 414, 191, 665.
China's vasty wall,' 143. lis. crockery ware metro. Cottle, Amos und Joseph, 95. The pair of epics,' 629.

Could I remount the river of my years, 79.
Chinese nymph of tears,' 525.

Could Lore for ever, 85.
Chivalry and the good old times,' 139. Hugo'd & Coumourgi, he whose closing scene,' 237. Points in
conqueror's chain,' 148.

which lie resembled Caligula, 6.6.
Christabel' of Coleridge, linse from, 70, 656.

Country and Town, 6-2.
Christianity quoted to sauction negro slavery, 670.

Coxe, Archdeacon, reviver of Marlborough's fame, 520.
Church. See Mother Church,

Crabbe, Rev. George, nature's sternest painter, yel the
CHURCHILL'S ÜRIVF, a fact literally rendered,' 78. best,' 99.
Cicero, Marcus Tullius, Rome's least mortal mind,' Craning,' in fox-hunting, 603, 669.

172, 1:8. His habit of punning, 632. Illustrative quota- Crashaw, Richard, the poet. 518.
tions from his life, 645, 649.

Cribb, the pugilist, query of, on the Elgin marbles, 112.
Cid, the, 132. 131.

Crime not the child of solitude,' 561.
Cid Hamet Benengeli, 628.

Critics all are ready made,' 92. Side of literature be-
• Cintra's glorious Eden,' 142. Beckford's Paradise held by them, 574.

there, 112. The hall where chief's were late con. Cromwell, Oliver: 'The fierce usurper,' 23. *Sagest of
Vened,' 142.

usurpers,' 176. His 'pranks,' 5-0. Polemical ce-P
Circassian slaves, 529.

quence of the tempest which followed his death, 126.
Civilisation : Civilised civilisation's son,' 267. The in- His fortunate day,' 619.
convenience of, 561. Its great joye,' 562.

Cruel Cerinthus ! does the fell disease, t.
Clarc, John Fitzgibbon, Earl of: Stanzas to lain, 36, 37. • Cruscan Quire,' The, 172.
• Clarence in his malınsey butt,' 492.

Cumberland, Richard, dramatist and essayist. 96. His
't'larens, sweet Clarens,' 166, 617.

poetic protégé, 632.
Clarke, Dr. Edward Daniel, on an incident connected Cumberland, William, Duke of, the butcher,' 481.
with the destruction of the Parthenon, 639.

Cupid's cup intoxicates apace,' 572.
Clarke, Hewson, still striving piteously,' 9. His despi.

Curil, Edmund, 95, 629.
cable avocation, 99, 632. · Poor Hews011,'100, 632. His Curran, Right Hon. John Philpot, 585. Longbow from
quarrel with a bear, 101.

Ireland, 599.
Classics, the drill'd dull lesson,' 175. Consequences of Currie, Dr., biographer of Burns, 520
a too early study thereof, 618.

Claudian's good old man,' 134.

Curtis, Sir William, in a kilt,' 137. Harsh lines on bim,
Cleonice and l'ausanias, story of, 659.

• Cleopatra on her galley's deck,' 115. Actium lost for Cuvier, Baron, use made by Ryron of the geologic theory
her eyes, 542. Her melted pearls,' 613.

of, 392 "So Cuvier says, ' 570. His mouidy man.
Clitumius, river, 174.

mutha,' 577.
Clitumnus, temple of, 174.

Cyclades, 506.
Clootz, Jean Baptiste, 481.

Cypress, the : ‘Dark tree, still sad,' 188. "'T is a gloomy
C!ytemnestra, 'not the best wife,' 573.

tree,' 105.
Cobbett, William: Epigram on his digging up Tom Czar. See Alexander I. of Russia.

Paine's bones, 86. Derisive epithet bestowed by him
on hoarse Fitzgerald,' €29.

Coblentz and the simple pyramid'there. 16%.
Cogniac, sweet Naiad of the Phiegeihiontic rill,' 525. See DAMÆTAS, 12. A portrait of the author's self, 625.

Dauias, Count de, 553,
Cohen, É. See Palgrave, Sir Francis.

• Danmue,' the British, 583.
Colbleen, mountain of, 697.

* Dance, On with the,' 159.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: 'to turgid ode and tumid Dance of death,' 611.

stanza dear,' 94, 629.' Lines from his Christalel, 70, Dancing, and its fascinations in Greece, 514. Cood

656. Further satirical allusions to him, 479, 47, 495, 520. dancing, 603.
Coliscuin, present state and former gluries of the, 179, Dandies. See Dandy.
180, 181, 303, 649.

Daudolo, llenry: blind old Dandolo,' 170.
College education recommended, 484. Thoughts sug. Dardy, a bruken, 475. The dynasty of dardies,' 4:6.
gested 1 y 2 College Examination,' 20.

Danes and their drinking,' 669.
Collier's curse,' 105, 633.

Dante Alighieri, 172, 173. Sheltered at Verona, 134
Collini's love inspiring song,' 97.

Dante sleeps afar,' 173. His love for Florence, and
Colman, George, 4.

treatment by its citizens, 278, 279. His carly and last.
(Cologne and its eleven thousand virgins, 58, 609.

ting love for Beatrice, 279. Ilis wife, that fatal gte,
Coloma's Cliff,' 156. Its historical aud artistic asso- 2:9. Trauslation of his Francesca da Rimini,' 291
ciations, 615.

Hapless in his puptials,' 513 Where Dante's bons
Columbia, 177.

are laid,' 529. Grim Dante,' 575. The second -
. Columbia's caperers, 116.

tence against him, 658. Michael Angelo's esteena
. Columbus found a new world in a cutter,' 610. His for him, 659. Quotations from his Purgatory, 663.
sceptics, 6!5.

Sce' Francesca of Rimini.' Prophecy of Dante."
Comboloio, the, or Turkish rosary, 202, 219, 653, 654. Danton, 491.
Come, blue-eyed maid of hearen! but thou, alus! 148. DARSNESS, 72.
Coincdy, the days of, gone, 599.

• Darwin's pompous chime,' 99. Neglect of his poems a
Commandant, the murdered, 532. Circumstances of the proof of returning taste, 631.
murder, 666

Dates, I like to be particular in, 188.
'Common Lot, The,' answer to James Montgomery's David, King, danced before the Ark, 105.

. The 2016
Yem, su entitledi. 29.

arch minstrel, 115. llis medicine, 493.
nunonwealth is past and gone,' 81.

Davies, Scrope Berdniore, Dedication to, 245,

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Davy, Sir Tumphry, 121. His safety lamp, 190.

Dubost's pictorial libel on Thoinas Hope, and its de-
Deal, aspect of the characterised, 186. Belief that their served fate, 101.
souls inhabit the forms of birds, 653.

Duff, Mary, my sweet Mary,' 35.
Deur are the days of youth, 31.

Dying Gladiator, The, 1so. The ever-dying gladiator's
Deur Becher, you tell me to mix with mankind, 30.

air,' 526. Sce Gladiators.
Dear Long, in this sequester'd scene, 33.

Dear object of defeated care, 49.
Dear, simple girl, those flattering arts, 4.

E-, Lines to, 3.
Death; his .unequal hand,' 4. A victory, 79: 'A quiet Early death, evils escaped by, 522.

of the heart, 19. 'Stern Death,' 157. The spectre,' Farly rising, stanza in praise of, 507.
165. T'he sable smoke,' 179. What is death,' :401. Eating makes us feel our mortality,' 532.
Shuns the wretch,' 495. All tragedies are finished Ellis, Oriental Prince of Darkness, 191, 651.
by,' 513. Death and the lady,' 513. Deaths escaped Eclectic Review: mild Eclectics,' 108. The poets
by those who die young, 522. Car this be death?' strictures on a disgraceful passage' in the Review,
532.Death laugh:,' 568. The sovereign's sovereign,' 633,
575. 'A thing which kes men weep.' 601. Thou, Eddlestone (Cambridge chorister), verses on a gift from
dunnest of all duns,' 609. 'Gaunt gourmand,' 609.

him, 21. And thou, nay friend,' 33.
DKATH OF CALMAR AND ORLA, 31. Source of the story, Edgeworth, Maria, 482.

Edinburgh Review, strictures on an article in, relative to
Deep in my soul that lender secret dwells, 211.

Modern Greece, 643-4. The poet's retort on its detec-
Dee's rushing tide,' 35, 574, 627,

tion of an error by him, 644. See Jetfrey.
De Foix, Gaston, 529.

Edward the Black Prince. See Black Edward.
DEFORMED TRANSFORMED, The; a drama, +56.

Egeria, sweet creation of some heart,' 178 Poetic de-
Deformity an incentive to ambition, 460.

scription of the fountain and grotto, 178. Her Arician
Delawarr, Geo. John, ofth Earl of (* Euryalus '), 28, 29. retreat, 649.
Stanzas to him, 36.

Egripo (the Negropont), 200. Proverb relative to the
Delphi's long deserted shrine,' 140. Present occupation Turks of, 652.
of its site, 637.

Egypt's Almas,' 116. Their occupation, 635.
Demetrius Poliorcetes ; was he c'er human only?' Ehrenbreitstein, with her shattered wall,' 162. Fate of

its fortress, 646.
Denman, Thomas, Lord (late Lord Chief Justice), merit Ekenhead, Lieutenant, swimming feat of Byron and,
of a translation by, 646.

Dennis, John, the critic, 95, 629. His hatred of operas, Elba, thou Isle,' 133.

Eldon, John Scott, Earl of: 'Impartial as Eldon,' 615.
De Pauw, blunders of, relative to · English horses and Elgin, Lord, and the Elgin Marbles, 100, 112, 632, 635,
Spartan men,' 643.

638. Erostratus and Elgin,' 113.
Dervish Tahiri, Byron's faithful Arnaout guide, 639. His Eliza, what fools are the Mussulman sert, 23.

energetic resentment of an insult, 639. His prophecy Elizabeth, Queen, and ‘her vile ambiguous method of
of peril, 651. Last tidings heard of him, 656.

flirtation,' 573.
Desaix, Napoleon's General, 481.

Ellen, Lines to, 5.
* Despair a smilingness assume,' 158. Stronger than my Emma, Lines to, 6.
will,' 196. 'Spoils longevity, 501.

' England, with all thy faults I love thee still,' 475.
De Staël. See Staël.

De Tott, 544.

91. Postseript to the second edition, 100, 101.
DEVIL's Drive, The, an unfinished rhapsody, 58.

English look,' an, 530.
Devotion, Byron's notion of, 521.

English people, consequences of the beef-eating propen-
"Dian's wave-reflected sphere,' 150.

sities of the, 509.
• Difficile est proprie communia dicere,' discussion on Ennui, 520. 'A growth of English root,' 600.
the proper rendering of the passage, 632.

Enthusiasm 'a moral inebriety,' 595.
Dinner, dependence of man's happiness on, 600.

Epaminondas saved his Thebes and died,' 568,
Dinner-bell, 'the tocsin of the soul,' 533.

Epic, components of an, 495.
Dinner's knell, 600.

Diogenes, 135, 161, 551, 582, 613. His trampling on On Moore's last Operatic Farce,' 50.
Plato's pride,' 619, 670.

*Ou Napoleon's Escape from Elba,' 68.
Dionysius the younger, Corinth's pedagogue,' 60.

From the French of Rulhières,' 85.
Dirce, the fountain of, and its present use, 11.

. On my Wedding-day,' 86, 87.
Disdar, anecdote of a, 639. Status of a 'Disar Aga,' On Cobbett's digging up Tom Paine's bones, 86.

* This world is a bundle of hay,'87.
• Dives, To; a Fragment,' 50.

On the Braziers' Company's Address, 87.
Dodona's' aged grove,' 153.

On my thirty-third birthday,'87.

From Martial, 87.
Don, Brig of, 574, 668.

On Lord Castlereagh, 87.
DON JUAN, 479. Ironical Dedication, 479.

* Don Quixote,' that too true tale,' 573, 603.

To Augusta,' 73.
Dorotheus of Mitylene, merit of the writings of, 643.

To a Frienci,' 50.
Dorset, Geo Jno. Fredk., fourth Duke of, Lines to, 8, 9. To Thomas Moore (Fragment), 61.
Dorset ! whose early steps with mine have stray'd, 8. Mr. Murray to Dr. Polidori,' 82.
Dover, satiric anathema on, 578.

To Mr. Murray,'83,
Doubtless, street girl! the hissing lead, 21.

Drachenfels, 'The Castled Crag of,' 162. Its position on On a Friend, 3.
the Rhine, 578, 646.

On Virgil and Tibullus (translated), 4.
Drama, the, and modern dramatists, satirical allusion to, On John Adams, a drunken carrier, 41.
96, 97, 105, 633.

On a Newfoundland Dog, 43.
Dramatic unities, Byron's adherence to the, 307, 340, My Epitaph,' 48.
• Drapery Misses,' 583. Elucidation of the phrase, For Joseph Blackett,' 49.

For William Pitt, 86,
• Drawcansir,' 103.

On Lord Castlereagh, 187.
DREAM, TH, 71.

Equal to Jore that youth must be, 4.
Dream of Haidée, 523.

Eie the daughter of Brunswick is cold in her grire, 99.
Dream of Sardanapalus, 359.

Eros and Anteros, story of the raising of, 297, 659.
Drummond, Sir William, characteristic quotation from, Erse language, classic origin of the, 559.

Erskine, Lord : Strongbow from the Tweed,' 599.
Drury, Rev. Dr. Joseph: Byron's affectionate remem- Eternal spirit of the chainless mind! 250.

brances of him, 27, 626, 618. His anticipations of By: Etiquette, nothing in the world like,' 537.
ron's oratorical powers, 29.

Etna, 132. Restless Titan,' 557.
Drury Lane Theatre, Address spoken at the opening of, Euripides. Translations from the Medea of, 19, 43.

54. Parody on Dr. Busby's monologue on the same Euthanasia, 52.
occasion, 53.

Eutropius, eunuch and minister of Arcadius, 480. His
Dryden, John: 'careless Dryden,' 92. Great Dryden character, 664.

poured the tide of song.'92. Origin of his Satires, 103, Eve's fig leaf, 127. ‘Eve's slip and Adam's fall,' 568.
6.12. • Ilim who drew Achitophel,' 520. Wordsworth's Made np millinery,' 606.
dictum regarding his verses, 665.

Evil and good, the two principles,' 105.

Experience, the usual price of, 194. •The chief philoso- 'Friendship is Love without his wings,' 32.
pher,' 609

• Friuli's Mountains,' 171.
Eyes, the, 485, 497.

From out the mass of nerer-dying ill, 281.

Proin the last hill that looks on thy once holy dome, 67.

Fry, Mrs., the prison visitor, 579.
Faintness, last mortal birth of Pain,' 84.

Funds, Public." See Five per Cents.
Fair Albion, smiling, sees her son depart, 48.
Falconer, the poet, actual spot of the shipwreck of, 645.

Falkland, Lucius Cary, Lord : godlike Falkland, 25, 626. Gail, M., and his Greek Commentaries, 643.
Falkland, Charles John, 8th Viscount, 97. His death in Galileo, the starry,' 173.
a duel, 631.

Galiongée, 202, 653.
Fame, wisdom, love, and power were mine, 65.

'Game of Goose,' 590.
Fame, 89, 159, 160, 496, 528, 529, 569, 592, 613.

Gaming gains á loss,' 587. Its two pleasures,' 602.
Fanned for contemptuous breach of sacred ties, 59. Gaming houses. See Hells.
Fan, on finding a, 40.

Gandia, Duke of, particulars relative to the mysterious
• Faney falls into the yellow leaf,' 521.

assassination of the, 653.
Fans turn into falchions in faig hands,' 482.

Garcilasso de la Vega, warrior and poet, 487.
Fare thee well ! and i for ever, 70.

Garrick, David, 54.
Farewell ! if ever fondest prayer, 41.

Gay, John: Author of the Beggars' Opera.' *Mac-
. Farewell to Malta, 19.

beath's example formed no thieves,' 105.
Farewell to the land where the gloom of my glory, 70. Gazelle, the, and its eyes; Oriental compliment deduced
• Farewell to the Muse,' 40.

therefrom, 139.
Farmers and gentlemen farmers,' 569.

Gebir. See Landor.
Fashion, 'the great world,' 583, 602.

Gell, Mr., afterwards Sir William, 614. Rapid Gell,' 100.
Fate will lcave the loftiest star,' 163. Futility of oppo- Gemma, Dante's wife, 'that fatal she,' 279. Her parent-
sition to, 531., Fate is a good excuse,' 594.

age, 658.
Father of Light! great Gol of learen! 23.

Genevra, Sonnets to, 58.
Fauvel, M., depreciatory opinion of the Greeks expressed “Gentlemen farmers,"-a race worn out quite,' 59.
by, 641.

George the Third, 'of kings the best,' 115. Burlesque
Faux pas,' in England, 605.

Apotheosis of-The Vision of Judgment,') 123–131.
Fazzioli, the Venetian, 497. Explanation thereof, 665. • Where is his will ?' 585.
Features, 536. Lord Castlereagh's misuse of the word, George, Prince Regent, afterwards George the Fourth,

115. Between the coffins of Henry vill. and Charles
Feelings, innate : what we mortals call romantic,' 522. I.,' 59. Sonnet to him on the repeal of Lord Edward
Female friendship, 607.

Fitzgerald's forfeiture, 85. "The despised, '88. Fourth
Fénelon, 551.

of the fools and oppressors call'd "George," '88. Sati.
Ferdinand of Brunswick. See Brunswick.

rical allusions to him, 570, 585. A finished gentleman
Ferney, 166.

from top to toe,' 592.
Ferrara's 'grass-grown streets,' 172. Its Tassonian and Georgian beauties, 545, 668.
other relics, 275.

Germany, how much to thee we owe!' 115. Items of the
Few years have pass'd since thou and I, 42.

debt, 115.
Fiction, truth stranger than, 608. “Passes with least con- Gesner's Death of Abel,' 392.
tradiction,' 609.

Ghosts, 615, 670.
Filicaja, translation from : Italia! oh Italia!' 172, 648. Giaffar, Pacha of Argyro Castro, fate of, 653.
Fill the goblet again ! for I never before, 44.

Giant's Grave,' The, 530, 666.
Firmness, obstinacy, and pertinacity, convertible terms GIAOUR, Tue, a fragment of a Turkish Tale, 185.
according to circumstances, 607.

Source of the story, 195.
• First Kiss of Love,' 7.

Gibbon, Edward, the lord of irony,' 166.
First love, it stands alone,' 490. "Nature's oracle,' 510. Gibraltar, Calpe's rock,' 183.
Fitzgerald, Lord Edward, Sonnet on the Repeal of the Gifford, William, 92. His heavy hand,' ss.

• Why
Forfeiture of, 85.

slumbers Gifford ?' 98. • Arouse thee, Gifford!'.
Fitzgerald, William Thomas, and his creaking cou- His Baviad and Mæviad, 631.

plets,'92. Derisive epithet bestowed on him by Cob- Giorgione and his portrait of his son and wife and self,"
bet, 628.

Fitzscribble's lungs,' 110, 635.

Gladiator. Sce Dying Gladiator.
Five per cents., the, those martyred saints,' 585.

.Glory's stainless victories,' 163. Its 'gewgaw' 178.
Fletcher, William, Byron's faithful valet, iny staunch • What is it?' 557. "A great thing,' 555.
yeoman,' 141.

God save the King !' 123, 475, 518, 560.
Florence: 'Etrurian Athens,' 173. Ungrateful Flo- Godoy, Don Manuel, Prince of Peace, notice of, 637.
rence,' 173.

Goëthe : Dedication of Sardanapalus' to him, 339. His
• Florence.' See Smith, Mrs. Spencer.

Mephistopheles, 593.
For Orford and for Waldegrare, 83.

Gold, Apostrophe to, 586, 587.
Forsyth, Joseph, the Italian tourist: his remarks on the Golden Age. See Age of Gold.
Coliseum, 649

Golden Fleece, the, 516.
Fortune, 133, 160, 176, 476. Fortune a female, 334, 531. Gondola, description of a, 473, 662.
• Forty-parson power,' 576, 668.

Gondoliers, 169. Adria's Gondolier,' 409. See Gondola.
Fox, Right Hon. Charles James, lines on the death of, 'Good Night, Lord Maxwell's, 138. Childe Harold's
occasioned by an 'illiberal impromptu, 22.

last good night,' 140.
Fox-hunting to a foreigner, 603. Lord Chesterfield's Good plays are scarce, 50.
humorous query on the sport, 603.

Goose, Royal Game of, 590.
* France got drunk with blood to vomit crime,' 177. Re- Gordons, the, Byron's ancestors, 626.
taken by a single march,' 133.

Goza, Calypso's Island, 639.

Gracchus, Tiberins, and the agrarian law, 668.
Francis, Sir Philip, 128.

Graham's parrative of the kidnapped Vocalists, 666.
Franklin, Benjamin, 133. 'Stoic Franklin's energetic Grahams, James: 'sepulchral Grahame,'91. His poeti-
shade, 134.

cal performances, 629.
Fraser, Mrs. 50.

Granby, Marquis of, 481.
Frederick the Second, the Great :' Fredericks but in Granta, a Medley, 9. See Cambridge University.
name and falsebood,' 132. Result of a verse of his, 306. Grattan, Rt. Hon. Henry, 'the best of the good, 88, 8%
His flight from Molwitz, 558. Romantic incident in 512.
the army of, 658.

Gray, Thomas, line pilfered from Dante by, €65.
• "Free to confess"-whence comes this phrase,' 621. Great Britain's coast, 497.
Freedom, apostrophe to, 177.

Great Jove, to whose almighty throne,' 5.
* Freedom's best and bravest friend,' 519.

Greece, past and present condition of, 145, 150, 155, 156
• Freedom's chosen station,' 590.

No lightsome land of social mirth, 107, 111, 133, 137,
Frere, Rt. Hon. John Hookham: Pronouncing on the 186, 239, 269. See Greeks.
nouns and particles,' 82.

Greek sailors and their guitars, 650.
Friend of my youth ! when young tre roved, 26.

Greek War Song, translation of a, 48. Career of it
Friend, what were humanity without a,' 601. "Sweet autbor, 627.
the task to shield an absent friend, '623.

Greeks only should free Greece,' 123.
Friends: 'one's quite enough,' 694.

Greeks, the modern, and their literature, 641, 612. See
ili bip between the two sexes, 607.


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