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Greenwood's gay designs, '96, 630.

Hodgson, Rev. Francis, 632. Lines to him, 45. Epistle
Grenvilles, where are the, 595.

to him, 50.
Greville, Colonel, 97. Demands an explanation of the Hollein's Dance of Death, 611.
poet's allusion to him, 630.

Holland, Henry Richard, Lord, 96. Illustrious Hol.
Grey, Charles, second Earl, 592.

Tand,' 96. Dedication to him, 197. His translations,
Gropius, Sr., and his quarrel with Lord Elgin's 'prig,' 630,
638. His employment, 638, note *.

Holland Honse, blest be the banquets spread at,'96.
Grosvenor, Earl(Benvolio'), Suppressing peer,' 105, 633. Holland, Lady, skims the cream of each critique,' 96,
Guariglia, Signor, despicable kidnapping act of, 666.

Guesclin, Constable of France, 132.

Home, 'the parted bosom clings to,' 157. 'What the joys
Guiccioli, Teresa Gamba, Countess of, Dodication to her, of,' 223, 489. Sight of, after long absence, 514. With-

out hearts there is no home,' 516.
"Guido's famous fresco,' 604.

Homer's notion of distance, 652. 'Eternal Homer,' 556.
Gunpowder, the sulphury charm,' 269, Friar Bacon's lis catalogue of ships, 598.
"hurnane discovery,' 559, 66%.

Hook, Theodore: Conceal his heroes in a cask, '96.
Gurney, the short-hand writer, 491.

Hope, Thomas: Pictorial lampoon on him by low Du-
Gustavus Adolphus, the Swede of victory,' 133.

bost,' 101, 632.
Gynocracy, loveliest oligarchs of our,' 501.

Hoppner, John William Rizzo, On the birth of,' 83.

Horace, 'whom I hated so,' 175. Translation of his

Justum et tenacem,' 5. Scholar of love, 511. His
Haidée's dream, 523.

Nil Admirari' theory, 537, 595. Quotations from,
Hail, Muse! et cetera. We len Juin sleeping, 512

534, 602, 606.
Hall, Capt. Basil, the staring stranger, 131.

HOURS OP IDLENR 8, 1. Author's note on Lord Car-
Hallam, Henry, 'classic Hallam,' 98.
Ilonest Ilallam,

lisle's reception of the work, 2.
69. Ilis Middle Ages,' 588. His mistake in reviewing Ilouson, Miss, Lines addressed to (To a young Lady'),
Payne Knight's Taste,' 630.

12. Occasion of the lines, 12.
Hamburg, 113.

Howo pleasant were the songs of Toobonai, 264.
Hannibal: His exclamation on the successful march of

llow sweetly shines through azure skies, 13.
Ners the Consul, 657.

Howard, Major Frederick (killed in battle), tribute to
Happiness: 'born twin,' 509. An art on which the

the memory of, 158, 159. Circumstances attending his
artists greatly vary,' 595. The 'Nil Admirari' theory fall, 646.
discussed, 537, 595.

Kowe, Admiral Lord, 481.
Hardinge, George, the waggish Welsh Judgc,' 599.

Hoyle, Rev. Charles, and his epic blank,'99, 632.
Harley, Lady Charlotte (the Ianthe' of Childo Harold):

Hoyle, Games of, 99, 520.
Poetical dedication to, 139.

Hudibras, matchless, 106.
Harmodius and his sword, 133, 159.

Humane Society; unsuffocates men gratis,' 490.
Harmodius and Aristogeiton, best translation of the song Humbeldt, 'the first of travellers,' and his "airy instru.
on, 616.

"" Harmony," a state sans wedlock,' 611.

Sec Rapp.

Hunting. See Fox-hunting.
Harpe. See La Harpe.

Hush'd are the winds and still the evening gloom, 2.
Harrow: 'On a change of masters at,' 8. On a distant

Huzza! Hodgson, we are going, 43.
view of the village and school,' 10. Lines written be- Hymettus and his honied wealth,' 156.
neath an elm in the churchyard,' 37. 'On revisiting Hypocrisy: 'Oh for a forty. parson power to chant thy
Harrow,' 41, 627.

praise,' 576.
Harvey's odd mode of exhibiting his liking for Virgil,

Havard's Fate,' 108. Cause of the failure of his tragedy, I enter thy garden of roses. 49.

I had a dream which ras not all a dream, 72.
Hawke, Admiral Lord, 481.

I now mean to be serious ;- it is time, 593.
Hawke, Edward Harvey, third Lord : 'Lord II-'9. I read the Christabel,' 81.
Hayley, William, and his Triumphs of Temper,' S4, I saw thee urep- the big bright tear, 64.
619, 629. His attempts in the terza rima, 278.

I speak not, I lrace nol, 61.
He unto whom thou art so parlial, 87.

I stood beside the grare of him who blazed, 78.
He who sublime in epic numbers roll'd, 4.

I stood in Venice on the Bridge of Sighs, 169.
Hearing. See Second-hearing.

I want a hero : an uncommon want, 481.
HEAVEN AND EARTH, A mystery, 411.

I wish to tune my quirering lyre, 5.
HEBREW MELODIES, 63. Purpose for which they were I would I were a careless child, 35.
written, 63.

I would to hearen that I were so much clay, 479.
Hecla, quenchless,' 132.

lanthe. See Harley, Lady.
llelen, on Canova's bust of, 81. "The Greek Eve,' GOG. Il for silver or for kold, 85.
Hell paved with good intentions, 125, 559. Origin of the If from great nature's or our own abyss, 601.
proverb, 668.

is, in the month of dark December, 48.
Hellespont, the, and Leander's swimming feat. 48. By. If sometimes in the haunts of men, 53.

ron's similar performance, 504. The broad Ilellespont,' If that high world, which lies beyond, 63.
201. What is meant by the cpithet, 632.

llion and Mion's wall, 527.
Hells and Clubs, difference between the two, 633. Saint Ill-fated heart and can it be, 53.

James's hells, 582. • Silver' and 'gold'licils, 669. Imagination troops ir pinion,' 521.
Henry, Patrick, the forest-born Demosthenes,' 134. In Coron's bay florits many a galley light, 213.
Flerbert, Hon. and Rev. William, shall wield Thor's In digging up your bones, Tom Paine, 86.

hammer, '96. Specimen of his vulgar tongue,' 630. In law an injant, and in years a boy, 12.
Here once engaged a stranger's view, 41.

In moments to delight devoted, 58.
Here's a happy new year ! but with reason, 86.

In one dread night our city sau, and sighed, 54.
Hereditary bondsmen I know ye not,' 153.

In one who fell as once he sell, 40.
• Ierod's Lament for Mariamne,' 66.

In the leginning was the lord nert God, 284.
. Iesperus, thou bringest all good things,' 521.

In the year since Jesus died for men, 235.
High in the midst, surrounded by his peers, 20.

In thee i fondly hoped to clasp, 3.
Higligate, the steep of, 146.

In this belored marble riew, 81.
Highland welconie,' 543.

Inconstancy, 512. Nothing more than admiration,' 512.
Hill, Thomas (Kirke White and Bloomfield's patron), Indifference don't produce distress,'595.

Indigestion and its penalties, 568, 580.
Hills of Annesley bleak and barren, 9.

Inez, To, 147, 148.

Ink, potency of a drop of, 519.
His father's sense, his mother': grace, 83.

Innovation's spirit,' 621.
• History's purchased page,' 161. Takes things in the Inscriptions on the monument of a New foundland dog,
gross,' 557.

Hoare, Rev. Charles James, 99.

Insolence in public offices, 583.
Hobbes, Thomas, Philosopher of Malmsbury,' an in- Intoxication, humorous recommendation of, 509.

veterate smoker, 638. His fear of ghosts, 615, 670. Iris: like Hope upon a death-bed, 175, 648. The sun.
Hobhouse, Sir John Cam, afterwards Lord Broughton,

bow's rays,' 296. Formation of the phenomenon, 659.
Dedication to, 168, 169.

Hoche, General, suspected cause of the death of, 646. Irish mine, poor as an, 107, 633.
Hock and Soda Water,' 479, 509.

Irish, or old Erse,' 559.



Irus, poor as, 107. Who boxed with U1s ases, '623.

Lamberti, the Venetiau poet, 663.
Is thy face like thy mother's, muy fuir child, 137.

Lambro Cadzani, 201. His efforts for Greek independ.
ISLAND, The; or Christian and his Comi2drs, 252. ence, 653.
Foundation of the story, 262.

LAMENT OP Tasso, 275.
Islands of the blest,' 518.

Lancilot, one of Arthur's knights, 291.
• Isles of Greece,' The, 518.

Landed interest, the, 136.
Ismail, siege of, 541. See also notes to Don Juan, 668. Landor, Walter Savage, and his poem of Gebir,' 1?2.
It is the hour when from the boughs, 245.

Character of his Latin poems, 638. • That deep-mouth-
Italia! oh, Italia! '172.

ed Baotian,' 581.
Italian language, acquisition of the, 291.

Langeron, Count de, 553.
Italian music, protest of a provincial mayoress against, Lannes, Duke of Montebello, 481.

Lansdowne, Marquess of. See Petty.
Italy! thou art the garden of the world,' 175. Thy

Lauskoi. Sce Catherine of Russia
wrongs should ring from side to side,' 173. Tay tu

LARA, A Tale, 224.
man soul desponds,' 480.

• Laocoon's torture dignifying pain,' 182. is all eter-

nal throcs,' 526.

Laos, wide and fierce,' 153. Characteristies of the river,
Jackals, number of, among the ruins of Ephesus, 556. 610.
Jackson, John, professor of pugilism, 108. Byron's esteem Lascy, General, 559, 561.
for him, 659, 669.

Laugier, Abbé, on the character of the Doge Faliero,
Jamblicus, the philosopher, 659.

Jealousy, 147, 485, 488.

Laura, Petrarcli's, 171, 513.
Jetfrey, Francis Lord, Edinburgh Reviewer, 92, 95. His Lausanne, :66.

duel with Moore, 95, 627, 630. • Pertest of the train, Lauwine, the thundering,' 175. A name for avalanche,
96. Literary anthropophagus,' 104. Poetic expres.

sion of Byron's later feelings regarding him, 574. Lawyers behold the baser side of life, 574.

* Learned virgins,' 482.
Jersey, Sarah Countess of, consolatory address to, 62. Lee, Harriet, contributions to the Canterbury Tales'
Jerusalem, On the day of the destruction of, 67.

by, 422.
Jesus Christ, cause of the crucifixion of, 342. His . pure Legacy, sweet is a, 490.
creed made sanction of a!l ill,' 609, 670.

Legal brooms, why so dirty, 374.
Jews, was ever Christian land so rich in, 136. Those un- · Légion of Honour, On the Star of the,' €9.
believers, who must be believed, '334.

Legitimacy, 539. Its crutch, 557.
John Adams lies here, of the parish of Southwell, 41. Leigh, Hon. Augusta (Byron's sister), verses addressed
.John Bull, that bottle-conjuror,' 551.

to * The castled cray of Drachenfels, 162. Stanzas to
Johnson, Samuel, LL.D., and his baltered heroine her, 72. Epistle to lier, 73.
Irene, 105. Her murder on the stage prevented, 633.

Lely, Sir Peter, and his drapery, 598.
His Life of Milton, 520. His liking for au louest Leman, Lake. See Lake Leman.
hater,' 593. His belief in ghosts, 016.

L'Enclos. See Ninon.
Journal de Trevoux,' the English, 118.

Leonidas, 556. Whose every battle-field is holy ground,'
*Joy is harbinger of woe,' 56.

Julia Alpinula, the danghter, the devoted,' 163. Cause Leopold, Prince (afterwards King of Belgium), 'lovely
of her death, 647. Epitaph upon her, 61.

lord and desolate consort,' 193.
Julian the Apostate, 01.

Lepanto, battle of, 152, 170, 640.
Julian, Couui, 'c'ava's traitor sire,' 113. Violation of his Lesbiu, since far from you I've ranged, 11.
daughter, and its cousequences, 637.

Let Folly sinile, io view the names, 3.
Julie, Rousseau's, 161.

Lethe's spring, 521.
Julius Cæsar, his baldness and means of concealing it, * Leucadia's cape,' and 'far projecting rock of woe,' 152.
181, 619. 'Hlad Cæsar known but Cleopatra's kiss,' 267. Sappho's leap therefrom, 619.

The black-eyed Roman,' 459. Suitor of love, sii, Lewis, Matthew Gregory, 'wonder-working Lewis,' 94.
Jungfrau's never trouden snow,' 175.

Lewis' self with all his sprites,' 105, fiis advice to
‘Junius,' the political-letter-writer, 123. Old " Somainis Byron in re Marino Faliero,' 306. Foundation of his
Uinbra," * 129.

Wood Demon,' 135. Biographic sketch, 6.9.
Jupiter Olympius, temple of, 635, 633.

reason for a dramatic anachronism, 633.
Jura's capt liviglits,' 103. Her misty shroud,' 165.

Liakura mountain and its perpetual snow, 645.
Juvenal wrong ive speaking out so plainly, 481.

Liars, praised be all,' 582.

Liberty, royal opponent of, 126. 'Brightest in dungeons

Liberty lads o'er the sea,' 81.
Kalamas, 610.

Licensing Act, Dramatic, 633.
Kaleidoscope, the, 503.

Lies and lying, 582.
Kant, Immanuel, the great professor,' 577.

Life in despair, 160.
Keats, John,' who was killed off by vue critique,' 531.

'Loathing our life, and dreading

still to dic,' 298. Not worth a potato,' 551. "One la
Kenney, James, the dramatist, 96.

saved a thing to recollect,' 569.
Keppel, Admiral, 481.

Lightning sauctifes whate'er it strikes, 172.
Kibitka, .a cursed sort of carriage,' 569.
Kind reader, take your choice to cry or laughi, 43.

Ligue, Prince de, and his mennoirs, 553. Wounded, 554.

LINES written in Rousseau's Letters of an Italian Nun,'
Kinnaird, Lord, 567.

Kuight-errantry and Cervantes, 669.

• Addressed to a young lady,' 12.
Knolles, the Turkish listoriin, 510.

• To Rev. J. T. Becher,' 30.
Know ye the land where the cypress and myrtle, 197. . Written beneath an elm in Harrow churchyard,' 37
Kosciusko, 132, 577.
Koutousow, afterwards Prince of Smolensko, and his

"On hearing that Lady Byron was ill,' it,
military exploits, 362.

* Inscribed on a cup formed from a skull,' 43.

• To Mr. Hodgson,' 45.

. Written in an album at Malta,' 47.

•In the Travellers' Book at Orchomenu:,' 48.
Lachin-y-gair,' or 'Loch-na-gar,' 23, 267, 626.

. Written beneath a picture,' 48.
• Ladies intellectual' and learned virgins,' 432.

• Lie

• From the French,' 53.
with such a grace,' 493. "They blush and we believe . To a lady weeping,' 53.
them,' 493,

• Written on a blank leaf of the “ Pleasures of Me
Lady ! f for the cold and cloudy clime, 277.

mry,'" 54.
La Fayette, 151.

See Stanzas. Windsor Poetics.
Lafitte, the truly liberal,' 587.

Lisboa - Lisbon-141. Its filthiness, 1.42.
La Harpe, Colonel, tutor to Alexander I. of Russia, 135. Lisbon packet, lines written on board the, 45.
Laing's edition of Ossian, 627.

Literary men, Boccaccio's objection to the marriage of
Lake Lenian, with its crystal face,' 63, 63. Sonnet to, 658.

Little! sweet melodious bard,' 38. See Moore, Thomas
Lamb, Charles, and his poetic partnership with Charles Livadia and its free-thinking bishop, 641.
Lloyd, 99, 631.

Liver, the lazaret of the bile,' 512.
Lambe, Hon. George, 92, 628.

Hlis . Baotian head,' 92, Lloyd, Charles, and his poetic partnership with Charles
028. "Thalia's luckless votary,' 96. His dramatic la Lamb, 99, 531.
Dours, 030.

Loans, nut merely speculative hits, 587.


Locke's aversion to poetic culture, 107, 633.
Lot, Capel, 98. Cobbler laureats sing to him,' 107.
* Mecenas of shoe-makers,' 631. *Accessary' to their

poetical indoing,' 634.
London and its citizens' Sunday amusements, 146. Its

smoky cauldron,' 475. • The devil's drawing-room,'
579. Its first appearance, 580. Where mischief's
daily brewing,' 588. One superb menageric,' 538.

London's noon,' 601. See Westminster.
Lony years ! it tries the thrilling fraume ta beur, 275.
Londonderry, Robert Stewart, second Marquess of. See

Loneliness, 163.
Long, Edward Noel : 'generous Cleon,' 29. Verses to

linh, 33.
Longinus, 484, 610. O'er a bottle,' 495.
• Longman's liberal aid,' 107.
Longueurs,' 520.
Lorraine, Claude, 598.
Love, on the origin of, 56. Love! young love!' 159.

• Love's recess,' 166. Watching madness,' 115. • Dies
as it was born,' 179. No habitant of earth, 179.
• Will find its way,' 191. 'Light from heaven,' 194.
Platonic love, 436, 489. First love, 490, 510, 523. Wo-
man's love, 194, 511, 312. Man's love, 511. A caprici-
ous power,' 498. Nature's oracle,' 510. "The very god
of evil,' 511. Its best interpreter,' 512 • Ilis own
avenger,' 526. The first net,' 531. llis loveliest
throne, 513. 'Great opener of the heart,' 573. • Makes
man sick,' 587. Its power contrasted with that of casu,
597. Propriety of the plarase tender passion,'607.
• Love in idlenes,' 606.
• Love of glory's but an airy lust,' 528.
Love of money.' See Money.

Love of offspring's nature's general law,' 39.
Lucifer's sin, 521.
• Luck's all,' 577.
• Lucretius' irreligion is too strong,' 484.
Lucullus's turnip-roasting, 657. This services to cookery,

613, 670.
Luddites, song fer the, 81.
Lusieri, Lord Elgin's agent of devastation,' 638.
Luther, 531.
Lutzen, where fell the Swede,' 133.
Lykanthropy,' 568.
Lyttelton, Lorii, ghost story related by, 653.

•M' To, 10.
• Mac Fleck noe,' 632.
Machiavelli, Nicolo, 173. See also 551, 579.
Macneil, Hector, 94. Popularity of his poems, 631.
Macpherson's Ossian, spuriousness of, 627.
• Madeira trembled to a kiss,' 94, 629.
Mafra, where dwelt the Lusian's luckless queen,' 113.

Its extent and magnificence, 637.
Mahomet, 511. First duties enjoined by him, 650
Mail of Athens, ere we part, 18.
Maid of Saraguza, The." See Saragoza.
Majorian's hazardous visit to Carthage, 654.
Mallet, David, 95. Work for wirich Bulingbroke hired

him, 629.
Nalta, Farewell to, 49.
Alalthus, Rev. T. R., and his anti-marriage theory, 587.

• Does tho thing 'gainst which he writes,' 588. llis
book's the cleventh commandment,' 611.
Man,' strange animal,' 489. A phenomenon, 490.

Always unjust to woman, 511. Frail, compared with
paper, 519.
Man's love. See Love.
MANFRED, A Dramatic Poem, 292.
Manfrini Palace, Venice, 473.
Mauley, Mrs. See Atalautis.
* Mann, of London,' and his pumps, 499,
Mansel, Dr. William Lort, Magnus, 20, 626.
Mansion-Tlouse, the, a stiir yet grand erection,' 581.
Many are poets who have nerer pennd, 282.
Marat, the revolutionist, 31.
Marathon, 156, 163. The inountains look on Marathon,

518. Ofered for sale to Lord Byron, 646.
Marceau, 'honour to,' 162 His monument and charac-

ter, 616.
Maria Louisa, Empress, proud Austria's mournful
flower,' 60. Her career atter Napoleon's aWication,
137. ller second husband, the martial Argus,' 137.
Marie Antoinette, effect of grief upon, 657.
- Marinet's affair, and Lord Kinnaird's connexion

therewith, 567.
MARINO FALIERO), Docs or VENICE ; An Historical

Tragedy, 303. Character and career of the hero, 303.
Dr. Moore's mistakes regarding him, 305, 306. Mr. F.

Cohen (now Sir F. Palgrave)'s translation of the story,

659. Petrarch on the Doge's conspiracy, 661,
Marion! why that pensire brou, 13.
Marius, 592.
Markow, General, 558.
Marlborough, Coxe's Life of, 520.
Marmion, the golden-crested,' 93. Good night' to,

93, 629. His acts of darkness, ' 99.
"Marriage from love,' 513. All comedies ended by, 513,
587. "The best or worst of any state, 607.

• Best
state for morals,' 610.
Martial, epigram from, 87. “Those nauseous epigrams,'

Mary, To, 'on receiving her picture,' 11. Thave a pas

sion for the name,' 530.
Mary, Qucen of Scots, 537, 572.
Matchmaking, 610.
Matrimony, 587.
Matter, Bishop Berkeley's theory respecting, 580. “Treni-

bles to come near' spirit, 621.
Maurice, Rev. Thomas, and all his granite weight of

leaves,' 95. His literary productions, (29.
MAZEPPA, 255. Foundation of the tale, 255.
Medici, thé, merchant dukes,' 174.
Meditation, 150.
Megaspelion, view from the monastery of, 641.
Meknop, Gencral, 563.
Melanethon, 569.
Melton jacket, the, 599.
Memnon's statue, 597.

Memory flashes on my brain,' 119,
Menddi, Mount, and its carp, 615.
Merci, Count, epitaph on, 611.
Merival, J. H., and his associate bard,' 99, 631, His

Roncesvalles, 284.
Merry's Metaphors, 98.
* Metaphysies, that labyrinth,' 591.
Metelli, Cecilia, tonhof, 619.
Methodism, cause of the success of, 647.
. Metternich, power's foremost parasite,' 137.
Michelli, Madame, the translator of Shakspeare, 663.
Middle age of man, 586
Milinan, Rev. lieury Hart, character of The Fall of

Jerusalem' by, 307.
Milo, Napoleon compared to, 6o.
Miltiade's, the dust of,' 615. “Freedom's best and

boravest friend,' 519.
Milton, John, 102, 108, 480. His 'heartless daughters!

480. Hapless in his nuptials,' 513. “A bursit site,

520, 665.
Minotaur, the old fable' of the, 508.
Mirabeau, 481.
Miser, the, and his glittering heaps,' 489. "Why c. 11

the miser miserable?' 580, 387. He is your only post,
587. lis delights, 587.
Mitford, William, the historian, gives the good oll

Greek the lie,' 588. Nerits and defects of his history,
Mithridates, “the Pontic monarch,' and his poison food,

Mob, the, sick of imitating Job,' 560.
Mobility defined, 623, 670.
• Money is Aladdin's lamp,' 587. Love of, the only

pleasure which requites, 600. See Cash.
Monkir and Nokir, superstition relative to, 651.
Monks, a-propos of, 606.
• Monmouth Geoffry's chronicle,' 616,

OF THE Rr. Ion, R. B.
Monsoon, the, her steady breath,' 560.
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley, charming Mary,' 530.
Montaigne, motto of, 568.
Alont Blanc, 175, 617. * The monarch of mountains,'

Montgomery, James, answer to a poem of, 29. Sad

Algus, 55. His Wanderer of Switzerland. 629.
Montzomery ! true, the cominon loi, 29.
Montmorenci, sworn foe to charters,' 137.
Moon, the, an exciter of mischief, 489. 'Of amatory

egotism the tuism,' 616.
Nooie, Dr. John, mistakes of, relative to Marino Faliero,

305, 306,
Moore, Thomas, poor Little,' 36. His intended duc!

with Jeffrey, 37, 630. On his last operatic farce,' 50.
On his intended visit to Leigh Wunt in gaol, 57. Fra
ment of an epistle to bim, 61. Versos to him, 81, 82.
• Young Catullus of his day,'94. Little's leadlessis
tol,' 95. Dedicatiou to hiin, 207. 'Anacreon Moore,'

* Morat, the proud, the patriot-field,' 163. Murat and

Il ::ratho1], tin 11111 , i65.
ure, llannal, and her 'Celebs,' 482,

More, Sir Thomas, on the scaffold, 651.

Night ranes--the vapeurs round the mountains coll
Moreau, General, 481.

Morelli, Abbate, 663.

Nightingale, the, or Bulbul,' and its Sultana,'185,144
Morena's dusky height,' 144.

Its attachment to the rose, 199, 650. Unseen asking
Morgan, Lady. See Owenson, Miss.

the,' 523. Nature of its notes, 652.
MONASTE VIAGGIORE of Pulci, 284. gron's reasons 'Nil admirari,' happiness of the, 537, 595.
for translating it, 231. Pulci's design in writing the

"Nile's famous flood,' 132.
poem, 284. His punch on the head, 659.

Nile or Niger, 'those shuffling negroes, ' 591.
Morosini, Venetian poet, 663.

“Nimrod's hunting box,' 534.
* Mortality! thou hast thy monthly bills,' 559.

Ninon de l'Enclos, 53i.
Moscow Conflagration : Her fiery exit,' 115. 'Sublimest of Nisus, the guardian of the portal stood," 16.

volcanoes,' 132. Sympathy of the lamplighters and tal- No breath of air to break the rare, 185.
low-chandlers, 636, Napolcon's heartless allusion to, 616. No specious splendour of this stone, 21.
Moses (“the Hebrew), Michael Angelo's statue of, 283. Noble, life of a young, 585.
Mosso, the actor, 110, 625.

North, the moral, 485.
• Mother Churc weeps o'er her offspring titles,' 135. Northerton, Ensign, 648.
Mountains are a feeling,' 163.

North-west passage, 595.
Muchtar Pacha's son's wife's jealousy and its tragic re-

Nol in those climes there I have late been sitaying, 132
sults, 651.

Nothing so dificult as a beginning, 521.
• Muezzin's call,' 153, 651.

Novelties please less than they impress, ' 59).
Murat, 'of the snow white plume,'68. Treatment of his Novels set young hearts bleeding, 522
remains, 628.

Numa Pompilius, 483.
Murray, John, epistle from, to Dr. Polidori, 82. Poetic

epistles to, 82, 83, 88.
Muse, Farewell to the, 40.

O love ! O glory! that are ye who ly, 551.
Muse of the many turinkling feet! 115.

Oak at Newstead,' To an, 40.
Music breathing from her face,' 193. Remarks on the Obstinacy and firmness, convertible terms according to
correctness of the expression, 652. *Music in all things,' circumstances, 607.

Ocean, apostrophe to the, 184.
Music's triumphs, 629.

Ocean stream, the, 530.
Mussulmans, sincerity in the devo:ions of the, €47. ODE ON YENICE, 83.
Mussulwomen, unintellectual condition of the, 477.

Must thou go, my glorious chief, 69.

Odessa, founder and benefactor of, 541.
Musters, Mrs. See Chaworth.

O'er the glad waters of the dark blue sea, 208.
My boal is on the shore, 82.

Offspring, love of, 539.
My dear Mr. Murray, 83.

of all the barbarous middle ages, thal, 586.
My Grandmother's Review, The British,' 496.

of two fair rirgins, modest, though adinired, S.
My hair is grey, but not with yeurs, 251.

Oh! Anne, your offences lo me hare been yrietous,
My sister, iny sueet sister ! ý a name, 13.

"Oh, banish care' - such erer be, 50.
My soul is dark-Oh ! quickly string, 61.

Oh, blood and thunder! and oh, bloot and sounds ! 55..
Mysteries and moralities, the first theatrical representa-

Oh, Castlereagh I thou art a patriol now, 87.
tions, 633.

Oh, could Le Sage's demon's gill, 9.

Oh, did those eyes, instead of fire, 10.

Oh, factious riper whose envenom'd tooth, 22
Nabuchodonosor, king of men,' 534.

Oh, friend for ever loved, 3.
Nadir Shah, and the cause of his death, 569.

Oh, had my fate been join'd with thine, 34.
Naldi, the singer, 97, 630.

Oh, how I wish that an embargo, 48.
Napoleon Buonaparte, greatest nor worst of men,' poetic Oh, lady! when I left the shore, 46.

reflections on, 160. Ode to him, 59. • The new Sesos. Oh, Mariamne I now for thee, 66.
tris, 131. llis annoyances at Saint Helena, 131. 'To Oh, might I kiss those eyes of fire, 5.
melt three fools to a Napoleon,' 134. The farmers' Oh, my lonely-lonely-lonely pillou 89.
great Triptolemus,' 136. Crushed by the northern Oh, say not, sweet Anne, that the Fales have decreed,
Thor,' 476. Ceres fell with Buonaparte,' 569. Colour Oh! snatch'd aray in beauty's bioom, 64.
of his eyes, 572. • The 'modern Mars,' 577. • Where is Oh, talk not to me of a name great in story, 89.
Napoleon the Grand ?' 585. "Seem'd quite a Jupiter,' Oh, thou! in Hellas deer'd of heavenly birth, 149.
586. Had Buonaparte won at Waterloo,' 607. Sa- Oh, Venice ! Venice! nchen thy marble tralls, 3.
vary's devotion to him, 628. His heartless allusion to Oh! weep for those that rrept by Babel's stream, 64.
Moscow, 6!6. His inscription on the sea walls of the Oh, Wellington !-or Villainton !-for fame, 561.
Adriatic, 670. His Empress : See Maria Louisa. liis Oh, when shall the grare hide for eter my orter, 1.
gon: See Reichstadt.

Oh ye ! who teach the ingenuous youth of nations, 497.

Oh, yes, I will own we were dear to each other, 36.
Napoli di Romania, 235.

Oh you, who in all names can tickle the toun, 57.
Native land, sensation on leaving one's, 497.

Old age, creeping on apace,' 516.
Nature 'the kindest mother,' 151. Maternal nature,'O'Meara, Barry, the stiff surgeon, 131.

161. Sacred nature,' 181. Teaches more than power On Jordan's banks the Arab's camels stray, 64.
can, spoil,' 538. Might forego her debt,' 609. Nature's ON THIS DAY I COMPLETE MY THIRTY-SIXTR YEAR, 94.
naturc,' 612.

Once more in man's frail world! arhich I had lo, 27
Nay, smile not al my sulien brou, 147.

One struggle more, and I am free, 51.
Nebuchadnezzar. See Nabuchodonosor.

Orcbomenus, Lines written in the Travellers' Book at, 8
Neipperg. Count, Empress Maria Louisa's second hus. O'Reilly, General Count, 'who took Algiers, ' 491.
band, The martial Argus,' 137.

Origin of Lore,' On the, 56.
Nekir. See Monkir.

Orla See Calmar and Orla.
• Nelson was once Britannia's god of war,' 481.

Orphans, loneliness of, 611.
• Nem. con. leads oft to crim. con.' 611.

Orthodoxy. See Heterodoxy.
Nemesis, great, 176, 150.

OSCAR OF ALVA, A Tale, 13.
• Nemi navell'd in the woody hills,' 193. The retreat of Ossian. See Macpherson.
Egeria, 649.

Otho, Rome's sixth emperor,' 301.
Nero, flowers strewed upon the tomb of, 665.

Our life is turofold: Sleep hath its own world, it
Nero, the Consul, unequalled march of, 657.

Our nation's joes lament on For's death, 22.
Nessus' robe, 584, 6!6.

Ovid's a rake,' 484. Love's tutor, 511.
New Jerusalem,' and modern Jews, 136.'

Owenson, Miss (Lady Morgan), and her Ida of Athens."
Newfoundland dog, inscriptions on the monument of a, 631.

Oxenstiern, wise, 605. His remark on world government,
Newstead, To an onk at, 40.

Newstead Abbey, On leaving, 3. Elegy on, 25. De- Oysters, amatory food,' 509. "May be cross'd is lese,'
scribed under the name of Norman Abbey,' 597.

Neirstead ! fast-falling, once resplendent doine ! 25.

Nwton, Sir Isaac, that proverb of the mind,' 551. Anec-
of the falling apple, 573.

Pagets for your wife,' 97.
• Nay, 567, 663.

* Pain,' 75.
e Nile.

Palafox's heroic answer, W'ar to the knife,' 148, 63%
jou wert not sent for slumber,' 165

Palatine, Mount, the imperial mount,'178.

Palgrave, Sir Francis (Mr. F. Cohen), translation of the Poland, still a waste,' 132.
story of Marino Faliero by, 659.

Polidori, Dr., epistle from Mr. Murray to, 82.
Palmerston, Lord, 9.

Polycrates, 519.
Pantaloon, origin of the word, 648.

Polygamy.spawns warriors by the score,' 564.
• Pantheon ! pride of Rome,' 181, 649.

Pompey's "dread statue,' 176. * Hero, conqueror, and
Pantisocrasy,' 520.

cuckold,' 511.
Paper, man's survivor, 519. Gold preferable to, 587. Pope, Alexander, better to err with,' 92.

His pure
Paper credit, 113.

strain,'92. His youthful eclogues, 106. Would stop
Parcae, the, 530.

to polish by the way,' 106.
Purent of golden dreams, Romance ! 21.

Popular applause, the 'glorious meed' of, 518.

Porson, Professor, 626.
Paris, 'the Dardan boy,'600.

Portland, William Henry Cavendish, third Duke of;
PARISINA, 245, Occurrence on which the poem is found. 'old dame Portland,' 100. Jeu d'esprit upon him, 652.
ed, 245, 636.

Portugal, Lusitania,' 143. Character of its people, 637.
Parker, Margaret, on the death of a young lady'), 2. Posterity •a dubious kind of rced,' 587.
Parker, Sir Peter, elegiac stanzas on the death of, 62. Posterity will ne'er surrey, 87.
Parks, those vegetable puncheons,' 581.

Potemkin, Prince, 553. His pithy order to Suwarrow to
Parnassus, 145. The Muses' seat,' 145. Loved Par- take Ismail, 553.
nassus,' 152, Poor as Irus,' 107.

Potiphar, the spouse of, 539.
Parthenon, mutilation of the, 638.

Pouqueville, M. de, 640.
l'arting, On, 49.

Powell's pistol ready for your life,' 97. Antagonist
Pasiphis promoted breeding cattle,' 501.

killed by him, 631.
Pasqualigo, naval bravery of, 663.

Pratt, Samuel Jas. : 'Hail, Sympathy,' 94.
Passion raves itself to rest,' 147. Its fruits, 151. Fix'd PRAYER OF NATURE, The, 33.

passion holds his breath,' 164. Most dissembles,' 480. Prayer, the hour of, 520.
Glorious in a lover,' 513. Overwrought with,' 523. Pride leads the mind to soar too far,' 521.

• Pride's op-
*Passions in their full growth,'524. Their extreme verge,' pressive weight,' 591.

Prince Regent. See George the Fourth.
Paswan Oglou and his 'rebel hordes,' 203, 653.

Pateruoster Row, 197.

Proctor, Bryan Waller, Barry Cornwall' (gentle Eu-
Patience, that word was made for brutes of burden,' phucs'), a sort of moral me, 584.

Prologue for a private theatrical performance, 21.
Patroclus, 527.

PROMETHEL'S, 78. His unforgiven 'tilching, 120.
Pausinis und Cleonice, tragic story of, 299.

PROPHECY OF DANTE, Tbe, 277. Occasion of the poem,
Peacock, the, whose tail's a diadem,' 556.

277, 278. See Dante.
l'elagio, or Pelagius, 143.

Protesilaus, 527.
Pentelicus, Mount, and its cave, 615.

Pulci, sire of the half-serious rhyme,' 522. See Mor-
Persecution not refutation, 512.

gante Mazgiore.
Persian, devilish doctrine of the two principles of the,' Punning, classical authorities for, 632.

Pye, Henry James, poet laureate, 92. What, Pye, come
Pertinacity. See Firmness.

again ?"129.
Petersburgh, that pleasant capital of painted snows,' • Pygmalion's statue waking,' 515.

Pylades and Orestes, 626.
Petion, Mayor of Paris, 481.

Pyramus and Thisbe, 534.
Petrarch, 173. His laureate brow,' 173. Platonic pimp Pyrrhic dance, tlie, 514, 519.

of all posterity,' 530. His remarks on the conspiracy of "Pyrrho, on a sea of speculation,' 568.
Marino Faliero, 661. See Arqua. Laura.
Petticoat influence,' 603.

Petty, Lord Henry (afterwards Marquis of Lansdowne), Quaker, To a beautiful, 20.
96, 626,

Queens, generally prosperous in reigning,' 577.
Phaedra, 539.

Querini Alvise, honourable career of, 663.
Philanthropy's rare stamp,' 154.

Quict to quick bosoms is a hell,' 161.
Phillips, Ambrose, 106.

Quite refreshing'-affected phrase,' 563.
• Philogenitiveness,' 588.
Philosophy, 147, 614. A short colloquy with, 512.

• Phyle's brow,' 155. Fort Phyle, 611. Its remains, 644. Rage, the wine of passion,' 263.
Physicians mend or end 11,576.

Rage in woman, 539.
Picture (a) is the past,' 616.

Rainbow, description of a, 503. Sce Iris.
Pigot, J. M. B., Esq., reply to some verses of, 22.

Ramazani's Fast,' 153.
Pigot, Miss (Eliza'), verses to, 23.

Ram Alley,' extract from Barrey's comedy of, 636.
• Pillans, shall traduce his friend,'96; baselessness of the • Raphael, who died in thy embrace,' 475, 664. Women
in-inuation, 630.

can transfigure brighter than,' 609.
• Pindar sang horse races,' 518.

Rapp the harmonist embargo'd marriage,' 61). Re.
Pindus' inland peak,' 152. Bleak Pindus,' 152.

verse of zealous matrons,' 611. State of the colonies
Pins, those cursed,' 546.

founded by him, 670.
Pistol effect of the cocking of a, 524.

Ravenna, 'fortress of falling empire,' 174. Reverence of
Hitt, Rt. Hon. William, 20, 22, 102. Epitaph for him, its people for Dante, 228. Its immemorial wood,' 521.

86. Opinion entertained of him by his very rival, Its carnage,' 529.
131. Proximity of their graves, 131. Renowned for Ravenstone, mcaning of the epithet, 664.
ruining Great Britain gratis,' 568. His additions to Reason: 'let it not be overswayed,' 405. Ne'er was hand
our Parliamentary tongue, 632.

in glove with rhyme,' 572.
Plato, Pagan, 105. His dialogues dramatic,'614. Con. Red Sea, not red, 507.

soled by his own repartee,' 619. Book found under his Reformadoes,' the, 574.

pillow at his death, 633. His retort on Diogenes, 670. Refreshing.' See Quite refreshing.
Platonism and Platonic love, 486, 489, 607.

Reichstadt, Napoleon Francois Charles Joseph, Duke of
Play, the two pleasures of, 602.

(son of Napoleon I.), the young Astyanax of modern
Playhouses. See Drama.

Troy,' 137. Hopes defeated by his death, 670.
• Picasure! you are indeed a pleasant thing,' 489. "A Religious persecution, folly of, 542.

sin,' 490. Its shrine, 496. No sterner moralist than,' Rembrandt's darkness, 598.

Remember him, whom passion's power, 56.
* Pleasures of Memory,' lines written on a blank leaf of, Remember thee I remember thee, 53.

• Remembrance,' 30.
Plutarch, the good old Greek,' 588. Mitford's abuse of Remind me not, remind me not, 44.
him, 669.

Remorse: the mind that broods o'er guilty woes,' 189.
Plymley, Peter. See Smith, Rev. Sydney.

• Renown 's all hit or miss,' 553.
Poesy, nothing so difficult as a beginning in,' 521. Rent, the grand agrarian alchymy,' 136. Down with
Poets and Poetry. Many are poets who have never everything and up with rent, 136.
penn'd,' 282,

Poets the foster-babes of Fame,' 528. Repletion, 532.
Amatory poets little think what mischief is in hand,' Revenge in person 's certainly no virtue,' 483.
530. Duties of a true poet, 563. Greatest living poets, * Revolution alone can save the earth,' 561.

Reynolds, Frederick, dramatist, and his favourite exple-
Puggio's exclamation over ruined Romc, 648.

tives, 96, 630.

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