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the fashionables at Cheltenham, in the bolls of oatmeal for his tenants. The Mar. ground of Colonel Riddell, and immediately quis of Stafford has sent 3400 bolls of meal, opposite the oak that was planted by that and 500 bolls of potatoes, for seed, to the illustrious personage.

A band of music tenantry on the Sutherland estate, at an attended, and a most pious, impressive, expense of nearly £7000, besides purchasand appropriate oration was read by Col. ing 500 cattle from the smaller tenants. onel Riddell. After the solemnity of the Stage Coaches. The rate at which the occasion, the company joined in hearty coaches between Liverpool and Manchester cheers. The day was fine, and the lawn are driven ought to be the subject of magis. was crowded with beauty and fashion. terial investigation. Last week, we are as

Caution.-Mr Thomas Garton, farmer sured that one of them arrived from Man. of Luton Marsh, bas lost six horses in con- chester to Low Hill in two hours and a halt, sequence of their being inadvertently poison averaging about fourteen miles in the hour, ed by a servant man, who fed them out of a or twice the speed of the mail. measure in which a quantity of wheat had 29.-Roger O*Connor, Esq. This genbeen steeped for sowing. The white arsenic tleman, formerly of some figure, and greathad set and dried at the bottom of the mea- er notoriety in this country, has been appresure, and was shaken out with the corn in- hended at Palace Anne, near Bandon, and to the manger.

is now in custody in this city, on a charge Provisions for the Highlands. Upon the of having been an accomplice in the robbery representation of the Highland proprietors of the Galway mail-coach, in the year of land now in London, government are to 1812, when it was attacked at Cappagh grant a considerable supply of oats to such Hill, county of Kildare, and robbed of a of them as choose to guarantee the price. considerable sum in bank post-bills, and a The Duke of Atholl has greatly exerted gold repeating watch, the property of Mr himself in this praiseworthy object, and he Pearse of Loughrea. Bail was tendered te has been zealously seconded by Lord Mac- the Mayor for Mr O'Connor's appearance donald ; Mr Grant, M. P. for Inverness- to answer the charge, but was refused, on shire; Colonel Macdonald of Lynedal, and the ground of its not being legally bailable. others. Several of the proprietors of High- A magistrate of this county having guaranland estates have met the distresses of their teed the appearance of Mr Arthur O'Contenants by lowering their rents, and supply- nor, his son, who was also apprehended on ing them with meal on credit, particularly the same charge, when called on, and his the Duke of Gordon ; Colonel Grant of state of health not permitting his removal Grant, M. P. ; Mr Macpherson of Ballen- with safety, he was suffered to remain for dalloch, M. P.; and Lord Reay, who the present at Fort Robert.-Cork Adrer, pledged bis credit to government for 1800 tiser.


I. CIVIL. 0. F. Beltza, Esq. to be Portculis Poursuivant of Arms.

William Pennel, Esq. to be Consul for the Pro vince of Bahia.

Harry Scott, Esq. to be consul at Bordeaux.
Sir William Garrow, Attorney-General (not Mr
Alexander, as stated in our last, that gentleinan
having declined the office) to be a Puisne Barun of
Exchiquer, vice Sir R. Richards.

Sir Samuel Shepherd, Solicitor-General, to be
Attoney Gen ral, vice Sir Willian Garrow.

Robert Gifford, Esq. to be Solicitor-General, vice Sir S. Shepherd

Maict-General Bolton, K.C. Rob.Shafto Hawkes, F#q. John Salusbury, Piozzi Salusbury, Esq. have eclived the houour of knighthood.

Members returned to Parliament. Sir Samuel Shepherd for Dorchester

Robert Gitford, Esq. for Eye, rice Sir Wm Gartow.

Edmond Wodehouse, Esq. for Norfolk, vice Sir
J. H. Astley, deceased.

I L.Gds. A. C. Newburgh to be Cornet and Sub
Lieut. vice Butler, retired

25th April Maj. C. W. Danec to be Lt.Col. 27th March R.H.G. Lord G. A. Hill, to be cornet by purchase, vice Cutterbuck, retired

8th May 3 Dr.G. Lieut. W. Stuart, to be Capt. by purchase vice Ferrier, retired

15th do. Ensign C. Drury, from 33 F. to be Comet

by purch. vice Addison, pro. 10th April M. M. French, to be Cornet by purch. vice Clatey, pro.

Ist lay R. Grant, to be Cornet by purch. vice PTUS ser, pro.

8th do, Sir W. A.Fletcher to be Cornet by purch. vice Inglis

15th dc. Cornet A. S. Broomfield, to be Licut. by purch. vice Fawcett, retired

10th Apríl Thomas Maçan, to be Cornet by purch. vice Brooinfield

do. 5 J. L. Higgans, to be Comet by purch. rice Walker, pro

17th do 6 Licut, J. Goldie, to be Capt. by purch. vite Archdale, retired

1th an W. F. Hindle, to be Comet by purch, da 7 Peter Wright, to be Cornet by purch. vice Duff, retired

27th March Rob. Warren, to be Cornet by purch. vice O'Malley, retired

Ist Map

11. MILITARY. Brevet Capt. Hon. J. H. Fitigerald de Ros of 1 Dr.

to be Major in the a, iny Eth May 1817.

Toth April

24th April

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38 3 Dr. C. Johnston, to be Cornet by purch. vice

Robert Gordon, to be Ensign by purch. vice Stuart pro.

8th May

Cooke, retired 6

21 Bt Major H. Madox, to be Major by purch.

2d Lieut, Peter Quin, to be Ist Lieut. by vice Miller, retired

13th do.
parch. vice Crosbic, pro.

do. Lieut. J. Lincon to be Capt. by purchs. vice

Jams Wemyss, to be 2d Lieut. by purch.

vice Queen

Lieut Sir C. Payne, Bt. to be Capt. by pur.

Lieut. Å. M. M'Gachen, from 72 F. to be chase, vice Warren, retired 10th April

Cavi. vice Moir, dead

do. 27 Capt. A. F. D'Este, from 17 F. to be Capt.

John Green, to be Ensign by purch. vice vice Peters

2ith do.

15th May Cornet, G. G. Smith, to be Lieut. by purch.

Ensign H. Robson, to be Licut. by purch. vice Payne

Toth do.
vice Turlor, pro:

13th March

33 10 A. F. Ellis, to be Cornet by purch. vice

Lieut. J. Arch' old, from h.p. to be Lieut.
Browne, pro.

více Murkla d, dead

17th April J. Earl of Wiltshire, to be Cornet, vice Bur.

Augustus Gordon, to be Ensign by purch.

do. dett, resigned

vice D ury, 3 Dr. Guards 10th do. C. T. Blicke, to be Cornet by purch. Ist May

Bt. Lt. Col. H. C. Dickens, to be Lieut. Col. 14 David Brown, to be Cornet by purch. vice

vice Roberts, dead

6th do. Hammond, pro.

21th April


Fred Moore, to be Ensign by purch. vicc

Williamson 15 Lieut. R. Mansfield, to be Capt. by purch.

3d do. 48

9th do. vice Dundas

Lieur. W. A. Neafield, from 76 P. to be W. Belliirs, to be Capt. by purch.

Lieut. vice Clarke, retired upon h. Po vice Wodehouse

both do.
76 F.

95th March 51

Bt. Lt Col. S. Rice, to be Lt. Col. vice J. Buckley, to be Comet by purch. vice Arnold, pro.

3d do.

Mitchell, dead
W. G. H. Jolliffe, to be Cornet by purch.

J. T. Keyt, to be Major, vice vice Buckley, pro.

10th do.

do Surg. G. Redsdale, from h.p. 79 F. to be

Lieut. H. Bayly, to be Capt. vice Keyt do. Surg. vice Cartan, h.p. 79 F. 15th May

Ensign G. J. B. St Jolin, to be Lieut. vice 16 Lieut. T. Wheeier, to be (apt. by purch.


do. vice Sweten i am, retired

10th April

W.G. Lord Hlav, to be Ens. vice St John do. Hon. E. S. Perry, to be Cornet do.


Lieut. T. Price, to be Capt. by purch. vice

Lieut. Andrews, retired 19th April 1816
J. Montgo nery, to be Cornet by purch. vice
Arnold, pro.

8th May

Ensign R. J. Anderson, to be Licut, vice 17 Cornet, T. Herring, to be Licut. viæ Hawa

Montgomery, dead 20th Sep. 1815 worth, dead 12th August 1816

R. J. Anderson, to be Ensigni, vice A.Brown, 18 Lieut. T. C. Askew, from 1 F. Gds, to be


21st May 1813 Lieut, by purch, více Brett ?6th March 17

(Vol.) O'Hara Booth, to be Ensign, vice

Anderson, pro. 19 ' Cornet G. Gregory, to be Lieut by purch.

Ist Angust 1816 vice Snead, pro.

24th April


Lieut. W. Dalguimes, to be Adj vice ArinEnsign H. Mitchell, from 62 F. to be Licut.

strong, res. Adj. only 10th April 18 7 by purch. vice Wyndham, 60 F, 15th May

Assist. Surg. A. Mackay, from 67 F. to be 20 Robert Douglas, igent, cadet) to be Cornet

Assist. Surg. vice Martin, ret. upon h. p.

67 F. by purch. vice Webster, pro. 26th March

27th March

56 Licut. w. Williams, to be Adjulant, vice Ensign W. Burrow, to be Lieut. vice NelSalmon, dead

3d April

son, retired Lieut. E. G. Taylor, from 25 Dr. to be Capt. Thos Coleman, to be Ensign by purch. vice vice Dudley, dead

19th Jan.

Burrow 58

d May 1816 J. Proctor to be Capt. by purch. vice

Major W.C. Campbell, from h. p. 3 F. to be Beatty, retired

8th May

Major, vice Kenah, returns to former h.p. Cornet J. Aslop, to be Lieut. vice Macart

3d April 1817. 3d October 1816

Geo. Peacock, to be Ensign by purch. vice John Clyde, to be Cornet, vice shaw, pro.

Hetherington, pro.

24th do. 1st March 1817 60 W. D. Fergusson, to be Ensign by purch. 25 Rob. Turnhoe, to be Cornet by purch. vice

3d do. Taylor, pro.


W. Robertson, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Thiballier, 35 F. S.C.of C. Cornet E. Gibson, to be Lieut. vice Rooke,

16th do. superseded

27th March

George Allan, to be Ensign by purch. vice Wm Amice, to be Cornet, vice Gibson do.

Llewellyn, retired

17th do. 63

George Cumming, to be Ensign, vice MelIF.G. Capt. C. I. Vyner, from 5 W. 1. Regt to be Lieut. and Capt, vice Burgess, ret. upon

drum, 2 F.

27th March 8th May 64

Lieut. J. E. Freeth, to be Capt. by purch. hop- 8 W. I. Regt. Ensign F. Vernon, from 12 F. to be Ensign

vice Buckworth, retired 17th April and Lieut. by purchase, vice Askew, 18th

Ensign E. Lambert, to be Lieut. by purch.

26th March
vice Freeth

do. Hon. V.S. Lascelles, to be Ens. and Lieut.

D. Tupper, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Lambert by pureh. vice Vynec, 5 W. I. R. 27th do.

do. C. A Lord Howard de Walden, to be Ens. 65

Ensign Henry Tudor, to be Lieut. vice Dun.

das, 56 F. and Lieut, by purch. vice Hurd, 4th W.

5th May 1816 1. Regt.

24th April John Mulkern, to be Ensign, vice Reynolds, C.F.G. Capt. S. Sowerby, to be Capt.

and Lt. Col.

íoth April 1817 by purch. vice Adams, retired 14th May

Serg. Major T. Donald, from 17 F. to be Lieut. M. Beaufoy, to be Lieut. and Capt.

Ensign, vice Tudor 5th May 1816.

15th do- 66 by purch, vice Sowerby,

Ensign W. Rhynd, to be Lieut vice Pardy, 3. Kingscotte, to be Ensign and Licut. by

56 F.

Cth June do purch vice Heaufog

W. Morton, to be Lieut. vice Whit SF.G. Ens. and Lieut. W. H. Hamilton, to be Lt.

Ist September and Capt. by purch- v.ce Burrowes, re- Ens. and Adj. W. Gilbert, to be Lt. 14th do. tired

17th April

Ensig John Clarke, to be Lieut. vice HarEns, and Lieut. W. James, to be Lieut. and

vey, pro.

15th do. Çapt. vice Montgomery, dead

8th May

John Curige, to be Ensign, rice Vorton Geo. Sui tie, to be Ens. and Lieut. by purch.

25th September 1815 vice Hamilton

17th April

Qr Mr Sergeant John Bacon, to be Qr Mr, Horace Walpole, to be Ens, and Lient. vice

vice Macdonald, dead 13th April 1816 James

8h May


Lieut. Moore Scott, to be Capt. vice Noble, Foot Ensign T. Meldrun, from 63 F. to be Lieut.


ney, dead

vice White, pro.

ney, dead


4th February 'vice Richmond, dead 27th March

Ensign D. Duff, to be Lieut. vice Scott Lieut. L. R. Dickens, from h. p. 3 G. B. to

C. Rainsford, to be Lieut. vice A. Be Lieut. Vice Grant, dead 3d April

Clarke, dead suar At

5th do.

- L. French, to be Lieut. vice Evans, barracks), to be Lieut, an. 1djutant, vice

cashiered Spencer, dead

4th do.

A. K. Huston, to be Lieut, vice Ron. Lieut. G. K. Malthy, to be Adj. vice Brown,

ald, dead


5th lo. resigned, Adj. only 25th March

T. Kiernander, to be Lieut. vice Stevens, 22 F.

Let Aug

4th May

Ensign W. Jones, to be Lieut. vice Cam- Lieut. T. Hurd, from 1 F. G. to be Capt.

2d August
by purch. vice Watts

do. Joseph Hassell, to be Ensign, vice Rains

Ensign, J. Hamilton, from 60 P. to be En. ford 20th Sep. 1815

sign, vice Monckton, retired upon h. p. N. J. Cambulege, to be Ensign, vice Duit

60 F.

25th March 4th Feb. 1816 5 Lieut. C. J. Vyner, from 1 F. G. to be Lieut. A. Poyntz, from 17 F. to be Capt.

Capt. by purch, vice Roberts, ret. 27th doo vice West, dead

13th May R.Y.R. Bt. Lieut. Col. M. Stewart, to be Lieut. Ensign J. Langson, to be Lieut. vice J.

Col. by pureh. yice Starch, ret. 13th Apr. Read, dead

5th do.

Capt. Wm. Manley, to be Major, by purch. Charles Burlton, to be Ensign, vice Sander,

vice Stewart

do. superseded

1st June

Lieut. T. Jones, from Rifle Brig. to be 75 Assist. Surg. M. F. Lane, from 103 F. to be Capt. by purch. vice Manby

1st May Ass. Su g. vice Jameson, pro. 27th March Assist. Surg. J. M'Cabe, to be Surg. vice 82 Lieut, F. Xome, to be Capt. by purch. vice

Jones, dead

17th April Stevenson, retired

24th do.

Hosp. Assist, C. Q. Palmer to be Assist. A. C. Baillie, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Surg. vice M'Cabe

do. Fenwick, pro.

24th April Y. Ch. Lieut. Col. G. Arthur, from 5 W. I. R. to 84 Lieut. E Croker, to be Capt. vice J. Fraser,

be Lieut. Col. vice Ewart, ret. upon h. p. retired 24th June 1816 5. W. I. R.

8th May (Vol.) M. C. Dighton, to be Ensign, vice

J. Twigg, from 5 W. I, R. ditto, Byne, pro 25th Dec. 1815 vice Fluker, ditto

9th 86 Licut. L. M'Quarrie, to be Capt. vice W. Capt. C. Vallancey, from 5 W. I. R. to be Williams, dead 7th Sep. 1816

Capt. vice Dallas, retired upon h. p. Ensign A. Reid, to be Lieut. vice Quar

5 W. I. R.

24th April rie James Law, to be Lieut. vice Hod.

Staff and Miscellancous. son, dead

8th do Lieut. Col. E. J. M‘G. Murray, to be D. A. Gen. Joseph Morton, to be Lieut. vice East Indies, vice Stanhope

24th April Cannell, resigned

20th do.

Hon L. Stanhope, to be D. Q. M. Gen. -W. Clarke, from 80 F. to be Lieut. East Indies, vice Murray

do. vice Henry, dead

21st do. Capt. J. G. Peters, from 9' Dr. to be Major of CaEdward Carrol, to be Ensign by purch. vice valry, for the purpose of assisting in the Riding Morton 20th do. School of the Army

25th Dec. 1818 98 Lieut. T. Armstrong, to be Capt. vice Bur. Lieut. T. Chadwick, from h. p. 2 Dr. to be Lieut ton, dead

8th May 1817 of Cavalry for the purpose of assisting in the Ri. W. Battier, to be Ensign by purch. vice ding School of the Army 8th May 1817 Brown, pro

do. Major John Gillespie, Superintendent of the Re 104 Lieut. J. Le Couteur, to be Capt. by purch. cruiting Service of the East India Company, ac vice Holland, retired

15th do. the Depot, Chatham, to be Lieut. Col. in the East Rif.Br. 2d Lieut. R. Fowler, to be Ist Lieut. by

Indies only

10th April purch. vice Jones, York Rang. 8th do. Capt. Edward Hay, Second in Command of the IW.I.R.Ensign H. Brocklass, to be Lieut. vice Mil- Recruiting Service of the East India Company, ler, dead 3d Ap:il to be Major in the East Indies only

do. Robert Payne, to be Ensign, vice Brock- Capt. H. E. Somerville, to be Adj, to the East In. lass, do. dia Company, Depot at Chatham

do. Edward Hunt (Gent. Cadet), to be Ensign Ralph Green, from h. p. to be Inspector of Hospi. vice Bell, dead



. tals 3 Hosp. Assist. J. Hutchison, to be Assist. Hugh Bone, M. D. from h. p. to be Physician to Surg. vice Payne, dead 24th do, the Forces, vice Wray, dead

do. 1 Capt. J. Watts, to be Major by purch. vice George Middleton, from b. p. to be Apothecary to John Read, retired

do. the Forces, rice Hoffe, ret. upon h. p. 17th do.


Major General.
Macartney, 24 Dr. 3 Oct. 1816. Shorter, 87 F.

25 Sept. 1816, Hugonin, late of 4 Dr.

Perrin, (drowned off the Isle of Bell, 1 W. I. R. 16 Feb. 1817.
Wight), 2 F. April 1817.

Stirke, 12 F.
24. April 1817. F. B. Ellis, 34 F.

Culmer, R. Y. Ran. 25 Feb. 1827
Mitchell, 51 F.
Barry, 87 É. 29 Sept. 1816.


Miller, 1 W. Ind. R. 4 Feb. 1817. Sharpe, 55 F.
Coote, 14 F. 24 Nov. 1816. Gray, R. York Rang. 8 do. Jones, R. York Ran. 91 Jan. 1817
Hedderwick, 24 F: 25 Apr. 1817. N. Stewart, do. 13 March Toinlinson, h. p. 16. Bn.

15 Mar.
Bushinan, h. p. 8 W. I. R. May

Assistant Surgeon.
Montgomery, 3 F. G.
Leavack, late 3 vet. Bn. 28 Apr. Tushells, 17,

6 Nov. 1816. Burton, 98 F. 5 Mar. 1817. G. Thomson, R. Art. 12 Feb.

Terrell, Royal Art. do do. Castleman, do. 17 May

Prentice, Dep. Ass. Com. Gen.
Fraser, Northumberland Militia.

25 Feb. 1817. Haworth, 17 Dr.


Lefebvre, do. Greville, do. 15 Nov. 1816. | Piggott, 25 F.





George Johnston Fabian

Richard P. Littlewort
Joho Baxter

Robert Hodder




George Pierce
Hon. R, C. Spencer


Marine, Hercules Robinson


20 Lieut. James Fynmore Wiam M'Culloch



James Wilson
Jos. P, D. Larcoun


George Renner Richard Tickell


Airistant Surgeon. John Radcliff

Euphrates John Wilson William R. Haghes


Parsers. Joseph Maynard


John Richards Robert Tait


Philip Thoves. R. P. Littlewort



Rochfort Pictou Spencer Hyena Ganymede Severn



COLONIAL PRODUCE.-Sugar.-The market has been rather heavy since our last, and asmall reduction in prices has taken place. The Refined market equally dull, notwithstanding the very limited supplies. Coffee.-In this article there has been much business done during the last two weeks, and prices of British Plantation and Foreign have advanced 2s. to 3s. per cwt. Good ordinary Jamaica, 75s. 6d. to 78s.; fine ordinary, 798. to 83s. ; middling, 80s. to 88s. Dutch Coffee has advanced proportionally, and with equal brisk

The Coffee of the last India Sale went off, in some instances, at a small advance, but there was no general improvement. The Stock of Coffee in this country is at present very small, compared with that of some preceding years, yet too great to lead us to expect any permanent improvement in prices. Cotton has been in very limited demand since our last, and prices declining. Pernambucco, 2s. Odd; Maranham, 23 d. ; Mina, 213d ; Carriacou, 22 d.; Sea Island, 2s. 24d. to 2s. 3d; Bengal, in the house, 9 d. to 11dd ; Surat, 14 d. to 1540.-The total imports into London, Liverpool, and Glasgow, during the last month, were 46,178 bags, being 9591 bags less than during May 1816. Tobacco.-In consequence of the contract with the French Government, considerable parcels of ordinary have been sold about 8d. and under that rate,—to the extent of 4 to 500 hogsheads, but no alteration in prices can be stated, our market currency continuing too high for the export orders. Rum has rather improved in value. Rice. The demand continues extensive, and prices advance with great rapidity,-good new Carolina has been sold at 45s. to 48$. ; the export demand chiefly for France.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE. Hemp, Flax, and Tallr, in very limited demand, without variation in prices. Irish Provisions continue in considerable request at in proving prices,

We learn, with pleasure, from the Manufacturing Counties, that trade is reviving con. siderably. The manufacturers are now giving 8s. 6d. for the manufacturing of Calicoes, which they could have got done last year at 5s. 6d.

The following duties have been paid to government by the twelve principal Fire Offices, from January 5, 1816, to January 5, 1817:Sun, 118,076 16 3 County,

-25,851 3 7 Phænix, 78,747 5 3 British,

.18,700 190 Royal Exchange, mommma 52,028 8 4 Albion,

-17,545 10 2 Imperialoon

37,926 7 2 Eagle,

.17,308 17 11 Norwich Union,...... -36,210 17 6 Hope,

.16,718 6 8 Globe,

-30,385 15 0 | Westminster,- ...sam...14,185 19 3 Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's-Guernsey and Jersey, 15s. 9d. Cork, Dublin, and Belfast, 20s. Hamburgh, 12s. 6d. to 155. 9d. Madeira, 20s. to 256 Jamaica, 40. Greenland, out and home, 3} guineas.

Course of Exchange, London, June 10.-Amsterdam, 38 : 2 B. 2 U. Agio of the Bank on Holland, 2.

Antwerp, 11:15. Paris, 24: 85 U: Bordeaux, 24: 85 U. Madrid, 35. effect. Cadiz, 35. Gibraltar, 31%. Lisbon, 58. Rio Janeiro, 59. Hamburgh, 35: 2:24 U. Frankfort, 147 Ex. M. Leghorn, 48. Genoa, 45. Venice, 27. Malta, 47. Naples, 40. Dublin, 12 per cent. Cork, 125 per cent.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £3: 19:0. New dollars, £0:5:2. Foreign gold, in bars, £3: 19:0. Silver, in bars, stand. 5s. 3d. Weekly Price of Stocks from 1st to 31st May 1817.

6th. 13th. 20th. 28th.

Bank stock, 3 per cent. reduced... 3 per cent. 4 per cent. 5 per centnavy ann. Imperial 3 per cent. ann. India stock,

bonds, Exchequer bills, 2ļd. p. day..

3d. p. day.

-3 d. p. day.
Consols for acc.
American 3 per cent.

new loan, 6p.cent.. French 5 per cents. seremonies


255, 255, 255, 2544 | 255, 255 2554
72), 715
72, 713
71, 72

711, 711 72, 721 723, 721 723, 72 723, 72

89, 884 89, 89% 89, 891 89], 894 1031, 1023 1031, 103 1031, 103, 1043, 1043 shut. 70$

shut. 211, 210 210, 2104 210, 2104 71, 74pm. 84, 82pm. 80, 82pm. 86, 33pm,

5, 11pm. 9, 11pm. 9, 11pm. 8, 11pm. 17, 14pm. 15, 16pm. 14, 15pm. 13, 14pm. 16, 17pm. 10, 16pm. 12, 15pm. 9, 14pm. 733, 723 73, 723 723, 72 733, 73

63, 64 103, 1033

67 2 U



LIVERPOOL. | per B. P. Dry Brown, 68 @ 63 @ 68 61

68 cwt. Mid. good, and fine mid. 76

80 08
82 69

Fine and very fine,



88 Refined, Double Loaves,


155 Powder ditto,

122 126
Single ditto,

116 124 114 116 114 117
Small Lunaps,
112 116 110

116 120
Large ditto,

108 110 106 110 106 109
Crushed Lumps,

66 63
64 63

63 MOLASSES, British,

29 296 6 28

29 29s 6 COFFEE, Januaica Ord. good, and fine ord. 68

7668 77 70 79 Mid. good, and fine mid. SO 100 78

88 79

88 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 45


60 Ord. good, and fine ord. 68

78 68

78 73 80 Mid, good, and fine mid. 82 100

88 81 88 St Domingo,

70 7472 76 PIMENTO (in Bond),


74 lb. SPIRITS, Jamaica Rum, 16 0. P. 38 6d 3s 90 3s 2 3s 3 3s 3

3s 5 gallo Brandy,

76 7 9 Geneva,

3 10 4 0 Grain Whisky,

73 WINES, Claret, 1st Growths, 48


hhd. Portugal Red, 40 45

pipe Spanish White,


butt. Teneriffe,


pipe. Madeira, .


70 Logwoon), Jamaica, £9 £10 £7 0 £7 10 £7 0 £7 10

ton. Honduras,

10 12 8 0 8 10 9 15 8 10 Campeachy,

10 12 8 0 9 90 9 10 Fustic, Janaica,


8 10

9 0 70 10 0 Cuba,


11 10 12 12 Indigo, Caraccas fine,

55 Od 9s Od Ss 6 9s 6 9s Olls 6 Ib. TIMBER, American Pine,

2 3 2 6


18 foot. Ditto Oak,

5 0
Christiansand (duties paid), 2 1 2 2
Honduras Mahogany, 0 11 1 l 0 10 1 8

0 11 1 1
St Domingo ditto,

1 2 30

2 6 Tax, American,

15 | 14 15 brl. Archangel, 20 21 16 17 18

20 Pitch, Foreign, 14

cwt. TALLOW, Russia Yellow Candle, 56

59 55 Home Melted,

57 HEMP, Riga Rhine,


46 42

ton Petersburgh Clean,


41 FLAX, Riga Thies. and Druj. Rak. 66 67 Dutch,


60 Irish,

52 Mats, Archangel, £6 0 £6 6

100. BRISTLES, Petersburgh Firsts, 16 10 17

cwt. Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 63 Montreal ditto,



54 56

58 OIL, Whale,


36 38 Cod,

55 (p. brl.) - 34

36 31 TOBACCO, Virginia fine,

11! 12 113 120 104 1 middling, 91 10 9 10 0 7 0 lb.

interior, 89 09 81 90 61 Cottons, Bowed Georgia,

18 1 10 154 1 Sea Island, fine,

2 6

25 good,

2 5 26 22 2 3 middling,

2 3 2 4 1 11 2 Demerara and Berbice,

1 10 2 1 1 9 1 11 West India,

17 19 16 18 Pernambuco,

2 2 2 3 2 0 2 1 Maranham,

2 2 ill 111

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