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We noticed, in our paper of last the architect, boat-builder, and merweek, the loss of an infant during this chant. very critical passage, with the excep- To the northward of Port Davey, tion of which melancholy occurrence, in lat. 48 deg. 10 min. S. and lon. 145 Capt. J. had the happiness to land the deg. 30 min. E. is another harbour, detachment, with their families, in a named Macquarie Harbour, of very state of health, which, from the va- considerable extent, into which a rivriety of climates and changes of at- er, that runs a considerable distance mosphere passed through, could not through the country, disembogues ithave been hoped for.

self. Unfortunately, at a small disCapt. J. recommends to command- tance from the mouth of the harbour, ers of vessels going to India by the or rather at the harbour's mouth, is a way of Torres' Straits, to keep the bar that extends across its entrance, land close aboard from their leaving having no more than nine feet water Port Jackson or Van Diemen's Land, over it, which will for ever render it anchoring at night, as occasion may impossible to be navigated but by direct, when they get among the reefs. very small craft. As Mr M'Carty is A continued chain of sand banks and just returned from thence with a cargo shoals extends from Cape Grafton, of Huon wood, he has favoured us which is in lat. 17 deg. S. to Cape with the following description of the York, which is in lat. 1o deg. 30 min. harbour :with numerous narrow passages no more than a mile wide from four to mind respecting the harbour and

river lately

“ Mr PRINTER,—To gratify my own fourteen miles off shore.. This pass- discovered on the west coast of Van Dieage, Capt. J. observes, is perfectly safe men's Land, known by the names of Macto ships of moderate draft of water, quarie Harbour and Gordon River, I for with the exception of the two dangers the second time sailed in my brig (the Sowhich he hitherto encountered. phia) for that harbour. On the fifth day, · By his Majesty's armed brig Kan- we came to anchor outside of the bar in garoo, the colony received an increase seven fathom water, to wait for the tide, as of inhabitants, by forty male and sixty knots an hour, and there not being more

the current runs at the rate of six and seven female convicts; but as the male con

than one and a half fathom water over the victs were the very worst of characters, bar. Captain Feen, conceiving he could selected from the gaol gang of Sydney, make out a channel, kept the starboard they had scarcely been twelve hours shore on board close in shore. The soundon shore before several of them were ings, after passing the bar, were seven facommitted to gaol for depredations. thoms, then ten, and regularly decreasing The resources of the Isle of Van

to two fathoms at the distance of twenty Diemen are daily developing ; two miles from the bar, where we were obliged harbours, by the bold and enterpris- proceed further. From the entrance of the

to bring up, not having sufficient water to ing perseverance of an individual in harbour we encountered shoals for the first a whale-boat, have been discovered on

ten miles, having a very narrow channel bethe bleak and western shore of the isle. tween them. We then continued our course The southernmost of those harbours, up the harbour in a whale-boat: having named Port Davey, is of the utmost advanced about two miles further, we found, importance to the navigator, as it lies on the northern shore, a quantity of coal. about nine miles to the northward of The first we observed was on the beach, South-West Cape, and is a most ex- and washed by the salt water-an immense cellent harbour, divided into two arms On further inspection, we found the bank

bed, but how deep we could not ascertain. extending some miles into the coun- from the river was nearly all coal, in strata try.-On the shores of this harbour of six feet thick, then a few feet strata of are great quantities of the timber clay, and then coal again. We much lanamed Huon Pine—the superior value mented the impossibility of proceeding with of this wood for every purpose of join- the brig to this place. On the following ers' and cabinet work, from the close- day, we continued our course up the harness, regularity, and beauty of its bour to the entrance of Gordon River: we grain, is generally acknowledged-it computed the distance from the mouth of will also be eminently serviceable the harbour to Gordon River to be about in building boats, especially whale- river, we arrived at the First Falls (similar

fifty miles. Pursuing our course up the boats, from its lightness, buoyancy, to the Falls of Derwent), and which we and indestructibility from worms, considered to be fifty miles further inland, it thus becomes a valuable article to through, as we supposed, the western moun. tains, as it runs nearly due east from the ture advantage is, that when the genharbour's mouth. We then procured our eral rich, and highly fertile, soil of cargo by drifting the wood down to the brig; the isle should be exhausted by a sucand on our return down the river, Captain cession of crops, or a system of bad Feen made another attempt to sound a pass. husbandry, then the lime and marle age, in which he happily succeeded so that there is no doubt but any vessel that can

will be manures of incalculable value. cross the bar at the entrance, may go with. But so very rich and productive is the in half a mile of the Falls, and lay at an- soil, and so genial the clime to every chor within ten yards of the coal mine. The species of husbandry, that it will be a mountains on the northern shore, where the long series of years before recourse coal is, are barren, but the rest are genere must be had to either one or the other. ally covered with myrtle and pine.-Yours, These are natural advantages the &c. DENNIS M-CARTY."

country of Port Jackson doth not In addition to the above great dis- possess, and which will enable the covery of an inexhaustible mine of agriculturists of Van Diemen's Land coal, coal has been found at various to carry on their concerns with much places on the isle, and more is likely greater success than the inhabitants of to be discovered on continuing our re- Port Jackson will ever be enabled to searches. Good slate has been found; do; as neither marle nor limestone have and a limestone quarry has been opened hitherto been found on the eastern and worked within a mile and a half side of the Blue Mountains. of Hobart Town, the mortar from We cannot but highly applaud the which is extremely good for masons' enterprising mind of Mr D. M'Carty, work, but not so good as shell-lime in exploring these harbours. Scarce (which is to be had in the greatest had the discovery of them been anabundance) for the plasterer's use. nounced by Mr Kelly, than he reFor the benefit of the farmer, most solved to visit them. In his first atexcellent marle abounds everywhere; tempt he was so unfortunate as to lose and limestone has been discovered in his schooner at Port Davey. On his various parts of the country. On Mr return to Hobart Town, his ardour to Gunning's beautiful estate at the Coal pursue this object was unsubdued, alRiver, lime of a very good quality has though he had met with so severe a been made, and might be carried on loss-rising superior to the difficulties to any extent. From these two nat- he had encountered, and to the haze ural productions, limestone and marle, ards and perils he was likely to meet we derive immediate and future ad- with on a tempestuous and almost unvantages: immediate, from the facility known coast. He again sailed in his with which lime can be obtained for brig, and was so happy as to surmount erecting buildings on the newly-set- every obstacle in his perilous voyage, tled farms, and for the improvement and to return in safety, with a valuable of the buildings on the old ;-the fu- cargo as the reward of his toil.




Vendicio terre in Waldefgate, 1990.

OMNIBUS Christi fidelibus ad quos

presentes litere pervenerint Thomas (The following curious Extract, relating de Ravinischer Salutem in Dmo. No to the sale of lands in Scotland in the thir- verit universitas vestra quod cum ego teenth century, is taken from the MS. Char. tanto ære alieno essem oneratus quod tulary of Kelso, preserved in the Library of creditoribus meis satisfieri non possit the Faculty of Advocates. It is valuable; nisi terra mea in Waldefgate in villa because it throws some light on the state of de Berewyc, quam tunc solummodo property in this kingdom during these days habui in manu meâ vendicetur, atque tant contract of sale was conducted on the compulsus essem judicialiter per Baljurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Courts, and livos Dni Regis et eciam Dni Abbatis the prevalence of the Roman Law at this de Kalchou, modis omnibus ad satisremote period in our Island.)

factionem hujusmodi debitorum con

siderans, quod aliunde pecuniam ha- 'COMMISSIOUN FOR EXAMINATING OF bere non potui nisi de dicta terra, ip

WITCHEIS.' sam terram cum omnibus edificijs et alijs pertinencijs suis ad dictam terram

[This and the following article will serve spectantibus, vel spectare valentibus,

to illustrate the opinions and practice of our jacentem inter terram quondam Ste- singular phenomenon in the history of the

rulers in former times, in regard to that phani de Hose, ex parte orientali, et human mind the supposed crime of witchterram quondam Michel de Abirden craft. The documents are sufficiently plain, ex parte occidentali, per diversas et suf- and do not seem to require, at present, either ficientes oblaciones factas in curia, ad elucidation or comment. Should we here. exoneracionem hujusmodi debitorum, after resume the subject, it may be useful to dictis abbati et conventui de Kalchou refer to them.] tanquam capitalibus Dnis ejusdem feodi, vendidi et presenti scripto meo (Apud Haliruidhous, Oct. 26. 1591.) confirmavi pro me et heredibus meis vel assignatis, et jus quod habui vel FORSAMEKLE as the kingis Maieshabere potui in dicta terra cumædi- tie, with aduyse of the Lordis of his ficiis et pertinencijs suis pro me et here

secrete counsale, hes gevin and grantdibus meis vel assignatis, extunc et it, and be thir presentis gevis and exnunc per fustem et baculum merâ grantis, his hienes full power and comet spontaneâ voluntate, in plena curia missioun, expres bidding and charge, dicti Dni Abbatis apud Berewyc sur

to his trusty and weil-belouit counsum reddidi et quietum clamavi pro sallouris, Schir Johne Cochurne of Orsexaginta libris sterlingorum mihi pre mestoun, Justice Clerk; Maister Daumanibus totaliter solutis, de qua pe id Mekgill of Nesbitt, advocat; As cunia plene et integre reputo me pro alswa to Mr Robert Bruce and Johnne pacato exceptioni non numerate non Dunkiesoun, ministeris ; Williame tradite et non recepte pecunie penitus Littill, prouest of Edinburgh ; and et expressé renunciando, et si contin- Johnne Arnot, burges thairof; orony gat me vel beredes meos contrâ istam three of thame coniunctlie ; All and vendicionem et quietum clamacionem, sindrie personis, alsweill thame quhilkis seu aliquem alium vice nostra nominé ar alreddy convict, or vtheris quhilkis nostro, mandato, consensu, procuraci- ar detenit captiue, and hes confessit, one, vel ratihabicione nostra in aliquo and sum that hes not confessit ; As facere vel venire, obligo me et heredes alswa as ar dilaitit, or that heirefter meos ad solucionem quatuor viginti sal be accused and dilaited, off comlibrarum fabrice ecclesie de Kalchou, mitting, vsing, and practizing of witchnomine dampnorum et interesse sol- craft, sorcherie, inchantment, and vendarum antequam in aliqua lite vtheris divilish divysis, to the dishonaudiamur. Subjiciens me et heredes nour of god, sklender of his worde, meos jurisdictioni et cohercioni Dni perrelling of thair awne saullis, abuseArchideaconi Laudonie vel ejus offi- ing of the cominoun people, and grite ciali qui pro tempore fuerint, quod contempt of god, his maiestie, aucpossint me et heredes meos sine causæ toritie, and lawis: To call and concognicione et strepitu judiciali per sen

vene befoir the saidis commissionaris, tenciam excommunicacionis in perso- or ony three of them coniunctlie, as nas nostras de die in diem fulminan- said is, alsoft as neid beis; And thame dam compellere et cohercere, ad ob- to try, inquire, and examinat; Thair servandum omnia et singula premissa, depositionis to putt in write ; and the et eciam quosque eisdem Abbati et same to reporte to his Hienes and his conventui de dictis quatuor viginti counsale, To the effect thai may be librarum nomine ecclesie sue plenarie putt to the knauledge of ane assyiss, fuerit satisfactum pacto vendicionis and Justice ministrat as effeiris ; Or hujusmodi nihilominus in suo ro- sic vther ordour takin with thame as bore churanturo nullo proponendo ob- to his Maiestie and his said counsaill stante. In cujus rei testimonium Si- sall be thocht maist meit and convengillum meum presentibus est appen- ient: The personis wilfull, or refusesum Datum apud Berewyc die Veneris and to declair the veritie, To putt to proximâ post festum Sancti Jacobi tortour, or sic vther punishement to Apostoli anno Dni mocco nonages. vse, and caus be vsit, as may nove Hijs testibus( none added.)

thame to utter the treuth; And generallie all and sindrie vtheris thingis to do and vse that heirin is requisite ticles alreddie deponit and confessit to be done; Firm and stable haldand; aganis the said Margaret, and vpoun and for to hald all and quhatsumevir sic vther circumstances as may drawe thingis the saidis commissionaris, or hir to a discouerie and confessioun of ony three of thame coniunctlie, as said the treuth ; and for this effect to conis, sall lauchfullie do heirin.

front hir and the said John Stewart, (Acta Sec. Conc.)

and sic vther personis as hes or can depone aganis her: And gif she sall

continew constant and obdured in hir COMMISSION FOR TRYING JOHN STEW- denyall, with power to thame to put

ART AND MARGARET BARCLAY, AC- her to tortur ; With power also to CUSED OF WITCHCRAFT._1618.

thame, or ony tua of thame, Justice JAMES, &c.-Forsamekle as it is courtis, ane or mae, at quhatsomevir vnderstand to the lordis of secrete place or places, and upon quhatsomcounsall, that John Stewart, vaga- evir day or dayis, lauchfull and conbound, and Margaret Barclay, spous venient, To sett, begin, affix, affirme,

to Archibald Deane, burges of Irwing, and continew Suittis, to mak be callit · war laitlie tane and apprehendit be the absentis,to amerchiat vnlawis,escheatis

, magistratis of our burgh of Irwing, and amerchiamentis of the saidis courtis, vpoun most probable and cleire pre- to ask, lift, and raise, and for the same, sumptioun of thair practizeing of yf neid be, to pound and distrenzie: witchcraft againis John Deane, burges And in the saidis courtis, the foirsaidis of Irwing, And procuring thairby the John Stewart and Margaret Barclay distructioun of the said Johne, and the vpoun pannell to present, be dittay to drowning and perisheing of the schip acuse, and tham to the knawledge of called the Gift of God, of Irwing, and ane assyse to put, and as they sal be of the haill personis and goods being fund culpable or innocent of the said thairintill ; "Lykas the said Johne cryme, to cause Justice be ministrat Stewart, ypoun examinatioun, hes vpoun thame for the said cryme, concleirlie and pounktallie confessit the form to the laws of our realme; Assaidis divilishe practizes; and the said sysis needfull for this effect, ilk perMargaret, foolishelie presumeing by sone, under the pane of xl pund, to her denyall to eshew tryall and puna sumond, warne, cheis, elect, and cause ishment, doeth most obduredlie deny be sworne, clerkis, serjandis, dempthe treuth of that mater, notwith stars, and all vther officiaris, and memstanding that the said Johnne constant. beris of court neidfull, to mak, create, lie avowis the same vpoun her, and substitute, and ordain, for whom they that diuerss vtheris cleir and evident sal be holdin to answer : And generverificationis ar producit againis hir, allie, &c. ; ffirme and stable, &c. ; as in the proces of examinatioun, tane chargeing, &c. Gevin vnder our sigin the mater seene, and considerit be net, At Ed? , the second day of Junij ; the lordis of our privie counsell, at and of our Reigne, the 16. and fyftielenth is contenit: Quhairfor, necessar ane yearis. (Sic subscribitur.) it is that Justice be ministrat vpoun

AL. CHANCEL. MAR. BINING. the saidis personis, conforme to the

KILSAYTH. lawis of our realme ; For quhilk pur

(Acta Sec. Conc.) pois we haif maid and constitut, and be the tennour heirof makis and constitutes, our louittis, John Peeblis, lait

ALLIANCE BETWIXT THE provest of Irwing,

Alland Dunlop

EARLS OF HUNTLY, MARISCHALL, and James Quhyte, bailleis of our said AND ERROLL.-1543. burgh, and John Blair, late baillie of [The following copy of a treaty of althe same, or ony tua of thame con- liance, offensive and defensive, between junctlie, our Justices in that pairt, to three Scottish Chieftains, of great pride and the effect underwrittin: Gevand, grant- potency in their day, has been transcribed

from the original paper, in the possession tua of thame, our full powar, commissioun, expres bidding, and charge, withstanding his gay and chivalrous mania

whose high notions of regal prerogative, notTo call the

saidis personis befoir thane, ners, proved very offensive to many of his and to re-examyne thame vpoun the factious and arrogant barons, had said cryme of witchcraft, and vpoun the 13th of the preceding December. of a the particular pointis, headis, and ar- broken hcart, after the disgraceful rout at



Solway; and a minority, which promised such day, yeir, and place aboun writin, full scope for the pursuit of feudal ambition befor "thir witneses, Alexander Ogilor vengeance, was not to be overlooked by a

vy of that Ilk, Patrick Chene of Esilnobility who boasted hereditary claims to more than regal authority in their respective zies of Petfodellis, Coinptrollar, &c.

mount, Knyght, and Thomas Menjurisdictions.—Huntly was killed twenty years afterwards in a conflict with the Regent, (Signed). George, Erll of Huntly. Earl of Murray, at Corrichie ; the other two

WyLZAM, Erll Marshall. died in their beds.]

GEORGE, Erll of Errol). The Bond betwir my Lords Erle Marshall and Erroll.

LETTERS FROM MONTROSE, QUEENSAr Huntlie, the nyntene day of BERRY, &c. TO GRAHAME OF CLAFebruar, the yeir of God Im Vo fourty and thre (1543) yeiris. It is appointit, aggreit, and finaly endit betwix nobill celebrated Colonel Grahame of Claverhouse,

The following letters, addressed to the and mychty Lordis, George Erle of afterwards Viscount Dundee, are printed Huntlie, William Erle Marscheall, from the originals in the possession of a genand George Erle of Erroll, in maner tleman in Edinburgh. The first, from the as eftir followis, that is to say, for ob- Marquis of Montrose, appears to have been serving and keeping of hartlie kind- written about the time that the Duke of ness, according to proximite of bluid, York commenced his infamous career in and allya, and for guid rewle to be Scotland, during his brother's reign. The kepit in the north partis of Scotland, berry and other members of the privy coun

second is addressed to Claverhouse by Queensthe saidis Erle Marschcall and Erroll cil, under the immediate apprehension of Arsall accompany in all radis, hosting, and gyle's invasion, in 1685.) conuentionis, with kyne, friendis, and servandis dependand on tham, with

For the Laird of Claverhous. the said George Erle of Huntlie; and Sir,--Yow cannot imagine how all thre their actionis and causes sall overjoyed I should be to have any imbe ane; and the said Erle of Huntlie ployment att my disposall that wer sall not do by the saidis William and worthy of your acceptance, nor how Georges counsalis, nor pass to nane much I am ashamed to offer yow any conuentioune but thair awyss and con- thing so farr below yo! merit as that sent thareto, nor thay inlikwyse by of being my lieutenant, tho I be fully his awyss and consent ; and that perswaded that it will be a step to a nother of the saidis Erlis sall pur- much more considerable imployment, chess by thamselfes, and of thar and will give yow occasion to confirme causing, otheris kindemen takkis, row- the Duke in the just and good opinion mis, teindis, or steddingis, but otheris which I do asure yow he has of yow; awysse in tyme cumin ; and in case he being a person that judges not of that ony discord or distance happen people's worth by the ranke they ar in. betuix ony of the saidis Earlis, thar I do not know, after all this, in what friendis or servandis, thay sall concur termes nor with what confidence I can incontinently, and cause reformatione express my desyr to have yow accept be made but violence according to the of this mean and inconsiderable offer ; falt; and that nane of the saidis whither by endeavouring to magnifie Erlis sall make equale band but the it all I can, and telling yow y! it is awyss of otheris ; and gifony insurrec- y? first troupe of yo D. of York's retioun ryse within this realme, that giment, y! I am to raise it in Scotland, nane of tham sall pass thareto, but the and y! I pretend that non but gentleawyss of otheris, and sall concur for men should rid in it, or by telling the commoun weil of the realme and yow that I am promised to be very thairselfes ; and for the fulfilling and quickly advanced, and y! yow shall observing of the premisses, all the ether succeid to me, or share w! me in saidis thre Erles ar suorne and oblist my advancement.} can say no mor, be thair grit athis, the haly Evangelis but that yow will oblidge me 'in it tuechit, ilk ane to otheris, and under beyond expression. I do not expect the painis of infamate and perjurie; any ariswer to this while I am here ; and this present oblissing to indure for 1 do resolve to be at Edin! against for thair lyfetymes. In witness hereof, y? 1st or 2d day of yo next moneth, the saidis Erlis hes interchangeably where if yow be not already, I earsubscrivit this writ with thair handis, nestly intreat yow would be pleased

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