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and a member of the Society of Friends from his hearing as well as his sight; but we are Belfast, with his daughter, who was going happy to state, that there is no truth in the out to join her husband in America. It is report. Indeed, as if Providence kindly inmelancholy to think they all perished. tended to compenzate for the loss of vision,

8.-Chain Bridge.o-A bridge of this de- his Majesty's sense of hearing is not merely scription is just finished at Dryburgh, for quick, but it has become, if we may be al. the convenience of foot passengers, across

lowed to use the term, discriminative. When the river Tweed. It consists of a platform his Majesty is in a composed state of mind of wood, supported by chains suspended he can readily distinguish and tell, by their from pillars, on each side of the river, at footsteps, the name of any one who is apthe height of eighteen fect from the surface proaching or passing him. As but few are of the water ; the span, froin the point of allowed to see him, he generally amuss suspension, is 261 feet, affording an easy hiniself, as they pass, by calling to them by and level passage, with very little vibration.

His Majesty's habits have not, in 'The appearance of the bridge is extremely consequence of infirmity or old age, undelight and elegant, and, connected with the gone inaterial change. His Majesty, as beautiful scenery of Dryburgh, is wicom- usual, rises early; breakfasts at eight o'clock, monly interesting. Much praise is due to or soon after; dines at one, and continues the Earl of Buchan, for so noble an exam- partial to mutton and beef ; and, when in ple in scientific experiment, as the bridge is a tranquil state, he orders what bis dinner done entirely at his Lordship's expense. table shall be furnished with. The prince The bridge was planned and executed by pal page is in constant attendance, as also Messrs John and Thomas Smith of Darnick, the subaltern assistants of the inedical mea. and does them much credit as architects and A sunk walk has been made adjoining the workmen.

King's suite of rooms; but latterly his Ma. Trial of Roger O'Connor, Esq.-We jesty, it is said, has declined walking there, mentioned in our Number for June, that alleging, that it would be no gratification to this gentleman had been imprisoned on him as he is deprived of sight. The rooms an accusation of robbing the mail-coach that his Majesty and attendants occupy confrom Galway, in 1812. He was removed sist of thirteen, and they are extremely well from Dublin to Trim, a few days before his ventilated. When the Queen is at Windtrial, which commenced at the assizes there sor, her Majesty, attended by Dr John Wion the 5th instant. The principal evidence lis, generally visits her consort about ten for the prosecution were two infamous cha- o'clock. Tacters--Michael Owens, who had been par- 15.--Nelson's Pillar. The first stone of doned while under sentence of death, in a naval pillar, to commentorate the victories consequence of swearing against Mr O'Con- of Lord Nelson, was laid this day, en Yarnor; and Daniel Waring, who had been mouth Denes, by Colonel Wodehouse, himself engaged in the robbery, and whose chairman of the conmittee of subscribers brother, Richard, was hanged for the same In the stone was placed a plate, on which crime. Dorothea Reynolds, a servant of was engraved, in Latin, the following inscripMr O'Connor's, had also sworn against him, tion. “ HORATIO LORD NELSON, but denied all she had said when before the whom, as her first and proudest Champion in Grand Jury; she was not therefore produc- naval fight, Britain honoured, while living, ed on trial. Owens and Waring differed with her favour, and, when lost, with her tears. widely in their statements in several points; Of whom, signalised by his triumphs in all and the Judge told the Jury, he had never lands, the whole Eartki stood in awe, on acseen a charge so completely rebutted by the count of the tempered firmness of his courevidence. The Jury, without retiring, re- sels, and the, undaunted ardour of his turned an unanimous verdict of not guilty, courage; this great man Norfolk boasts her which was loudly applauded by all present own, not only as born there of a respectable --great rejoicings took place at Trim on the family, and as there having received his occasion ; and the populace could scarcely early education, but her own also in talents, be prevented from chairing Mr O'Connor manners, and mind. The glory of so great and Sir Francis Burdett, who had come a name, though sure long to outlire all from London to countenance avd give testis, monuments of brass and stone, his fellow mony to his character on the trial. Owens countrymen of Norfolk have resolved, to and Waring are to be prosecuted for per- conimemorate by this column, erected by jury;

their joint contributions. He was born in il.--His Majesty.-Respecting the con- the year 1758, eutered on his profession in dition of our beloved Sovereign, the public 1771, and was coucerned in nearly: 150 have not, for some time past, been put in naval engagements with the enemy : being possession of any particulars beyond the conqueror, anong varwus other occasions, formal announcernent in the monthly bul. at Aboukir, August 1798,--at Copenhagen, Ictins. The following circumstances, tend- April 1801, and at Trafalgar, October 160ő. jog, go far as our means extend, to supply. Which last victory, the crown of so many the omission, will, it is hoped, prove accept. glorious achievements, he, consecrated by a ahle. It has been reported, and we believe death equally mournful to his counts wid partially credited, that his Majesty had lost honourable to hinıself.' .*


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Thunder Storm and Tornado.On the of the Cowgate." A crowd of boys, while 12th instant, Aberfeldy was visited by a amusing themselves near the common sewer, tremendous thunder storm, seldom equalled the grating of which had been taken up to in that high latitude. It commenced abcut give the water a free run, one of them, betwelve o'clock noon, and continued, with tween seven and eight years of age, in erlittle or no intermission, until two o'clock. deavouring to save a basket, which had got The lightning was so vivid that it alarmed into the current, was swept into its vortex, every one ; and at a Mr Stewart's, a farmer, and carried down the drain. An alarm was the fluid struck one of his farm-houses, set immediately given, but the impetuosity of fire to the roof, and gave the whole steading the current seemned to preclude all hopes of a shock resembling that of an earthquake. recovering him. The mother, encircled by It went through the roof in a descending a prodigivus crowd, stood by in tlie greatest angle from the south to the north, ignited agony of grief. The people had begun to the roof on the south, and on the north take the covers off the drain, and to use made a perforation as if a twelve-pound every exertion possible to get hold of hiin, shot had gone through it. This happened when a countryman, driving a flock of lambs, about a furlong west from this village ; and came up; and learning the circumstance, about 100 yards east from it, and almost borrowed an umbrella from one of the byat the same time there was a kind of tor- standers, and descended into the sower. nado, which swept away or levelled every The boy, most providentially, had recover. thing that obstructed its course. It carried ed himself while in the sewer, and, attracted some hay quite out of sight into the air. by the voice of the countryman, laid hold It crossed the Tay, carrying a very large on the hooked end of the umbrella, by which sheet of water into the air, and scattering it he was drawn towards his deliverer, who in various directions. In its progress, it produced him alive to the overjoyed mother swept from their roots corn, potatoes, and and the astonished spectators, after he had shrubbery, but happily neither lives nor been upwards of twenty minutes in the houses were injured by it.

Itinerant Preachers. In the course of Shooting.– The Earl of Fife has been enlast week, James Duncan, an itinerant tertaining a party of gentlemen at his shootpreacher, was twice before the police ma ing lodge, in Mar Forest. The party congistrate at Glasgow, for collecting crowds of sisted of General Duff, Sir John Hope, Mr people in the streets of that city. The ac- Heathcote, Mr H. Heathcote, Sit Richard count which he gives of himself is this : Sutton, Mr Hay, and Mr Balfour. Not« He was born in Dundee, and is a flax- withstanding the unfavou able state of the dresser, and having attended the Latin class weather, it having rained almost incessantly, in St Andrew's University, and having an the list of slaughter during the first week, extensive memory, he commenced preacher." besides the red deer, roes, and ptarmigan, He was dismissed, and advised to gain his amounted to 821 brace of grouse; a numlivelihood by other means. His collection ber, we believe, unparalleled in the annals of amounted on some occasions to 20s.

sporting.. 21._Life Preserver.-The Commander. On Monday forenoon, a boat with twelve in Chief having lately learned, through the men, going off to a cutter in Lcith Roads, official returns, that out of 5511 men, em- was upset when about half way by a sud. barked for foreign service, 1702, or nearly den squall. The accident was observed one-third perished, through the transports from the shore and from some vessels at being wrecked, in the course of two years anchor, and boats were instantly despatched, and a half, ordered that experiments of and reached it in time to save the whole of Mallison's Life Preserver should be made, the crew, sonic of whom could not have in order to ascertain the service which the kept up many minutes longer. ' In the afintroduction of the invention into the Bric' ternoon it blew a heavy gale from the casttish army might produce. A series of ex- ward, during which a boat, with two meni, periments was accordingly made at Wool- from Leith, endeavouring to make Newwich, with the happiest effect, in the pre- haven pier, was driven ainong the rocks to sence of upwards of fifty officers. Among leeward, and soon filled with water. A the rest, a man was selected who could not boat from Newhaven attempted their relief, swim, carried into deep water, and left to but could not come near from the heavy himself. In a few minutes after, obtaining sea. Several people from the shore then confidence, he swam across the piece of attempted their rescue; and wading into the water, about ninety yards, and back, nearly water, linked by each other, the tallest of as well as the best swimmer, thus decidedly them got near enough to throw a rope, by proving the impossibility of being drowned, means of which the men were, with much when equipped with this simple invention. difficulty and danger, got ashore.

27. Singular Incident.--Yesterday af- Union Canal betaden Edinburgh and ternoon, a tremendous torrent of rain and Glasgow.---'The 'state of the subscription hai), accompanied by thunder, came on at for this work is now such as to cnable the Edinburgh, which inundated some of the committee of management to assure the lower parts of the town. A remarkable and public that the work will coromence as soon interesting occurrence took place at the foot as the lateness of the harvest will permit the

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levels to be renewed, and the ground staked though regarded as very considerable, is out. The surface plan of the country is als but about one half of what the same fishings ready more than half completed, and the formerly brought when under the imprureother preliininary steps are also in progress, ment of stake-nets. so that there is now no doubt of the Canal Edinburgh. The causewaying of our being begun this winter.

streets with blocks of cast-iron, is has beca The first meeting of the Union Canal lately done in London, appears to be in Company was held on the 5th instant in contemplation, as we observe a part of North M.Ewan's rooms, Royal Exchange, pur. College Street laid with this material by suant to act of parliament,----Robert Downie, way of experiment. Esq. of Appin, in the chair. Mr George So daring have the juvenile depredators Moncreiff was chosen clerk by a great ma. of this city become, that they actually scale jority, and Mr Hugh Baird was unani. the walls of the Castle in search of plunmously elected engineer ; after which a der. A quantity of clothes, laid out by a committee was appointed to conduct the con- serjeant's wife to dry, near the Sally-post cerns of the Company. The meeting was guard, were lately carried off. The Fort

Major's servant saw two boys taking away Salmon Fishing.–Last week, the Scots. clothes from the Sally-port, who, upon his craig fishings on the Tay were let, by pub- calling to them, bid them among soine net lic sale, at £1105 sterling per annum-to tles, and, after descending from the rock, be fished by net and coble. This rent, ran off' in the direction of Frederick Street




Sunday se'ennight the following gentlemen wera Juely lo-Koighthood conferred on John Evans - moreland, by the Bishop of Chesters

ordained in the parish church at Kendal, WestEsq. High sheriff of Middlesex. 16.-- The Duke of Wellington granted the roval

Deacons.---Thn Wim Trevor, B. A. St John's license to wear the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross

College; Robert Brade Brocklebank, B. A. and of the Royal Sicilian Military Order of St Ferdi

John William Sinclair, B. A. of Trinity College, nand and of Merit, and also of a Knight of the

Cambridge: Henry Richardson, John Master WallRoyal Sicilian Order of St Januarius, given by the and Humphrey Brown, Litorales.

er, Jetlery Hebrliin, James Hayes, Joseph Docker, king of the Two Sicilies. 30.- Mr Planta lo he Under Secretary of State

Priests.-John Thomas Bowe, B. A. Richard for the Home Department, vice Mr Cookc, re

Moore, A. N. Christopher Barnes, Win Rigs, Jol: signed.

Douglas, Literates. Aug. 2.-The Prince Regent has, by letters pa

2.-The Most Noble the Marquis and Mas- :

chioness of Stafforil have been pleased w make this tent, authorised Lord Bathurst to exercise all the rights and privileges belonging to a knight of the

following presentations :

The Rev. Alexander Macpherson to the parish Garter, as fully as if he had been formally installed. 16.-The Hon. William Maule, Admiral of the

of Golspie, vacant by the death of the late Mr

Keith. cast from Broughty Castle to the Tod Head, has appointed James Bumes, writer in Montrose, his noch, vacant by the death of the late Dr Bethune.

The Rev. Angus Kennedy to the parish of Don deputy. 25.--Lieut.-General Francis Thomas Hammond, Lairg, vacant by the translation of Mr Kennedy:

The Rer. Duncan Macgillivray to the parish of to be Chief Equerry to the Prince Regent, and Clerk Marshall of the Stables, vice Sir Benjainin Bloom

The Rev. Hugh Mackenzie to the parish of Asfieid, promoted.

synt, vacant by the translatiou of Mr Maagilarrage


Brevet Major W. M. Leake, A. Art. to be Licut. Aug. 8.-His Royal Highness the Prince Regent

Colonel in the Army 4th June 1813 has been pleased to appoint the Rev. Lewis Rose 4 D.G. Cornet N. L. Beamish, to be Lieut by to be minister of the church and parish of Nige,

purch. vice Berridge, ret. SistJwy 1817 Presbytery of Tain, vacant by the death of Mr 5 Cornet Wm Locke, to be Lieut. by purch. Alexander Macadam.

rice Christie, prom.

3d do. 12.- The Prince Regent has been pleased to ap- John Gardiner, to be Cornet, by pureb. point the Rev. James Thomson, juni. to be Assist

vice Watson, prom.

loth do. ant and Successor to the Rer. James Thoinsa, Francis Westenra, to be Cornet, by purch. sen. as minister in the Parish of Rerrick, in the Pres

vice Locke

31st do. bytery of Kirkcudbright.

Assist. Surg. D. M'Gregor, to be Ass. Surg. Oxford, Aug. 16.–Friday se'ennight, the Bishop

vice Speer, ret. upon h. p. 56 F. loth di. of Oxford was admitted Warden of All Souls' Cola 4 Dr. Cornet B. Coney, to be Lieut. by purch. vice kge, with the usual ceremonies, in the room of the

Gregory, 53 F.

31st do. Rev. Edmund Isham, D.D. deceased.

Thomas Harrison, to be Comet, by purch At a private Ordination, holden by the Lord

vice Cazalet, 6 Dr.

Totb de Bishop of Kildare, Thomas Grantham, M. A. fel- Arthur Sullivan, to be Cornet, by purch. low of Magdalen College, was ordained a Deacon.

vice Coney,

7th August 18.-The Rev. George Rous, to the Rectory of 10 John Trollope, to be Cornet, by purch. The Laverton, Somerset.

Brown, retires

10th July Rev. F. $. Wall, to the vicarage of Stoke, St 13 Lieut. Geo. Doherty, to be Capt, by purch Milbro', Salop:

vice Holines, retires Rev. Winnington, to the vicarage of Clifton.

Cornet John Hall, from 19 Dr. to be Liegt, upon-Teame, Herefordshire.

by purch. vice Miu, prom. 24th do Rev. James Sparrow, to the Rectory of Hemlock, Cornet J. Atherton, to be Lieut. by porch. Devon.

vice Doherty

1 The Rev. George Frederie Tavel, A. M. to the John Pott, to be Cornct, by pudi. vice Rextory of Campsey Asii, in Suffolk.






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15.Dr. Comet Char. Fallon, to be Lieut. by purch. To be Inspectors of Hospitals by Brevet. více Mansfield, prom.

16th do. Comet Edward Studd, to be Lt. by pureh.

Deputy Insp. William Hussey, M. D. 17th do.

Edwa:d Tegart
With do.

Vice Beijair, prom.
Cornet Barham Livius, from 6 D. G. to be

William Aug, Burke, M. D.
Lt. by purch. vice Carr, prom.

31st do. To be Deputy Inspectors of Hospitals by,
Ensign H. W. Sparrow, from 53 F. to be

Lieut. by purch. vice W. Byan, retires

7th August

Physician Ed. N. Bancroft, M. D. 17th July
Thomas Coventry, to be Cornet, by purch.

Alex. L. Emerson, M. D.

do. * vice Fallon

do. 17th July

Charles Farrell, M. D). 20

do. Edward Wheler, to be Cornet, by purche

Staff Surg. Thomas Duncan
vice Cook, prom.

William Rich. Morrell
James Alex. Campbell

23 Lieut. C. Bacon, to be Capt, by purch. vice

10th do.

John Aug. Knipe

William Hill
Cornet S. C. Simpson, to be Lt. by purch.

Jacob Bath
vice Bacon

do. 24 Cornet W. H. West, to be Lieut. by purch,

George Robert Baillie

Thomas Kidd. vice Proctor, prom.


Jacob Adolphus 1 Foot. Alexander Wetherall, to be Ens. by purch. vice Cooper, 66 F.

17th July

David Brownrigg 8 Lieut. T. Price, to be Adjutant, vice Street,

Hosp. Assist. J. Cousins, from h. p. to be Hosp.
Assist. vice Sibbald, cancelled

10th do.
resigns Adj. only

31st do. 37 Capt. G. C. Hicks, to be Major, by purch.

- J. F. Nichol, froin h. p. to be Hosp. Assist. vice Gilmour, h. p.

25th do. vice Burer, prom.

7th August Ens. D. Macnab, to be Lieut. vice Dawson,

Exchanges. dead

17th July Lt. Col. Dalmer, from 23 F. with Lt. Col. Pearson, Hon. M. Stapleton, to be Ens. vice Macnab

h. p. 13 F.

do. 53 Lieut. A. F. Gregory, from 4 Dr. to be Capt.

Brevet Lieut. Col. Raitt, from 2 F. with Major

Thistlethwaite, h. p. 90 F.
vice Fernandez, ret. 10th July Major Joly, from R. W. I. Rang. with Major Masa
Matthew Grey, to be Ensign, by purch. vice
Williams, prom.

7th August

sey, h. p. 6 . I. Regt.

Manby, from R. York Rang. with Major 55 Lieut. Æ. M. Nicholson, to be Adjut. vice Delgaims, res. Adjut. only 24th July

Fogerty, h. p. 5 W. 1. Regt.

Brevet Major Elder, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Capt. 58 Ens. J. W. Young, to be Lieut. 17th do.

Milles, h. P.
Ens. H. Campbell, from h. p. 41 F. to be

Moncrieff, from 13 F. with Captain
Ensign, vice Young

do. 59 Capt. Fra. Fuller, to be Major by purch.

Yorke, h. p. 52 F.
vice Hoysted, ret.

Capt. Bruce, from 79 F. with Capt. Langley, 82 F.

Henderson, from 50 F. rec. diff. with Brevet
Lieut. Edw. Duncan, to be Capt. by parch.
vice Puller

** 24th do.

Major Maxwell, h. p. 6 Gar. Bat.

Bontein, from 1 L. Gds. with Capt. Oakes,
Ensign H. K. Bloomfield, to be Lieut by
purch. vice Duncan 7th August

1 Ceylon Regt.
Capt. Cha. Cuyler, from 69 F. to be Major

Priestley, from 33 F. rec. diff. with Capt. by purch. vice Batteley, ret.

Bennet, h. p. 5. Gar. Bat.

do. Lieut. Wm Wynne, to be Capt. by purch.

Hurd, from 4 W. I. R. with Capt. Appelius, vice Gomer, ret.

24th July

h, p. 60 E. Ens. Walter Bernard, to be Lieut. by purch.

Ince, from 38 F. with Capt. Webster, li. p.

3 Gar. Bat. vice Wynne *


Leahy, from 95 F. with Capt. Bishop, h. p. 72

Lieut. J. M. Cameron, to be Capt. by purch.
vice Tetlow, dead

7th August

Lieut. Hasleham, from 16 F. with Lieut. Orr, h. p.

Grant, from 68 F. with Lieut. Scott, h. p.
Ensign E. T. Thomson, to be Lieut. vice

52 F.
Brewster, dead

17th July

James Cameron, from 77 F. rec. diff. with
Ens. F. Hammond, from 103 F. to be Ens.

Lieut. Bowen, h. p.
vice Thomson

do. Paym. J. Fairfowl, from h. p. to be Paym.

Fennell, from 87 F. with Lient. Carrol, h.p.

Mahon, from 88 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
vice Campbell, ret. upon h.p. 10th do.
Lieut. D. O'Meara, from 5 W. I. R. to be

Hill, h. p.
Lieut. vice M'Pherson, ret. upon h. p.

French, from 18 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.
5 W. I. Reg.
31st do. Cruickshan ko na Pos

Fi rec. diff. with Lieut. Clay-
Serg.-Maj. J. Crombie, to be Qr.-Mast. vice

hills, 23 F.
Mackay, ret. list on full pay

do. 104 · Agnew Champain, to be Ensign by purch.

Walsh, from 61 F. with Lieut. Conroy, h. p.

72 F. vice Piggott, prom.


Thornton, from 94 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 3 W.I.R. Ens. J. R. Young, from h. p. 8 F. to be Ens. vice Johnstone, Canc.

Orr, h. p. 42 F.

24th do, Wilson, from 97 F. with Lieut. Waller, h. p. 17! R.YK.R. Lieut, Col. Wm Smelt, from 103 F. to be Lieut. Col, vice Stewart, ret. upon

Uniake, from 7 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. h. p. 103 F.

31st do

Strangways, h. p.
Capt. w. M. Mills, from 6 W.1, R. to be

Paxton, from 11 Dr.with Lieut. Brown, h. p.

Coles, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Captain, vice Radford, ret, upon h. p. Sandys, h. Po
GW. I. R.

24th do.

Dawson, from 18 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. R. Art. . M. Gen. Fran. Laye, to be Col. Comm. vice Lloyd, dead

17th June

M'Bean, h. p. 26 F.
Gent. Cadet George H. Hyde, to be ad

Delgairns, from 55 F. rec. dift. with Licut.
Lieut. vice Darby, prom

Hall, h.p.

17th July
Thomas B. Flude, to be 2d

Hollis, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Lieut. vice Williams, prom.

Powell. h. p.

do. John M. Savage, to be 2d

Hon. G. W. Massey, from 20 Dr. rec. diff. yice Picard, prom.

with Lieut. Hon. J. Massey, h. p. 1 Dr.




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Lieut. vice

do. Richard Hayne, to be 20 Lt.

Gordon, from 18 F. with Lieut. St George, vice Greenwood, prom

do. James S. Cremer, to be ad

--- Archbold, from 33 F. red diff. with Lieut.x Lieut. vice E. Morgan, prom.


do. Miscellaneous.

Stoughton, from 58 F. with Lieut. Smith,

h. p. 57 F. Lieut. Col. Edmund Coghlan, to be Governor of Penefather, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Lieut Chester, vice Gray, dead

15th August

Dowling, h. p. 87 F. Major W. L. Herries, to be Dep. Qr. Mast. Gen. Bernard, from 2 F. with Lieut: 'Manners, Mediterranean, with the rank of Lieut. Col. in h. p. 65.

11.1 the Army, viee Ryves

31st July Stanford, from 6 n rac. diff with Lieut. Dep. Paym. John Cockburn, from Army Depot Crawford, h. p.

Isle of Wight, to be Paym. Rec. Dist. vice Todd, Sachi frona 48 F. recorditr with Lleut: Bun he, p.

Hith do.

ney, I p. 13 F.

h. p.

Lieut. Jones, from 81 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Lut Quarter-Mast. Burrough, from 60 P. with Quarters man, h. p.

Gillmore, from 3 W. I. Reg. with Lieut. Assist. Surg. Fry, from 33 F. with Asist. Surg. Johnston, h. p. 27 F.

Hurst, n. p. 41 F. Cornet & Sub-Lt. Still, from 1 L. Gds. with Lieut. Apothecary Reade, from full pay, with Apothecary Walsh, h. p. 72 F.

John, from h. p.
21 Lieut- Eyre, from Rifle Brig. with Ens. Pietel,
h. p.81 F.

Resignations and Retirements
Ensign Edwards, from 6 F. rec. dift. with Ensign Lieut. Col. Hoysted, 59 F.
Holyoak, h. p. 58 F.

Gomer, 60 F.
Lumsden, from 50 F. with Ensign Edwards,

Battely, ditto. h. p. 83 F.

Lord Folkstone, R. Berks Mile > Lum, from 16 F. with Ensign Connor, 16 F. Capt. Holmes, 13 Dr.

Gibbons, from 55 F. rec. dift. with Ensign Fernandez, 53 F. Champion, h. p 2 Gar. Bat.

Lieut. Berridge, 4 Dr. Gds. De Courcy, from 3 F. with Ensign Browne, William Byam, 15 Dr. h. p. 2 Greek Lt. Inf.

Comet Brown, 10 Dr.


Superseded. *Paymaster Burke, 1 West India Regt.

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Major General


E signs. Sir Mont. Burgoyne, Bt.

Keappock, 12 F. 7 Feb. 1817 Williams, 5 W.L. R. 15 Mar 1817 16 Aug. 1817 Macnamara, 60 F.

4 Aug

Freer, R. W. L. Ran. 5 June
Lieut, Colonels.
Tetlow, 72 F.

Adams, h. p. Glengarry Fenc.
Hon. Wm Grey, Lieut. Gov. of

10 do.

Parmaster... Hellish, h. p. Sicilian Regt. Smelt, 56 F.

12 April | Wilkinson, 14 F. 8 April Majori.

Wogan, 66 F. 3 Dec. 1816 Lee, H. p. 1 F. 11 July Dodd, Royal African Cor.

Quarkıt Master. Conolly, 2 F. 10 do.

14 July 1817 Middleton, 80 F. 28 July.

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In our last Report we took a comparative view of the summer months of 1976 and 1817, particularly with regard to the quantity of rain that fell, and we doubt not that statement surprised many of our readers. We have now, "however, to record & still more ex traordinary fact, the fall of more than five inches of rain in the course of one month. We have kept a regular register of the rain gauge since November 1912, but till the present year we never had to record in any one month so much as four inches. The

whole quantity of rain that has fallen since the commencement of the present year is 21 inches, being about the yearly average If it be true then, that the whole quantity in any one yer does nor fer exceed the yearly average, we might be induced to predict that the remainder of this season will be dry: It is, however, dangerous to prophesy. The mean tenperature of August 1817 is fully half a degree lower than that of August 1816.

ww.Radio Weerstatione

of wool

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